I’ve been hearing comments on how hard it is to find clothing for little girls that are modest, so I thought I would share pictures of my two oldest girls. Keep in mind my girls are still little, our oldest daughter is four and then we have a two year old (and a 4 month old). I know it gets harder to find clothes as they get older, I’ve even noticed a change this past year when I’m shopping for our oldest daughter. At local consignment sales it is harder to find basic shirts that are not full of disney princesses (we avoid), glittery jewels, or halter style shirts.


These pictures were taken when we got home from church on Sunday, so the girl’s don’t look quite as put together as they did in the morning when we left. 🙂


Carrianna’s whole outfit is garage sale finds. 🙂 Her dress I purchased for $3.00. She wears a lot of size 4 clothes, but in dresses I look up to size 6 in order to get the length I want. This is a size 6 dress. It is sleeveless, and the back is square shaped that goes down pretty far. My Mother in Law picked up the little shrug at a garage sale and it saved the day! Her sandals were also purchased at a garage sale.

Olivia just woke up from a nap, and was recovering from falling down in this picture, so excuse the crabby tired look on her face!

I made Olivia’s skirt using this pattern. It is a size 2/3T, so it is a little big on her, but I was in the mood to dress her in ruffles so she wore it. 🙂 The shirt my Mother in Law found at a garage sale (it’s a blessing to have a MIL who shops at garage sales!) and she only paid $1.50 for this super neat shirt! The flower is a hair clip that removes from the shirt, and it came with three different clips to change out the look of the shirt.

It is SO much fun to have little girls to dress!!

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7 Comments on Modest Monday {Girl’s Edition} & A Link Up!

  1. Your girls look adorable and exactly how I would expect for two little girls those ages to be dressed. It gets harder the older they get as styles become skimpier, especially teen sizes. I was lucky with my 3 girls, they were too modest and wouldnt wear the short shorts, low necklines or bare midriff that so many of the teen fashions sported.

  2. God Bless your BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRLS THEY ARE TRUELY PRESIOUS:) I had a question that I pray I may get some PURE GODLY ADVICE:

    I just attended church yesterday for the first time in 3mths, MY HUSBAND WAS A PASTOR AT OUR PREVISIOUS CHURCH BUT SADLY WE HAD TO LEAVE. The church was a non-denomination Christian church,My husband was invited to attend a church by his friend from work. When we went I noticed that all the women wore skirts which made very happy but also curious simply because the church we attended wore whatever they wanted even the women. I started wondering if perhaps the church was PENTOCOSTAL OR APOSTLIC, So today I called and found out that the church IS PENTOCOSTAL !. What I want to know is IS IT WRONG TO ATTEND THIS CHURCH? The reason I ask is because people even the church I used to go to would make not so very nice remarks regarding the PENTOCOSTAL FAITH, AND THE LAST QUESTION IS ARE YOU PENTOCOSTAL IF DON’T MIND ME ASKING?

  3. My mom shops as garage sales as well, but it’s usually for toys! I’ll have to tell her to keep her eye out for clothes–I love what your mom found.

    I am going to have to explore the patterns on that site now!

  4. Your daughters’ outfits are just beautiful! It is so difficult to find modest clothing for my daughter and she is only 8. Land’s End makes some nice modest dresses. I have to really shop around to find others.

  5. I LOVE that the sandals are on the wrong feet! My six-year-old routinely goes to church with shoes on the wrong feet. I’m trying to get into the habit of checking, but getting six children ready and somewhere by a set time is quite difficult! I so much appreciate your blog.

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