Polka Dot skirt and jean shirt


Tuesday was the first day I felt halfway normal again. It was amazing. I think it is the only day I’ve felt this way, but I was so grateful to be out of bed, and dressed! My husband left to run an errand and I got dressed, and put makeup on while he was gone. You should have seen the look on his face when he walked in the door and saw me! He was very shocked, in a good way! 🙂

I told him we needed to grab the camera quick and take a few pictures for Modest Monday! We went to a midwife visit that afternoon, and then I came home and slept for hours. I’ve been wearing lots of yoga style sweatpants around the house, thanks to my husband. He ran to walk mart and brought me home two pairs (I didn’t even ask for them!) as he heard me say it was getting hard wearing skirts in bed all the time. My children know if I’m having a good day or bad day based on if I’m in a skirt or yoga pants.

Caroline for Modest Monday pictures

Sean called his mom on Friday and asked if she could take all the children for a few days. I must admit it has been so good for me to have it quiet around the house, and be able to sleep a bunch. I sent schoolwork with the older children and they come home tonight.

Mini Flexi Clip

I’ve been wearing lots of flexi clips to pull my hair back in bed, for me a medium clip works for a ponytail, but my sister who has thinner and short hair uses a small for her ponytail.

What I Wore

Skirt – Ruffle Skirt  (Retiring at the end of the month at Deborah & Co.)

Top – Thrift Store

Sandals – Marshalls

Belt – ThredUP

Makeup – L’BRI

Mini Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

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14 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. I feel like I could never pull off a belt over a shirt, like I’d look/feel silly. I know it is supposed to help give shape but I can’t do it. Must be all mental, looks good here 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you finally had a better day! You look PHENOMENAL in your pictures, though! <3 so you MUST be feeling better 😉 I think that it's SO sweet that your hubby got you yoga pants 🙂 Cute! I also think it's *great* that your kids can tell the difference between a "skirt day" and a "yoga pants" day 🙂 🙂 🙂

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