I’ve been thinking about how to raise little girls a lot lately. While mine are still younger I’m learning lots of lessons on how to raise girls. There are so many different things to work through, and a huge variety of habits to work on.

Modest Girl Dress! | themodestmomblog.com(The dress my daughter wore to church Sunday)

I am encouraged from this paragraph in the Beautiful Girlhood book:

“A desire to be beautiful is not unwomanly. A woman who is not beautiful cannot properly fill her place. But, mark you, true beauty is not of the face, but of the soul. There is a beauty so deep and lasting that it will shine out of the homeliest face and make it pretty. This is the beauty to be first sought and admired. It is a quality of the mind and heart and is manifested in word and deed. A happy heart, a smiling face, loving words and deeds, and a desire to be of service, will make any girl beautiful.”

This is my hope and prayer for my girls!

Braids and heart flexi clip for a sweet girl hairstyle

What She Wore

Dress – ThredUP

Sandals – Gymboree Brand from ThredUP

Hair clip – Size small Open Heart Dangle Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose

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11 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. Your sweet girl brings back a flood of memories. My daughters wore the smocked Polly Flinders dresses with french braid wreaths. “True beauty is not of the face, but of the soul.” My girls remind me often of some of my favorite words to them–pretty is as pretty does.

  2. She is adorable! I raised boys and apparently raising boys and girls are totally different (according to my friends who had both, lol!). However, one thing doesn’t change and that is character and beauty of the soul! That is what I, too, wanted for my boys! Thanks for hosting today.

    • I have boys and girls and yes, it is very different!! You are so right, beauty of the soul is needed for boys also!

  3. I love the passage that you quoted from “Beautiful Girlhood.” Thanks for sharing it and for hosting the link-up!
    P.S. Your sweet girl is precious! She radiates beauty… it just shines right through the photograph. 🙂

  4. So true. Thank you for sharing this! I am enjoying reading Beautiful Girlhood with my daughter and would highly recommend it. Just a side note, as a tenth anniversary present my husband is treating me to new skirts from Deborah and Co. and some new skin care products from L’Bri that I have been wanted to try for a long time! Very excited to get my orders 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging blog and your wonderful business.

    • Oh that is so sweet! I love hearing stories of how ladies are blessed to get their new skirts. 🙂 I hope you enjoy he L’BRI products as well!

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