For today’s Modest Monday I decided to take pictures of my three girls! I’ve had several requests for it and thought it would be a fun change.

I’m keeping it real with these pictures. This is what my girls wore to church on Sunday, but the outfits are not perfect. 🙂 You’ll see as I explain each one.

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Three Girls

I snapped several of the three girls together, and this was the best one! It’s not easy getting a 5,3, and 1 year old to pose together. 🙂 I promise you that my 3 year old had shoes and socks on for church. As soon as we got to my sister’s house she took them off, and I really didn’t feel like getting them back on again just for the pictures.

I said I was keeping this real didn’t I? 🙂

Little Girl in Pink Dress

This is my oldest daughter who is 5. This is one of her favorite dresses, which came from ThredUP. Last year I purchased most of their clothes from ThredUP which was a great blessing (I had a lot of store credit). I’ve been pleased with everything I’ve purchased from them. A few things they shipped to me with a sticker saying it was flawed, and sent it along for free. Most of the items I couldn’t even find a flaw!

She normally wears a Milly Tee with this dress, but it was dirty. So this one worked. Her shoes came from Zulily and I love her in sweet Mary Jane style shoes.

Mini Flexi Clip

She loves to wear mini flexi clips in her hair! It makes her feel like she matches her mama. 🙂 The mini size works great for pulling back a little bit of hair like this. If I’m putting up all of her hair I use an x-small size.

Pink and White Striped Dress

Our 3 year old was delighted to wear a new dress today. This dress also came from ThredUP but she had to wait until she grew a little bit to wear it. It is a Land’s End dress. The top is not what I would have chosen, she had already dressed herself when I saw it and I didn’t have time to change her. 🙂 We wear this peasant blouse a lot with other dresses, I just would have chosen a knit top for this dress.

Counting Numbers!

 My silly girl!

Pink and brown dotted dress

My sweet baby! *sniff* she isn’t a baby quite as much anymore, she will be 2 in a few months! This is my all time favorite baby dress. When our oldest daughter was born we went to Kohls and Sean and I both picked out a dress we liked. Of course he picked out a blue one, but I instantly fell in love with this sweet pink and brown dotted Carter’s dress. All three of the girls have worn the 6 month size dress.

Last year when I was getting clothes off ThredUP, I saw this one in the 18 month size brand new with tags! I couldn’t resist getting it, and she has worn it all summer. LOVE it! It is just so feminine and sweet. Everything baby girls should be. 🙂

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8 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. I love that you too have had all your girls wear the certain outfits. My first 4 have all worn some outfits, in fact, I have a few sleepers that were gender neutral that all my kids have (will have after baby arrives) worn. I think that’s one of my favorite things about having a baby, seeing my favorites again. Unfortunately, I got rid of alot after #5 was born thinking we were done, but I still have my MOST favorites for the new one to wear.

  2. Your girls are so sweet!
    I have a fun dress story also. My grandmother has bought an outfit for each of her great grandchildren when they are born. For my daughter she bought a sweet pink and white dress, the only problem was it was a newborn size. My daughter was able to wear it for about 6 weeks. When she was around 3 months I wanted to have her pictures taken. I had such a hard time deciding what she should wear. I really wanted her to wear the dress my grandmother got her, but it was too small. The day before I was to have her pictures taken, a couple at church gave us a gift. I opened it up and what was in there? The same dress in a 3-6 month size. It was perfect. Every time I look at those pictures I am reminded of this story. God is so good to bless us in the little things 🙂

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