I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day! My day started out with a special Mother’s Day surprise during our Sunday School time. The children from each family got up and sang their Mother her favorite hymn. Then the Father’s and children all got up and sang one last hymn to the mothers all together. It was really sweet.

We then had a picnic outside after church with my mother in law, sister and brother in law, went and visited my cousin (who is my mom’s age) and wished her a happy mother’s day, and finished the day out visiting my mom’s grave. I know she is not there, but it is nice to go once in a while and feel like you have a place to stop and honor her memory in that way.

My husband took my pictures and I realized we didn’t get a full length picture taken of my outfit. Sorry about that!

My brown outfit πŸ™‚

Knit tan shirt

Brown Jacket-Local Consignment Store

Tiered Khaki Skirt-The Modest Mom (New Boho Skirt)

Sandals-Klogs brand from Zulily

Mama bird necklace – The Vintage Pearl

My favorite sandals-Klog brand from Zulily (a daily deals place, so you won’t find them on there now).

It seemed fitting to wear my mama bird necklace on mother’s day!

This little boy:

Was asking to take some pictures with our camera when he was outside. I think he snapped a sweet one.

Finally, I just want to give you a challenge this week. If you are pondering on the whole subject of modesty, and trying to decide how to implement it in your life, may I offer one thing you could work on during this week?

Don’t show your cleavage.

I was out shopping this week, and I’m just amazed over what ladies are bold enough to wear out. Whether the shirt is falling off of them, or it is so low cut you don’t have to use any imagination for what it is covering, many of the clothing choices I see in public are despicable. I did spot a woman wearing a tiered cotton skirt (similar to the boho skirt) and she had a green John Deere shirt on with it. I had to chuckle because that is so not my style, but I was so happy to finally spot someone in a skirt that I thought it looked wonderful. πŸ™‚

Please remember that your cleavage is for your husband to see privately (or no one if you are not married yet!). If you need help in figuring out how to wear outfits that will not reveal cleavage, just leave a comment on the blog and I will try to help.

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26 Comments on Modest Monday and a link up!

  1. I love your post!! It’s amazing how many ladies don’t have a problem showing their cleavage! Even at church! Thanks for the post! πŸ™‚

  2. I love this blog today. I was out with my inlaws this Saturday and everywhere I turned, including a couple of the women I was with were showing thair cleavage. It makes me very uncomfortable especially when I have my three teenage boys with me out in public and this is all you see around you. I truely wish more women would feel the need to cover up and be a little more modest. I tell myself, it starts with me. When women i hang out with see the way I dress I feel they will feel the need to be a little more modest. I have seen it happen with one of my dear friends.

  3. What sweet photos, Caroline! You look lovely, as usual. πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for mentioning the problem of cleavage. The problem is, our husbands and sons have to see it. Just the other night we were in Walmart as a family, and my husband was standing at the checkout, trying to look at something other than the girl checking us out. She was a very cute girl, and very friendly, but her shirt was so low that every time she leaned over you could see everything. I think in her case it was just something she overlooked.

  4. Yesterday, since it was 82 were I live, and sice I live in California…..and it was mothers day in a tourist town……… The clothing of women and young girls was soooooooo bad that I had to take my kids home πŸ™ I feel so inclined to reach out, but I feel like it would come out in a way that would offend them, but I also feel guilty NOT reaching out. What do you ladies think about tracks? Has anyone ever reached out in a situation like this?

  5. What a great challenge!! I have a very small bust so I rarely have issues showing too much but I am in love with the chemisettesbyanne company. I wear one almost all of the time. It’s nice to know everyone is covered and there will be no accidental peeking. :). Thanks!

  6. your outfit is lovely, i also agree about cleveage problems as my lovely dh is in a wheelchair and last weekend we where in a town with our family and my husband turned and said that i looked lovely covered up and why did these young girls have to show so much flesh above and below we came home my husband was disgusted.

  7. Thanks for the example of the modest outfit–I always like your outfits. I am curious and confused about how form-fitting tops should be. I am an average sized breastfeeding mother, meaning that I have a hard time finding shirts that fit. Thanks!

  8. That is a beautiful photo he snapped- good job to him! πŸ™‚ I do love that new skirt you have at the Modest Mom store. And I appreciate the advice about the no-cleavage. It is such an overlooked item I think for a lot of ladies.

    Working Kansas Homemaker

  9. Cleavage is a huge issue, and seems to be the one thing acceptable to women of all ages (yuck!). I was always really small until I had children, lol. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are times when I have to take extra special care, and I have tops and shirts that I simply cannot wear while I’m breastfeeding. I am currently pregnant and became pregnant while still breastfeeding, so I had a whole new dilemma this time, but really you just think about it. Before you leave your room, just bend over in front of a mirror and you’ll know what everyone else is or isn’t seeing πŸ˜‰

  10. Cleavage is something that is more apparent to my eyes these days. In my youth, I might have even joined the ‘parade’ in ignorance. But, with young boys and men I am charged with raising to know and love the Lord, I am much more concerned with it.

    Thank you so much for sharing about that issue as well as showing how you can look lovely without dressing provocatively.

  11. I have a large and high bust. It seems like everything I wear shows cleavage so I have two sleeveless shirts that I often wear underneath. With the weather getting hot (I live in central Georgia) I am unsure what to do other than sweat to death. Do you have any suggestions? Tank tops always show my cleavage too so they are out. The only thing I can wear safely is a t-shirt…

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