I slipped out of the house one afternoon this week and went to the thrift store. After loading my cart with probably 15-20 items to try on, I left with 2 items (that’s the story of my life at the thrift store!). The skirt is a really light weight cotton and I’m not sure how I will wear it in the spring with windy weather (it would blow all over the place!). But for now it worked great to wear it with leggings underneath which both kept me warm and gave me an added layer of protection. 🙂

I wore this outfit to run errands and get my hair cut. Later in the week I wore it to church with a dressy blazer over it, and different boots.

Modest Monday Outfit


Modest Monday

Modest Monday


What I Wore

Skirt – Thrift Store

Top – Black Knit Shirt

Leggings – Spanx Brand

Earrings – Silver Hoops similar to these

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16 Comments on Modest Monday And a Link Up!

  1. I heard about this blog from 1+1+1=1.

    As an Orthodox Jew, I find it interesting that there are others interested in dressing modestly; that’s one of the main tenets of Orthodox Judaism, though how it’s interpreted varies from group to group. One thing that we do believe is that dressing modestly is an outgrowth of a generally modest outlook on life, so that modesty spans many areas: how you act in the street, what and how you talk, etc.

    I’m happy to hear that there are others who realize that modesty is important, and that it doesn’t take away- but only adds- to being a woman.

    You would probably find it easier to find modest clothing if you bought from a store (in person or online) that caters to Orthodox Jews.

    • I would love to look into their clothing as well as for head coverings. Do you have any suggestions for stores that cater to Orthodox Jews?

  2. I love your skirt. Thrift stores are such a blessing. I noted your mention of windy weather and the problem of the skirt blowing. I wanted to share a suggestion provided to me by another mom. If you sew a small circular weights into the hemline of your skirts you will find they hold your skirts down and prevent such blowing of the materials. I hope this helps.

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