Here is another outfit post featuring a new maxi skirt I just got! I’d like to find a different top to wear with it, but this is all I had to put together. I like the denim jacket with it.
Rose colored maxi skirt with denim jacket

The skirt is lined underneath, but I still went ahead and wore a slip as well. My mother trained me to wear a slip for almost everything. 🙂 The maxi skirt is really long and would work great for ladies even taller than I am!

I was tired in these pictures. It was right before we left for church, and I was gone all day Saturday at a homeschool encouragement day for women. My sister and I went out to Panera’s for dinner afterwards, and it was so nice to have time talking about what was working in our homeschool days, and what needed to be changed.

The bobby pin is from Lilla Rose. It’s the only bobby pins I use to hold my hair back, because they are so sturdy.

What I Wore

Maxi Skirt – Mika Rose

Tank – Cream Lace Tank Top from Deborah & Co.

Denim Jacket – Gap

Bobby Pin – Lilla Rose

Earrings – Etsy store from several years ago

Shoes – Zulily 

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.


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  1. How long and what color is the slip that you wear for that skirt? As in what is the length of your slip in comparison to the skirt? I recently bought got some long maxi skirts, and do not have a slip, so am wondering what is the ideal length a slip should be underneath a long skirt such as what you have on.

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