If you noticed, I took a break from blogging last week.

It wasn’t a true break though. We have been shipping hundreds of scarves out, thanks to being a bonus partner with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! It’s been really crazy, I’ve been thankful for friends and family who have come to help!

The post office finally asked what was going on, because we bring about 8 tubs full of packages up at a time. Everyone was all ears to finally figure out what was in all the packages! 🙂


If shipping scarves wasn’t a big enough reason to keep me busy, these six children are! 🙂 Sophia is a fussy baby, so I’m holding her a lot, which is ok. Now that I’ve had six I know how fast these first few months go!

Maxi skirts with elastic waists work great for postpartum moms!


This is definitely a postpartum mom look. I’m no Kate Middleton! 🙂 All my skirts are either stretchy maxi skirts or they have elastic waists. It’s ok, I’m only about 5 weeks out from giving birth!

Dangle Earrings


I don’t normally wear dangle earrings this big, but I decided to try something different. There is a really sweet girl that sells homemade jewelry at our local homeschool convention. For the past two years I have gotten something from her and these earrings are what I purchased this year. They are fun to wear! 🙂

*Today is the last day to purchase the women’s Rainbow Denim skirt and the maternity Rainbow Denim skirt on sale! These only go on sale a few times a year!*

What I Wore

Skirt – ThredUP (XXI brand)

Cami’s – I layer an Undercover Mama nursing tank and a Halftee tank together.

Cardigan – ThredUP

Shoes – ThredUP

Earrings – Meadowland Designs

12 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. Agreed-you look great! And although I love Kate Middleton and her style, it worries me a little how mothers compare their looks to hers, especially postpartum. Yes, she is impeccably groomed and put together, but she also has a team of people and stylists at her beck and call. And honestly, wearing heels hours after giving birth with photographers swarming around you is not my idea of fun, nor does it look comfortable :/ bringing a child into this world and raising he or she to love and serve the Lord is what’s beautiful. He cares more about that than the fashion designer of your postpartum dress. You have a beautiful family and your children are so sweet!

  2. I agree with Katie! You are lovely and the way you are raising your children is beautiful and god-honoring. Those two little guys are gonna have their hands full protecting those little sisters. 🙂

  3. Thanks for hosting! You look great! You kids are darling. You are so right about how quick it goes. I wish I would not have fretted so much with our first one and just enjoyed those early days.

  4. I say you look great for just having a baby!!! And while Kate certainly looks gorgeous in the pictures, she still had a postpartum belly just like any mom after giving birth; it’s just hiding under a loose dress! : ) I’m also supposing she didn’t gain much weight if she indeed suffered with HG.

  5. oh my goodness!! 😀 When I saw the picture of all your children, I realized your boy/girl ratio is just like ours! Only we’re way older than your brood! 😉

  6. Goodness I can just see you with all that mail at the post office. I get lots of looks and questions when I mail out 6 packages at once! You are looking great. You are right to enjoy the babe, fussy and all. My girls are 16 years-21 years and I would love to snuggled them.

  7. I just wanted to pop in real quick & say thank you for mentioning my earrings & my Etsy shop! The earrings look lovely with your outfit & not in the least too big with your hair down. =)

    I hope you & your family have a lovely week!

    God bless,
    ~ Catherine Sorensen

    • I was happy to mention them! Thanks for your vote of confidence when I was trying to decide which earrings to get. 🙂 I’m hoping you might get some earrings in your Etsy store like the ones you were were wearing, they were lovely!! 🙂

  8. LOOK AT HOW LONG AND BEAUTIFUL YOUR HAIR IS. I barley can find time to run a brush through mine in the morning. I am in ponytail purgatory!

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