This past week was extremely busy for our family. Springtime in the Allen Family means we don’t see husband/papa very much as he is frantically trying to stay on top of all his lawn care accounts. Add to that being in college full time, lots of church responsibilities and you have one exhausted guy!

With that being said, I knew that going out shopping for a special outfit for Ressurection Day (Easter) service would not be happening. Trying to go clothes shopping with all five children for an extended period of time does not work very well. 🙂 I already had some outfits the girls could wear, so I told myself to be content with something I could pull together at home. While my outfit does not look like spring time  I was happy with what I pulled together.

White Jacket {Apt 9}

Black Skirt {Briggs New York Brand}

Black Sandals {Klogs Brand-very comfortable}

Flower Clip {Apt. 9}

Vintage Black Button Earrings

X-Small Flexi Clip for my hair

A favorite pair of vintage earrings

The flower pin adds such a feminine touch!

Calling for Olivia to come to Mama!

Snuggling my two year old!

I love wearing a special outfit for Resurrection Day, and dressing my children up as well! There is something so special about the whole day, celebrating that fact that Jesus has risen from the grave!! Praise the Lord!

Did you wear something special for Resurrection Day?

Link Up Time! 

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4 Comments on Modest Monday & A Link Up!

  1. I think your outfit looks great for Easter! 🙂 I love how you always accessorize. That is one area I always forget. I don’t even remember to put earrings in my ears half the time! Thanks for sharing and for the linky. I am happy to join in finally.

  2. I think your outfit looks perfect! Last year I wore black and white for Resurrection Sunday–a first for me since my finite mind always screamed PASTELS for Easter. I did wear something special for Resurrection Sunday; I bought a new skirt from Kohl’s for $9. I wasn’t too satisfied with the hem, but I’m going to come up with another plan to make it a bit more modest.

    Thanks for the linky party. I submitted three links from my blog. I didn’t see that there was a limit, so please let me know if I broke any rules.


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