From Frumps To Pumps 30 Day Series

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This 30 day series is based on Sarah Mae’s eBook, entitled “Frumps to Pumps

Day One – It’s Time To Get Dressed! 

Day Two – Develop A Vision For Getting Dressed 

Day Three – Getting Dressed For Whatever The Day Brings

Day Four – Keeping Yourself Accountable To Not Give Up!

Day Five – Making the Choice As A Young Mother

Day Six – A Few Thoughts On Why I Wear Jewelry

Day Seven – Do Your Eyes Twinkle Or Frown? 

Day Eight – What Is That Smell? Oh No, I Need A Shower! 

Day Nine – Creating a Morning Routine 

Day Ten – Just Pick One Thing And Do It! 

Day Eleven – When Sickness Strikes 

Day Twelve – It Doesn’t Take A Scientist To Dress Modestly! 

Day Thirteen – Is It Ok To Be Beautiful?

Day Fourteen – Gray Hair And Beauty

Day Fifteen – An Exception To The Rule

Day Sixteen – Learn To Embrace Your Work!

Day Seventeen – Legalism And Getting Dressed 

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