As promised when we started the Frumps to Pumps series, here is the latest giveaway for Friday! For those of you who have endured the first hard week of change and are still getting up and dressed every day, good for you!! I’m so proud of you! If you are just now discovering this series, it’s never to late to jump on board and start the challenge!

Today we are giving away the highly popular striped maxi skirt that we sell at Deborah & Co.Β 

Deborah and Co. Striped Maxi Skirt Giveaway


I love the stripes in this maxi skirt, and especially love the direction they are going. Instead of being a traditional chevron look with the stripes going up and down, they angle one way which is a little more flattering for larger sizes.

I’m commonly asked two questions so I’ll answer them here. πŸ™‚

1. Yes you need to wear a slip with this skirt. While the skirt is not as thin as other maxi skirts I’ve seen (they are so thin it looks as if they would fall apart in the first wash!), they still do require a slip.

2. If you are wearing the correct size for you, then it does not show lines in the back. I wear a small and medium, and in the maxi skirt I prefer a medium, you can see in the picture below how it lays on me.

We are able to custom hem these skirts for you at an additional cost. This skirt has been so popular since we added it to our skirt line, and it is appropriate for all seasons!

Maxi Skirt


The skirt sells for $40.00 at Deborah & Co. To enter to win the choice of color and size you need (limited to what is in stock), enter using rafflecopter below. This giveaway is limited to USA and Canada only. Thanks!


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326 Comments on Deborah & Co. Maxi Skirt Giveaway!

  1. I actually just bought a skirt from you yesterday and I debated for a long time between this one and the one I bought. Thanks for this chance to win this skirt too. πŸ™‚

  2. What a great giveaway! These chevron maxi skirts are certainly trending right now! I’ve been eyeing some of the tops in your store, too. So cute.

  3. I love the long sleeved lace tees! They are so pretty and would work so well with so many things! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  4. I have the rainbow skirt and love it, it is my favorite by far. I ordered a pretty maxi skirt from another online company and when it came in the mail I was so disappointed at how narrow and not modest at all it is (as in so tight that even my best slip will not cover what I do not want to show through). I know that with your company, you will not sell anything that has not been tested and found to be modest, and I need that confidence when ordering online so I do not waste money on something that I can not wear.

  5. I have two of your halftees that I love and am ready to order more! Also would like to purchase some for my daughter when her size becomes available.

  6. I have a few skirts, half-tee’s and the fleece lined leggings. The leggings are my favorite; I am toasty warm when I wear them under a skirt.

  7. This skirt is my favorite!! I’m just over 6 feet tall and it’s so hard to find the perfect maxi skirt. I think this is the one! πŸ™‚

  8. I do love the direction that the strips go with this skirt. I am starting to wear skirts and when I have enough to be able to do it all the time then I will. Thanks for the note about needing a slip under this skirt, it’s always good to know that.

  9. I am just now building a conservative closet. It is expensive when you have a growing family. I would love to win this to help me out.

  10. I love my maternity skirts from Deborah & Co., especially my denim and paisley ruffle skirt! Now I need to invest in some non-maternity skirts.

  11. I really liked the fleece leggings that I bought from you. If I won this skirt — I’d choose the black/white. Thanks for a chance to win it.

  12. My girls have the layering camis, I have the Rebekah skirt (and LOVE it, it doesn’t fit me well right now, but it’s my version of my skinny jeans- when I fit it I wear it every day) I also have another long denim skirt that I can’t remember the name of. πŸ™‚ I wear it often too!! I’ve been eyeballing this skirt since it came out! πŸ™‚

  13. I may be a Deborah and Co junkie! I LOVE my Annie skirt (in both colors) and I also love my pearl earrings as my go to! The halftees are the most awesome invention ever, and both me and my girls have them.

  14. I like the Abigail and the Annie skirts…also like the Flower Shrug…seems that I always need some type of cover to make some of the “deals” I can find at the stores work…:)

  15. I love your blog posts. My husband and I agree that modesty is very attractive. There are things that I only wear for him and I never go to bed in anything that he dislikes. Even in public I wear only things that he finds flattering as well. I believe this is a good balance. When we honor our (God’s)temple we are honoring our husband.

  16. I have a black and white skirt similar to this one and my husband loves it. I would buy the Ruched Skirt…it would go with shirts that I already have.

  17. I’ve actually been looking at this maxi skirt for awhile (my husband’s been wanting me to get some more casual long skirts!), so this would be great! I also think a few of the halftee’s would be great for layering since I’m nursing.

  18. I’ve been wanting some halftees or the long layering shirts with lace…the Belle Skirt and (of course!) the skirt you’re giving away are also really pretty πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  19. I love the layering shells! I’d love to try a tank halftee, sice the neckline is versatile unlike the regular layering shells, but they are all so helpful!

  20. I had a question, I signed up for following by e-mail a week or so ago, but I still haven’t gotten any; I tried signing up again, but it wouldn’t let me. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do?
    Thank you!

    BTW My favorite Deborah & Co. product is probably the Annie.

  21. The Annie skirt is really nice, but my favorite really is the maxi skirt you are giving away, in coral. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Well…I own a blossom top, one long- and one short-sleeved lace tee, a ruched skirt in gray twill, a couple full-length layering shells, and a ruffle skirt in the funky blue floral. Next on my list is an A-line skirt in khaki!

  23. I love the half tees too. I’m waiting patiently till you get some more of the lace tees in my size in pink in! It looks really pretty!

  24. I would love to one of your lucky winners. I absolutely enjoy reading all your posts. I am a young mother of two girls and am encouraged.

  25. The half tees are really interesting since my husband and I are now expecting. I’ve never seen them anywhere else at this point.

  26. Umm… I’d love everything from Deborah & Co! I really like the headbands & I love all the skirts, my favorite on there right now would be the maxi & then the A line skirt!

  27. I would love to eventually purchase the The Abigail Maxi Skirt — so cute! I would also love to buy the ruffled maternity skirts if/when I become pregnant again!

  28. I have two ruffle skirts I LOVE. I just recently got the sleeveless shells and I use them all the time. I don’t know how I lived without. I have been wanting a maxi skirt all summer.

  29. I found your blog through money saving mom. I would LOVE to win this skirt as it looks so veratile! I love your clothing company and how you have coordinating mom and daughter outfits. I will def be saving up for that. Thanks for the oppritunity for the giveaway!

  30. I love the Maxi skirt. I would be super excited to win one. I would also love to have a long sleeve lace layering top. I must check out all the rest. πŸ™‚

  31. I like the looks of the halftees long sleeve top you have on clearance. It is hard for me to find clothes that don’t need that sort of layering underneath them!

  32. I have always liked Maxi skirts, though, I have never owned one. Winning on for free would be a great way to try one! πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  33. I love the Full Length Lace Tee I like to always keep a couple solid black shirts on hand to turn anything into a nice sleek outfit. I can layer it or whatever. It even makes an outfit looked dressed up without making me fell like the outfit is itching and scratching me. Anyhow, for some reason it is VERY hard to find Tees long enough for me. I don’t have an especially long torso… but it is still hard to find shirts long enough for me. Lots of people say it is because I wear my pants and skirts too low. But wearing anything around my belly button is very uncomfortable for me and ends up sliding down to my hips anyhow. Blah, blah, my little rant here. Haha. I love these skirts, though. I’ve just gotten into Maxi skirts and dresses… I don’t know why I haven’t gotten into them sooner!

  34. Anything layering—tees, tanks, cami—-when the temp drops, I need all the layers I can get to stay warm. The skirt is adorable. I’d love to win it!

  35. I love the Annie and the Abigail skirts, but there was a pinstripe blouse that you used to carry that I wish was still there. It looked sturdy enough for work around the home and yard yet feminine πŸ˜‰

  36. I have been eyeing the maxi skirt for a while now!
    I also would love to have the long sleeve lace shirt for the cold weather to layer under my shirts!

  37. I like the flower shrug. I am always looking for short sleeved sweaters and shrugs that I can wear with Tshirts and tank tops, in case I go somewhere with strong air conditioning. This shrug is unique and pretty.

  38. I would love nursing tanks or shirts for under other shirts. New baby coming in a few weeks and I am pretty unprepared as far as nursing goes.

  39. I have one of the long-sleeved tees with the lace trim on the bottom and I LOVE it. Would definitely like a short-sleeved one so I can wear it in spring and summer, too!! πŸ™‚ So so comfy!

  40. It is so hard to find long skirts anymore in the stores. I love the maxi skirts and you some really cute ones! Thank You for offering the give a way!

  41. I’ve really been wanting to get the Abigail skirt, but it looks like it is sold out in my size :/ I really love this striped one as well, though!

  42. I own two of your maternity skirts and love how comfortable they are. I would love to own a few of your headbands and the ruffled skirt.

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