Giveaway Winners!

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We had such a long list of winners from the Facebook Party Giveaway that I decided to just share the list of winners here!

The winner of the Bosch Mixer – Tammy Cordery
The Winner of the Kindle Fire – Sarah
The Winner of the L’BRI cleanser– Melody Carpenter
The Winer of the Beauty Redeemed $60 gift certificate- Robin Kuhl
(You can save 10% through May 30th at Beauty Redeemed with the code deborahandco)

Enter to win a Beauty Redeemed doll!

The winner of the $50 gift certificate to Thirty One – Emily

Just released! Homemaking 201 DVD for encouragement to the wife, mother and homemaker!

The winner of the Homemaking 101 and 201 DVD’s– Jennifer Freeman
The Winner of the Young Living giveaway – Erin Slocum

Congratulations everyone! I have emailed each person notifying them they won.



Easy Haircare Products For The Busy Mom!

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Easy Haircare Products for the Busy Mom! #Beautybyme #ad

This post was sponsored by Suave Professionals®, however, the text and opinions are all my own.

As a mom just finishing up a very long pregnancy, I know how precious time is. The last thing I want to worry about is haircare products when I’m trying to keep food on the table and keep my house in order.

I’ve written before about how I like using natural shampoos. I have two different brands that I tend to go back and forth using. But when life gets crazy busy and I need a good standby shampoo and conditioner to fall back on, I use the products I used all through high school.

Good old Suave Professionals.

Yes, the super affordable haircare line that has been around for years. Except I’ve seen a lot of good change in their products since I used them 12+ years ago.

I think Suave has picked up on the fact that a lot of people are wanting more natural products, low sulfate, or even no sulfate haircare products, and they have responded to that demand! I keep a natural, sulfate free Suave shampoo in my shower to use, and honestly, it works just as good as the more expensive shampoo I normally use.

Suave® Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion products

Suave recently came out with a new product line, and it couldn’t have come in the mail at a better time. I was literally out of shampoo and conditioner, but I knew that I was getting a package from Suave so I didn’t panic and run to the store. : )

The new Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Hair and Body products have been a standby for this busy mom. I like that the Suave Professionals® Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Buoyant Body Shampoo and Conditioner are low in sulfates, as my hair looks the best using low sulfate products.

They’re infused with a carefully chosen blend of rich minerals from the sea, which makes for a totally different hair product line than I’ve ever tried before.

The smell of the shampoo and conditioner is really nice – luxurious even! I’m sensitive to strong smells but didn’t have any trouble with the “sea inspired” fragrance they use.

Suave Pro Sea Mineral Infusion Shampoo  #BeautyByMe #ad

Right now if I get a shower in I’m doing great. Taking a shower every day? That isn’t happening around here! I’m doing good to grab a shower every third day. :)

I definitely need some products that will make my hair stay clean for several days, and also keep some volume and moisture in my hair. The new Suave Professionals® Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Buoyant Body Shampoo provides hair with 24-hour body and moisture that makes it really easy to style.

After I started using this shampoo I noticed a difference in how my hair responded to going three days without being washed. It really didn’t even look dirty or greasy! Styling my hair on the first day, or even the third was easy. Sometimes my hair is so slippery on the first day of washing it that I don’t even try to do anything. I didn’t have this problem using the Suave Professionals® Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Buoyant Body Shampoo.

Everyday hair style for busy moms using  Suave Pro Sea Mineral Infusion Shampoo.  #BeautyByMe #ad

An easy, everyday hairstyle I’ve been doing often! I can easily pull my bangs back, and use a flexi clip to pull my hair back.

Flexi Clip for easy ponytail look!

The Suave Professionals® Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Buoyant Body Shampoo and Conditioner does not contain heavy silicones and helps remove build up from hair. These are all things I look for in a shampoo, so I’m pleased that Suave Professionals is putting out these products!

The Suave® Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Body Lotion is infused with dead sea minerals, and I really enjoyed using this at the end of my pregnancy to rub on my legs and feet. They would get so swollen and sore, and it was a soothing lotion to use.

Suave Body Lotion

Overall I am really pleased with the products I tried, and I’m sure I will be purchasing more Suave Professionals products in the future! You can use the Suave Product Locator to find a store that is close to you, or you can purchase the products on Amazon , Walmart, Walgreens, or at Target!

Discover the Beauty of the Sea with NEW Suave® Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion products.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Suave Professionals ®. The opinions and text are all mine.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

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DIY Gift Ideas for Children
With five children ages 11 and under, it’s easy to just add more clutter to our small house every holiday season. This year I’m determined to purchase things I know for sure my children will use, and also craft them some special, unique items you can’t find on the department store shelves! Here are some of my favorite ideas of some easy DIY gift ideas!


Stackapals are mix and match wooden block sets that have 6 boys and 6 girls, and they are really easy to make! Just purchase the printable PDF file (there’s a boys set and a girls set), grab some wooden blocks and mod podge and craft some gifts for the children in your life! This is a simple, wholesome little toy that you can feel good about giving. Bonus Feature – Stackapals don’t make noise and they don’t require batteries! Lol! You can get 20% off any Stackapals set through the end of November with the code: BLOCKSET at the checkout! 

How To Make Homemade Playdough {Plus Free Printable Labels!}

Make homemade play-dough and give in cute containers! You can find a recipe and download our free printable labels here. This is a super frugal gift that does not take much time. If you wanted to add a little more to the gift you could find some cookie cutters, a little rolling pin, or actual play dough toys and bundle them with the play-dough.


This is a really neat idea if you have extra legos lying around! Create a portable lego kit for your lego lovers so they can bring them along on trips! This doesn’t look too hard!

Baby doll diapers and wipes!

If you can sew, this is an adorable gift for little girls! Make them little cloth diapers and wipes for their dolls, using this free pattern! It’s ok to play with them too (you know you’ll want to).

Build a Fort Kit!

 Make a fort building kit for children of various ages! My boys would love this!

Paper Dolls Magnetic Tin

I definitely want to try making some of these magnetic tin paper doll sets for my girls! You could use any paper dolls you want and follow these instructions! There are some sweet vintage paper dolls you can print for free here. I’m planning on using these beautiful historical paper dolls for my girls.

Toddler Sewing Basket

Put together a toddler’s sewing basket kit!

I hope these have given you some ideas, and you can find more on my gift board on Pinterest!

Pregnancy Update: Week 21!

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The weeks are going by quickly! Part of me is enjoying this pregnancy, but another part is starting to feel achy, tired, and like I’m in my third trimester instead of my second. I think being in bed during the first trimester  contributed to me being so achy now – I’m just out of shape and overall weaker than I should be. I’ve done a few Leslie Sansone walking videos, but like many other moms, it’s hard to find the time to fit that in!

I’m slowing down a little bit and taking time for a few more naps than normal. My husband is so sweet and never complains when I lay down in the afternoon and he is left to keep the other children under control while he works from home. Love that guy!

Week 21 of pregnancy! My girls keep telling me how big my tummy is, and they can’t believe it when I say it will get a lot bigger! I normally carry my babies like a basketball – it’s all in front. :) I have never noticed a difference in how I carry between it being a girl or boy.

My skin gets interesting when I’m pregnant. I always have more trouble with acne from the hormones. This time has been better than some others, which I feel is because I’m using the L’BRI skincare line which has Aloe Vera as the first ingredient in most of the products. I normally use the combination trio set, but when I became pregnant I felt like I needed to change things up a bit.

L'BRI Skincare Set has the first ingredient of Aloe Leaf, and is so healing and nourishing for your face! | themodestmomblog.comLately I’ve been using the Deep Pore Cleanser (LOVE it! It’s my favorite cleanser ever) along with the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly from L’BRI. Then I put just a little bit of the Gentle Moisture Lotion, or the Intense Moisturizing Cream on my face and it has been working out great! I actually posted a picture yesterday for Modest Monday where I didn’t have any makeup on but some lip gloss.

Aloe Vera Jelly from L'BRI Pure and Natural. This stuff works great for cuts, scrapes, and acne prone faces!


The Aloe Vera Jelly actually comes in the blemished set from L’BRI. It is so good for acne prone skin!

Today only you can get the Intense Moisturizing Cream on sale for 25% off! I use this mainly in the winter months and have used it on my feet, dry legs, and especially dry face.

Intense Moisturizing Cream from L'BRI!

Back to the baby though…it is now the size of a carrot! :) It is 10 ½” long, and weighs around 12 ounces. It’s hard to believe that I can be feeling so many movements from something so little! This is a very active baby. Today I was reading a book to the children while laying on the couch and I actually jumped when the baby kicked me! Of course, once I have the children put their hand on my tummy, the baby stops kicking. How does it seem to know when I’m doing this? We’ll keep trying. :)

Pregnant Mama’s – I’d love to hear an update on how you are doing!