Pregnancy Update: Week 21!

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The weeks are going by quickly! Part of me is enjoying this pregnancy, but another part is starting to feel achy, tired, and like I’m in my third trimester instead of my second. I think being in bed during the first trimester  contributed to me being so achy now – I’m just out of shape and overall weaker than I should be. I’ve done a few Leslie Sansone walking videos, but like many other moms, it’s hard to find the time to fit that in!

I’m slowing down a little bit and taking time for a few more naps than normal. My husband is so sweet and never complains when I lay down in the afternoon and he is left to keep the other children under control while he works from home. Love that guy!

Week 21 of pregnancy! My girls keep telling me how big my tummy is, and they can’t believe it when I say it will get a lot bigger! I normally carry my babies like a basketball – it’s all in front. :) I have never noticed a difference in how I carry between it being a girl or boy.

My skin gets interesting when I’m pregnant. I always have more trouble with acne from the hormones. This time has been better than some others, which I feel is because I’m using the L’BRI skincare line which has Aloe Vera as the first ingredient in most of the products. I normally use the combination trio set, but when I became pregnant I felt like I needed to change things up a bit.

L'BRI Skincare Set has the first ingredient of Aloe Leaf, and is so healing and nourishing for your face! | themodestmomblog.comLately I’ve been using the Deep Pore Cleanser (LOVE it! It’s my favorite cleanser ever) along with the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly from L’BRI. Then I put just a little bit of the Gentle Moisture Lotion, or the Intense Moisturizing Cream on my face and it has been working out great! I actually posted a picture yesterday for Modest Monday where I didn’t have any makeup on but some lip gloss.

Aloe Vera Jelly from L'BRI Pure and Natural. This stuff works great for cuts, scrapes, and acne prone faces!


The Aloe Vera Jelly actually comes in the blemished set from L’BRI. It is so good for acne prone skin!

Today only you can get the Intense Moisturizing Cream on sale for 25% off! I use this mainly in the winter months and have used it on my feet, dry legs, and especially dry face.

Intense Moisturizing Cream from L'BRI!

Back to the baby though…it is now the size of a carrot! :) It is 10 ½” long, and weighs around 12 ounces. It’s hard to believe that I can be feeling so many movements from something so little! This is a very active baby. Today I was reading a book to the children while laying on the couch and I actually jumped when the baby kicked me! Of course, once I have the children put their hand on my tummy, the baby stops kicking. How does it seem to know when I’m doing this? We’ll keep trying. :)

Pregnant Mama’s – I’d love to hear an update on how you are doing! 

Win $100 Shopping Spree at Deborah & Co!

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$100 Shopping Cart Giveaway at Deborah & Co. Enter to win clothing for women, or toys, books, media, and princess play dresses for girls!! |

Are you needing to add some new items to your wardrobe? Would you love to win some children’s toys or modest princess play dresses? You came to the right spot! Today we are giving away $100 shopping spree at Deborah & Co. and you get to select what items you win!!

This giveaway is a bit unique, in that you get to fill up your shopping cart at Deborah & Co. and then leave your cart. What is in your cart is what will be shipped to you if you win the $100 shopping spree! When considering what items you want to add to your cart, think through the needs of your family. Do you need to stay warm this winter? Consider adding our fleece lined leggings to your cart. You can wear them all winter long under skirts and stay super warm!

Fleece LIned Leggings from Deborah & Co. On sale now! | deborahandco.comAre you wanting a new skirt for fall and winter? Our Perfect Pockets skirt is really cute and looks great with leggings and boots! This is a heavier weight fabric that will work well for colder weather.

Perfect Pockets Skirt is a nice skirt for fall and winter! It is a heaver weight fabric that will help keep you warm. Or maybe you need a tank to help with layering under cardigans this winter. Add the Halftee tank to your cart! This is a reversible tank, and features a higher and lower neckline (lower neckline is shown). I like that it is thicker than a lot of tanks so it can be layered with open cardigans.

Double Collar Top in Navy and Cream! The new Double Collar Top is available in Navy or Cream collars, and is such a unique feminine top! The front is double lined for modesty, and has a size zipper. It is lovely! You can wear a cardigan over it during the chilly days.

If you need a new camisole for layering under a cardigan, the Full Length Halftee features a reversible, high/low neckline and is a thicker weight where you can’t see through it!



Full Length Halftee Tank will work great for layering under cardigans!


You might need some gifts for your daughters? Browse through our princess play dress page, books, media, and toys pages! We have high quality gift items that will bless and encourage your daughters!

Do you need to place an order and can’t wait to see if you win? Through Saturday, October 25th you can get free shipping on any order of $100 or more, within the USA! Use the code: USASHIPFREE at the checkout!

Princess Dresses are available for Pre-Order at Deborah and Co!

To be entered to win the $100 shopping spree, follow these steps!

1. Login to your existing customer account OR create a new customer account at Deborah & Co. To create a new account, click on the very top of website where it says My Account. You just have to enter basic info to create an account, or login with your email address and password you have previously used. If you forgot your password, there is a spot to retrieve it.

2. Once you are logged into the store under your account, start filling your cart with what you would like! Be careful with what you pick, what you put in your cart is exactly what will be shipped to you if you are chosen as the winner!! 

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4. Come back and fill out the Rafflecopter form, and you are done! This is a fantastic chance to win a $100 shopping spree, and is worth taking a few minutes to do!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Polka Dot skirt and jean shirt


Tuesday was the first day I felt halfway normal again. It was amazing. I think it is the only day I’ve felt this way, but I was so grateful to be out of bed, and dressed! My husband left to run an errand and I got dressed, and put makeup on while he was gone. You should have seen the look on his face when he walked in the door and saw me! He was very shocked, in a good way! :)

I told him we needed to grab the camera quick and take a few pictures for Modest Monday! We went to a midwife visit that afternoon, and then I came home and slept for hours. I’ve been wearing lots of yoga style sweatpants around the house, thanks to my husband. He ran to walk mart and brought me home two pairs (I didn’t even ask for them!) as he heard me say it was getting hard wearing skirts in bed all the time. My children know if I’m having a good day or bad day based on if I’m in a skirt or yoga pants.

Caroline for Modest Monday pictures

Sean called his mom on Friday and asked if she could take all the children for a few days. I must admit it has been so good for me to have it quiet around the house, and be able to sleep a bunch. I sent schoolwork with the older children and they come home tonight.

Mini Flexi Clip

I’ve been wearing lots of flexi clips to pull my hair back in bed, for me a medium clip works for a ponytail, but my sister who has thinner and short hair uses a small for her ponytail.

What I Wore

Skirt – Ruffle Skirt  (Retiring at the end of the month at Deborah & Co.)

Top – Thrift Store

Sandals – Marshalls

Belt – ThredUP

Makeup – L’BRI

Mini Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.

Please grab the button below and share on your blog post so others can come and join in the link up as well!



A fantastic opportunity to earn money as a stay at home mom

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Free Shipping on all new enrollment kits with Lilla Rose!

I used to not have very high opinions of MLM companies. Could you actually earn anything as a normal mom that wasn’t going to require 30-40 hours a week, normally in the evenings and weekends, doing parties and shows? I had pretty much made up my mind that I would never be involved with any sort of company where I was a consultant for them.

That is until I discovered Lilla Rose.

I still remember when Paula Ramn approached me, as a very small blogger, and wanted to know if I was interested in reviewing a flexi clip. I was so skeptical, and told her as much. She assured me that there really was a clip that could hold all of my waist length hair, and so I told her I’d try a clip and do a review.

After trying the Princess Tiara in a size large I was sold on the concept of flexi clips. A few months later I thought about actually joining the company, as I was so excited to have finally found a clip that would hold up all of my thick, silky hair!

Princess Tiara Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose

The rest is history. I did join, and I remember when I got my first check in the mail that was around $20 I was so excited! I was actually selling some online through my blog. It was an amazing concept to me!

Fast forward 4 years later, I have an amazing group of ladies on my team. 99% of them are all online and  I have never even met them! There are so many different opportunities available, and many different unique ways to sell Lilla Rose.

I’ve only done one home party for Lilla Rose, and have grown my business online. Other unique ways consultants have grown their Lilla Rose business is through sharing at their homeschool co-op, giving out free clips to friends to try, sharing on their Facebook pages, doing online parties through Facebook or doing catalog parties, and yes some do shows and home parties. It all depends on what your situation in life is, and what type of income you want to earn.

Lovely Flexi clip!

There are some unique things about Lilla Rose as a company.

  • What company do you know of that the owner of the company actually personally calls you and welcomes you! John Dorsey, the owner, tries hard to do that!

  • Lilla Rose is owned by John Dorsey, but it is like a family business as he is married with two high school age daughters. I’ve even heard that they have homeschooled, but I don’t know the details if they still are. I just thought that was neat to know!

  • When I call the back office, everyone is incredibly friendly and even knows who I am.

  • The compensation plan is very generous. You can earn 30%-45% commission every month.

  • Last year I was winning several awards that Lilla Rose offers (they have monthly, annual, and yearly awards you get to work towards, and they are attainable awards, not like some trip that only the top salesperson could ever reach!). John Dorsey called me to just tell me I was doing a great job, and keep up the good work. That totally made my day!

Lilla Rose has been a true blessing for our family, and I love that I can be part of a company that offers such lovely and practical products.

I am delighted to share that you can join as a consultant and receive free shipping on any starter kit that you choose through the end of July!

Join Lilla Rose Now!

Five Reasons you should become a Lilla Rose Consultant!

1. Lilla Rose is a young company, with HUGE potential! It is far better to join a company that does not have a consultant in every town, so you have huge potential!

2. Flexi Clips sell themselves! Once someone tries them on, they almost always love them! Soon they will start telling their friends about it, and you will be building up a customer base.

3. There are no monthly fees to meet, and the only yearly requirement is that you have $29 in sales for the entire year! This company does not pressure you; they are an amazing company to be a part of. Your own website is free, which is unusual!

4. You can earn 30-45% commission on all sales, plus receive the same discounts on products you purchase!

5. You can sign up as a casual consultant to merely sell to friends and family, either online or on your Facebook page. Or you can be a more serious consultant and sell at parties and shows. The possibility of a outstanding part time, or even full time income is there, depending on how much time you have to put into it.

Join LIlla Rose Now!

 Some Commonly Asked Questions

“I live outside the USA, can I become a consultant?” 

Lilla Rose only allows consultants who are in the USA only, so that means no Canadian consultants or anywhere else outside of the USA.

“I’m so confused as to what kit I should order, please help me figure out which one is best for me!”

I joined with the Party Kit and it was perfect for when I started. But if I had to do it over again, I would have started with the Fast Start Party Kit Option. Even if you only sell online, it is wonderful to have flexi clips to use for reviews and giveaways, sharing with friends, and building up a personal inventory. Remember, to sell the clips you have to wear them!

When you purchase the Fast Start Party Kit, you are receiving $1,100 worth of clips for $549.95 (plus tax). You are now qualified to earn bonuses on anyone who signs up under you. If you are serious about selling Lilla Rose it is an excellent, one time only opportunity. Once you join you cannot purchase the Fast Start.

“Can I choose what clips come in my kit?”

You cannot pick what clips you would like in your Party Kit. If you are getting the basic Party Kit, you will receive 5 clips, mini through large in a variety of styles.

If you are wanting to earn some extra income, this is a fantastic opportunity! Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to help other women earn a little extra income!