Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family To Yours!

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family To Yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so very thankful for many things today, the gift of family and friends, the blessing of knowing my Lord and Savior, and for you, my readers and friends online who bless our family in so many ways.

As a family we are grateful for you…for supporting our family through being loyal customers at Deborah & Co. and for sticking around, reading the blog posts and interacting here. You bless us daily!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving reflecting on how God has blessed you this past year!

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Modesty Rules

Modesty Rules? Should there be a hard fast set of rules for modesty? Click through to see!

No I don’t honestly believe that modesty rules! This post is about the traps that we can sometimes set for ourselves and others when it comes to the rules of modesty.  So many times modesty comes with a package list of rules. You may do this. You may not do this. This certain type of clothing is always considered immodest. This other type is perfectly acceptable. However, I want to challenge you to think about modesty not according to a strict list of rules, but about what is in your heart, and what works for you and your body shape.

Modesty cannot always be broken down into rules. There is no one size fits all rulebook. For example….(and some of these might sound really silly to some people).

Certain high heels could be considered immodest, while other high heels are not.

Some V shape necklines are cut really low and show off lots of cleavage, while other V necks are fine. Therefore you can’t say all V necklines are bad.

Navy Striped Cotton Skirt from Deborah and Co! Our Navy Striped Cotton Skirt – model is the lovely Olivia from Fresh Modesty.

A shorter length skirt might be totally appropriate on one person, but the same skirt might look like a mini skirt on a different person. While I think anyone who cares about modesty can agree that mini skirts are not appropriate, you can’t set a certain inch length because ladies are all different heights. One common way to determine an appropriate skirt length for yourself is to not wear skirts that come above your knees.

A fitted blouse might look ok on someone that is petite, but could look really immodest on a woman that is busty.

Some jeans are immodest no matter what (princess written on the bottom area in sparkly colored bling!). Other jeans can be paired with a modest long shirt and it not draw attention to tight fitting areas of the jeans. You can see some examples here, here, and here. Your family standard will definitely need to take precedence; some husbands/fathers feel ok with jeans paired a certain way and others don’t. I’ve seen almost a hatred in women’s hearts towards other women who profess modesty, yet wear jeans sometimes. That is definitely not a modest nor a Christlike attitude to have.

Denim Skirt, white top and pink cardigan. A  nice fall outfit!

A cute outfit for fall or spring from my Feminine Fashion Pinterest Board!

 We are all in different seasons of life. What works for one woman will not work for the next. There might be a young lady who is working as a receptionist before she gets married, but the mama of 3 children who stays home with active young children can’t wear the same outfit and be modest. It stands to reason then, that the mama of 3 should not look at the young lady and judge her outfit, just because she can’t wear it. The young lady is not bending over to pick up children all day, chasing children, sitting on the floor playing blocks, or cleaning up the kitchen. What you do everyday makes a big difference on the outfit you wear. I hear a lot of stay at home moms say it is just easier to wear a longer skirt when they are going to be with little children all day, and I tend to agree with that. I wear my shorter skirts more when I’m going out places, or in the winter months with leggings under them.

 In short, it is very difficult, if not downright impossible in some areas, to set down hard and fast rules when it comes to modesty. Because the scriptures are largely silent on many of the above issues, we should not take it upon ourselves to act as God’s mouthpiece when it comes to standards of modesty. Make no mistake, we must attempt to defend and proclaim all that the scriptures teach us concerning modesty, but we must also be oh so careful when we begin to advocate certain non scriptural standards as if they were the word of God. We would do well to remember that not only is it dangerous to teach people to do less than God’s law requires, it can be just as dangerous to teach them to do more.


Modest Monday and a Link Up

I love my rainbow Denim Skirt for an everyday skirt outfit. Saturday felt like a normal weekend day for us. We are always so busy with  work (online and around the house) and church (my husband is the pastor of our church this year and is teaching our Sunday School class), it can be hard to stop and just get away on Saturday and do things with the children.

We spent the day doing some housework, I worked on cleaning the garage. I wore a casual outfit, but one that I like for working around the house.

You can look happy and put together for a day of cleaning the house! I normally wear my halftee with short sleeves under sleeveless shirts, but it was in the laundry so I wore a cap sleeve shirt instead.

Looking down at my cute polka dot nails makes me smile! Whenever I look down and see purple polka dots on my nails I smile. Yes, it is a little thing but I like it. 🙂

Playing a game of wiffle ball We went to a nearby park in the afternoon and played a game of wiffle ball as a family, and then went to the little water park at the park afterwards. We all had so much fun! Mosiah was taking a lot of pictures while we were playing, so I thought it would be fun to share some.

I didn’t grow up playing sports, and thankfully my husband is very patient with me. I kept hitting the ball and then running to first base with the bat in my hand. It got to be a joke, but I finally remembered to throw it down and start running the last time I hit!

Don’t you love the stylish sunglasses? 😉 They are my husband’s sport sunglasses, I couldn’t find mine when we were playing. I got hot while I was playing and found one flexi clip in my purse. It wasn’t large enough to pull all my hair back, but I did get it out of my face. Love my flexi clips!

I hope you had a great weekend!

What I Wore

Skirt – Rainbow Denim Skirt from Deborah & Co.

Cami – Halftee 

Sleeveless Shirt – Merona Tank Top from ThredUP

(You can get $20 credit if you are a new customer to ThredUP and sign up using that link for a limited time!)

Sandals – Birkenstocks

Polka Dot Nails – Jamberry Wraps

Link Up Time!

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