Introducing our *Exclusive* Facebook Group – Modesty For The Modern Mom!

I’ve been throwing around this idea for awhile, and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and just do it!

As of today, we have an exclusive subscriber only Facebook group! I’m SO excited. It will be called Modesty For The Modern Mom, but don’t let the mom in the word scare you away if you are single! Anyone age 16 and older is welcome!

Join our *exclusive* subscriber only Facebook group! Modesty for the Modern Mom will a source of encouragement for those who have a passion for modest dress!

This Facebook group will be a place to share pictures and ideas about outfits, hair, jewelry, makeup; basically anything for the feminine Christian woman. There will be some rules, but it will not be a place for legalism and debating about what exactly makes an outfit modest. There are many different standards and I want it to be a place that will encourage lots of different women!

I hope you will feel free to jump right now and start posting pictures of daily outfits you wear, asking questions, leaving comments, or helping someone out. Please don’t feel like you need to post your Sunday best. We want to see daily outfits – real life looks! 

This is a subscriber only group, meaning you must be a subscriber to this blog to be able to join. If you are already a subscriber, look at the bottom of your email for the image, click on it and it will take you to the FB group. Just request to join and I’ll get you added.

If you are NOT a subscriber yet, please join here, open the email confirming it and you will have the link in that email to join the FB group. 

Let’s make this a super awesome support group, full of encouragement and love and charity! I’ve been blessed by so many different groups on Facebook and I hope this will be one of them!

Modest Monday {Denim Jacket and Maxi Dress} and a Link Up!


A maxi dress is so comfortable for the third trimester! I'm sharing a tip on how to save money on maternity clothes....So…I’ve had a massive head cold all week. This has made trying to sleep at night somewhat difficult. When you combine that breathless feeling that comes from being pregnant with not being able to breath because of my cold, I find myself sitting up in a panic wishing I could just go to sleep and then wake up with a baby in my arms! After giving birth to five little ones, I know its far from being that easy. 🙂

I had a cold like this during my last pregnancy, and it took awhile for me to recover. I’ve been in bed a lot, faithfully taking elderberry syrup, oregano oil capsules, grapefruit seed pills, putting essential oils on my feet, and recently, the E Immune Tincture. My husband is amazing and has been praying with me, encouraging me, and helping around the house as much as he can.

Flexi clips make an easy way to pull your hair back into a cute ponytail!

We really needed to run some errands Saturday and I thought I would be up to it. The children were surprised to see me dressed – most of the week they’ve seen me in yoga pants or pajamas. 🙂 This maxi dress is super comfortable, but I have to layer it just right to be modest. It can be converted into a strapless maxi dress (think a summer maxi), which is why I not only put the jean jacket on, but I also layered the scarf to cover the lower cut of the dress. It worked out great!

I purchased a maternity jean jacket from ThredUP to wear, but so far it is still just swimming on me (or am I swimming in it?). A pregnant mama likes that problem though. 😉 I already have had to stop wearing certain clothes because they are getting tight, so it’s nice to wear a regular, pre-pregnancy piece of clothing!

Available only in January or while supplies last! Sapphire Ice flexi and matching bobby pins!

The new flexi clip and bobby pins for January are available at Lilla Rose. They’re stunning. I can’t wait for the ones that I ordered to arrive! Sapphire Ice is available in sizes Mini through Mega, plus they have the matching bobby pins!

What I Wore

Maternity Maxi Dress – Found on ThredUP, a place to purchase gently used clothing (get $10 credit for new customers that sign up through this link!).

Jean Jacket – Thrift Store

Scarf – Zulily

Shoes – Thrift Store (my sister gave them to me for Christmas. She had texted me a picture asking if she should buy them and I fell in love with them! I was so surprised when I ended up getting them for Christmas. 😉 )

Flexi Clip – Rainbow Cluster Flexi in size Medium (what size you wear varies depending on how thick your hair is).

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural. Yes, I really did have a little bit on, though it doesn’t look like it in the pictures!

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.

Please grab the button below and share on your blog post so others can come and join in the link up as well!


Top Posts for 2014 On The Blog! {Plus a giveaway!}

Top Posts from 2014 On The Modest Mom Blog

2014 was a busy year, both on the blog and in my own personal life! The final semester of college for my husband who graduated in May, becoming pregnant and going through a difficult first trimester, my husband has been the pastor at our church this year, and we have once again been homeschooling, and trying to save money to buy a house and move from our small rental house.

I thought it would be fun to go through the blog month by month and highlight some of the top blog posts from the year!

At the end of the post there is a reader survey to enter, and you can be entered to win a flexi clip! 


How I organized our Toys! After the holidays I was more than ready to jump in and organize our toy cabinet. I’m feeling that way again this year!

How I Organized Our Toys and saved my sanity! |

10 Ways to Become a Fun Mom! I shared 10 of my favorite ways to be a fun mom, with examples of what I do with my own children!

10 ways to become a fun mom

How to Make Herbal Glycerine Tinctures

Making glycerine tinctures is not hard! I'm sharing the step by step instructions at

How to Stay Warm and Modest In a Skirt – this has been a really popular post, especially on Pinterest!

How to stay warm and modest in a skirt |


An Adoption Story Written By God! The special story of how I gained two new nephews through adoption!

An Adoption Story Written By God! |

Mothering Through Fatigue – I’ve experienced many days of fatigue, I poured my heart out in this post and shared what mothering thorough fatigue is really like.

Mothering Through Fatigue |

Raising Little Girls To Embrace Modesty

Raising Little Girls to Embrace Modesty |


Scheduling our School Days, plus a free printable – We use this printable in our school days often, it is very helpful!

Scheduling Our School Days {And a FREE printable!} |

 Resources We Use For Teaching Good Character In Our Children

Resources we use for teaching good character in our children! |

 A love of Charlotte Mason, plus you can download this free printable!

Download your free Charlotte Mason Quote at! Resources for homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason method.

Is Your Family Built on Homeschool Leaders, or God? I wrote this after seeing the homeschool community start to fall apart after the Vision Forum tragedy.

Is Your Family Built on Homeschool Leaders or God?


How To Make Your Own Magnesium Lotion 

Make your own magnesium lotion! |

Can Jeans Be Worn Modestly? This was my most controversial post, and the only post I’ve turned the comment option off on. I’ll be honest, I spent time in tears after reading some of the negative emails I received. I should do a follow up post on this, but I just haven’t felt like tackling the topic again. For the record, I do wear jeans occasionally still. I would love to share a picture every now and then, but the feedback is brutal, which I find sad.

Ask Caroline: Can Jeans be worn modestly? |

Where to Find Modest Maternity Shirts?

Ask Caroline: Where to Find Modest Maternity Shirts |

10 Hairstyles for Long Hair

10 Hairstyles for Long Hair, from super easy to more difficult styles perfect for a night out on the town! |

Modesty in Marriage: How Much Is Too Much?

Modesty in Marriage: How Much is Too Much? |


How I Put My Husband Through College – As a Homeschooling Mom Of 5 Children! I still can’t believe we made it through. We don’t regret doing this, but it was one of the most difficult things we have done together!

How I put my husband through college, while homeschooling with five children! |

A Non-Disney Princess Birthday Party! My oldest daughter turned 6 and we had a party with some friends!

A Non-Disney Princess Birthday Party! |

5 Ways My Mom Inspires Me – It’s hard to believe my Mom passed away over 4 years ago now. This is how my mom inspired me, both when she was alive and still today.

5 Ways My Mom Inspires Me |


The Ultimate Booklist for Boys – Another post that has been shared on Pinterest a lot!

The Ultimate Booklist for Boys! |

How to Parent a Two Year Old With Joy! 

How to Parent a Two Year Old With Joy! |

Throw Away Your Chemicals and Get Beautiful Hair the Natural Way!




How I Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom – You have to make sacrifices in order to be a stay at home mom, but it is so worth it!

How I Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom In A Two Income Society. |

Keeping a Balanced Approach to the Pre-K and Kindergarten Years.

Keeping a balanced approach to preschool and kindergarten is wise for the sanity of mom and child!


How A pregnancy Test Changed Everything

How a Pregnancy Test Changed Everything - Overnight.

Back To School Printables {Free!}



6 Ways to Survive the First Trimester 

6 Ways to Survive the First Trimester! |


Modesty Rules – A post about legalism and modesty

Modesty Rules? Should there be a hard fast set of rules for modesty? Click through to see!

Our Homeschool Curriculum for the 2014-2014 School Year – Some of this is still accurate, others we changed a few weeks into our school year. 🙂

Our Homeschool Curriculum for the 2014-2015 School Year!


Wearing Boots with Skirts 

Brown boots

Casual Shoes that Go With Skirts

Casual Shoes that go with Skirts!

How to Shop on ThredUP for Gently Used Clothing

How to Shop On ThredUP for Gently Used Clothing! |

6 Ways to Find Modest Clothes on a Budget

6 Ways to Find Modest, Affordable Clothing! |

Why Do You Dress Modestly?

Why Do You Dress Modestly? Do you have a firm answer?

How to Wear Long Denim Skirts

There are so many cute and stylish ways to wear a denim skirt! Here are just some examples, and if you click through I'll share even more ways to style a denim skirt!


Cold Weather Outfit Ideas for the Feminine Woman

Cold Weather Outfits for the Feminine Woman!


Makeup Tutorial For the Busy Mom – I actually made a video showing my makeup routine!

Makeup Tutorial for Busy Moms!

Makeup and the Face of a Mother


Whew! That was a lot of writing over this past year!

In order to best know what you would like to see this coming year on the blog, would you please take this survey? You will be entered to win the December Mini Flexi Clip that is out of stock! I will pick a winner on Saturday. It is very helpful to get feedback from my readers as each new year starts.

Crimson Joy Flexi Clip

My Favorite Things Giveaway!

Come enter 12 different giveaways full of our favorite things as bloggers! Each stocking stuffer giveaway has been put together by each blogger to share with you!
1. Thriving Home 2. Happy Home Fairy 3. The Nourishing Home 4. Heavenly Homemakers

5. Meaningful Mama 6. Slugs and Bugs 7. Seeds Family Worship 8. Jennifer Ebehack

9. The Generous Wife 10. The Modest Mom Blog 11. My Humble Kitchen 12. Kara Chupp

13. Motherhood on a Dime

I’ve been looking forward to this giveaway! A group of bloggers decided to get together and individually put together a giveaway of some of our favorite things. I’m excited to share this with you!

My Favorite Things Stocking Stuffer Giveaway! Come enter to win a beautiful art print, L'BRI pure and natural skincare and makeup, Lilla Rose flexi clips, Halftee tank,  Usborne Child's book,  ABC Say it With Me DVD, and Red Raspberry Tea!

You can enter to win all of the above items, plus more not pictured!! One winner will receive all of these items!

My Favorite Things Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

Story_time with mama art print

1. Story-time with Mama Art Print (frame not included, I found mine at Hobby Lobby!), by The Breezy Tulip Etsy store.

This is probably my favorite picture in my house. I have it hanging in my living room, and every time I look at it, I am quickly reminded on what kind of a mother I want to be. It think that is why I love it so much – it calms and inspires me.

L'BRI Pure and Natural Deep Pore Cleanser. For normal, combination, oily and blemished skin: A deep cleansing, water-soluble gel enriched with Aloe Vera Barbadensis, Vitamin A, C, E and natural botanical extracts. Removes all traces of makeup, pore clogging oils and environmental pollutants from the skin. Works effectively to calm and soothe blemished skin. Easily removes eye makeup without irritation. 6-oz. 3 month supply.

2. L’BRI Pure and Natural Deep Pore Cleanser– for combination, normal, oily and blemished skin. This is what I use daily for my own skincare, and love that it is a natural, aloe vera based skincare line. There are no parabens in it. Plus, it is really affordable; this bottle will last for months! You can get a complete sample set for free – you just pay shipping! It will last you for 2-3 weeks. This is a great way to try this skincare line!


3. L’BRI Black Mascara – This is the mascara I use! It is gentle on your eyes.

L'BRI Pure and Natural Vitamin E Stick. Great Lip balm for rough winter months!

4. L’BRI- Vitamin E Lip balm StickThis fragrance-free sun stick with vitamin E and aloe soothes, protects, and moisturizes the most sensitive parts of your face, lip, and eye areas. This works well during the rough winter months and goes on smoothly! 

L'BRI Pure and natural Cherry Rose Lip Gloss

5. L’BRI Lip Gloss – I keep one of these lip glosses in my purse all the time! I like the color selections they offer and how they go on. I’m giving away a Cherry Rose lip gloss to one of you!

Lilla Rose Flexi clips are wonderful for all different hair sizes! They come in seven different sizes, and a large variety of sizes!

6. Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clips – Beautiful yet practical hair clips for women and girls! These clips come in seven different sizes so there is literally a clip for almost every woman! I’m giving away the two clips pictured above in an x-small size, which works for most women. I love using these to pull my hair back in a half-up.

Hues of Blue flexi clip

*Brand new customers to Lilla Rose in the USA can order 3 items, and email me about getting a 4th item, $16 or under totally free!*

Halftee Tanks are wonderful for layering!

7. Halftee Tank – My favorite layering item! Reversable neckline, featuring a high or lower option. I use these all the time to layer under lower cut shirts or maxi dresses. These are excellent for women and maternity wear. Today through Friday you can get free shipping on all Halftee items at Deborah & Co. within the USA! The winner can pick which size tank they need!

Buy two princess dresses and get a free coloring book!

(We are running a special on our Princess Play Dresses this week only! Order any 2, and receive a free coloring book!).

Beautiful Sugar and Spice necklace from Mialisia!

8. Three necklaces from Mialisia! These can be worn long, or doubled up twice for a shorter length.

9. Usborne Books (not pictured above) – I’m hosting an online party for Usborne books that will close Friday night. There are so many excellent books, but beyond that there are many activity books that my children will love! I’m trying to choose from some of these below.

Usborne books has so many excellent activity books for children!

A lot of these are $9.99 or under! My boys are going to love the Doodle art books, and my girls have seen the cover of the wedding coloring book and are really hoping I get it. 🙂

Shine a flashlight behind these books and watch what happens! So neat!

Dusty, the Usborne consultant is giving away your choice of one of these “Shine A Light” books for children. These are so awesome! Children will love getting a flashlight to shine behind these books. You can watch the video below for more information. They are only $12.99 each! The winner gets to pick which one of the three titles they want.

Red Raspberry Tea is excellent to drink during a pregnancy, but also for fertility, and general woman's health!

10. Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew (not pictured above)- My favorite tea to drink! You can read how I fix it in this post.  My favorite blend is from The Bulk Herb store, and they are graciously sending a bag to the winner!

Look around and enjoy the sites of these incredible bloggers. I love this hand-picked group of blogs. If you like The Modest Mom,  you’ll like these friends of ours too! Go enter all the other amazing giveaways!

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