Introducing Stackapals – DIY Block People!

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block_stack1We are so excited to introduce Stackapals! This project has been a long time in coming. Sean actually started designing these in the hopes of having them available last Christmas! Since he was still in college, homework got in the way and he wasn’t able to finish them in time. Well, now they’re done and we finally get to share them with you!


Stackapals are do-it-yourself block people toys that are as simple as they are delightful. Each character has been hand drawn and then imported into the computer for final illustration. Stackapals are designed with expressive faces and adorable clothing that make mixing and matching them bunches of fun.

Making Stackapals is super easy! You only need a few items to make these blocks and then you have an amazing gift! There are twelve characters in all – 6 boys and 6 girls and just about anybody can put a set together. Included in the PDF download are detailed instructions on how to assemble your Stackapals as well as helpful supply list links. With a little time and effort you’ll have a wonderful hand-made toy your children will enjoy for years to come.


Think of the adorable gifts you could give at Christmas time to the young children you know! The nice thing is that Stackapals are very inexpensive to make. And they’re very versatile! Not only can you make block people out of them, but you can also adhere them to magnets to stack on your refrigerator, or even wood or cardboard tiles to lay out flat on the floor or even in the car on trips!   Once you have the PDF file, print off and make as many gifts as you need! (Please note, Stackapals are for personal use only. They are not available to make and sell online or at craft fairs etc.)

Stackapals_girl_collectionStackapals Girl and Boy Set! Buy separately or purchase the bundle set and save!

Stackapals_boy_collectionWe are offering a 2 day special as we release these exciting new products! For every Bundle Set of Stackapals you purchase, you will receive our Little Character Badges program totally free! The Stackapals will be emailed to your inbox right away, and then the Little Character Badges file will be emailed to you in the evening.

Receive Little Character Badges ebook for free!If you have a 3-5 year old child, Little Character Badges is a fun way to motivate and encourage your child towards good behavior, while still keeping them accountable in their incorrect behavior. This offer is available Monday and Tuesday, October 13th and 14th only!

Stackapals make excellent building blocks for children! We hope your children will enjoy Stackapals as much as ours do. It’s not just our youngest that loves them – our 4 and 6 year old girls love mixing and matching the fun characters. (We’ve even caught  our 9 and 11 year old sons sit down with them. :)

You can purchase the Stackapals Bundle Set here.



Holiday Gift Guide For 2014!

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A holiday gift guide for 2014! Come see the large variety of fantastic products, many from smaller companies that would love your support!

Welcome to our second annual holiday gift guide! We have a really great collection of companies this year and we’re excited to be able to share them with you. In this post you’ll find a wide variety of gift ideas – everything from food to toys to clothing to jewelry to diapers and much more! We hope the following list of companies with helpful descriptions and links to the products they sell will make your holiday shopping a little easier. Enjoy!

Family Vision Films DVD's

Family Vision Films – We offer God-honoring, truthful, inspiring and educational DVDs for the whole family!

Favorite Items – Homemaking 101, For his Own Glory (Sign Language for Children),  Hero (for Dads).

Our films are between $13 and $20 a piece. You can follow us on Facebook here.

Beauty Counter

Beautycounter – Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone.

At Beautycounter, we’ve banned more than 1,500 ingredients setting a new health and safety standard – all while ensuring our products perform, and that they’re as indulgent as any luxury shampoo, lipstick or oil in the market.

Our skincare, hair and body products, cosmetics and sunscreens are safe and suitable for the entire family. We use essential oils for fragrance; our preservatives are paraben-free; we do not test on animals; and our packaging is recyclable.

Favorite Items – Routine Clean Cream Cleanser, Lip Sheers, Lustro Face Oil 2 – Jasmine.

Our products are between $495 (skin and cosmetic collection set) to $16. You can follow us on Facebook here.


Spark Of Amber – We sell authentic, stunning natural Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and bracelets. We also sell calming Baltic Amber earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, and rings.

At Spark of Amber, we have recently expanded to offer beautiful Amber and gemstone jewelry, and Baltic Amber Mother’s bracelets. FAST AND FREE DELIVERY within the United States!

Favorite Items – Custom Sized Baltic Amber and Gemstone Mother’s Bracelets,
Baltic Amber Child’s Teething Necklaces,
Baltic Amber Firefly Nugget Necklace — Adult length

Our products are between $12.99-$49.99. You can follow us on Facebook here.


Drinkbands- DrinkBands provides high quality silicone bands that help families and groups tell whose drink is whose, which cuts the counter clutter, frequent dishwashing, and also helps families from spreading germs when sick.

 Favorite Items – personalized DrinkBandsnew personalized Packspre-printed 18-Pack.

Our products are between $1.50-$30.50. You can follow us on Facebook here.

Kisses From Above

Kisses From Above – We are a pro-life, home-based business that sells fertility products such as ovulation and pregnancy tests, supplements, books, and more.

We also serve crisis pregnancy centers with bulk orders and personalized ordering and invoicing.

Favorite Items – My all-time favorite item is the Wondfo pregnancy test for $.75 each. I have personally taken probably over a thousand of these (over quite a few years time), and can say they are some of the best! We also run sales on these quite often as they are our #1 Bestseller! Easy to use, easy to read, and we also ship them discreetly. Other favorites are the Wondfo Ovulation Test, and Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

Our products are between $0.65 to $24.99. You can follow us on Facebook here.


Plexus Worldwide – Plexus Worldwide is a full line of natural health and wellness products that aid in weight loss, pain relief, nerve support, breast care, and
gastrointestinal health.

Plexus Slim works to help naturally regulate your blood sugar, reduce sugar cravings and binge eating, increase energy, balance hormones and reduce inflammation. Slim is a natural health supplement that is gluten free, with no artificial flavors or colors, and sweetened with stevia for a zero glycemic index. *It may be paired with Accelerator or Boost to help speed up weight loss, overcome platueaus and suppress appetite.

Probio5 is for good gut health. It kills candida, reduces sugar cravings, relives inexplicable fatigue or bloating, anxiety or “brain fog” and promotes healthy bacteria in the gut. Probio5 features 5 extra strength probiotics, added enzymes, intestinal flora, B6, grape seed extract and vitamin C.

Favorite items are Plexus SlimProbio5,

Our products are between $11.95 to $233.95. You can follow us on Facebook here.


Simple Joys At Home – An Etsy shop that specializes in crocheted baby items.
I sell baby hats and shoes, but there are a few other baby items, as well some adult hats, that I offer in my shop.
I currently have some seasonal items, such as cup coasters, in my shop and I hope to add more things along those lines in the future.
You will also find a small assortment of other crocheted and sewn Items in my shop.

Favorite Items – Baby Cowboy Boots, Turquoise and Green Baby Rain Boots.

Our products are between $4.00 to $96.00. You can follow us on Facebook here.

Paula's Bread

Paula’s Bread – This is a small Christian on-line business. I have been a distributor for Bosch since 1987. I love helping cooks all across the country save money, time and ease the kitchen burden.

I sell: Bosch Universal Mixer, Grain Grinders, Juicers, Dehydrators, Kitchen gadgets, tortilla makers.

Favorite Items – I love the Bosch Universal mixer because it has saved me time and money. It is my “servant” for my kitchen and is the best kitchen tool I have ever owned. I bought my first Bosch mixer in 1984 and am still using it!

I love the L’Equip Grain Grinder because it allows me to control what is in the foods I prepare; it gives us all the nutrition found in whole grains; and it makes our baked foods taste better due to the full nutrition.

I love the stainless steel bakeware. I bought my bake ware 22+ years ago and they are still as shiny as when I bought the pans!

Our products are between $3.99-$399.99. You can follow us on Facebook here.

New Little Blessing

Sweet Little Blessings – Sweet Little Blessings has a great selection of cloth diapers and accessories. We also offer Boba carriers and wraps. A family run business, you can expect great customer service!

Favorite Items – Bottombumpers all in onesSoftbums EchoBoba 4G Carrier.

Our products range from cloth diaper inserts, which are going to be the least expensive option and cloth diaper packages, which are the most expensive.

You can follow us on Facebook here.

Daily Planner (2) 250x250 sales price border

Homemaker’s Friend – 2015 daily planner
Weekly Layout
Two-page spread with entries for each day
Menu planning
To-do list
Monthly Calendar
Two-page month view
Year Calendars
2015 and 2016 calendars with place for notations
Shopping List
Perforated shopping list
Task List and Project & Events Sections
Untitled pages for you to customize for your own duties and ideas

Our products are 13.99 regular price and as low as 12.00 with quantity discount.


Searching For Sanity – Have you ever looked at your beloved children and wondered: What in the world am I doing? Why did God trust me of all people to raise them? Motherhood is the most difficult job many of us will ever take. Moms today are busy, overwhelmed and stressed. Many feel underqualified.

Searching for Sanity offers moms an opportunity to take a breath, dig into the Word, and learn from parents of the past. In short devotions designed for busy moms, this book explores the parents of the Bible both the good and the bad. Some of the parents within the pages of God’s Word set great examples for us to follow; others made huge mistakes. In Searching for Sanity, you’ll learn from both.

The wisdom of God’s Word, paired with the experiences of another mother-in-training, will help moms find sanity in the midst of chaos.

This book is $12.95, or the ebook version is $2.99. You can follow us on Facebook here.

indiemade white

Got Sparkles – Kristi Taylor founded got sparkles when she was inspired to create beautiful jewelry for “real” women; women with kids, women with jobs, women who had lives to live and needed durable, beautiful, wearable jewelry. Since 2006, her designs have been sold across the country, worn on hit network television shows and gifted to celebrities through GBK luxury gifting suites at the Golden Globes and Primetime Emmys.

Working out of her Northern California studio, often accompanied by her dogs and her young son (a budding artist as well), Kristi’s got sparkles jewelry is made using sterling silver, gemstones, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals. All of her work is designed and created by her two hands with love & care, with the belief that “every woman deserves to sparkle.”

Favorite Items – “For Ever” Antique Insignia, Nest Necklace, Wonky Wrapped Earrings.

Products range from $25.00-$250.00. You can follow us on Facebook here.


The Encouraging Home – I educate others and sell pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, supplements, personal care products and cleaning products. Young Living uses the Seed to Seal Process to ensure purity and quality. We have replaced most of our supplements, personal and cleaning products with these to cut down on the toxic load and help to improve our health.

Favorite items are Orange Essential Oil,  Thieves Essential Oil and ART Skin Care System.

Products range from $14.14 to  $244.08. You can follow us on Facebook here.

Simply Fun

SimplyFun LLC – Learning and connecting families together through play with our award-winning learning games and activities for all ages.

Favorite items are Dreaming Dragons, Share A Berry, Bank It, and Walk The Dogs.

Products range from $8 to $40. You can follow us on Facebook here.

Lilla Rose 200 Button

Lilla Rose –  Jewelry for your Hair! Beautiful yet practical hair clips that hold up baby fine to long and thick hair through seven different sizes. These clips will change the way you style your hair!

Favorite Items are Kaleidoscope Flexi Clip, Tiara Crystal, and Tree of Life.

Products range from $11 – $29. You can follow us on Facebook here.

Deborah & Co.

Deborah & Co. – Feminine, Modest clothing for women, maternity, and girls.  We also offer toys, media, books, princess items and more for girls!

Favorite items are: Halftee Tanks, Princess Play Dresses, Rainbow Denim Skirts, and Fleece Lined Leggings.

Items range from $8.00 – $70.00. You can follow us on Facebook here.


L’BRI Pure and Natural - All natural skincare and makeup products with many of the products containing aloe vera as the first ingredient! Made in the USA, these products are wonderful for your skin!

Favorite items are  Facial Masque, Vitamin E Lip Balm, and Deep Pore Cleanser.

Items are from $7.95- $106.00.

The Logic Of English Review

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Logic of English Curriculum Review! |

When my boys were younger I followed the Charlotte Mason approach to teaching grammar. Basically for grades 1-3 you  read to them constantly and have them learn through narrations, copywork and books.

The Logic of English

I personally regret that decision. My boys don’t have a firm grasp on grammar and this is the year we are working to fix that. Since the boys are close enough in grades it is easiest to do grammar together. I discovered The Logic of English a few months back, and as soon as I found it I knew I wanted to try it.

This curriculum is not for moms who want to hand something to their child and let them do it on their own. It very much requires teacher/student involvement. You can’t use this curriculum without the teacher’s guide as it guides you through every step and even tells you what to say. I really appreciate that part of it!

The Logic of English Curriculum

The first day we started The Logic of English it took us 2 hours to get through a lesson! That seemed a little overwhelming, until I realized you don’t have to get through 1 lesson a day! The lessons are broken up into different sections. This program covers reading, spelling and writing. We don’t need any help with reading; both boys read really well. But we want to use the grammar and spelling sections.

One day we might do the spelling part of the lesson. I purchased the spelling rules flashcards (I love all the flashcards – high quality items!). We learn a new rule on the flashcard and spell out the words. They learn how many syllables are in a word, and we clap, say, and spell a word out. Then we might go through and figure out if the spelling word is a noun, adjective, etc.

I’m very impressed with the curriculum. The target age of the curriculum is around 8. I’m using it with an 8 and 10 year old. I’ve seen a lot of older children using this, and it is especially good for dyslexic children.

I actually was so impressed with the style of teaching that I ordered the student books for the younger grades, and I’m using them (slowly!) with my girls. My 6 year old is reading out loud to me from a beginner reader book every day. We don’t always get to the lesson and work page but my goal is to do it 3 times a week.

There are also fun games that go along with The Logic of English. I highly recommend getting the Phonogram Game Cards. Every time we pull these out my boys cheer! They love playing the different games!

The Essentials Teacher’s Manual is $95.00 and you can use it over and over again! The student workbook is $25.00. So far my oldest has a workbook and my 8 year old is using a plain spiral bound notebook. If you have the money I would suggest the workbook, but if it comes down to it I think you could make a plain notebook work, though not as well.

If you feel insecure about teaching writing, spelling, grammar, or reading, this is an excellent curriculum to consider using. I love how the curriculum takes the teacher by the hand, guiding them through the lesson. It really helps you stay in command of the lesson, even if you’ve forgotten a rule!

*Some of these items were sent to me to review free of charge. I was not paid for the review and all thoughts are strictly my own*


Learn Math Fast – A Supplemental Math Program!

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Learn Math Fast! My new favorite math supplemental program!

We struggle with math in our homeschool. It is the subject that gets the mosts groans and tears with my boys, especially with one of them. I know for sure it is the subject that gives me the most grief, trying to be patient as we work through problem after problem, explaining yet again the same principles for the same child. :)

When I saw the Learn Math Fast series I was really intrigued. It looked like what I was looking for – something that could supplement their current math program and would make them stop and think through math more deeply.

The Learn Math Fast series was written by a homeschooling mom who used these methods on her own son, and he was in college level math at age 16. Don’t let that scare you though; the books are extremely simple to use!

We started with the level 1 book, which is supposed to be for 1-3 grade math. I’m using it with my 3rd and 5th grader. So far my 1st grader is doing really good with her Horizons math, and this mama only has so much time each day so I haven’t added her in yet.

The concepts starting out seem so simple. My 5th grader was shocked how simple the first lesson was. You use 5 pennies, and work your way through all the different ways to add and subtract through 5. But then you have to be able to answer a list of problems in 30 seconds. The first few lessons were fine, but once we got higher up in the numbers you have to stop and think a little longer before blurting out the answer. Racing against the clock is a good motivation, and one my boys especially like.

Learn Math Fast!

They have a lot of helpful information on the website, including a page that explains how the math program works. You can also see sample pages here.

Whether you have a child that struggles in math or not, I think these books are an excellent supplement to teaching math as it teaches tricks and tips to make math easier. My only regret is that I didn’t find these books sooner. We haven’t been able to work through the books as quickly as I would have liked, simply because of my pregnancy, but now that I’m doing better we are back at them and I hope to get through the first book as quickly as possible. Some days we have done two lessons a day. Other days one lesson is enough.

They really don’t take long to go through. About 10-15 minutes a lesson is all it takes. The worksheets are optional. So far we haven’t done them as my boys only needed the mental reminder, but as we get further along we will use them.

Each book is $49.00, which admittedly is an investment, but you can reuse each book with all your children. They give you a password where you can print the worksheets off online instead of copying them out of the book. That is definitely proof that a homeschooling mom created this system – I was so happy to discover that fact!

Through the end of the year you can save $5.00 of your order with the code:

MODESTMOM at the checkout! This does not work with Paypal, but if you contact them they will take it off for you!

*I was not paid for this review, but was sent the books free of charge to review. All thoughts are strictly my own!*