Imaginets Learning Toy for Children

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I love being on the Timberdoodle blogging crew. I don’t pick many items to review (because it all takes time!) but once in awhile I can’t help but get a new item, as I’d love to review almost everything they sell!

I was looking for a new educational toy for my preschool age daughter, and when I saw Imaginets I was excited, and hopeful that she would like it. What I didn’t expect is that all of my children would like it, even my 10 year old!

Imaginets Magnetic Toy

Imaginets encourages educational play through the use of magnetic blocks, in various shapes. They come in a very handy box that flips open to build on. There are also 50 cards with designs on them, the child is encouraged to try and make the designs that are on the cards. I found that my younger children wanted my help if they were going to make the exact same design, but would happily play by themselves and create their own designs.

Toddlers love Imaginets!

Playing with blocks is such a simple, innocent playtime that you hardly even stop to think about how educational it is. Building creations with blocks is such a good way to teach a child how to think. Larger blocks should go here, smaller blocks are nestled around them to create a certain design. All of my children like to play with blocks, even my 10 year old will still get out blocks and build with them, and I encourage it all I can.

Preschool age children love Imaginets Yes, my child is playing on top of the table. :)

If you are trying to find activities to keep your younger children busy with during school time, Imaginets would be a great idea! Let them sit at the table (don’t take our example of sitting on the table), or on the floor by you and build to their hearts content while you help an older child.

You can find Imaginets at Timberdoodle for $26.99.

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Seasons at Home Homemaking Magazine

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Seasons at Home Homemaking Magazine | Links Included)

When my Mom passed away 3 years ago I inherited a lot of books and magazines, which was very special. I had to sort through all the homemaking and homeschooling magazines, as I just didn’t have room for all of them. When I found the Seasons at Home magazines in the pile I knew these were keepers. I was excited to recently find their website online and discover they are still printing magazines!

In a time where everything is going digital I find it refreshing to still have something you can put out for display on your end table and pick up to read whenever you have a moment. The internet is wonderful, but it can steal so much of our time.

Homemaking Magazine |

Seasons at Home is a magazine that you and your daughters will want to read! There are articles that encourage you in your role as a wife and mother, but beyond general encouragement you will find plenty of practical articles and tips. Cooking recipes, Craft instructions (things that you or your daughter will want to make!), seasonal crafts, art tutorials, gardening tutorials, sewing tutorials.

Beautiful Cooking Recipes can be found in the Seasons at Home Homemaking Magazine!  |

The photos are beautiful and they give very clear instructions on all the tutorials found in the magazine. I’m looking forward to sharing these magazines with my girls when they get a little older. It’s so important to pass down homemaking skills to our daughters. If you were not raised to be a homemaker, don’t give up! Resources are out there to help you. Books and magazines can help, as well as attending classes at your local stores and online. It can be hard to find an older woman to help teach you, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t find someone.

Seasons at Home magazine can be purchased for $7.00 for individual issues, or you can purchase a year’s subscription for $17.95.

Beauty In The Heart Study Guide by Pam Forster

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Beauty in the Heart - A Study of Godly Beauty for Young Women

Beauty in the Heart is a study of godly beauty for young women written by Pam Forster. There is such a need for resources to teach young ladies about what godly beauty is about. I’m sure almost every homeschooler has heard of Doorposts, a company that sells character training materials.

This study book was written for girls ages 12 and older. It would be best to do this study with your daughter at that age. Older girls could do it by themselves. I plan on going through the study myself, as it has good material for women as well as girls!

Young ladies will learn how to:

  • Use a concordance
  • Study a specific topic in the Bible
  • Perform a character study
  • Use marginal study notes
  • Study a verse, passage, or entire chapter or book of the Bible
  • Find the original word used in a passage and how it is used in other passages
  • Use free Bible study tools on computers and mobile devices

In this book you will study chapters on Beauty in submission, the heart, trusting God, humility, modesty, serving, and more! You will study about women like Ruth and Esther in-depth and learn about their character qualities.

A quote from the introduction…

Most women are interested in being pretty. It doesn’t matter what age we are. Almost from the cradle, we enjoy the little things that make us feel beautiful. Tiny hair bows and twirly skirts, sparkly crowns and puffy sleeves gradually give way to finding the perfect hairstyle and fragrance, the most slenderizing dress style, and the most flattering makeup. We all want to do what we can to look our best. 

There’s nothing wrong with looking our best. God is the one who made batty. He proves of it! But He’s even more interested in what is happening in our hearts.

You can view samples of the book here.


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A Remnant Surprise Book and Giveaway!

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A Remnant Surprise Book and Giveaway! |

Disclaimer – I received this book free of charge to review. I was also paid for my time to write this post, however all opinions are strictly my own and I was not paid to write a good review for this book. 

When I first heard about this children’s book called A Remnant Surprise I immediately knew that I wanted to  read it to my children. The story is about a Great-Grandma who wanted to make each of her children and grandchildren a quilt. She started making her list of all the quilts she would need to make, and then realized that she was getting older and her hands couldn’t make 35 quilts. So she decided on solid color comforters instead. As she made the comforters her two grandchildren that were helping her saved the scraps. The Great-Grandma ended up being surprised with a scrap quilt of her own that was made from all the scraps!


I sat and read it to my five year old daughter. She loved it, and especially loved the page showing the cheerful little girl’s picture. What I especially appreciated was how the author wrote the book showing a sweet and tender relationship with the Great-Grandma and her children and grandchildren. I struggle finding children’s books to read to my younger children that exhibit sweetness. I can look through shelves and shelves of children’s books at the library and only find a small handful that I feel are worthwhile. The illustrations in this book are also very peaceful and pretty, in contrast to some of the common cartoonish type illustrations out there now.

Fabric scraps have a very special meaning to me. My Mom adored fabric, and especially loved little bits of fabric. She was always finding something special to create with her fabric scraps, and even until her death she was working on sewing, and had a hospice volunteer helping her make Yo-Yo’s.


My Mom was housebound the last few months as she lived at my sister’s house. It didn’t stop her from having her little fabric collection in her little room with her. I love this picture of her with my two girls, she had little scraps of fabric out and was passing on her love of fabric to her grandchildren. Sweet pieces of ribbon were the necklaces. :)

It is not surprising that the author, Vanessa Roam is a quilter herself. She also is a homeschooling mother of two children and naturally enjoys storytelling and language arts. I’m excited to see that she has a new book called Tippy Tip being released soon! You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Goodreads.

You can find some sweet activities at Vanessa’s website that go along with this book, including a coloring page from the book!

This year we are giving our children four gifts each, and one of the gifts is a book for each child. I know a lot of families do the same thing, and this would be a lovely book for a younger boy or girl.

I’m giving away a copy of the book! Enter below using Rafflecopter.

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