Pregnancy Update: Week 25!

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Is it possible to get more excited every week? I seem to fall in love with this new baby more and more as each new week goes by. I was laying on the couch last night having fun at my Usborne online party, and just stopped to watch my tummy move all around. Every baby is such a precious miracle. Now that I’ve been around more women who struggle with infertility, it makes it even more real to me of how amazing it is that I have a baby in my womb. My heart goes out to every mother who wants to be pregnant but just has not been able to conceive.

Twenty Five Weeks pregnant with baby number six! So thankful to be in my second trimester and feeling better!

Here is our little Christmas tree! Sean grew up with Santa and christmas trees, I grew up with no Santa and most years no christmas trees. We have really prayed and experimented with what we feel is best for our family over the years. We eventually want to get a little bit bigger tree, but we don’t want something that is overwhelming. The focus is on Advent, and reading stories all month long about Jesus being born, playing with our Little People Nativity set, etc.

I find the red bow on the tree funny, my husband put it on there. We used to have a little star but we didn’t see it in the tubs this year. If I can get to Hobby Lobby I will get a new star! :)

I was just thinking that I needed to order some liquid Chlorophyll to start taking, when I received an email from Beeyoutiful company that they were offering free shipping on any order, today only. Yay! I always have taken their brand, so I know I can handle the taste. I normally struggle with being anemic the last trimester, sometimes it gets so bad my midwife tells me I can’t have a home birth if I don’t quickly get my levels up. So I really need to get started on that.

I’m also going to order the Red Raspberry capsules to take. Last pregnancy I started taking 4-8 capsules a day during the third trimester, and I took the Evening Primrose Oil capsules the last month. It made such a difference in my labor, I’m definitely doing it again this time!

This week has been especially hard on my varicose veins. You can see all the blue veins in my foot in the picture. I’ve had to sit at the computer a lot, and it has made my veins really flare up even more. It just is part of pregnancy for me, so I deal with it the best I can.

How are all the pregnant mamas who are reading this doing? :)

Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Six months pregnancy with baby number six!

I’m just laughing whenever I see these pictures. I really don’t look this big all the time – I don’t think this was the best outfit combination! I picked the most flattering picture out of the bunch. All the others make me look like I’m having twins that are due any day! Lol! It is hard to be pregnant in the wintertime. You have to bundle up and be warm and yet try not to look like a huge snowman! :)

Blue Mini Dangle Flexi

I curled my hair using my hot rollers and pulled back just a little bit of it in a mini flexi clip before church.

Modest Maternity Maxi Dress

I’m laughing ya’ll! It’s ok, you can laugh with me. The scary thing is, maybe I really do look like this all the time? No way, surely not at six months. lol

Undercover Mama

If you are a breastfeeding mom, or know of one, for today only you can get our Undercover Mama Tanks with free shipping in the USA! Choose from the regular, lace, or slimming. I’m looking forward to wearing these tanks again in a few months when I’m breastfeeding again!

Deck the Halls with Usborne Books!

My Usborne Facebook Party is tonight! I’d love to have you come chat with us, it will be fun and fast paced! I’m giving away extra rewards (Stackapals and Character Badges) for those who come to the party and order!

What I Wore

Dress – Liz Lange Maternity Dress (Found on ThredUP)

Cardigan – From Kohls (I bought it several years ago)

Scarf – Zulily

Shoes – Zulily

Flexi Clip –  Mini Clip from Lilla Rose

Makeup - L’BRI Pure and Natural

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.

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Red Raspberry Pregnancy Tea Recipe

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Looking for a new way to make an excellent red raspberry pregnancy tea? Here is a great recipe with easy instructions on how to make it!

I love using herbs and salves and essential oils, but I do not love tea. To be honest, I’ve never really liked it. When we would have tea parties my mom would indulge my older sister and I and give us chocolate milk instead. :)

When I became pregnant with my first child, I knew I needed to drink the red raspberry pregnancy tea. Everyone talked about how good it was for you. I went to my local health food store and bought a box of pre-made tea. I gagged on it. Yuk.

I was skeptical about drinking it again with my last pregnancy, but after discovering the blend of red raspberry tea from The Bulk Herb store I was pleasantly surprised by how much better it tastes than the boxed blends found in the health food stores. So I guzzled it down last pregnancy, still not loving it, but definitely not dreading it like I previously had.

This pregnancy, I’m excited to have improved upon the already excellent blend and add my own little twist to the recipe. It has really improved the taste to me and helps me get even more down! The nice thing is, it is super simple to make and only calls for one extra ingredient!

Red Raspberry Tea is excellent to drink during a pregnancy, but also for fertility, and general woman's health!

Red Raspberry Blend Tea Recipe

Yields: A pitcher of tea

10 teaspoons of Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew Blend

2 or 3 bags of Celestial Seasonings Tropical Fruit tea bags

8 cups of boiling water

Honey, sugar, Stevia, or other preferred sweetener.

Boil your water, and add the loose leaf red raspberry and the 2 or 3 tropical fruit tea bags. Cover with a lid and let steep for 5-10 minutes (sometimes I let it steep longer for a stronger tea). Drain the tea using a mesh strainer, add the sweetener of your choice, and put the tea in the refrigerator to cool.

I don’t drink Red Raspberry tea in my first trimester, but I start it in my second and try to drink a lot more in my third trimester. My midwife said I can drink as much as I want, provided I don’t start having a large amount of Braxton Hick contractions.

Red Raspberry tea is good for all women to drink, from teens to older women! In pregnancy, it helps to strengthen the womb, and I’ve heard so many testimonials of easier deliveries and recoveries from women that drink a lot of Red Raspberry tea. I know my delivery with Deborah was an excellent birth, and it was not until the very end that things got intense. I was very happy with how it went, and if I can have have the same birth this time around I will be elated!

Deck the Halls with Usborne Books!

In other news…you all are invited to my Usborne Party I’m hosting this Monday night on Facebook! Even if you can’t come, you can shop through this link if you need to get some gifts or just some new homeschool material! I’m giving everyone that orders through my party a free Stackapals digital file, and anyone who orders $50 or more will receive the Stackapals and the Character Badge program!

I’m not a consultant with Usborne and I actually rarely host parties! The past year my 9 year old son has loved the historical sticker books we have purchased for him from Usborne, and we have enjoyed some of the history books in school. I saw some of the new art and doodle books they have out and instantly fell in love with them. I recently went to an online Facebook party for Usborne and thought it was fun, so I decided to go ahead and host a party myself!  I hope you can join us!

To join the Facebook Party…

Click this link.

RSVP by clicking Join, or Going (not certain exactly which one it will say!).

That is it! Super easy!

Finally, you can get free shipping this weekend at Deborah & Co. on orders of $50 or more with the code: SHIP50FREE at the checkout. This code is only good for USA orders. 

Pregnancy Update: Week 24!

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I totally skipped last week’s pregnancy update because last week was so crazy! I can’t believe that I’m six months along now. The busy holiday season is helping to make the days and weeks go by fast.

Six months pregnant with baby number six!

Overall I think I’m doing pretty good. Last week was challenging with all the commotion of Thanksgiving, family, traveling, and food to fix. That would have been ok, but add to it our Black Friday sale we had at Deborah & Co. and life got pretty hectic around here! I knew I would be working a lot last week and just planned on everything else being as simple as possible. I normally make homemade crescent rolls for Thanksgiving, but this time around  I bought frozen rolls at Sam’s Club instead. :)

One night I was up late and ended up blacking out while sitting in a chair. I have low blood pressure at times so it wasn’t a first, but I called it a night and went to bed, while Sean stayed up much later doing graphic design work. :) Our girls watched Homestead Blessing DVD’s  while we worked, and our boys read a lot and built legos after school was done. It all worked out, and after two days of shipping orders we are getting caught up!

Baby movements are getting more strong! I’m just waiting for the time when it starts kicking under my ribs. ;) I love feeling it move around, and it cheers me up when I’m feeling tired.

I really enjoy wearing maxi dresses when I’m pregnant. I don’t buy very many dresses because they are hard to nurse a baby in, but it is a nice change for maternity wear. Plus they are so comfortable! This is a dress I’ve had with previous pregnancies (Motherhood brand). I’ve found some nice, gently used dresses on ThredUP, and normally put a cropped layering shell or a Halftee under them, and a cardigan for warmth. Works great, and I feel all snuggly warm! :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!