Weekly Pregnancy update

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This is the first of my weekly pregnancy updates. I hope you know that I care for all of you blog readers, because I have never given week by week updates to friends or family before. :) I’m pretty private about my actual due date, so I won’t be budging on that one. I’ve given birth 3 times on my actual due dates, and I like to be a hermit the last few weeks and just be alone and get ready for baby. So I’ll let you this close to my due date – around the end of March. :) I’m in my second month of pregnancy, and counting down the weeks until the first trimester ends!

I have felt pretty horrible until about 3 days ago. I have no clue what changed, but I woke up and suddenly had some energy and didn’t throw up that day. Evenings are my worst time – it’s so hard to eat and I really want to throw up, but so far so good. I have finally been able to get out of bed, where I’ve pretty much been for several weeks, and do some homeschooling with the children. It is the best feeling ever! I still have to take a nap right after lunch, and truthfully I’m in bed more than out of it, but it’s ok.

We are still having ups and downs trying to keep my progesterone levels where they should be. I have been taking 4 progesterone shots each week, but my doctor is pretty awesome and is letting me try pills this week. It is very hard on me (emotionally and physically) to take the shots; I just really needed a little break if possible. I’m hoping that the pills work as well, but I’m prepared for the fact that I might have to go back on the shots.

The super exciting news this week is that we heard the baby’s heartbeat!!! My midwife let us stop by just to see if we could hear it, and as soon as she put the doppler on my tummy we heard it nice and strong! After we heard it, my midwife told me she wasn’t sure we would ever hear a heartbeat with this baby. :/ My HCG levels have been very low, but have risen just enough each week to give all of us some hope.

I have no clue why this pregnancy has been so different and difficult. I do know that it has given me a lot more sympathy to those who have chronic illnesses, or those going through cancer and weekly treatments. Getting your blood drawn each week, and getting shots that make you super tired is difficult, but I have hope of it ending, and I know I’m doing this to grow a baby. That’s a happy thought! I’m not going to lie though, I’ve had some super dark days, full of tears and dreary moments. The Lord has carried me through, and I’m always thankful when another day has ended and I get to go to sleep. :)

I’m not going to share any pictures this week. I just took my progesterone pill and I’m already drifting away into slumber land…but I wanted to at least get this quick update up for you all. :)

How a Pregnancy Test Changed Everything

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How a Pregnancy Test Changed Everything - Overnight.

My pregnancy with Deborah was traumatic for me. Oh not the delivery – it was so amazing that we don’t even have pictures of me holding Deborah right after she was born. My sister and husband were so stunned that I had quietly delivered a baby so quickly that nobody grabbed the camera!

But the first trimester was hard. Very hard. As in I finally texted my midwife that I needed help after I had lost 10 pounds from throwing up several times a day and had been in bed for a month. Did I mention I also had strep throat on top of all the morning sickness? My blood sugar was a mess, and I mentally felt like I was losing it a little.

It was not pretty. She gave me zofran to help with the nausea and that seemed to pull me out of it.

Having Deborah in our life is totally worth everything I went through. She makes me laugh and smile every day, and is a true blessing from God. But between the difficult first trimester, Sean being in college, and me trying to keep up with Deborah & Co. and homeschooling while he was in college, I wanted a small break from the normal “have a baby every two years” that is our pattern. Two different children have been born exactly 2 years apart, and 1 child was born 21 months after the older one. I wanted some time for me to regain some energy.

So in between questions and teasing about “when is the next baby coming?” we naturally took a break, and for the most part kept pretty quiet about it. After all, fertility and having babies is a private thing.

But then the baby bug set in with me. I thought we had arrived a point with Sean’s college that we could handle it. (Actually I don’t think we could have, because neither of us realized how extremely difficult the last semester of college was going to be on both of us).

Month after month passed, and before long I realized quite a few months had passed and I had still wasn’t pregnant. By now all the hints and questions about “when are you going to have another baby” were not funny. They made me wince because nobody realized I just wasn’t able to yet.  Finally I went and saw my naturally minded MD that treats me for my thyroid. He tested my progesterone and said I was on the low end, and told me to try some natural progesterone cream.

Three months passed.

Guess what? I finally got a positive test!!! Yes, we are expecting baby number 6 in March!!! I’m in my first trimester, but like last time, I have another traumatic first trimester experience that I won’t soon forget.

My doctor had told me to get my progesterone tested as soon as I saw a positive pregnancy test. He needed to know if I needed to be supported with progesterone during the first trimester. I quickly went and did that, and as soon as I saw the results I figured I would need some progesterone.

What I wasn’t expecting was for the office to email me immediately, and tell me I needed to come in the very next day for progesterone shots. I was a little worried, but made the appointment and tried to stay off of Google. That is a very scary place to research progesterone shots. :(

Sean took me to the appointment, and while I figured I would have some sort of reaction to getting a bunch of progesterone at once, I wasn’t prepared for how bad the shots hurt to get (the needles are big!), and that I would hysterically be laughing and crying on the way home. I could barely walk in the house. Sean had to almost carry me in.

I started out getting 2 shots once a week, but my progesterone just wouldn’t go up. One week it went up a little, and then dropped down again 3 days later. They couldn’t make me any promises that I wouldn’t have a miscarriage still, and I was told that if I wasn’t taking these shots I would have miscarriaged already.

After trying once a week, the doctor had me start getting 2 shots twice a week. So for the past month we have been driving 45 minutes to my doctor’s office twice a week to spend 5 minutes there getting the shots. I then spend several days in bed recovering (the fatigue has been the worst I’ve ever experienced in my life), and then we go do it all over again.

I’ve been so thankful that my husband has been working from home right now, or else I don’t know what we would have done! He has been a huge help, and I feel so blessed to have him here! My sister has started having us come over to her house for dinner this week. Between fatigue and morning sickness I just don’t feel like cooking dinner.

We tried backing down to one shot twice a week, and the hope was to transition to pills at the end of this week. I got a call from the nurse that my progesterone levels have gone way down though, so I have to go back up to 2 shots twice a week and possibly keep this up the whole pregnancy.

We would appreciate prayers. I’m just going to put this out there-I’m not asking for advice. We have found asking for prayers over this situation has brought a lot of unasked for advice that has only been stressful, not helpful. I feel incredibly blessed to be seeing the doctor that I have. He used to be an OBGYN, but now has a family practice and uses herbs, supplements and medicine. I love the balance he has, and the knowledge he has of fertility and pregnancy. So I trust what he tells me, and we just keep praying that the baby will be strong and healthy!

I look forward to doing weekly pregnancy updates on the blog, and have had a blast getting some maternity clothes from ThredUP ordered! A girl has to do something fun while she is laying in bed all the time. :)


How to Make Your Own Magnesium Lotion

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Make your own magnesium lotion! | themodestmomblog.com

Magnesium oil is receiving a lot of attention these days. It can be commonly overlooked, but magnesium is a crucial mineral for our body.  Magnesium is used in hundreds of different body functions, but due to the diet most Americans eat, many of us have a deficiency. I have read that millions suffer from magnesium deficiency without even realizing it.

I started looking into Magnesium about 6 months ago. I endured a very difficult first trimester with our fifth baby, lost 10 pounds and with my blood sugar always low I was feeling rather loopy. I started researching ways to hopefully have a better first trimester if the Lord should choose to bless us with another baby. I read several stories about how women were dramatically helped by taking magnesium, so I have been taking magnesium (trying to remember to take that is!) in the hopes of it possibly helping morning sickness in the future.

My mother in law has suffered from migraines and they got to the point that she was having dizzy spells. She went to several doctors but they didn’t help her. Finally, someone suggested she try taking magnesium, and it has greatly helped her dizzy spells.

natural calm

I try to remember to take magnesium at night, and prefer the Natural Calm powder. It really does help me sleep better, and it doesn’t taste bad. You need to start at a small dosage and work your way up as magnesium can cause loose stools.

Another alternative to taking magnesium powder is to make magnesium lotion! I recently made this, and I’ve been thrilled with the results!  If you struggle with constipation, it will help you in that area. :) Magnesium also gives you a calming effect, which is great if you are stressed or anxious.

Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

Low Energy
Loss of Appetite
Restless Legs
High Blood Sugar
Muscle Cramps
Inability to Sleep
And more…

 I was excited to see the ebook “Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts” included in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. This ebook has not been released yet, and will not be available to purchase until this fall! Included in the ebook are all sorts of natural and herbal remedies. This is a favorite of mine from the bundle, as it is a high quality ebook with excellent recipes.

The recipes are broken down into different sections, ‘The Basics’ (salves and tinctures), ‘Respiratory Ailments’, ‘Head and Stomach’, ‘Skin and Surface Remedies’, ‘Balance’, and ‘Other’.

The magnesium lotion recipe comes from the ‘Other’ section, and I have permission to share the recipe here with you all! I had so much fun making this recipe, it really is enjoyable to make your own healthy product in minutes! 

This is simple, requires only a few ingredients, and can be made in less than 15 minutes.

Magnesium Lotion Recipe 


Benefits of Joy Essential Oil | themodestmomblog.com
*You may sub any other liquid oil (almond, olive, jojoba, etc.). Some have even used coconut, although it produces a harder lotion.

Ingredients for making magnesium Lotion

Step 1: Heat 1⁄2 c. filtered water just hot enough to steam, then add the magnesium flakes and stir or shake in a covered jar until dissolved. You will not use all of it for this recipe, so save some for later.

Magnesium Flakes Dissolved

Step 2: In a saucepan over low heat, melt the shea butter and beeswax together, then add the avocado oil.

Step 3: Add the melted oils to a blender. At this point, you want the oils and the magnesium oil to be about the same temperature, or just warmer than room temperature. If they are drastically different, they won’t form an emulsion.

Step 4: Add the magnesium oil to the blender too. Turn it on low at first, then turn it up until the lotion turns thick, white, and opaque.

Step 5: Immediately pour the finished lotion into a glass jar – one pint-sized or 4 4-oz. jelly jars. Use a spatula to scrape the lotion out of the blender and into the jar. The lotion is finished!

Step 6: Run the blender under hot water, then add soap and blend on high to make cleaning easier.

Use: Use 1/8 tsp. for small children and babies, up to 1 tsp. for adults (possibly more for pregnant women) daily or as needed. Spread on a thin-skinned areas. This lasts for 3 – 6 months.

Caution: Those with an allergy to latex should not use, or should choose cocoa or mango butter instead of shea butter.

Magnesium Lotion | themodestmomblog.com

I had purchased magnesium oil after finding out how great magnesium is. That stuff burns though! Making the magnesium lotion is a much gentler way to get a good daily dose of magnesium in.

This lotion is best applied on your stomach or thighs area. I normally do my stomach because I figure the good oils in it can’t hurt my stretch marks. :)






Dressing For The Holidays: Maternity Outfits

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Today we have a guest post from Jami who blogs at Young Wife’s Guide.

Being 32 weeks pregnant with twins at Thanksgiving can be tough. I am tired, feeling huge, and most of my clothing doesn’t fit right now. This can be a problem when trying to dress modestly and yet still put together some cute outfits.

One of my favorite Fall items right now is my Deborah & Co. khaki skirt. It’s perfect with so many outfits and looks. Plus it is so comfy! My favorite thing to do is pair it with a cute sweater. This is not a maternity sweater but it is perfect to wear still since it’s so stretchy.

Then pair this outfit with an adorable jacket for a whole different look. I love this jacket and works well pregnant and not!

My favorite thing for dressing modestly for the Fall is layers! Layers are perfect for dressing for cooler weather. I love to add a cami or tank underneath my shirts to make them instantly more modesty! And then layer with a cute sweater for a comfy and cute Thanksgiving outfit.

We took this picture in our boys nursery that we are getting set up! We can’t wait for our first babies.

Other favorites to wear during the fall are just simple sweaters with cami’s underneath. So comfy, simple, and cute!

What are your favorite fall and maternity fashion tips? It can be hard to dress modestly when things are constantly expanding and changing. Share with us all your favorite tips and tricks.

Jami is passionate about Biblical homemaking and striving to be a woman of God. Jami and her loving husband Jason have been married for 3 years, and are preparing to welcome twin bundles of joy into their home later this year. She has a heart for hospitality and making her home an inviting place that reflects Christ. She blogs about this passion at Young Wife’s Guide. Jami and Jason are also launching a joint vision to encourage couples to form Christ centered unions at A Biblical Marriage.