Pregnancy Update: Week 19

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It’s been an interesting week. Between the world series game that my husband and sons have been excited about and a birthday for our oldest son, it’s been a very busy week! We don’t have a tv reception (on purpose) where we live, so we have gone over to family or friends house to watch the games (we were cheering for the Royals all the way to the end!). This pregnant mama is tired after being gone and up so late!

I will add..I’m not a sports fan. I had to keep asking what was going on throughout the games. :) But I was excited because my husband and boys were excited, and our hometown was super excited to have the Royals finally in a world series! Don’t ask me baseball questions though. Thankfully my husband keeps his love of sports contained to big events, like a world series. ;)

19 Weeks pregnant and loving maxi dresses! I’ve felt the baby move a lot this week, and Sean is really close to being able to feel it. Of course every time I grab his hand to feel where the baby is kicking the little one stops moving. :) It honestly is just as exciting to feel the movements of the 6th baby as it was to feel our 1st baby moving. Pregnancy is such an awesome experience. It is so much work, but very worth it!

In not so good news, I had to get back on progesterone this week. My levels just were not up where the doctor wants them, and he wanted me back on the shots. I asked to take a week and try progesterone pills, plus the Young Living Progesterone Serum, and he agreed. I’m waiting on my blood work to come back from being on it for a week, and just trying to be hopeful that the pills will be enough. I’m guessing at this point I’ll stay on progesterone until the end of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy update on week 19! I’m wearing a Motherhood Maxi dress (found on ThredUP) and a jean jacket from the thrift store!

 The children are getting amazed over how big my tummy is growing. I told them they haven’t seen anything yet. ;) It is special to be pregnant and have older children who are more aware of what is going on. During lunch yesterday I had to stop talking because I sneezed wrong, and had some round ligament pain that was really hurting. I looked up and saw my oldest staring at me, and he was all concerned and wanted to make sure I was ok. It is sweet to watch the love and concern they have.

Last week I shared about some of the Thanksgiving resources we are going to use in our home this November. One of the resources I’m most excited about using is on sale for a few days! You can get ahead and purchase the Thanksgiving and Christmas Hymn Study in a Bundle and save over 50% off! It is only on sale like this for a few days, so don’t delay! The sale ends November 3rd. Normally priced at $14.98, you can get both ebooks for just $7.25. I’m really impressed with the quality of these ebooks. We love singing hymns in our family, so these are perfect for our family!

I hope everyone is having an awesome week! It’s amazing that November is almost here!



Pregnancy Update: Week 18

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This is the week!! I finally feel like I’m gaining some of that second trimester energy that everyone wants! I’m not waddling like a penguin yet and still feel somewhat graceful. :) My nickname has been penguin when I’m pregnant since we were expecting our first child. Thankfully I’m only called that when I’m really large. :) We were at a zoo when I was 9 months pregnant with our first child, and we literally ran through to see the penguins before the zoo closed. Sean started laughing and said I was waddling like a penguin, and the nickname has been with me ever since. It’s better than being called an elephant, right? ;) I love penguins, so I really don’t mind.

18 Weeks Pregnant!

I’ve been drinking a lot of Red Raspberry tea, and have found a special way to make it that I just love! I’ll be sharing the recipe soon. My midwife said I can drink as much as I want as long as it does not bring on contractions.

I have started having the usual braxton hicks contractions. Since this is my 6th pregnancy they definitely start earlier than they used to!

The usual problem of varicose veins is quite present. It is probably my biggest complaint right now. My right leg is covered in veins, and especially my foot and ankle. It is a lovely color of purple and blue, and very swollen. I finally broke down and bought a V2 supporter. They are not cheap! I looked at them during my last pregnancy but I wasn’t sure if it would work. I am so thankful I purchased it, I’ve noticed a huge difference since I started wearing it! I’m going to try a new varicose vein tincture and cream and see if that helps my leg at all.

The baby is active and kicking, which is so nice to feel! I am getting so excited to hold another baby in my arms, it has been awhile! Deborah will be 3 in December, and this has been the longest break we have had between babies.

If you are pregnant, how is your pregnancy going? 

Pregnancy Update: Week 16

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I got a little behind on my pregnancy updates! I’m really thankful to be past the 14th and 15th week. With our second child I started bleeding really heavily with him for a week, starting at 14 weeks. Emotionally I always hold my breath as I get through those weeks and hope everything will go ok. So far, so good!

16 Weeks Pregnant!

I’m starting to feel the baby move more, which is always such a special feeling! My energy level is slowly rising (I feel like I say this every week!). I can make it through some days without a nap, so that is a huge improvement. I’ve been doing a little more housework as well.

Right now the baby is about the size of an avocado, and is 4 ½” long and 3 ½ ounces! I can’t say I have huge cravings right now, I’m just hungry a lot! I’m eating lots of cheese sticks and apples and peanut butter for snacks. I’ll eat a meal and then be hungry shortly afterwards.

I’m still in between clothing. I’m wearing more maternity shirts because they are longer. The dress in this picture is maternity. But I’m still wearing some regular skirts, and lots of regular maxi skirts. I have to admit, I have been ordering lots of maternity clothes off ThredUP, I have credit there and have found some really nice things (like the dress I’m wearing!). But it’s probably time to slow down on the cute green boxes coming in the mail. :)

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Pregnancy Update: Week 14

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Relief is finally in sight! This week I’ve had some more energy, even though I did spend several days back in bed, thankfully it was just for a cold. I’m still taking afternoon naps and going to bed earlier then normal, but I’m loving the fact that I’m out of bed and back into running the house more!

The baby is almost the size of a large lemon, and while I’m not feeling tons of baby flittering movements, I definitely feel something. It’s like a round ball that presses up on my stomach sometimes, so I’m not sure if it’s just my uterus up high or the baby.  It’s so hard to believe that the internal organs of the baby is already formed, and that so much happens when the mom can be so sick! Only God can truly form a baby together perfectly.

Pregnancy Update week 14!This is the only picture I took this week of my baby bump. Sorry for the background mess! I was able to spend the afternoon and finally got our room clean. Some days I feel larger then others, and this was definitely a day I was feeling huge!

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