Modest Monday (Denim Skirt) and a Link Up!

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It was a rough week with the pregnancy and I’ve slowed w-a-y down in my energy level. I had to make an emergency trip to my midwife because I was having a lot of early labor symptoms, which I’m not ready for at 7 months!! Saturday I woke up, took my morning pills with a big glass of water and went right to the bathroom and threw it all up and was exhausted for the day. (Sorry if that’s tmi!). So overall, I’m ready for a new week to be here!

Denim Skirt with Black Striped Top and White Cardigan

I had one outfit left from my Six Ways to Style A Denim Skirt post that I didn’t share. I came home from church Sunday and promptly took a long nap, so I’m using that photo for Modest Monday. :) I wore this same top and white cardigan with a black skirt to run errands on Saturday. It’s really comfortable! The weather has actually been warm enough here in Missouri to wear something like this.

This week has also been the start of the third trimester sleepless nights. I usually can sleep for 3-5 hours, and then I’m awake for about 3 hours. Sunday morning I fell back asleep and Sean woke me up with less than 30 minutes to get myself and the 2 youngest girls ready for church!

I was SO thankful that I had put my hair in my favorite overnight curlers. A friend had told me about the Wrap Snap & Go curlers and they work really well for my hair. I quickly took them out of my hair, pulled some hair back in an XS flexi clip and was done with my hair.

Wrap Snap and Go Curlers! So easy to use!

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What I Wore

Denim Maternity Skirt – Rainbow Skirt from Deborah & Co.

Top – Motherhood Striped Tank from ThredUP

Cardigan – Thrift store or garage sale?

Earrings – Mialisa

Shoes – Thrift Store

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural (The Skincare sets and individual items are on sale through January 31st! They have a new website up that makes shopping much easier.)

L'BRI Specials for January

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Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks!

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It’s been awhile since I did a pregnancy update, and I felt like 30 weeks deserved an update! It’s always an exciting time when you reach these weeks of counting down until 40 weeks. :)

30 Weeks Pregnant. You can still look stylish while pregnant!

30 weeks pregnant, wearing the Rainbow Denim Skirt.

I struggled through a head cold for over a week, and was very miserable during that time. Trying to get comfortable to sleep at night is getting difficult. When you add a head cold where you can’t breath at all, it makes it super difficult! I’m so thankful to be over that, and hope I don’t get sick again before the baby is born!

They say movements slow down in third trimester as the baby gets larger. So far this baby is not slowing down at all, if anything it is moving around even more! Whenever I lay down to rest the baby wants to visit. :) Sean and the children get to feel lots of kicks and punches, which is sweet.

I finally broke down and ordered compression hose to try for my varicose veins. While they don’t take all the swelling away, they do seem to be helping. Some mornings I’m almost wiped out of my energy after trying to get those crazy things on! I ordered maternity compression hose from Ames Walker, and like the quality of them.

There are some days I feel like nesting, and want to take on my whole house. Sean found me in tears in the garage the other day, I was trying to move some tubs of clothes around and basically got stuck because a huge cramp started in my leg. He told me I had to slow down and helped me out of my predicament!

Other days I want to snuggle in bed all day long and read a book and sleep. So I have to try and balance those two extremes and stay somewhere in the middle. :) I’m definitely taking a lot more naps than when I’m not pregnant, but I keep telling myself it’s just a stage of life and it really is ok to rest more!

I’m working on finding space in our small bedroom for the baby things. I have a vision in my mind of what I want it to look like, but it involves some painting of baby furniture, which involves my husband. ;) He is the realist between the two of us, after owning a custom cabinet shop for several years he knows these projects can get more complicated than you would like them to be. We are still talking through what we might do, but he understands my need of having a sweet space for the baby.

How are the other pregnant mama’s doing? I love hearing updates! 

Modest Monday {Denim Jacket and Maxi Dress} and a Link Up!

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A maxi dress is so comfortable for the third trimester! I'm sharing a tip on how to save money on maternity clothes....So…I’ve had a massive head cold all week. This has made trying to sleep at night somewhat difficult. When you combine that breathless feeling that comes from being pregnant with not being able to breath because of my cold, I find myself sitting up in a panic wishing I could just go to sleep and then wake up with a baby in my arms! After giving birth to five little ones, I know its far from being that easy. :)

I had a cold like this during my last pregnancy, and it took awhile for me to recover. I’ve been in bed a lot, faithfully taking elderberry syrup, oregano oil capsules, grapefruit seed pills, putting essential oils on my feet, and recently, the E Immune Tincture. My husband is amazing and has been praying with me, encouraging me, and helping around the house as much as he can.

Flexi clips make an easy way to pull your hair back into a cute ponytail!

We really needed to run some errands Saturday and I thought I would be up to it. The children were surprised to see me dressed – most of the week they’ve seen me in yoga pants or pajamas. :) This maxi dress is super comfortable, but I have to layer it just right to be modest. It can be converted into a strapless maxi dress (think a summer maxi), which is why I not only put the jean jacket on, but I also layered the scarf to cover the lower cut of the dress. It worked out great!

I purchased a maternity jean jacket from ThredUP to wear, but so far it is still just swimming on me (or am I swimming in it?). A pregnant mama likes that problem though. ;) I already have had to stop wearing certain clothes because they are getting tight, so it’s nice to wear a regular, pre-pregnancy piece of clothing!

Available only in January or while supplies last! Sapphire Ice flexi and matching bobby pins!

The new flexi clip and bobby pins for January are available at Lilla Rose. They’re stunning. I can’t wait for the ones that I ordered to arrive! Sapphire Ice is available in sizes Mini through Mega, plus they have the matching bobby pins!

What I Wore

Maternity Maxi Dress – Found on ThredUP, a place to purchase gently used clothing (get $10 credit for new customers that sign up through this link!).

Jean Jacket – Thrift Store

Scarf – Zulily

Shoes – Thrift Store (my sister gave them to me for Christmas. She had texted me a picture asking if she should buy them and I fell in love with them! I was so surprised when I ended up getting them for Christmas. ;) )

Flexi Clip – Rainbow Cluster Flexi in size Medium (what size you wear varies depending on how thick your hair is).

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural. Yes, I really did have a little bit on, though it doesn’t look like it in the pictures!

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How Taking Progesterone Saved My Baby’s Life!

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How Taking Progesterone Saved My Baby's Life!

I truly believe that taking Progesterone saved my baby’s life. We are entering the third trimester of pregnancy and I have been on progesterone almost the entire pregnancy. This is our sixth pregnancy, and it’s only my second time to ever be on progesterone.

I’ve received a lot of questions about the progesterone support I’m on. How did I know I need progesterone, what doses am I taking, and how long in the pregnancy am I taking the progesterone? I’m going to share the answers to those questions, just keep in mind that I’m not a doctor, this is not intended to diagnose anyone, and this is my personal story. Everyone will have different results!

Please remember that I’m currently still pregnant, still taking progesterone, and I’m a normal hormonal pregnant mama. :) I’m under the care of a doctor and midwife, and I’m very happy with the care I’m being given. I’ve had lots of suggestions thrown my way concerning what I should be doing (I can’t even begin to count the times that I have been told to be on the Young Living Progesterone Serum). Be gentle with your suggestions and comments

A maternity maxi dress from Zulily, and a gap shirt and shoes from ThredUP! I love finding good deals for maternity clothes online!

Why I Started Taking Progesterone 

When my husband went back to college we knew that we wanted to naturally space our next baby until he was close to being done. It was a crazy, stressful time in our lives, and my pregnancies are not the easiest. When he was in his last year, I started really longing for another baby. Sean still didn’t think it was the best time, but we were more relaxed in our natural prevention. Time went ticking on, he eventually graduated college and still I was not pregnant. This was not normal, I had never had trouble getting pregnant with our five previous children.

I finally went and saw my MD who was treating me for my thyroid and adrenal problems. He is a true blessing, as he is an MD who used to be an OBGYN, but finally switched over to a regular MD practice with a natural emphasis.

He wanted me to get my progesterone levels checked, and after getting the results felt like they were on the low end. Now this is the important part…they were not out of range. But they were on the low end. Many doctors believe that if the range is from 5-20 and your blood work comes back at a 5, even though you might have all the symptoms you are just fine. The ranges are just that, variables that do not always hold true for every woman.

Don't trust what your doctor says about your progesterone levels!

Don’t Trust the Lab Ranges!

In order to be diagnosed and treated with the best care possible, you need to have a doctor who thinks outside of lab ranges and looks at you as a person, considers your symptoms and what the optimum levels would be based on your age.

I started taking progesterone cream (I used the Oasis Serene Brand), and applied a generous ⅛ tsp. at night. Finally after three months of taking the cream I got a positive pregnancy test! I had been told that as soon as I received a positive pregnancy test that I needed to go and have my progesterone levels tested again, so the doctor would know if I needed to stay on the cream or not.

The results came back, and once again they were not out of range, but were low for what my doctor wanted. I was at a 15, and my midwife told me that a 9 was a very dangerous level to be. I wasn’t far away from that point. My doctor wanted me to start taking progesterone shots twice a week, a total of 4 shots.

It was not a fun first trimester, I could barely walk in the house after getting my first round of shots. The progesterone really zapped me of my energy, and the car drive home was spent with many hysterical tears being shed (another progesterone side effect!).

I had to keep reminding myself what the end goal was, a healthy, full term baby. I’m at 28 weeks (third trimester!) and feel very blessed that I have a healthy, active baby still growing inside of me! When my midwife heard the baby’s heartbeat at 12 weeks, she finally told me that she was actually surprised we were hearing a heartbeat. My HCG levels had also been extremely low, along with the lower progesterone levels. It just seemed a miracle to everyone involved that a healthy baby was growing!

Who You Can Trust

Through this journey I discovered that there is an expert in the field of progesterone levels in pregnancy. A doctor by the name of Thomas Hilgers has extensively studied optimum progesterone levels, the effects of supplementing with progesterone during pregnancy, and the best ways to do that.

My doctor wants my levels to be at the optimum levels that Dr. Hilgers suggests, so we have worked hard on keeping them at a higher level than what the normal lab range comes back at. I’ve recently been able to drop my dose of progesterone down to 200 milligrams each night, whereas I was taking 400 milligrams before. I will stay on that until I hit somewhere around 38 weeks, and taper off and get ready for a baby to be born!

Helpful Links

Here are some websites that are helpful to read through.

Progesterone Support in Pregnancy – this shows the optimum progesterone levels that Dr. Hilgers wants a pregnant mama to be at.

A success story of fertility, miscarriage and low progesterone levels – This is written from a catholic perspective, which I am not, but it is really encouraging to read through this success story.

Dr. Hilgers Website 

Fertility Care Center – some helpful links and resources on different issues regarding fertility and pregnancy.

Direct Labs – If you don’t have medical insurance and/or are dealing with a difficult doctor that won’t even test your progesterone levels, you can order them yourself! The results are emailed straight to you.