Pregnancy Update: Eight Months! {and a giveaway!}

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Eight months and counting…I’ll be honest and say I’m so ready to be done. It’s really hit me this past week, the days are starting to slow down, I’m not getting much sleep because I can’t get comfortable and I keep getting sick with a cold! It’s all worth it, this has just been a really rough pregnancy and I’m ready to hold my baby in my arms!

My midwife has other ideas though, and said no way am I having this baby anytime soon. :) I know deep down I want to go full term, I’m just tired and emotional! My husband is being so sweet and patient with me, and trying to encourage me all he can.

Eight Months Pregnant!

I was thankful that we discovered last week why I’ve been so fatigued lately. My iron levels are low, they are actually below the safe levels my midwife requires to have a home birth. So I’m working hard on getting the levels up. I’ve tried taking Floradix before several times and never seen very positive results with it. So this time I’m trying Garden of Life Iron, Chlorophyll mixed in orange juice, and Ferrochel Iron Chelate.

I am doing something new this pregnancy and recently started wearing a maternity splint. It is the best thing ever! I wear it all day long, and it really helps me not feel as uncomfortable. I also feel like my back posture is better when I wear it. I found mine used on Ebay. I didn’t realize that I should have ordered the same size as pre-pregnancy, so I have to wrap mine around in the back. It works, but if anyone is going to look for one make sure you order the size shirt you wore before you got pregnant!

Tummy Rub Butter, the ultimate butter cream for pregnant tummies!

Another new thing I’m using this pregnancy is tummy oil and tummy butter. Mama Mio sent me this to try and it is such a treat! I don’t normally go for tummy creams in pregnancy, but I read that The Tummy Team recommended these creams and I trust their suggestions.

Tummy Rub Oil for Pregnant Tummies!

Before I started using these products I was having such trouble with dry, stretched out skin on my tummy. It even got to the point that it would start bleeding in spots. Ouch! I was using some other essential oils and lotions, but it just wasn’t working the best. Once I started using the Tummy Oil and the Tummy Butter, it’s like night and day. Yes, my skin is still tight and stretched because I’m 8 months pregnant, but it is no longer dry and itchy. I can’t recommend these products enough! You can use them for four months after giving birth, to help tone your skin. I will be using it for sure!

I’m super excited to be able to giveaway a bottle of the Tummy Oil and Tummy Butter to a reader! This is a giveaway for USA only, thanks to Mama Mio. Enter through the Rafflecopter post below.
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Why I Don’t Publicly Share My Due Date

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Why I don't publicly share my due date. I'm on my sixth pregnancy and I've learned it is best for me to not share my due date for several different reasons!

I’m one of those crazy moms that probably drive you batty. If you ask me when my due date is, I won’t be telling you. :)

When it comes to giving birth, women have many different ways of approaching it. There is not a right or wrong way. There are some women who have no problem having a whole room full of people or sending out a massive group text asking for prayers because they are in labor.

You have the bloggers who send out updates on FB as they are in labor, and instantly are sharing pictures 5 minutes after the birth.

And then you have people like me. Super private, ultra protective about their due dates kind of people. Right now the only people that know my actual due date for sure is my midwife and my sister, who comes to my births. My husband keeps forgetting, and I jokingly told him I’ll just inform him when we get close. (I have told him, he just has so much going on he can’t remember it!).

Some of the common reasons I see women not sharing due dates are:

 It’s just an approximate date.

The chances of women delivering on their actual date are small. Some women have a pattern of going early or late, depending on their body and how their cycles are. Not every women ovulates at the same time. Some come early and others always ovulate later. Knowing your body and your cycle pattern is extremely helpful for all the changing seasons of your life. The book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” is a great read to help you start learning more about your cycles.

They want to be left alone!

They don’t want to be called, texted, and messaged the entire week of their due date, or for the following days or weeks if they go over their date. Few things are as frustrating as going over your due date and receiving a huge amount of advice as to what you should do about it!

Surprised instead of being informed!

They like to surprise people! Instead of informing people of absolutely every detail, they just prefer to make the phone call when the baby is here.

My reasons why…

For me, I like to labor in private. We have had all five of our babies at home with a midwife, and our birth experiences have been very positive. With our first baby it was just Sean and I, and the midwife showed up about an hour before our son was born. I’m not sure she would have even made it in time, but thankfully they called to check on me and could tell by my voice how far along I really was. I honestly had no clue I was so close to the end!

With the last four babies my sister has been here with us. She normally gets here before the midwife and goes to the kitchen and quietly starts making my normal after labor snack (you can find the recipe for Putter Fingers here), and leaves me alone unless I call her to be with me. She totally understands my need for privacy and I don’t have to worry about her wanting to chat with me.

Sean sits beside me, holds my hand, and quietly talks with me when I want it. He normally makes one good joke during each labor, and behaves himself during the rest. ;) He is an awesome birth coach, and never leaves my side or stops giving me support.

My midwife is very good about reading my moods, and twice now has left my house just to give me some space to labor. She never goes far, because she knows I’ll be calling her soon. I don’t like feeling like a watched pot, and I can stay pretty calm when it’s just Sean and I.

Why I Don't Publicly Share My Baby's Due Date!

Besides wanting to labor in privacy, a huge factor in why I don’t share my due date is because I’m one of those unusual ladies who actually has babies on her due dates! Three of my five children so far have come on my due date. One came three weeks early (lots of pre-term labor issues with that pregnancy) and one came 2-3 weeks late! At this point I just tell people my due date is at the end of March, and you won’t get more than that out of me. Who knows, it might be April!

I tend to get really hormonal during my third trimester of pregnancy, and even get really quiet with my husband and struggle with just wanting to be left alone. So for my personality, it makes sense for me to not share my due date and just let everyone be surprised when the baby comes. Like I said earlier though, there is no right or wrong way!

Now I’m super curious, do you share your due date or just give approximate dates? 

Modest Monday (Denim Skirt) and a Link Up!

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It was a rough week with the pregnancy and I’ve slowed w-a-y down in my energy level. I had to make an emergency trip to my midwife because I was having a lot of early labor symptoms, which I’m not ready for at 7 months!! Saturday I woke up, took my morning pills with a big glass of water and went right to the bathroom and threw it all up and was exhausted for the day. (Sorry if that’s tmi!). So overall, I’m ready for a new week to be here!

Denim Skirt with Black Striped Top and White Cardigan

I had one outfit left from my Six Ways to Style A Denim Skirt post that I didn’t share. I came home from church Sunday and promptly took a long nap, so I’m using that photo for Modest Monday. :) I wore this same top and white cardigan with a black skirt to run errands on Saturday. It’s really comfortable! The weather has actually been warm enough here in Missouri to wear something like this.

This week has also been the start of the third trimester sleepless nights. I usually can sleep for 3-5 hours, and then I’m awake for about 3 hours. Sunday morning I fell back asleep and Sean woke me up with less than 30 minutes to get myself and the 2 youngest girls ready for church!

I was SO thankful that I had put my hair in my favorite overnight curlers. A friend had told me about the Wrap Snap & Go curlers and they work really well for my hair. I quickly took them out of my hair, pulled some hair back in an XS flexi clip and was done with my hair.

Wrap Snap and Go Curlers! So easy to use!

This week starts the DIY bundle! I’m really excited to share with you more details later in the week, but you won’t want to miss signing up for the four part creative e-course that I mentioned in my earlier post on getting the creative side of me back again.

It’s a totally free course, but there are some amazing perks included, like earning a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and even earning a FREE DIY Bundle!!

Go here to get signed up for the 4 Simple Steps Email Course!

What I Wore

Denim Maternity Skirt – Rainbow Skirt from Deborah & Co.

Top – Motherhood Striped Tank from ThredUP

Cardigan – Thrift store or garage sale?

Earrings – Mialisa

Shoes – Thrift Store

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural (The Skincare sets and individual items are on sale through January 31st! They have a new website up that makes shopping much easier.)

L'BRI Specials for January

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.

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Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks!

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It’s been awhile since I did a pregnancy update, and I felt like 30 weeks deserved an update! It’s always an exciting time when you reach these weeks of counting down until 40 weeks. :)

30 Weeks Pregnant. You can still look stylish while pregnant!

30 weeks pregnant, wearing the Rainbow Denim Skirt.

I struggled through a head cold for over a week, and was very miserable during that time. Trying to get comfortable to sleep at night is getting difficult. When you add a head cold where you can’t breath at all, it makes it super difficult! I’m so thankful to be over that, and hope I don’t get sick again before the baby is born!

They say movements slow down in third trimester as the baby gets larger. So far this baby is not slowing down at all, if anything it is moving around even more! Whenever I lay down to rest the baby wants to visit. :) Sean and the children get to feel lots of kicks and punches, which is sweet.

I finally broke down and ordered compression hose to try for my varicose veins. While they don’t take all the swelling away, they do seem to be helping. Some mornings I’m almost wiped out of my energy after trying to get those crazy things on! I ordered maternity compression hose from Ames Walker, and like the quality of them.

There are some days I feel like nesting, and want to take on my whole house. Sean found me in tears in the garage the other day, I was trying to move some tubs of clothes around and basically got stuck because a huge cramp started in my leg. He told me I had to slow down and helped me out of my predicament!

Other days I want to snuggle in bed all day long and read a book and sleep. So I have to try and balance those two extremes and stay somewhere in the middle. :) I’m definitely taking a lot more naps than when I’m not pregnant, but I keep telling myself it’s just a stage of life and it really is ok to rest more!

I’m working on finding space in our small bedroom for the baby things. I have a vision in my mind of what I want it to look like, but it involves some painting of baby furniture, which involves my husband. ;) He is the realist between the two of us, after owning a custom cabinet shop for several years he knows these projects can get more complicated than you would like them to be. We are still talking through what we might do, but he understands my need of having a sweet space for the baby.

How are the other pregnant mama’s doing? I love hearing updates!