Baby Sophia is here!!

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We are so thrilled to be able to finally announce that Sophia Diane is here! She was born Friday morning at 5:45 AM.

Introducing Sophia Diane!

She was 10 lbs, 1 oz and 22″ long. Born 10 days after her due date, we were more than ready for her to arrive! Her birth was the hardest I have ever experienced, with lots of strange twists and turns to the story. I’m still processing it all, but am so thankful I was still able to have a home birth.

My midwife was amazing and helped me through and knew just what needed to be done to help her arrive.

I have never come close to having a 10 pound baby, so this was an all new experience for me, one I hope to not repeat. ;)

Caroline and Sophia

We are snuggling and resting a lot. So thankful for all the prayers from friends and family for her save arrival! She is so precious, and well worth all the nine months of hardship to get her here!

Waiting on Baby to Arrive

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Whether it is your first or sixth baby, waiting on a baby to arrive can be rough!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or sixth baby, the last days of waiting for a baby to come can be hard. The clock ticks by ever so slowly. Every night you go to bed thinking “this might be the night!” only to wake up and realize you have a new day to conquer again.

Since this is a pregnancy that was sustained through lots of prayer and progesterone I realize now I sort of expected the baby to come early. I should know by now never to have expectations when it comes to a baby making it’s arrival!

We wait. And we watch. I stop and try to feel the baby kick, but the kicks slow down at the end of pregnancy. Right when I might get worried, the baby gets hiccups (this baby has lots of those!) and I rejoice in the movement. I feel baby squirming, moving it’s head down low like it wants to come out.

I’ve felt that for weeks now though. :)

Last night we had a family movie night in our bedroom. All of us piled in our small room and watched an old classic movie together. One more evening down. One more memory made of waiting on baby as a family. The children frequently ask if the baby will come, as they feel the day is never going to come.

My boys want the baby to come so they can have a spring break from school. I just laugh and say that’s the last reason I want the baby to come!

I have special pile of books set aside from the library for my boys to read…after the baby comes. They look longingly at the pile, and I realize the due date to return those books is approaching. Oops.

So we wait together and try to keep life going, though it has slowed down.

I take a lot of naps these days.

Sleeping during the last month of pregnancy

By 11 AM I am worn out and can’t stay awake as I don’t sleep well (I’m writing this post at 4 AM!). I have learned the best way to get a nap in during this time of day is to make sure my older boys have schoolwork they can do on their own and sleep in the living room. If I go to my bed, chaos seems to erupt.

Playing legos to stay busy

The children play lots of legos. We spread a queen size sheet on the living room floor and they can build for hours.

In Freedom's Cause Story

We spent an afternoon listening to this brand new G.A.Henty story together, while the legos were being built and I sat on the couch working on school. If you need a new family audio story, this is an excellent one!

Working on school

I’m tearing apart the new reading cards needed for Book 2 of All About Reading while we listen to the story. My contacts don’t always get in these days, and my hair and makeup  barely happens. Somehow my husband still tells me I look beautiful, and I just laugh and say thank you. I have a pretty special husband. :)

Schoolbooks for the little girls

I homeschool the little girls from the couch, and try to stay on top of business work with my laptop.

Dishes piled up

The dishes get piled up. With a small kitchen it’s impossible to not have happen (that is literally about all the counter space I have). Our oldest does a great job of doing dishes, but somehow the dirty dishes always seem to win over the clean ones. :)

Through it all, we look forward to one thing. A new life coming. It makes all the messes and fatigue and loss of sleep worth it. This special time only comes once or twice for some families, and I am well aware that for some families it never arrives and their heart aches. I realize that I don’t know the future and this could be our last time, as I don’t know the plans God has for us.

My husband was telling me yesterday that I must have learned a lot of patience through this pregnancy.  I told him that instead of patience, I feel like I’ve had to grow in faith and relying on the Lord. I can only do so much to sustain this pregnancy, and ultimately I have to have faith in Him to help this baby grow, and to help me through labor.

I’m hoping baby snuggles happen soon, but until then…

We wait. And hope. And trust in God that He has the perfect birth day picked out!

Feminine Friday – Modest Maternity Version!

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Maternity in Sea Mist - The Modest MomMaternity in Sea Mist 

Maternity SkirtMaternity Top – Cropped Layering Shell –  Sandals –  PurseEarringsBraceletScarfLilla Rose Bobby Pins (I love how secure these bobby pins are, they work so much better than normal bobby pins!)

I love basic maternity maxi skirts. They can be paired with so many different tops for different looks. I think every pregnant mama can relate to getting burnt out on wearing the same thing over and over again. Having some solid color skirts really helps bring variety to a simple maternity wardrobe!

Of course accessories really help a small wardrobe. Adding in scarves, headbands, earrings, etc. to a limited wardrobe can drastically change the look of the outfit!

Maternity in Purple - The Modest Mom

Maternity In Purple 

Maternity SkirtMaternity/Nursing TankTopScarfWedge ShoesEarringsHeadbandPurse

I love purple, even though I’ve gone in and out of liking the color. I think I wore myself out on the color after I used it for our wedding and for decorating our first home. I’ve found myself going back to wanting to wear purple this past year and   love the outfits I’ve put together!

Maternity in Coral - The Modest Mom

Maternity in Coral 

Maternity SkirtTopSandalsLilla Rose Flexi Owl ClipEarringsNecklace – Tote 

I have worn this maternity maxi skirt this whole pregnancy and love it! I wish more sizes were still available at Target.

I want to try braiding my hair and using that exact flexi clip! Super cute!

Modest Maternity outfits can be hard to put together, I hope this gives you some inspiration!

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Cents of Style State Necklace

Happy Friday!

Why I Choose to Home birth and Love It!

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Why I choose to Home Birth and Love it! The benefits of a peaceful birth at home are huge, and I'm so thankful for the births I've had at home!

Choosing to home birth can be a touchy subject for some ladies. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be as controversial as vaccinations (I’m not even going down that road!), but I still receive some comments from people about how brave I am to have a home birth.

I always have to chuckle at those comments, because giving birth in a hospital would require a lot more bravery out of me than a home birth.

That might seem strange to some ladies, but I feel so much more confident to give birth in my own house, versus a cold hospital full of unfamiliar sights and sounds. As the saying goes, there’s no place like home.

With that being said, I have certain requirements for having a home birth.

  • I will not birth at home without a professional midwife. I would never purposefully choose to birth at home without a midwife. Of course there can be times when the midwife doesn’t make it and the dad ends up delivering, but that can happen en route to the hospital as well!

I feel like God has given me responsibility over a new baby from the moment of conception. If something were to happen during delivery, my husband would not have the knowledge to know what to do. Fortunately we have always had really wonderful deliveries, but we did have one scare with meconium and the midwife had her oxygen on hand in case the baby needed it.

When I choose a midwife I want to feel capable of trusting her with the life of my baby. I want to know that she will make wise choices and will transfer us to the hospital if something serious comes up. Thankfully, I’ve had such a midwife with all my births, and have never had a reason to distrust their capabilities.

  • I will transport to the hospital if an emergency comes up. I’m not opposed to medical intervention if problems arise, because I know many babies have been saved through help only available at hospitals. If I went into pre-term labor weeks early I would be at the hospital. Likewise, if something arises at home during the labor that concerns my midwife or myself, I will transport.
  • I won’t give birth to multiples at home. At least I don’t think I would. :) The risk of needing a little help goes up with having multiples, and while I’ve read many good birth stories of home births with twins, I’m not sure I would try it.

Some women want desperately to birth at home but for one reason or another it just doesn’t happen. My heart goes out to those who feel like they have failed because they give birth in the hospital. There is no absolute right way of giving birth and what works for one is impossible for someone else.

Why I choose to Home Birth and Love it! The benefits of giving birth at home,  under normal pregnancy circumstances, can be such a blessing!

 I’ve been really blessed in my home births. Some reasons I love to birth at home are:

  • I can labor on my own schedule. I normally have pre-labor for days or even weeks. There is no pressure to go into the hospital at a certain point. I just labor as needed and call my midwife when contractions get intense.
  • I feel relaxed at home. It’s my own enviroment and I feel safe there. Because I’m more relaxed I feel like I labor more efficiently.
  • While the hospital can provide a lot of good care, a downside is that you can pick up an illness at the hospital. I don’t have to worry about that.

"I feel empowered, and in charge of my home birth. I don’t mean empowered in a strange new age way. Rather, I feel confident in my ability to give birth because the entire process is designed by God."  Caroline Allen

  • I feel empowered, and in charge of my home birth. I don’t mean empowered in a strange new age way. Rather, I feel confident in my ability to give birth because the entire process is designed by God. My midwife encourages me to feel my baby’s head when it is crowning. I was more involved in actually grabbing my baby as she was being born with our last one and we do instant skin to skin bonding. The midwife checks the baby’s stats as I’m holding it, and we have all the time together we need. We can do delayed cord clamping, and start breastfeeding as soon as we want. I know all these things can happen at a good hospital, but it’s not always encouraged.
  • After I give birth I can go straight to my bed and snuggle with a new baby. My husband and sister are really good about cleaning up the birth pool mess, for which I’m really grateful. We can have our children come back home as quickly as we want, or take a little more time to rest if needed.

When I give birth this month it will be our sixth home birth. Every birth has been unique and has a different story. The one thing that has not changed in all of them is the peace I feel at home, and how grateful I am to be there through every labor.

I’d love to hear where you prefer to give birth at! I know there are fantastic hospital birth stories, as well as birth center and home birth stories out there!