My One New Year’s Resolution!

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My New Year's Resolution

The new year will be here soon. For many people that is the time to stop and make a long list of resolutions. While I will be doing a complete list this year, I want to share the challenge of coming up with just one New Year’s resolution.

That’s right


How many times have you listed off the goals of wanting to lose weight, eat healthier, read more books, be diligent with that morning time with God, have more date nights, or get your house organized? We have all come up with goals like that, only to discover 3 months later that we have accomplished very little of the goals and have given up in a discouraged, overwhelmed state. That’s why I want you to come up with just one thing you really want to work on.

This year I’ve chosen one word to encompass my whole focus for the new year.


I have a lot in my life I have to juggle. I know at times I get so overwhelmed that I throw my hands up in despair and I crawl in bed during nap time and read a book. While that is ok to have happen once in awhile, I’ve noticed it happening more and more. This is the year to be focused and intentional with the things I need to do.

So, what is one goal I’ve chosen to work on the most?

To be more intentional with my children.

I have a fabulous marriage, and while I can definitely be more intentional in doing things for my husband (like making sure he has lunch to take with him to college every day *ahem*), I’ve found myself simply co-existing with my children and not being intentional enough with them.

So, I made a decision a few days ago, and already put it into place.

I deleted the Facebook app off my phone. 

Being a business owner, a blogger, a consultant for Lilla Rose and L’BRI, I have a lot of online work I have to do. I’ve found myself spending more and more time online. When I stopped and evaluated what I was spending time doing, I realized that I was on Facebook more each day than was necessary, and a large portion of that time was on my phone. I am part of so many helpful groups and have developed some wonderful friends online. It was easy to get on and check something business related and then before I knew it, 30 minutes had passed. 

I talked to my husband and told him I was going to delete the Facebook App off my phone, and if that wasn’t helpful enough, I’m going have him change my password so he can just log me in a few times a week. I’ll still have access to my business account, but all the personal things that can take up so much of my time will be limited.

You might have a different weakness besides Facebook. Pray about it, and ask the Lord what one thing in your life you need to work on this year. Then take an active step towards accomplishing it!

2014 can be a year of great things, if we allow it to be!


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Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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We want to wish you a very blessed Christmas! It has been a joy to interact with you this past year on the blog, and to have so many of you be loyal, sweet customers at Deborah & Co. and Lilla Rose. We are forever grateful for all of you!

We are having a very quiet Christmas day as quiet a few of us are sick, but we are still praising the Lord for His faithfulness to see us through this time.

Have a wonderful day!

Sean, Caroline, Mosiah, Israel, Carrianna, Olivia and Deborah

My Favorite Christmas Albums

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One of my favorite things about Christmas time is the music. The glorious hymns that have been sung every Christmas in years past just thrill my soul! I know some people say we should just listen to these hymns year round, but I love to keep them special and listen to them only around the Christmas season. It is like bringing out a special gift that has been tucked away. :) When I was growing up we only listened to Christmas songs after Thanksgiving. I finally started listening to them in November after realizing my younger children needed more time learning all the songs then just one month.

(Affiliate Links Present)

We play music around here as much as we can. My husband bought me this CD/iPod player a year or two ago, and it sits perfectly on a ledge separating my little kitchen and dining room. I limit music during homeschool hours. Math and Christmas hymns don’t mix so well at our house for a good concentration level! But any other time there is a good chance some music or a story tape will be playing.

Panasonic Cd and iPad player


When it comes to music our family has a conservative approach to what we listen to. Most of the Christian Contemporary Music that is out right now doesn’t fit our standards. I might listen to one CD by an artist, but not care for any of their other work. So just because I have one CD listed here doesn’t mean I listen to all of their other work.

O Come O Come Emmanuel by David nevue

1. O Come Emmanuel – This is a new favorite album this year by David Nevue. He is known for his solo piano music and it is just beautiful. It’s perfect background music for a busy (noisy) house! You can hear samples on Amazon. I love his other hymn CD’s as well.

Solo Piano Christmas Music by Chris Rice

2. The Living Room Sessions Christmas - This is another solo piano album. It’s peaceful, simple, and beautifully done. I play the piano myself so I love listening to solo piano music (in case you can’t tell!).

Heavenly Christmas by Jackie Evancho

3. Heavenly Christmas-  I just discovered Jackie Evancho last year. She reminds me of how Charlotte Church used to sing. She is a young girl (I think around 12?) but has an amazing voice. I have this album on our computer and listen to it while I work online a lot.


4. Noel by Josh Groban – I love Josh Groban’s voice, I don’t love all of the songs he sings though. Most of the songs on this CD I like, a few I always try to skip.


5. Tidings of Joy – We have listened to this CD for years now, and I have fond memories of working in the kitchen singing with my Mom and sister as this CD was on. The John Marshall family is a large Christian family that has great musical talent.

Alert Choral

6. Good Christian Men Rejoice – This is another longtime family favorite from the Alert Choral. The music is sung by a men’s choir, and my boys especially love listening to it.

That’s what we have been listening to this Christmas season! I’d love to hear what some of your favorite Christmas albums are! Leave a comment below and maybe I’ll discover a new favorite! 

My Big Weekend Break…

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We had been looking forward to Labor Day weekend, as we were getting away for the entire weekend to spend at a church retreat with friends. It was a time to get away from the world and everyday cares and concerns, and just enjoy good fellowship and encouraging sermons.

We arrived Friday night and set up camp in a little cabin. I unpacked everything, hung some encouraging posters on the wall, and we had brought our CD player with some nice music to play in our cabin. I wanted to make it as homey as possible. Sean and I were in charge of campfire that evening, and I had a question about it, so I strapped Deborah in the Ergo and set off towards the main building to find out the answer.

As I was walking down a slight hill, my foot went into a hole, and I went flying and landed on the grass. Deborah was just fine, she looked at me and I could tell she was ready for me to get back up again and start walking! My foot, on the other hand, was not ready for me to get up. :/ Instantly the question “is it broke?” was going through my head, as my heart refused to believe that we could possibly have another broken foot in the same year in our family.

After a few minutes I got up and started limping back to the cabin, and called for my sister and brother in law to get Deborah as soon as I saw them. I went into the cabin and asked my husband to pray for me. After that, he scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the van. After some more prayers and putting ice on it, we decided to go to urgent care, since they were open late on Friday nights.

After an X-Ray, the Dr. came in and confirmed that yes, I had indeed broken my foot, in the same bone that my husband did earlier this year, it just is not as bad of a break as what he did. I couldn’t believe it, and still can’t!

I ended up staying at my mother-in-law’s house quite a bit, as she lives five minutes away from the campground. I went for some of the services, and just put my broken foot up on a chair to try and keep the swelling down. The reality of the situation really hit me on Saturday evening, when my husband was preaching. A friend sat with me to help, and my sister and mother–in-law were behind me. My three and one year old daughters both started melting down and screaming at the same moment in the service, to the point where you couldn’t even hear my husband speak! A friend took Deborah, and my mother-in-law took our three year old, while I sat there and cried because I couldn’t take care of my babies.

We won’t know how long I will be a cast and crutches until I see a Dr. in a week. We are praying it is for six weeks, and not 5 months like my husband! My hope is to find the beauty in the situation, and to redeem these moments of laying on the couch, and use them for good. I plan on doing a lot more reading with my children, and we will be spending lots more time together since I will be on the couch a lot! I’m trying not to look at the negative side of things, the appointments I have to cancel, the 5K I can’t run, not being able to manage my home for awhile, and the difficulties of church time, and focus on how much worse this could all be.

Friends, both locally and online have been incredible in offering to help us. Fellow Lilla Rose consultants that I have never even met are sending food gift cards to us, and local friends are offering to bring meals. A sweet friend is coming tomorrow to help do laundry and help out while Sean is gone and I’m adjusting to all of this. I’m so humbled by the love being shown to our family!

I have yet to figure out Modest Mondays exactly, but I’m sure I will find a way to make it all work. :) Maybe sitting down poses? Lol. :)

I’d appreciate your prayers for our family as we adjust to this new trial, and that I would be patient and joyful through it.