Why I Don’t Try To Save Money On Disposable Diapers

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.

One of the most basic essentials that every baby (and toddler!) needs is diapers. If you cloth diaper, then you are set. Unless you just get behind on laundry (the story of my life!), then you won’t run out of diapers.

I’ve given up trying to cloth diaper. I just never can stay on top of laundry enough to add the cloth diapers on top of all my regular laundry!

Stocking up on diapers at Sam's Club!

Keeping disposable diapers and wipes in the house can be challenging. I’ve run out more than once, only to scramble to get the store quickly.

Recently I ran out of diapers yet again, and I decided to vary from the brand I normally get and grab a cheaper store brand pack of diapers. These things were super cheap, and I was so hoping they would work.

Of course it wouldn’t happen.

Within 24 hours of trying these new diapers on her, Sophia broke out in a really bad rash. I instantly knew it was because of the cheap diapers, and so I ended up wasting money because we used 2 diapers out of the package! It took several days to get her over that rash, and it wasn’t worth it.

Back to the name brand diapers I went! When I spend the money on the good diapers, it’s truly worth it. Each diaper lasts longer, because they don’t get soggy as fast.

Yes, I realize that is kind of gross…but hey, moms understand!

My biggest tip for staying stocked up on diapers is to buy the largest boxes you can find. That way you normally only have to buy a box once a month…or somewhere around there.

I always buy my diapers at a large wholesale type store, like Sam’s Club.

I can’t recommend this enough! I just grab my diapers and wipes when I go out to get groceries and then I don’t have to think about it until another month rolls around.

Right now Sam’s Club (in store or online)has a great deal on diapers. If you buy 2 items from Pampers diaper or wipe items, you instantly save $10, or buy 3 items and save $18! I would totally use this to stock up on diapers for the next few months.

I absolutely love the concept of Club Pickup at Sam’s Club! You can order online, and select Club Pickup and then you don’t have to even get out of the car! Just drive through and pick up your order.

Or you can use the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app, which sounds pretty neat. You can skip the checkout line and use your phone to scan items as you shop. Check out with the app, and the receipt will appear on your phone! This app is available on Apple or Android.

Right now with us working on our new house, keeping diapers in stock is a must! I actually have a big box of diapers and wipes just sitting in the formal dining room floor right now. I brought half of the box over to the new house, and kept some at our current house and some for my sister who is watching Sophia a lot for us!

I’d love to hear if you stock up on diapers for the month, or just grab small packages as you need them?

Are You Parenting From Fear Or Faith?

Parenting is tough in today’s world. We have so many things we want to protect our children from, and the desire to shield them from the evil of the world is truly a noble and worthwhile endeavor. Indeed we are called to do this.

“Be ye in the world but not of it.”

I’ve found myself pondering why I parent lately. The same question keeps coming back to me over and over again.

Am I parenting from fear or from faith?

Do I shelter my children because I’m walking with God and know what my child can handle at this point, or do I shelter them because I can’t handle to ever expose them to any of the evils, and it’s just easier to hide them?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sheltering my children. I homeschool my children because I don’t want to expose them to public school and all it teaches (I know other Christian families make it through, it’s just our decision!). However I’ve seen so much fear in the homeschool world that I’ve grown up in.

Parents fear if they give their child an inch of knowledge, they will run with it and go the way of the world.

It’s not always the case.

We need to protect our children because we want to make them stronger for the Lord’s army, not to simply hide them away until they turn 18. The knowledge needs to be slowly given to them over time, and they need a chance to turn away from sin while you are still with them.

I learned that hiding the sins of the world does not mean it won’t come into your household. My parents never talked to us about homosexuality. Believe it or not, I was 16 when I really found out what it was and it was through a very painful way.

I’ve seen so many tragic incidents where parents sheltered their children so much that they never truly grew up. They seemed to live in a sheltered life even once they reached adulthood, and never grasped the concept of what being an adult was all about.

How can you figure out what type of parenting you are walking in?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you fearful of your child ever hearing a song you don’t approve of, learning about something bad that happened in the world, or of them hearing of a teenage pregnancy, in case they start to think about such things?

Or do you prayerfully sit down and discuss these heavier topics with your children when the situations arises, and pray that they understand and choose to follow the right path?

Do you recognize that your child will grow up to have their own agency, and they must decide what path they will continue to walk on?

Or do you try to micro-manage every situation, even when they are teenagers so you can control what they know?

Our oldest is only 13, but so far we have had to have lots of talks with all our children about adultery (ouch, that one was hard and handled delicately), homosexuality (again, handled on a child’s level, but very honestly), pornography (we really never used that word, we just talked about how there are bad pictures out there that you have to instantly look away from), and the list goes on.

Children need to know that sin abounds, because they need to know of their greet need of a Savior. Again, I’m not saying to go overboard and make them aware of things on an adult level. Not at all! Our children can find Sean and I talking behind closed doors many times, because the topic is not for their ears. But you can’t hide all the evil in the world, and instead of parenting through fearfulness, choose to walk in faith, knowing that God is gently calling your child to Him. Pray that your child will respond to that call and choose the right path to walk on.

Let go of the ungodly fear that comes knocking on your heart as you parent. Keep the godly fear in your heart, the fear of sin, and teach your child to reject evil. Without any knowledge of evil, how will they know what to reject?



Raising Children Who Truly Follow God (It’s Not All About You)

I had a wake up call a few weeks ago as a parent.

I can’t create a relationship with God for my child.

It sounds so basic, right? Actually, at times I tend to think we ignore this one simple concept.

As a parent who feels like they have a serious responsibility to raise up children that love God with all of their heart, I tend to feel like it’s all on me.

I have to say all the right things, do all the right things, create the perfect environment for my child to do the right things. Do you ever feel that pressure as a mom?

Raising Children Who Truly Follow God (It's Not All About You)

A few weeks ago we had a guest minister come and preach at our church. My 11 year old son came home and quietly followed me into my bedroom. He sat down on my bed and said he wanted to talk. Some things that were said in the sermon really stood out to him, and he felt like parts of the sermon were life changing to him.

You know what?

They were.

I spent 11 years, pouring myself into this child, trying to train him up in the way he should go, and it took 45 minutes of hearing someone expound the word of God to really change him. 

The following week Israel was practically perfect. He worked so hard on getting along with his siblings, he was respectful to Sean and me, and he was reading his scriptures without being told. He received so many good checks on his obedience chart from Character Badges!

It helped me to understand -you can’t force these things to happen. You can encourage them, pray for them, spend hours talking to them about the right and wrong way, but ultimately God has to reach down and touch their hearts.

I find it interesting that all of my children heard the same sermon, but only one was really touched by it. The rest left and it was just, well, it was just another sermon. You never know what will touch your child, but we have to keep providing opportunities for these life changing experiences to take place, don’t we?

I’m not writing this to encourage moms to sit back and do nothing now. You can’t count on these experiences to happen despite yourself; but be open to letting your children be instructed and changed by people other than yourself, and by situations your not responsible for.

This being said, I’m still grateful for the resources I have used thus far. This isn’t an all or nothing post. It’s mainly a post to encourage you mothers to keep praying for your children, recognizing that sometimes God is bigger than you think, and He will touch your child in a way outside of your plan.

With six children we have spent hours talking about getting along together. It is so exhausting to have children that fight and quarrel all day long. Some of my favorite studies we have done (and will do over again!) are My Brother’s Keeper, and Because I Said So. These teach obedience to parents, and a love for your siblings.

Learning to love your siblings God's way

These studies are great to do together before a school day starts, or in the evening as a family!

A Biblical study of obedience

While these studies are great, it can be easy to do one study and not have your child truly retain what they learn. This is where Character Badges comes in. It’s designed to help you daily build good habits in your children. I find this supports any studies out there you do, because it’s helping train your children in good habits such as respectfulness, diligence, helpfulness, obedience, kindness, etc.


Take heart dear mother. You have a huge responsibility to raise your children in the Lord, but God is so merciful to send those who can come alongside us, and reinforce these things to our children, and even present them in a different way. Embrace this. Take courage that you are not alone. Teach your children to respect their pastor, teacher, or mentor over them. A change in your child’s heart might be right around the corner!





5 Things I Learned About Modesty As A Teenager

Dressing modestly feels very natural to me. I was raised from a young child to think about the clothes I wore, but it was with a balanced approach. I will forever be grateful to my mother for the incredible job she did in teaching me what modesty really means.

5 Things I Learned About Modesty As A Teenager.

Here is what stands out to me years later, over how I was raised.

1. She started with the basics when I was young.

While I don’t consider the clothes we wore previously as being really immodest, it wasn’t until I was 9 that we started exclusively wearing dresses and skirts. My mom came to my sister and I and we had a serious talk about switching to all skirts/dresses. As a girly girl who already wore play dresses constantly, I was thrilled. My tomboy older sister? Not so much.

When we made the switch, she didn’t make it complicated. Every single clothing piece was not pulled out of our closet and analyzed.

We just did it.
The thrift stores were visited, the jeans given away, and we made it work with what we had. Slowly, over time, we added more items that we needed.

2. When I questioned why we had to dress modestly, she gave me solid answers.

As I reached the teenage years, she would answer my questions of why our necklines had to be so high, and our skirts so long with actual personal stories. Now not everyone has these stories (I won’t have them for my girls), but my mom had spent some of her early adult years not walking with the Lord. She had real life experience of why she cared so much, and when I was old enough to handle the stories, she told me.

I can’t stress enough how helpful this was for me. Especially as your daughters reach teenage years, they don’t need to constantly hear “we dress modestly because I say so”. They desperately need solid answers to help them through the days when they feel different, or are made fun of for not wearing that bikini at the swim party.

3. She didn’t panic or get angry when I didn’t always follow the “rules”.

I’ll never forget going to my grandparents to visit for 2 weeks when I was 15. They lived states away and didn’t really appreciate our stance for modesty. When I walked off the airplane my parents were pretty surprised. I had on a modest, but extremely bright dress (just different from what I normally wore), my Grandma had put nails on me, and I had quite a bit of jewelry on (only simple jewelry was allowed), and I was very, very tan from having been at the beach for the weekend.

Not everything was wrong in what I wore, but everything combined really surprised my parents. My mom let me know she wasn’t happy that I gave into the pressure to be something different than who I really was, but also gave me lots of grace. I wasn’t in trouble, and deep down I knew that I wasn’t representing my true self.

I continued to struggle during that year, but my mom helped me through it, and looking back I don’t have regrets from doing anything drastic. It was just part of the growing up process.

4. She never made me feel like I alone was responsible for how a man thought.

Do you know the pressure a woman must feel if she thinks that the sexual thoughts a man has centers only around how she is dressed? What about a young lady who was raped, and told she just wasn’t dressed modestly enough? I’ve read all of this and more as arguments for needing to dress modestly.


My mom definitely talked to me about being respectful and considerate towards the young men I was around, but I never was made to carry this heavy burden around. It’s a two way street. We ladies need to be thoughtful and considerate for the men we come in contact with, because sexual thoughts are a struggle for a lot of men. Plunging necklines with bosoms hanging out are not helpful for a man’s thought life! But think about all the Islamic women who are raped, and covered head to toe?

Ultimately, a man needs to be constantly on guard with his thought life, and a woman needs to watch what she wears. Take responsibility for your own actions.

5. She showed me her commitment through her struggles.

It wasn’t always easy for my mom to dress modestly. She was a plus size woman and struggled finding clothes. But the struggle I will never forget are her attempts to sew us jumpers.

I grew up in the homeschooling movement when jumpers were the style for homeschoolers.  Looking back I cringe at the loose, so unflattering, matching jumpers, but I also have a tenderness in my heart at the memory of those clothes.

I’ll never forget coming out of my bedroom when I was 11, and seeing my mom in tears. She had spent hours working on putting a zipper in a jumper for one of us girls, but she just couldn’t get it. I remember thinking she must really love us, and desire for us to wear these jumpers if she is trying so hard.

When money was tight, she stuck with it. When we all were tired of wearing the same jumpers over and over again, she stuck with it. When friends or family laughed at us, she stuck with it.

Dressing modestly isn’t always easy. Like anything else in life, it’s a commitment that you have to be willing to stick with. Choose your standards, and help your daughters truly understand the reasoning behind them. The closer I was connected with my mom, the more I respected and listened to her opinion in all areas of life, including dressing modestly. Be the type of mom that your teenage daughter can share her struggles with, and lovingly help her through them!