Weekly Pregnancy update

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This is the first of my weekly pregnancy updates. I hope you know that I care for all of you blog readers, because I have never given week by week updates to friends or family before. :) I’m pretty private about my actual due date, so I won’t be budging on that one. I’ve given birth 3 times on my actual due dates, and I like to be a hermit the last few weeks and just be alone and get ready for baby. So I’ll let you this close to my due date – around the end of March. :) I’m in my second month of pregnancy, and counting down the weeks until the first trimester ends!

I have felt pretty horrible until about 3 days ago. I have no clue what changed, but I woke up and suddenly had some energy and didn’t throw up that day. Evenings are my worst time – it’s so hard to eat and I really want to throw up, but so far so good. I have finally been able to get out of bed, where I’ve pretty much been for several weeks, and do some homeschooling with the children. It is the best feeling ever! I still have to take a nap right after lunch, and truthfully I’m in bed more than out of it, but it’s ok.

We are still having ups and downs trying to keep my progesterone levels where they should be. I have been taking 4 progesterone shots each week, but my doctor is pretty awesome and is letting me try pills this week. It is very hard on me (emotionally and physically) to take the shots; I just really needed a little break if possible. I’m hoping that the pills work as well, but I’m prepared for the fact that I might have to go back on the shots.

The super exciting news this week is that we heard the baby’s heartbeat!!! My midwife let us stop by just to see if we could hear it, and as soon as she put the doppler on my tummy we heard it nice and strong! After we heard it, my midwife told me she wasn’t sure we would ever hear a heartbeat with this baby. :/ My HCG levels have been very low, but have risen just enough each week to give all of us some hope.

I have no clue why this pregnancy has been so different and difficult. I do know that it has given me a lot more sympathy to those who have chronic illnesses, or those going through cancer and weekly treatments. Getting your blood drawn each week, and getting shots that make you super tired is difficult, but I have hope of it ending, and I know I’m doing this to grow a baby. That’s a happy thought! I’m not going to lie though, I’ve had some super dark days, full of tears and dreary moments. The Lord has carried me through, and I’m always thankful when another day has ended and I get to go to sleep. :)

I’m not going to share any pictures this week. I just took my progesterone pill and I’m already drifting away into slumber land…but I wanted to at least get this quick update up for you all. :)

Comparing Cowgirl Dirt versus L’BRI Makeup

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Long time readers know I used to promote Cowgirl Dirt makeup a lot. It is an affordable natural makeup option, and at the time I hadn’t found anything better that I liked. When I switched over to promoting L’BRI Pure and Natural (both the skincare and the makeup), a lot of readers asked my why I had switched. This post is long overdue to explain why I prefer L’BRI makeup.

And for the record, I took these pictures several weeks ago before morning sickness hit in. :) I’m still on my break from pictures for now. 

No Makeup On! So why do I even wear makeup? Here is a picture of me with nothing on. I find that my coloring is a little blotchy in my cheeks, and before I had bangs I would get some breakouts flare up in my forehead. I’m not obsessed with the need to wear makeup, I still go out without makeup, sometimes even to church.

After I had my 3rd child, I was exhausted, and felt like I walked around looking like that exhausted stay at home mom look. You know, the run down, hair looking crazy, blurry eyed mom look. There is no shame in that look, most of the time it’s because we truly do feel that way. Being a mom of an infant is hard work. I tend to get pretty irritable after months of not getting very much sleep!

I asked my husband what he thought about me trying to wear some makeup, and he thought it was fine. It was around this same time that I discovered flexi clips from Lilla Rose, and so that took care of fixing my hair each morning. I just feel happier when I add a little makeup and don’t look so tired and run down.

When I wear makeup my goal is to not have neon lights flashing off my face saying “makeup alert!” when people see me. I want a natural look with some color, not a caked on heavy makeup look. I want makeup to accent, not take over my whole look.

Cowgirl Dirt Mineral Based MakuepThis is the Cowgirl Dirt makeup that I had been using. To be honest I had not touched it in months, and after I took these pictures it all went in the trash. :) I used Southern Belle Foundation Cream, Wild West Blush, a little bit of concealer, Eye shadow, Mascara, and a sample of the Yeehaw Lip Sticks (War Admiral Color).

I'm wearing Cowgirl Dirt in this picture, to compare it with makeup from L'BRI. This is a picture after I put on the Cowgirl dirt makeup. I had a hard time spreading the foundation cream, it felt a lot thicker and heavier after I’ve been using L’BRI for so long now. The colors didn’t seem to work with my face as well as my makeup from L’BRI. The foundation and mascara felt heavier and not as effective. The one item I do still really like and use on a regular basis are the lip products from Cowgirl Dirt.

L'BRI Pure and Natural MakeupThis is my makeup from L’BRI. I use the wet/dry foundation, Perfect Finish loose powder, Blush, Eye shadow (you can buy an already put together set based on your eye color, or customize a set!), Mascara and Lip stick.

I'm wearing makeup from L'BRI  and comparing it to Cowgirl Dirt makeup. Here is the finished look with L’BRI makeup. I love how smoothly the Dual Action wet/dry foundation goes on. When it is on your skin it covers sort of like a cream, it’s just really silky and easy to apply. The eye shadow lasts a long time for me, and the mascara does not feel heavy or itchy. I actually don’t really like mascara, so it’s a big deal for me that I can use this one with no problem.

If you are curious about colors, here is a color chart that shows all the colors of makeup that L’BRI offers. I’m using the Dual Action Wet or Dry color #31, which is the Light Beige color. My blush is the Rose Sand color and I use Wisteria lip gloss. You can register as a new customer to look at product prices. They are comparable to Cowgirl Dirt, and in some cases are cheaper (the foundation is $20.00 which is $6.00 cheaper then Cowgirl Dirt).

If you still love Cowgirl Dirt makeup, or you like drugstore makeup, I’m thrilled for you! Everyone needs to find what works for them, but I wanted to share why I prefer L’BRI makeup now.

How I Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom

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How I Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom In A Two Income Society. | themodestmomblog.com

It’s a common concern. In a day where it is extremely common for both parents to be working full time jobs, the question frequently arises. “How in the world can you afford to be a stay at home mom?”

I never considered working outside the home. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, and even after we got married I stayed at home instead of getting a job. We knew we wanted a family right away, so three months after getting married we found ourselves expecting our first child! It was an exciting time, but finances were very, very tight our first few years of marriage. During the most difficult times I offered to go get a part time job, but Sean was insistent I stay home with our children.

The answer of how I afford to be a stay at home mom is pretty basic. It’s because we make that choice, and always have. We make sacrifices so I can be a homeschooling mom. We didn’t enter marriage and base our house and car expenses on a two income family, it was always based on getting income from my husband.

Things we choose to do without:

~ We have never had a brand new house. There is nothing wrong with a brand new house, it’s just never been in our budget.

~ We don’t drive brand new cars. We have made the decision to not drive super old cars either though, after realizing we spend a lot of money in repairs.

~ We don’t have cable.

~ We don’t eat out very often. When we do go out as a family it is normally to Chick-Fil-A. Our oldest child has been somewhere like Olive Garden 2-3 times in their life. The food court at Costco is a favorite (wow, that sounds really uptown doesn’t it?) :)

~ We don’t have nice furniture. Seriously. Right now our couch is falling apart (like, one of the cushions has a hole in it and every time you sit back it shoots batting into the air!), our fake leather chair (“pleather” they call it) is literally shedding itself all over our living room floor (a toddler stuck a fork in it and things unraveled from there), and our dining room table is a mix-match of wood and painted chairs that are really sad looking. We hope to get newer furniture when we move, but for now we just are trying to be content.

~ We don’t go shopping all the time. My husband is hard to find clothes for in his size, so we buy all of his clothes brand new. I like to get my clothes from Deborah & Co., thrift stores, ThredUP and department store clearance and sales racks. The children’s clothes come from local Kid’s Closet Consignment sales and ThredUP.

~ We don’t go to the movies. If we actually want to see a movie that has come out (which is rare to find a decent one), we wait until it is on DVD and get it from RedBox or the library.

~ We don’t have expensive hobbies. We keep our hobbies on a cheaper scale. For example, I’d love for my boys to take bow and arrow classes, but weekly classes and investing in a bow is not cheap.

However that doesn’t mean we don’t spend any money at all. We just carefully think through if it is a good investment for our family.

Enjoying a Princess party with my daughterEnjoying a special Princess party with my daughter.

Things We Do Spend Money On:

Music Lessons – We have our daughter in violin lessons. I feel this is a good skill for her to learn, and she seems to be learning it fairly well. This is an investment in her life, as she could possibly teach lessons when she is older.

Good computers – When we first were married we didn’t even have a computer for a year or two. Now with my husband in graphic design, the only computer he will buy is a Mac. They are not cheap, but they have held up extremely well.

Homeschool books – I know some people don’t spend much money at all on homeschool materials. You can’t spend it if you just don’t have it. There are ways around buying curriculum, but I make it a point to find the money for the curriculum I want. I don’t spend $1000 a year on materials, but I know I spend around $400-$500 a year on curriculum. I love to use Heart of Dakota with my boys, and while I find it used it still isn’t cheap. Then I have new math workbooks, etc. and it all adds up. I look at places like Ebay, HomeschoolClassifieds.com and local used book sales.

Food – Ok I know everyone spends money on this! We are not purists, but I try to buy healthy food for my family. We shop at Aldi’s and Costco a lot. I avoid the processed food at Aldi’s (besides cold cereal), and I get fruit, veggies, and dairy products there. I also get my canned food like beans, tomato sauces, and pasta there. I get my lettuce and organic carrots and spinach from Costco, and get greek yogurt and organic hamburger at Costco as well. I’m not an all organic shopper (we just don’t have the budget for it) but I pick and choose what is most important to me.

There are times that no matter how badly you want to be a stay at home mom, it’s just not possible. Your husband might be ill, you might be a single mom, or your husband lost his job and you have to work. Those are valid reasons, and this post is not meant to discourage you.

However there are many other families who say they could never afford to let the wife stay at home, yet they have brand new houses, drive brand new cars, and want the very best of everything. If you want to be a stay at home mom, you have to sacrifice something!

I’ve been blessed to stay home, homeschool my children, and still be able to earn some money to help our family out. Besides Deborah & Co., Lilla Rose has been an amazing blessing to our family! If you are needing to earn some money from home, don’t miss out in this chance to join a very unique company and earn up to 45% each month. The only requirement is to sell or purchase $29 a year. There are no monthly party requirements or inventory that you are required to purchase. I love this company, and love the owners and people that work for them! The free shipping special ends July 31st, so don’t delay!

Join Lilla Rose during the free shipping enrollment special!

I’d love to hear how what sacrifices your family makes so you can be a stay at home mom! 







New Princess Items at Deborah & Co!

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Royal Pink Princess Dress!


We have new princess items at Deborah & Co. I’ve received nothing but good feedback on the play dresses we currently sell. We now offer this Royal Pink Princess dress for girls ages 1-9.

We also offer a matching doll dress!

Royal Pink Princess Doll Dress

This sweet dress will fit a 16″-20″ doll or stuffed animal.

No princess is complete without a crown!

A pink princess crown for a sweet little girl!

My girls went crazy in excitement when they saw this new princess crown! They are just stunning and any little girl will feel so special when they are wearing one of these!

They are perfect for dress up play, and birthday parties.