Pregnancy Update: Week 22!

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22 weeks pregnant!

It was so cold outside so we just took a relaxed picture inside. The girls were eager to make cookies with me before dinner. Yesterday was a casual day at home, I didn’t bother to put my contacts in which always means we are staying home for the day. :)

I feel like I’m growing every day. Dinner is always an interesting time where I sit up straight and tall and try to feel comfortable enough to eat. :) I really need to go see my chiropractor, I think that would help me feel a little better.

Vascular Ease Lotion for Varicose Veins


I’ve been using this Vascular Ease Lotion from Mountain Meadow Herbs on my varicose veins. I think it is the best I’ve tried, I haven’t even tried lotions for the past few pregnancies because I didn’t feel they did anything. It is not a miracle cure, but it helps when my ankle is puffy, swollen and hurting.

For my itchy, growing tummy I’ve been using V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex (a blend of oils such as coconut oil, Sesame Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, etc. and Gentle Baby Essential oil. I just put it on at night before I go to bed. I’ve been meaning to make an actual tummy butter cream to use, I have a recipe in mind but I just need to get in the kitchen and do it!

It has been a busy week of doing school and trying to clean and purge the house. Now that it has turned cold the children bundle all up to go play outside, but come back in after 5 minutes saying it is so cold! I’m attempting to keep the house purged, clean, and trying to think of new winter activities to keep them busy. :)

At week 22 the baby is almost 1 pound, and according to the books they say it is the size of a spaghetti squash. :) As usual, when I’m trying to go to bed the baby is wide awake and active. It is so much fun to feel the baby kicking, it helps make all the uncomfortable things totally worth it when I feel my baby moving.

If you are a pregnant mama, how are you doing this week?


DIY Gift Ideas for Children!

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DIY Gift Ideas for Children


While I don’t have time to do a lot of DIY projects, I have a few planned to do this year and need to get busy working on them! I’m being very thoughtful as to what I purchase for our children this year, and making sure it is items they will actually play with or need.

You can click here to read my guest post which is full of DIY gift ideas for children!

Do You Sound Like A Fool Online?

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Do You Sound Like A Fool Online?  |

Do you ever stop to think before you type something out online? It can be so easy to just randomly type out our thoughts and hit the publish button without giving any thought as to how it might injure someone.

Facebook seems to be the easiest place to give shoot and drive comments. You know, the ones where you read a blog post, get all stirred up about it and quickly leave a sharp, cutting remark and walk away feeling proud of yourself for standing up for the truth?

But is it really the whole truth?

As Christian women, do we really have to appear so hardened and free to give whatever cutting remark we want to, in the name of defending the truth? I recently read this Proverbs to my children:

“A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.” Proverbs 29:11

Ouch. I can tell you that I’ve both read and been on the receiving end of comments where it seemed like the individual making them held absolutely nothing back. They made an extra effort to ensure their words were as cutting as they could be. I wonder if these individuals ever stopped to think and pray about their comments before hitting the send button? Did they ever consider how speaking their whole mind to another person that they hardly know could make them look foolish or even un-Christian?

As a blogger, I can be the first to tell you that comments can hurt. It’s not necessarily the ones where someone might say they don’t like a certain color or hairstyle on you. Rather it’s the comments that are written with a contentious spirit. You can feel the intent of the comment as soon as you start to read it. It’s meant to be divisive, contrary, and hurtful.

“He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife…” Proverbs 28:25

Do you like causing strife? Are you known for your strong opinions, your quick tongue, and the way you can so freely express yourself with little to no filter?

Do You Sound Like A Fool Online? Are you quick to be contentious online?

We read aloud Proverbs 31 a few days ago, and my daughter asked if that chapter was talking about a princess. :) It does seem that way sometimes – there is a lot to live up to in that chapter!

“She openeth her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness.” Proverbs 31:26

She might have wisdom she wants to bring forth, but she does it in a kind and charitable way. Trying to sway someone to think another way rarely ever happens during a Facebook exchange. How many back and forth arguments on a blog do you think ever successfully changed someone’s mind? Sometimes online arguing is only successful at flaring up tempers and raising blood pressure. Feelings get hurt, the blogger gets immensely discouraged, and the readers involved in the discussion never come back. In the end, it doesn’t benefit anyone, and it certainly isn’t promoting Christian love and charity.

I’m not suggesting that you can’t ever speak up in opposition to someone online. There might be a time where you truly do need to say something. However, I’ve found that for as much time as I spend online, I rarely leave opposing comments. I easily could, as I have read quite a few things over the years that I disagree with. But I have more important things to do than to spend my time and energy trying to change someone’s mind on Facebook or through a blog comment. I have children in the background who need me to get off the computer. I have dinner that needs cooked, a husband to love on. That husband definitely doesn’t need to hear me rant all evening long about a discussion I’m in the middle of and how wrong the other person is.

Whether you agree or disagree with the subject of doctrine, vaccinations, head coverings, submission in marriage, homeschooling/public school, or how to raise children, please don’t let it consume you to the point that all you are doing online is defending your stance on these things. Some people love controversy and debates. They can’t get enough of them. If you read through the New Testament, you will find the arguments that the disciples used were simple and to the point. Many times when questioned by the leaders of the land they said very little, or nothing at all. We could stand to learn something from these godly men of old as we navigate the web.







Pregnancy Update: Week 19

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It’s been an interesting week. Between the world series game that my husband and sons have been excited about and a birthday for our oldest son, it’s been a very busy week! We don’t have a tv reception (on purpose) where we live, so we have gone over to family or friends house to watch the games (we were cheering for the Royals all the way to the end!). This pregnant mama is tired after being gone and up so late!

I will add..I’m not a sports fan. I had to keep asking what was going on throughout the games. :) But I was excited because my husband and boys were excited, and our hometown was super excited to have the Royals finally in a world series! Don’t ask me baseball questions though. Thankfully my husband keeps his love of sports contained to big events, like a world series. ;)

19 Weeks pregnant and loving maxi dresses! I’ve felt the baby move a lot this week, and Sean is really close to being able to feel it. Of course every time I grab his hand to feel where the baby is kicking the little one stops moving. :) It honestly is just as exciting to feel the movements of the 6th baby as it was to feel our 1st baby moving. Pregnancy is such an awesome experience. It is so much work, but very worth it!

In not so good news, I had to get back on progesterone this week. My levels just were not up where the doctor wants them, and he wanted me back on the shots. I asked to take a week and try progesterone pills, plus the Young Living Progesterone Serum, and he agreed. I’m waiting on my blood work to come back from being on it for a week, and just trying to be hopeful that the pills will be enough. I’m guessing at this point I’ll stay on progesterone until the end of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy update on week 19! I’m wearing a Motherhood Maxi dress (found on ThredUP) and a jean jacket from the thrift store!

 The children are getting amazed over how big my tummy is growing. I told them they haven’t seen anything yet. ;) It is special to be pregnant and have older children who are more aware of what is going on. During lunch yesterday I had to stop talking because I sneezed wrong, and had some round ligament pain that was really hurting. I looked up and saw my oldest staring at me, and he was all concerned and wanted to make sure I was ok. It is sweet to watch the love and concern they have.

Last week I shared about some of the Thanksgiving resources we are going to use in our home this November. One of the resources I’m most excited about using is on sale for a few days! You can get ahead and purchase the Thanksgiving and Christmas Hymn Study in a Bundle and save over 50% off! It is only on sale like this for a few days, so don’t delay! The sale ends November 3rd. Normally priced at $14.98, you can get both ebooks for just $7.25. I’m really impressed with the quality of these ebooks. We love singing hymns in our family, so these are perfect for our family!

I hope everyone is having an awesome week! It’s amazing that November is almost here!