Makeup and Heart Issues {Part 2}

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Makeup and Heart Issues

In my last post I talked about how important it is that we, as mothers, make an honest effort at avoiding the worn out mom look when we’re out and about. Not only do I feel better about myself when I tidy up my appearance I feel like I’m doing a little something towards putting the haggard homeschool mom persona to rest.

That said, I also tried to make it clear that I in no way believe that makeup is the magic bullet for feeling spent. No doubt, the pendulum can just as easily swing too far the other way to the point that makeup becomes a necessity that you can’t allow yourself to be seen without. Though I do wear makeup, here are a few things I keep in mind that help me balance it’s use.

My Heart Issue Check List

1. Do I feel so dependent on makeup that I can’t leave my house without it on? This is the biggest thing on my checklist. I don’t want to become so dependent on makeup that I can’t face someone without it. I want to be secure with my makeup on or off. The most important thing I want on my face is the countenance of the Lord, not the best, most natural makeup I can find.

The highest compliment I’ve ever been paid was by an older minister in our church who, when I was 13, told me that he could see the light of the Lord shining through my face. I’ve never forgotten that, and the feeling it gave me was far greater than a passing compliment on how pretty my makeup is. True beauty comes from within, and if I have to choose I want lasting beauty over external. However, I don’t feel like you have to pick one or the other. If your heart is in the right place I feel you can balance both properly.

Makeup and Heart Issues - A checklist of how I make sure wearing makeup is not becoming the most important thing to me.

2. Do I feel secure around my husband without makeup on? A few months ago I realized that I didn’t. My face was broke out, I was pregnant and hormonal and of course convinced myself that he didn’t like me as well when I didn’t have makeup on. I talked to him about it, and he assured me that was not the case. I purposefully cut back on how often I wore makeup until I felt myself secure again around my husband, no matter how I looked.

While I feel it is important to look nice for our husbands, they do see us in our best and worst times. We need to know they will be there for us no matter how we look, and just do our best to put on a good appearance when we can, and know that the love between us will carry us through the messy moments. :)

3. When people look at me, do they instantly think of how much makeup I have on? I don’t want the barbie doll, plastered on makeup look. Everyone has personal standards of what they feel is appropriate, but fake eyelashes and the dark makeup look is not for me. I want to compliment what God has given me, not put on a whole new face. I try to keep things as natural as I can, and carefully choose my colors.

Makeup and Heart Issues - A checklist of how I make sure wearing makeup is not becoming the most important thing to me.

4. Am I being a good example to my daughters? I have three young girls watching my every move. They ask me questions, and watch as I put makeup on. I always talk to them about how makeup is for mama’s, and how little girls don’t need it. They play with my makeup brushes, giggle about it, and run on their merry way. So far it has not been a huge issue in our house. They’re just delighted to use the EOS Chapstick I keep in my purse for them! :)

Tomorrow I’m going to share some practical tips on how I put makeup upon, and keep it super simple for a busy mom’s life! Bonus – I made a video for you all!

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Makeup And The Face Of A Mother {Part 1}

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Makeup is a highly personal decision and there are a lot of heart issues involved in wearing it. Some women believe that all makeup turns the woman that’s wearing it into a painted face Jezebel of sorts. You weren’t born with makeup on your face, they reason, so why sully your natural countenance with such stuff?

Other women struggle with being so reliant on it that they can’t bring themselves to leave their house without some makeup on. Still others have grown accustomed to hardly wearing any at all and, as such, can do with or without it.

As for myself, I was well beyond my teens before I started wearing makeup with any regularity. I didn’t wear makeup in high school, though I definitely leaned towards wanting to wear it. The rules were pretty strict in our house so, outside of lip gloss, I just left it alone. As for my sister, she has pale skin, so she always wore blush to avoid looking like she just passed out. :)

The first time I started seriously wearing makeup was after I had my third child and the worn-out mom look began to creep onto my face. It was a huge help to boost my look as well as my mood during the day. I still don’t wear lots of makeup and things like eye liner are just not in my normal routine, but I have come to appreciate the positive effect it can have on the way I present myself to others.

Though I often feel weary (i.e. completely exhausted) I feel it is important to try and avoid projecting this to others. Sometimes exhaustion is unavoidable. However, not burdening others with how we feel (besides a few close friends) is, in many cases, a courtesy we owe to others. It’s really not their problem – why should we always come off as the haggard, run-down mom who looks as if she’s near the end of her rope?

Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not suggesting that makeup is the cure-all for WOMF (worn-out mom face) (Haha! Made that one up!). Lipstick and mascara are not the cosmetic equivalent of downing a Red Bull. Nor am I suggesting that we constantly try to be something we’re not.

The truth is, if you truly feel as if you are constantly hanging on for dear life to the last few inches of your rope, you need a lot more than makeup. However, for the purposes of this post I want to suggest that a constant look of weariness on our face is not a badge of honor. Like it or not, few in this world know how to interpret it correctly. Sure, we’re tired and frazzled and there’s no sense in denying it, but we should be cautious of how we portray this precious life of mothering to those around us.


When others see you, particularly non-believers, what do they see? It takes only a few seconds to form an opinion. They see your children – perhaps a larger number of them than they’re accustomed to seeing. “Got her hands full,” they whisper to themselves. Then they look at you. “How’s she holding up to all this?” they wonder as their eyes immediately turn to your face. And then, dear reader, comes the only fleeting moment you likely will be given to portray what manner of mother you are, and more importantly, if it’s all worth it. 

The last thing you want to convey to the onlooker is exasperation. That’s what they fully expect to see, and when they do it only confirms them in their derisive opinion of motherhood. Some mothers have given up trying to “put on a happy face” in public and by so doing they give motherhood a bad name. You don’t have to lie about how trying and tiresome your work can be, but at least you can make an effort tidy yourself up, perhaps put on a little makeup, fix you hair and go out into the incredulous world with a tired but satisfied smile on your face that says you have the best job in the world! Makeup doesn’t make you any less tired inside but it can certainly make you LOOK less tired and that can be something that you owe yourself as much as you owe those around you.

*I wrote the first draft of this post, and my husband added many of his thoughts to this post as well. Just an FYI if you are curious about a man’s perspective on all of this. Of course the most important man’s perspective is that of your husband or father. Part two is coming tomorrow!* 

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Our Family Christmas Activity List {So We Could Simplify The Holidays}

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Before December came we sat down as a family and made a christmas activity list of items we wanted to do. Basically Sean and I wanted to control the month and not let it control and overwhelm us.

Here is the list we made, after thinking through what was most important to us.

Before December came we sat down as a family and made a christmas bucket list of items we wanted to do.  We wanted to control December, and not let it control us! See what we decided was the most important things to do together!

Our Christmas Activity List

  1. Go to a Messiah Performance (my sister sings in it every year).
  2. Go look at Christmas lights
  3. Make goodies for neighbors
  4. Have our annual Christmas baking day with family (You can see my Dessert Pinterest Board for some of my ideas!)
  5. Make paper decorations for the house (the children made snowflakes at a church activity so that took care of this one!)
  6. Have a chocolate milk and cookie party and invite my sister and her boys over
  7. Read lots of Christmas books (we are doing this through our daily Advent book).
  8. Take time off of our usual history and science and do a unit study on the Farmer Boy book.
  9. Be more thoughtful about Christmas gifts. Our children are getting three gifts each (or around there ;) )
  10. Take one day and make cookies at home to ice with the children (baking days are a little crazy and more for the adults while the children play).
  11. Practice Christmas music on Cello/Violin to have ready to perform for our family Christmas gatherings.
  12. Make a Lego Nativity

This list is keeping us plenty busy this month! There is more we originally had down, but I have had to cross off because I can tell we just are not going to get to it. I have to keep things simple, in order to survive and still be a good mom. :)

I’d love to hear what kind of things you are doing this month as a family! 

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