Let’s Fight the Winter Frumpy Feeling!

I recently took a poll in my Facebook group for blog readers and discovered that a large number of ladies said they were not feeling put together in their outfits. I totally get it.

The winter months are nice because you can easily layer, bundle up, and modesty isn’t really an issue.

But it’s also a time of feeling frumpy, bundled up, layers upon layers of clothes, and by bedtime I’m more than ready to get it all off and put comfy pajamas on!

Is it possible to make it through the winter months without feeling so frumpy? In the next few blog posts I’m going to share some ideas with you all, and see if we can make it through the rest of the winter with a little better attitude about our wardrobes.

First I’ll share the story behind what really made me stop and realize how frumpy I’ve felt lately.

We ran some errands as a family the other night and Sean needed to go to the mall to return some basketball shorts. We rarely go to the mall as a family, but Nana had the two youngest girls so everything felt easy with just our four oldest along. 🙂 We all had fun looking around in the mall, but I felt incredibly frumpy.

I had on a sweater that was just a little on the tight side, thanks to the dryer shrinking it. A long maxi skirt with black footed tights that honestly didn’t match the outfit or the shoes. I was just cold and so I put them on. Then I had on my oversized wool coat that makes me feel claustrophobic, and you have the perfect recipe for frump city!

Seriously, Sean said I looked nice but laughed and did acknowledge that my feelings were justified when I vented to him for a minute.

Everyone is on tight budgets. We all would love to have the perfect Pinterest outfits or be the next size smaller. But between having babies, clothing our children and husbands and making sure that food is on the table, not all of us have those huge clothing budgets or that perfect size we would like to be at.

Let’s face our problem head on and not live in frump city. We might just have a few outfits to wear, but they could be well put together!

Your challenge today is to look through your closet and pull out anything you haven’t worn all winter long. Toss it in a bag to either send into ThredUP and try and earn a little bit of extra money on it, or donate it to your local Thrift Store!


My Fall Stitch Fix Review

It’s been awhile since I received a new Stitch Fix box so it was extra exciting to get one in the mail! I rarely go out shopping for clothes for myself these days. I just don’t have time to get out by myself to shop, which makes Stitch Fix so nice!

Fall Stitch Fix Review

If you are new to the concept of Stitch Fix, here is how it works.

First thing you do is fill out your style profile.

This gives your stylist ideas on how tight or loose you want your clothes, want pricing, sizing, and color preference you have. This is also the place you link to your fashion board on Pinterest, so your stylist gets an idea of what you like! I have a board just devoted to pinning Stitch Fix items.

Now you just order your fix!

You have to pay a $20 styling fee, but that fee is refunded if you end up keeping any item in your box. I always keep at least one thing, so I don’t blow through $20. Every box comes with 5 items. Stitch Fix offers clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, but you can specify what you want. I don’t have anything checked on my profile beside clothing, but I might try some other categories at some point!

The box will show up in a few weeks (you can schedule when you want it to arrive, but it normally takes around 2-3 weeks for the stylist to put together you box, and it to arrive). You have 3 days to try everything on, and decide what you want to keep. A postage paid envelope is included, so it’s super easy to send back! If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your order!

I was able to get started on Stitch Fix because Sean bought me a gift card to Stitch Fix for my Christmas present 2 years ago. It was the best gift ever! You could always send your husband this blog post so he could get an idea on an easy gift for you!

And now for what I received in my box! Please help me decide what to keep! Leave me a comment with what you like best! 

  1. Kut From The Kloth Caralie Wide Leg Pants – $88.00

I’ve received one pair of capri jeans that I did keep from Stitch Fix. They are amazing and I’ve worn them quite a bit. But since I wear a lot of skirts and dresses, if I’m going to dress up in something that calls for pants, I’m going to be in a skirt or dress. I tried them on and even though they were super high quality pants, I just didn’t like them enough to keep them. 

They also were going to need hemmed, as you can see in the picture.

Stitch Fix Kut From The Kloth Pants

Stitch Fix Kut From The Kloth Pants

2. 41 Hawthorn Concord Striped Draped Pocket Cardigan – $58.00

This one has been a hard decision. I love the colors and how soft it is. I’m not sure if I like the design of the draped look though. Help me decide!

Stitch Fix Draped Pocket Cardigan

Stitch Fix Draped Pocket Cardigan

Stitch Fix Draped Pocket Cardigan

3. August Mist Magie Cardigan – $38.00

This cardigan looks like it would be so cute for Christmas. And all winter long. It’s soft and I like the length of it. I don’t have much green in my closet though, so I can’t decide if I should keep it or not! Help a girl out!

Stitch Fix August Mist Magie Cardigan

Stitch Fix August Mist Magie Cardigan

4. Olive & Oak Maryanne Striped Pullover – $58.00

Oh my. I’m in love! I already know I’m keeping this and I wore it two days in a row. Super duper love it! It’s very soft and stretchy and oh so comfortable. I love the mint color.

Stitch Fix Olive & Oak Maryanne Striped Pullover Sweater

Stitch Fix Olive & Oak Maryanne Striped Pullover Sweater

Stitch Fix Olive & Oak Maryanne Striped Pullover Sweater

5. Q&A Mara V Neck Blouse – $58.00

I saved the worst for last. Or you might say the hysterical for last. I knew as soon as I saw this blouse I wouldn’t be keeping it! The butterflies remind me of my great-grandma, and the fit is not good at all! It reminds me of a maternity shirt!

Q&A Mara V Neck Blouse from Stitch Fix

Q&A Mara V Neck Blouse from Stitch Fix

Q&A Mara V Neck Blouse from Stitch Fix

Haha! This one is going back for sure!

So that wraps up my November Stitch Fix box. Tell me what you think, and if I should keep one of the cardigans! 

If you want to try and schedule a Stitch Fix box for the holidays, or one just for the winter months, go here to sign up to receive your own personal box! They now are offering plus size and even have maternity!





Dainty Jewell’s Denim Dress Review

Oh Dainty Jewell’s. Where were you almost 15 years ago when I got married? If I could go back and change one thing about our wedding, it would for sure be the bridesmaid dresses. We sewed the dresses and none of them fit the bridesmaids properly, and the style wasn’t really what I wanted.

Dainty Jewell’s offers the most lovely lace dresses that are perfect for Bridesmaid dresses! I’d love to wear one to a fancy party or concert!

Dainty Jewell’s was so gracious and let me pick out a dress to try, and seeing how I’m not attending a fancy party or concert anytime soon I went a little more practical. 🙂

Dainty Jewell's Sunshine and Tea Denim Dress

The Dainty Jewell’s Sunshine and Tea Denim Dress is a really soft denim dress that is very well made! They released this dress for their summer line, and even though it’s a lighter denim I think it’s actually better suited for fall days because of the sleeve length.

Dainty Jewell's Sunshine and Tea Denim Dress

Dainty Jewell's Sunshine and Tea Denim Dress

I wore my TOMS shoes with this dress for a more casual look, but you could easily dress this up with nice heals. To go with the more casual look I also wore a braided leather headband from Lilla Rose.

Dainty Jewell's Sunshine and Tea Denim Dress

Dainty Jewell's Sunshine and Tea Denim Dress

If you are needing a nicer dress for any occasion, definitely consider Dainty Jewell’s! Look closely at the sizing chart, I ordered a medium and it’s a tad snug, but I’ve never ordered a large dress in any other brand. So I tend to think they run slightly small, but since I’ve only tried this one dress it might just be this style.

If you could get a Dainty Jewell’s dress, what style would you like?


*I received this dress from Dainty Jewell’s, but was not paid for this post.*





Hydrochic Athletic Skirt and Top

There is something about having specific workout clothes that helps you get out the door to walk, run, or go to the gym be much easier. I used to find a denim skirt that would work and go walk, but they were always hot and I felt so out of place at the track wearing a long skirt!

I love finding modest athletic clothes that also can be a swim skirt. Hydrochic sent me this outfit that works for both purposes and I love it!

The skirt is made with water resistant fabric, and has built in shorts under it. There is plenty of room in the skirt to run or swim in it, and the quality is excellent.

I love the matching shirt! I purposefully chose the sleeveless shirt since I wanted this for an athletic outfit. Since it has wide shoulders it looks very modest. When you purchase the top they include a free bra with it, which is essential for this outfit. It’s really comfortable and the fabric goes along with the outfit.

I always have the same routine when I go out walking. I start a workout on my Apple watch, so I can achieve my daily exercise goal of 30 minutes.

Then I put in my headphones, and select some music or a podcast for my walk.

This shirt has a really awesome feature to it! You can unzip the back pocket and store your phone there while you workout! I have the newest iPhone 7 which is quite large, and it fits in there!

Then it’s time for a run!

These outfits are admittedly more expensive than an average swimsuit from a store like Walmart. However you won’t find modest swimsuits that are super cheap. I have had a swim skirt for 3-4 years now and it still looks terrific! When you buy one outfit you can use it for several years, so think of spreading the cost over 3 years or so, instead of just using it for one year.

You do want to look closely at the sizing charts on Hydrochic. I normally wear a medium, and they had me in a large shirt and an x-large skirt. I thought there was absolutely no way that would fit, but it does! Trust the measurements and you should be ok!

You can find the Aqua Adventure Border Skirt here (with several different color options!), and the matching Tidal Tank Chlorine Proof Swim n’ Gym Shirt here!

*Special thanks to Hydrochic for sending me this outfit to review. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are strictly my own.