Last Day for the Early Bird Homeschool Conference Special!

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It’s the very last day where you can grab the early bird ticket price for the online homeschool conference that Sean and I are putting on, along with another blogging couple. We don’t want you to miss out, so this is your last chance warning!

Would you like a sneak peak of some of the talks? Here you go!

(Ignore the very poor usage of grammar at one point. I laugh really hard whenever I think of how I worded a certain sentence in this talk. And if you don’t pick up on it, I’m not telling! HA!)

Moving on…I had a lot of fun talking about teaching your child reading, and how to help them have a love of reading.

Large Family Homeschooling – Amy Roberts 


Jesus Through Our Days – Mackenzie Monroe

Practical solutions: Teaching toddlers through teens – Jennifer Ross

Consistency: A Key Ingredient to Happy Homeschooling – Sean Allen 

Self Education: The Pinnacle Ideal of the Charlotte Mason Way – Dollie Freeman 

These are just some of the speakers you will hear, and you will also get a chance to chat with each speaker for one hour after their talk goes “live” in the private Facebook group!


When you register today, you save $5.00 of the price of the ticket! There are some really awesome bonuses available with every ticket purchased, including our brand new homeschool planner that Sean designed, a family recipe binder, a charlotte mason ebook, and more!!

Don’t forget about the other bonus offer that I’m exclusively offering! Get a ticket today, and get a $10 gift card to Deborah & Co. That offer ends today (Tuesday, August 2nd!).


To redeem this offer, just fill out this Google form here and I’ll email you a coupon code to use! 



Our Large Family Homeschool Curriculum For 2016-2017 School Year

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Here is our curriculum choices for this new school year! I’m missing a few small things, like handwriting and spelling. Some things I’m still figuring out exactly what we are doing, but I have all the major stuff! We started over a week ago, and so far it’s going good!

Our Large Family Curriculum Choices for the 2016-2017 School Year!

7th Grade

Math – Math U See and Teaching Textbooks (we struggle in math, so we are quickly going through some Math U See books to really get some concepts down, and will try going back to Teaching Textbooks in a month or two.

History – Notgrass From Adam To Us, and Tapestry of Grace. Yes, we use both. My boys love to read, and love history. We did this last year and it worked well, so we are trying it again this year.

Science – Apologia General Science. I was worried about starting this, because it’s a big jump from the elementary series. So far he has done great, and seems to be enjoying it!

Literature – Books from Notgrass and Tapestry of Grace

Grammar – Fix It Grammar from IEW

Writing – Student Writing Intensive Level B from IEW

Geography -Daily Geography by  Evan Moore, plus other map work from Tapestry of Grace and what I’m putting together. I was able to get the Evan Moore workbooks for all the children with store credit on Zulily, so it was an affordable option for daily drills.

Spelling – Building Spelling Skills by Evan Moore (and hopefully the IEW spelling program)

Latin – Latin for Children Book A from Classical Academic Press. This will be our first year to ever start learning Latin, so even though this said it is for an earlier grade I’m thinking it is the best level to start it. I don’t want them being frustrated with a really difficult program, and this looks fun to do! I’m really looking forward to learning Latin along with them! I learned just a little bit in high school.

Art – Tapestry of Grace assignments

Music – Cello lessons and Beautiful Feet Classical Music study

5th Grade 

Math – Math U See and Teaching Textbooks

Science – Science Shepherd Introductory Science and Apologia Astronomy Book – I wasn’t planning on him doing both initially. I loved the idea of the Science Shepherd being short videos they watch, with workbooks to fill in. It said it was for ages 6-11, and has two different workbooks for the different age levels. So far, it’s just right for my 1st and 3rd grader, but really easy for my 5th grader. So…we went ahead and got the latest version of the Astronomy book for him to do as well. I love all the new updates in the 2nd version of the Apologia Astronomy!

Grammar – Fix It Grammar from IEW

History – Notgrass From Adam To Us, and Tapestry of Grace Year 2.

Writing – Student Writing Intensive Level B from IEW

Geography – Daily Geography by  Evan Moore, plus other map work from Tapestry of Grace and what I’m putting together.

Latin – Latin for Children Book A from Classical Academic Press.

Art – Tapestry of Grace assignments

Music – Piano lessons and Beautiful Feet Classical Music study

3rd Grade

Math – She has used Horizons math from the beginning, and it’s an excellent fit for her!

History – BJU Social Studies and Tapestry of Grace Year 2

Writing – I was originally going to do the writing course from IEW with her, and just use the assignments from Level A. After starting it, I can tell right away it’s not a good fit for her yet. She just needs to be a little older. So I think I’m going to get the Writing & Rhetoric Book 1 from Classical Academic Press and use with her. It looks really good, and she loves workbooks!

Science – Science Shepherd Introductory Science

Grammar – Fix It Grammar from IEW

Spelling – Building Spelling Skills by Evan Moore for a daily drill, and Phonetic Zoo from IEW.

Geography – Daily Geography by  Evan Moore, plus other map work from Tapestry of Grace and what I’m putting together.

Latin  – Song School Latin book 1 from Classical Academic Press

Art – Tapestry of Grace assignments  (Artistic Pursuits will be a  big thing we do this year)

Music – Violin lessons and Beautiful Feet Classical Music study

1st Grade 

Math – Horizons grade 1

History – Tapestry of Grace Year 2

Science – She is doing the Science Shepherd Introductory course, and it’s perfect for the 1st-3rd grade level!

Reading – All About Reading Level 1

Geography – Daily Geography by Evan Moore

Latin  – Song School Latin book 1 from Classical Academic Press


This 4.5 year old girl is doing a mixture of Pre-K and Kindergarten work. She loves math, and is just ok with all her letters still. So…we let her excel in what she loves right now, and worry about learning how to read when she shows more interest. 🙂

Math – Primer Book from Math U See – so far she LOVES it!

Kindergarten workbook from Costco – I’m keeping it simple, and a scholastic workbook from Costco is going to be just fine. 🙂 She seems to enjoy it.

That’s pretty much all I’ll do with my 4 year old this year! We might add on some All About Reading later in the year if she seems interested.

That about sums up our school year! As my husband wrote in his blog post today, it’s crazy and hectic! Here is a quote from his post:

Caroline is an optimist at heart. She formed idyllic scenes of happily educated and well behaved children in her mind long before she met me. However, anyone who has schooled their children at home for any length of time knows you have to fight for those dreams and they can often feel nearly impossible to realize. To be sure, it’s an ideal and striving for, but there will be many days where it feels like it’s nothing more than a fanciful notion conjured up by artfully staged photographs or youthful naivety or both.”

You can read more of his blog post here.

It’s been a really stressful year for our family, personally. I had hoped some things would lesson by now, but so far we still feel in the thick of it all. Sean and I are searching for some direction in a few areas, and it all seems to affect our homeschooling somehow (nothing like sending them to public or private school).

I’m thankful for the big boost of encouragement I’m going to be receiving next week during the Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom, Online Conference! I can’t even begin to count the number of times that I have been discouraged, and then been able to chat with other homeschooling friends and left feeling so inspired! Our hope is that this conference will give you all that boost of inspiration and hope.

We added an extra bonus for you all. Jami and I will be sending out a 21 day devotional, giving you a fresh boost of encouragement for 21 days in a row! 

Hurry and grab your early bird ticket! There are only a few days left for the sale price!





Introducing Our New Homeschool Planner!

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It’s finally here! We have been working hard at creating this homeschool planner  and we can finally show you what it looks like!

Introducing, The Homeschool Planner – Simply Plan, Simply Homeschool.

The Homeschool Planner - fill in your own dates to use this planner year after year!

It was designed with lots of wide open spaces, so you would have plenty of room to write in. You can use this planner year after year, as we left spaces for you to write the dates in. Purchase the planner once, and just print out a new copy at the start of each new school year!

Looking for a new homeschool planner? We have the perfect one for you! This planner has everything you need, but no more. Strictly a homeschooling planner, it was designed to be as useful as you need it to be, without overwhelming you with all the extras.

What is included

Simple and clean design that maximizes usable space on the page.

What is included:

Weekly planning calendar pages

Monthly Calendar

Reading List

Subject Goals

Semester Goals

To Purchase Lists

Field Trip Planning pages

Hourly Schedule (with checkboxes for your child to check when they completed the subject!)

Monthly Memorization Planning Page

Attendance Tracker


Plus 12 Monthly divider pages with inspirational quotes

Quotes from the Homeschool Planner

Simply print off enough weekly and monthly pages to last for your school year, and write in your own dates so you can plan your own unique school year!

I made a video tutorial to show you exactly what the planner looks like! Come take a look here:

You can purchase this digital download for $14.99 below

Add to Cart

OR – you can get it for for free when you grab an early bird special ticket to our Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom Online Conference!

This is a brand new online homeschooling conference created to encourage and inspire homeschool moms! It’s going to be a blast with conference sessions going up over 3 days, awesome bonuses (including a homeschool planner), and a private Facebook group where attendees can chat, fellowship, and share resources.


Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom Online Conference

The online conference will be held LIVE August 3­5th. For each day of the conference, 3­-4 video sessions will go live throughout the day, you will have a chance to chat with each speaker, and interact with all the other attendees.

It’s like attending a real live homeschooling conference but without the travel, the expense, finding babysitters, etc! Now you can get the fun and fellowship of a convention…right from your very own home!

The conference schedule, speakers, and topics:

Wednesday August 3rd:

  • Encouragement for the Weary Mom ­ Jami Balmet of Young Wife’s Guide
  • Practical Solutions: Teaching Toddlers Through Teens ­ Jennifer Ross of The Focused Homemaker
  • Self Education: The Pinnacle Ideal of the Charlotte Mason Way ­ Dollie Freeman of Joy in the Home

Thursday August 4th:

  • Instilling a Love for Reading in Your Child ­ Caroline Allen of The Modest Mom
  • Parenting Preteens ­ Hal & Melanie Young of Raising Real Men
  • Large Family Homeschooling ­ Amy Roberts of Raising Arrows
  • Helping Your Homeschool Excel with Special Needs ­ Heather Laurie of Special Needs Homeschooling

Friday August 5th:

  • Jesus Through Our Days ­ MacKenzie Monroe of Bold Turquoise
  • Consistency: A Key to Happy Homeschooling ­ Sean Allen of Character Badges
  • Homeschooling a Houseful ­ Sarah Avila of My Joy Filled Life

Head over to the conference main page to learn all about each session!
You can join us live for the conference, or follow along at any time, because once the sessions are posted, they are yours to keep forever! Watch them again and again or whenever you have the time.

We would love to have you join us!  I’m really looking forward to chatting about everything homeschooling with you all!


Don’t forget, every person who grabs a ticket to the conference during the early bird special time gets a $10 gift certificate to Deborah & Co. when they fill out this form!





For the Homeschool Mom Who Doesn’t Want To Face Another School Year

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Have you ever approached a new homeschool year and looked forward to it with more apprehension than with joyful anticipation?

I have.

In fact, it was this school year. And I’m still not going to pretend that I’m totally over it.

For The Homeschool Mom Who Doesn't Want To Face Another School Year

You see, I’m going into this school year with realistic expectations this time. I’m not pretending, or trying to sugar coat what it really is like. My Jane Austen, princess fairy tale type dreams are not going to get me through this school year.

As a mom of six children, I know the struggles that come with an average school day.

Lost books and pencils.

Schedules totally off, which puts everyone in a bad mood as we start our school day – late again.

A whining voice and then tears over an assignment that a child just don’t want to do.

Foolishness between siblings, that just won’t stop. (Please tell me I’m not the only one that has had children laughing during devotion time?)

The feeling of utter hopelessness. What am I doing? Why am I doing this again? Is this worth it all? Are they learning enough? Am I reaching their hearts for the Lord?

Finally, the desperate need to grab some chocolate and go lock myself in my bedroom, and ignore the bajillion things that are required of me as a homeschooling mom.

That’s the honest truth. It’s really not easy being a homeschool mom. I used to think it would get easier as the children get older, now I realize the challenges just change.

So…why am I still homeschooling? If it is so difficult, what makes me stick with it?

While my childhood dreams of snuggling all day on the couch with read aloud books has faced reality, my vision of being the one to give my children a love of learning, and to help my children grow in their walk in the Lord has not changed.

I want my children to have the freedom to excel in their strengths, and struggle and persevere through their weaknesses.

I want them to spend hours in books, being taken to worlds far away, and travel back in time as they explore the wonderful history of our world.

I want to experience watching my boys dive into a science encyclopedia the day after a school year ends, and spend hours reading it just for fun (true story!).

I want to let them have hours outside, not just 30 minutes in the evening, and let them have time to truly be children.

I want us to be a family. One who works together, plays together, learns together, and tries to follow the Lord together.

Does that bring challenges? Yes! But raising children that go to public or private school brings challenges as well. So for me, my vision of our family includes the challenges that homeschooling brings.

This year I decided to face my struggles head on. I openly acknowledged how I was feeling, and talked to Sean about it. Instead of trying to ignore the frustrations, I worked hard on bringing about any sort of resolution to the frustrations that I could.

A lot of things have not changed. But one thing remains constant. I’m keeping my vision close to my heart, ready to remind myself why I’m doing this on the bad days that will come.

I’m giving myself grace in this new school year. Grace to not push every single subject, every single day. Grace to take time when I truly need it and to recharge. And I’m reminding myself that I need to stay encouraged throughout the school year. Reading books that encourage me (I love books written by Sally Clarkson!), visiting with homeschooling friends, these are all ways that help me stay focused.

When I started thinking about it, I knew I wasn’t alone. There are a lot of homeschooling moms out there who need encouragement, just like I do. So…I’m super excited to tell you about a project that we have been working on for months now!

I’m pleased to introduce to you, the 2016 Encouragement For The Homeschool Mom Online Conference!


Sean and I, along with another blogger and her husband, organized and put this together for you all! We know not everyone is able to attend conventions, so this is a perfect way to hear from some homeschool speakers, interact with them in the private Facebook group, and receive some awesome bonuses as well!

I will be speaking on instilling a love for reading in your child, and Sean is giving a talk called Consistency: A key to Happy Homeschooling. We are really looking forward to sharing these talks with you!

You are going to love the homeschool planner that comes with this conference! It was designed to be as useful as you need it to be, without overwhelming you with all the extras.

Some of the other speakers will be Hal and Melanie Young, Amy Roberts, Jennifer Ross, Jami Balmet, Mackenzie Monroe, and more!
















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