Our Family Christmas Activity List {So We Could Simplify The Holidays}

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Before December came we sat down as a family and made a christmas activity list of items we wanted to do. Basically Sean and I wanted to control the month and not let it control and overwhelm us.

Here is the list we made, after thinking through what was most important to us.

Before December came we sat down as a family and made a christmas bucket list of items we wanted to do.  We wanted to control December, and not let it control us! See what we decided was the most important things to do together!

Our Christmas Activity List

  1. Go to a Messiah Performance (my sister sings in it every year).
  2. Go look at Christmas lights
  3. Make goodies for neighbors
  4. Have our annual Christmas baking day with family (You can see my Dessert Pinterest Board for some of my ideas!)
  5. Make paper decorations for the house (the children made snowflakes at a church activity so that took care of this one!)
  6. Have a chocolate milk and cookie party and invite my sister and her boys over
  7. Read lots of Christmas books (we are doing this through our daily Advent book).
  8. Take time off of our usual history and science and do a unit study on the Farmer Boy book.
  9. Be more thoughtful about Christmas gifts. Our children are getting three gifts each (or around there ;) )
  10. Take one day and make cookies at home to ice with the children (baking days are a little crazy and more for the adults while the children play).
  11. Practice Christmas music on Cello/Violin to have ready to perform for our family Christmas gatherings.
  12. Make a Lego Nativity

This list is keeping us plenty busy this month! There is more we originally had down, but I have had to cross off because I can tell we just are not going to get to it. I have to keep things simple, in order to survive and still be a good mom. :)

I’d love to hear what kind of things you are doing this month as a family! 

Dayspring: Early Black Friday Markdown Specials!

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My Favorite Christmas Music!

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My Favorite Christmas Music!

While I know Thanksgiving has not even come, we’ve started listening to Christmas music! I hold off on decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but I love Christmas music and just can’t wait!

We are very conservative in our music choices, so the list below reflects that. Even on this list there might be a few songs within a CD I normally skip.

The Heart of Christmas Classical Guitar


The Heart of Christmas Classical Guitar – I found this at the library and we have all been enjoying how peaceful and beautiful it is! This CD is a good one to play during school time, and will help cheer the children up during unpleasant subjects. Don’t ask me how I know. ;)

Heavenly Christmas Music by Jackie Evancho. I love this Christmas Album!


Heavenly Christmas by Jackie Evancho – I purchased this CD last year and love it! Her voice is amazing for being so young. I’ve shipped many packages for Deborah & Co. during the holidays while I listen to this for some holiday cheer. :)

Tidings of Joy by the John Marshall Family

Tidings of Joy by the John Marshall Family – I listened to this for many years before getting married, so whenever I hear it I remember baking days in the kitchen with my mom and decorating our house. It brings back such good memories! This family has an amazing talent of blending their voices and singing for the Lord!

The Piano Guys A Family Christmas


A Family Christmas by the Piano Guys – This is one where I don’t like every song on the CD, and I can’t handle it on during the school time. :) I really enjoy the talent of the Piano Guys, but when I have 5 other children making noise this CD is just too much. I enjoy listening to it at night while I’m blogging, or in the van with the children.

O Come Emmanuel

O Come Emmanuel by David Nevue – This is another nice quiet Christmas album that is full of solo piano music.  This music is turned on often during school days. I really like all the music I have from David Nevue – very soothing for an active household!

Noel by Josh Groan


Noel by Josh Groan – I skip a few songs on this album, but we enjoy most of them. Josh Groban has a beautiful voice!

Bing Crosby I Wish You  A Merry Christmas


I Wish You A Merry Christmas by Bing Crosby – I found this at the library and we have had some fun family time listening to it. We don’t do anything with Santa Claus and it is hard to find a good classic album without a lot of Santa Claus music included. This was a nice change from other CD’s I’ve tried, and we’re having fun singing along.

These are some of my favorite Christmas albums, I would love to know what your family enjoys at Christmas time!

A Gift Guide for the Homemaker

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When asked what I want for Christmas this year my answer is something centered around my home. When we moved to our current rental house Sean was still in college and I was in major survival mode to make it through. I didn’t focus on making this house truly like what I wanted. I’m not going to get new furniture, but after 12 years of marriage it is time to replace some household items that are worn out!

Gift Guide For The Homemaker! Plus you can enter to win $500 cash giveaway!

I’ve put together a gift guide for the homemaker, some of them are my favorite items I use and some are things I want myself! :) But before you look through the list, you will want to stop and enter this amazing giveaway!

Christmas Blessing Giveaway! Enter to win $500 Paypal Cash and a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

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A Homemaker Gift Guide 

Bosch mixer is a great Christmas Gift! A Bosch Mixer - I received this as a gift one year and I’m always so grateful for it! I use it every week and love it! If you can only have one mixer this is the one I would suggest! Cookie Dough Scoop    Cookie Dough Scoop – I went several years without a cookie dough scoop and now I wonder how I did! This little tool makes baking cookies go so much faster, plus you get nice, evenly shaped cookies! I also have a larger scoop that I use for muffins.   Pioneer Woman Cookbook Pioneer Woman Cookbook – There are several of these cookbooks published but the first one is still my favorite. I use the mashed potato recipe and her meatball recipe a lot. Actually that sounds good for dinner tonight! :) www.FlirtyAprons.com   Flirty Aprons – Like I’ve said before, I don’t like the name of these aprons but I love the prints they offer! You can save 25% off with the code: HOLIDAY25 at the checkout! They also have a Daily Deal page that is always offering a new sale! Daily Planner 300x250   Daily Planner- I’m going to use this planner for the upcoming year and I’m excited to give it a try! It is excellent quality for the price! I love the tear out shopping lists and the size of the planner. Dayspring_Collage   Dayspring – If you are unsure of what to give someone, Dayspring is always an excellent choice! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas they have. 1. Pillow 2. Wooden Caddy 3. Lord Bless This Home Sign  4. Be Thou My Vision Necklace  

Homemaking 101 DVD

 Homemaking 101 – I think every homemaker should have this DVD! If you lack motivation and need encouragement, you will receive it from Jennifer Ross!   Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Say Goodbye to Survival Mode – If you feel like you are barely getting by, this book is a really easy, encouraging read! Crystal Paine shares her story of how she went from barely surviving to living a more intentional life.

Mega Flexi Clip works great for long and thick hair!

Flexi Clips – Busy homemakers like to have their hair out of the way, especially when cooking or on hot days! Give the gift of a flexi clip, it is not only practical but beautiful! Seven different sizes are available, with very easy exchanges available if you order the wrong size!    Those are just some of my gift ideas for the Homemaker! If you would like to check out other gift ideas, visit the blog posts below!