Do you need to establish a better routine?

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Is your morning routine less than ideal? I can relate! I’ve found that in order to have a good morning routine, it really starts in the evening before. I’ve written before on how rough the mornings can be around here. Our school year has already started, and I already have quite a few stories on how crazy our days are if we don’t have a good morning.

Create a good routine with the Make Over Your Morning Course!

However what I’ve been focusing on even more is our evening routine. If we go to bed and the house is a mess, it makes our morning routine so much harder. The children all have chores to do each morning, but instead of waking up to a sink full of dirty dinner dishes, it takes far less time to just put away the clean dishes in the dishwasher in the morning, and load up the breakfast dishes.

What gave me a good reminder on the importance of evening routine, was watching the Make Over Your Evening videos that Crystal Paine has put together. It’s so encouraging without pouring guilt on you for where you are at in life!


Some of my evenings goals:

  • Get to bed before midnight! Seriously. Even 11:00 would make me happy right now!
  • Go to bed with a clean bedroom. My husband would adore me for this.
  • Have the children in bed by their bedtime, which is 8:30.
  • Spend 30 minutes with Sean after the children are in bed.
  • Have my clothes picked out the night before!
  • Read my scriptures and say a prayer every night before bed!

I’m looking forward to finishing the Make Over Your Evening course, and I’m going to keep working towards my goals!

If you need help with your morning or evening goals, the Make Over Your Mornings course, or the Make Over Your Evenings course is on sale for just $10 each, regularly $17 each!

Or you can grab both of them for $17! When you check out for one of them, you will be given the option to add the other course to your cart. This is a great deal, and Crystal doesn’t run very many sales on these courses!

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.40.27 AM

Once you get it, come ask to join the Facebook group I created for those going through these courses!

If you don’t have time to go through these courses right away, you have lifetime access to them!  




Character Badges Back to School Sale Is Here!

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Character Badges Back to School Sale!

It’s the Character Badges Back to School Sale!!

For most of you, the new school year is just around the corner and many of you have already begun! (yay homeschooling!) We’re just as excited as you are, and to celebrate we’re having the biggest sale we’ve ever had!

Academics are the primary focus of any school year, but character training is just as crucial to the future success of your child. We designed Character Badges to help children build habits of sound character and to help parents be more consistent and creative in how they train their children. It’s a fun and effective addition to any school year!

Character Badges is a creative child training program

That said, there’s never been a better time to incorporate Character Badges into your classroom. Our back to school sale only comes once a year, and this year the entire store is 30% off!! Charts, stickers, coins, even complete sets – its all 30% off. Just use the offer code BKTOSCHOOL at time of checkout and enjoy some great savings!

This sale runs from today (7-20) through Saturday (7-23) at midnight, so hurry to take advantage of the biggest discount we’ve ever offered! Character Badge complete set


Working from Home as a Stay at Home Mom

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Are you a stay at home mom who is discouraged, thinking you could never earn any sort of income while staying home with your children? This series is for you! I have a heart for women who desperately want to earn some sort of income, while still being a homemaker, and even a homeschooling mom! It’s not easy, but thanks to the internet, we live in a generation where it is possible!

Is it possible to stay at home and earn an income, while also being a busy mom? This four part series will go over how you can earn money from home!

This series is going to be broken up into 4 parts: 

Should I Work From Home?

Blogging For An Income

Direct Sales for the Stay At Home Mom

Owning Your Own Business

Let’s dive in and get started with the first topic! So…should you work from home?

Some questions to ask yourself…

Do you have your husband’s blessing? Trust me, this isn’t optional. It’s a necessity. You must, absolutely must have your husband’s support and blessing before you start working from home. When dinner is running late, or you are up burning the midnight oil, you need to know that your husband understands, and is supportive of you.

Is your health strong enough to handle working from home? Be honest with yourself. The first five years of our marriage, my health could never have handled me working like I do now. If you barely have any energy to take care of your home, children, and husband, unless your family is on financial disaster, don’t take on another job!

Are you wanting a job only to prove your worth to people? Being a stay at home mom can be hard. Sometimes it’s a job that people make fun of, because they don’t see the worth of you being home. Don’t start working from home only to show others that you can be a supermom.

Why should you work from home?

There are numerous reasons why a mom should work from home. You want to stay home with your children, you want to homeschool them, or be there for them when they get home from school, you don’t want to put them in daycare, or maybe you just like the idea of being a homemaker!

Financial reasons play a huge part in why you might want to work from home. Your family could be in money troubles, or you might just want some extra spending money. The reasons behind why you need to earn money will greatly affect what type of work you do, and what effort you put into it.

Think Through Your Interests and Passions

This is the fun part. At least to me it is! Sit down and brainstorm about what you might be interested in doing. When you work from home, you need to have a huge passion for what you are doing! If you are self employed and working from home, it takes more energy out of you than just showing up at work and doing whatever you are told. Having an interest in what you do is another absolute must!

Write down on a piece of paper

What you can talk about over and over again, without getting tired of it?

What do you think about during your spare moments?

What gets you excited?

What do you believe in? Are you a firm believer in helping others, or teaching children to read, do you love fashion, or herbs? Would you love to be a doula, or do you love accounting type work? Everyone has a type of work they strongly believe in, and you need to find what that something is for you!

You might end up with more than one thing. For example, I love homeschooling, books, Jane Austen, music, and modest fashion. I also love flowers and pretty houses.

Even though I like all of those things, I’m not a good fit to have a business in each of those interests. For example, I love flowers, but I don’t do a good job of growing flowers and vegetables. Having a greenhouse and selling flowers wouldn’t be a good fit for me.

I also love pretty houses, but organizing and even decorating sometimes doesn’t always come easily for me. Just because you love something doesn’t always mean you have a talent in that area.

Once you have it narrowed down to a few interests, then stop and think through how popular those interests are. A niche is a good thing, but if it’s a really small niche, you won’t have a large audience to market a business to.

Finally, look at how feasible it is to grow a business from home with the interests you have left. Is it something you can do from home? Ask yourself all of these questions before you jump into working from home.

Once you have all these things done, stop and pray about the decisions ahead of you! Ask God to give you peace and clarity about working, and if this is something that He would bless you in!

Part two coming tomorrow….




The Ultimate List of Podcasts for Homeschooling and Homemaking Moms!

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If you haven’t jumped on the podcast wagon, you might not realize how inspiring they can be, especially for the stay at home mom!  I started listening to podcasts when I was getting outside to exercise, and I realized just how much encouragement I had been missing by not tapping into the exciting world of podcasts!

The Ultimate List of Podcasts for Homeschooling and Homemaking Moms!

While every mom is busy, you still have a lot of opportunities to turn a podcast on. Washing the dishes, folding laundry, making beds in the morning, nursing the baby…just slip your headphones on, or put your phone on a speaker system and receive some instant encouragement!

Here are some of my favorite podcasts I’ve listened to, and then I’ll share some other podcasts that I’ve heard really good feedback on.

Cultivating the Lovely – Mackenzie Monroe makes me laugh, because she is in the mom trenches like I am. I can relate to her periscope because you might find her children crying, or a sudden emergency bathroom break in the middle of the show. Her show is on finding the lovely in everyday life, and topics such as organizing, homeschooling, mothering and much more! (FYI, Sean and I will be on her August Podcast together!).

At Home With Sally – Sally Clarkson is the Titus 2 Mentor we all wish we personally knew! I was thrilled when she started a podcast, and have been blessed by her encouragement many times. This is the podcast I listen to early in the morning while I exercise, and it helps me have the right mindset for when all six children wake up. 🙂  You can also find her podcast on her blog.

Read Aloud Revival Podcast

Read Aloud Revival – Sarah Mackenzie has become a very popular name in the homeschooling world, and it’s for a good reason! Her podcast is all about reading to your children. I have pretty strict standards for what I allow my children to read, so not all of her podcasts appeal to me (we don’t do science fiction, Harry Potter, etc.) but I’ve certainly found many to enjoy.

Your Morning Basket – Oh the morning circle time. Whether you have all littles, or you are a homeschool mom, the morning time can be such a valuable time. I really enjoy Pam Barnhill and her thoughts on Morning time (check out her Your Morning Basket ebook).

Your Morning Basket Podcast

The Homemaking Foundations Podcast – A really good blogging friend, Jami Balmet, puts this podcast together. She has some excellent topics on the podcast for busy moms who want to be a good homemaker.

The Inspired to Action Podcast – I’ve listened to a lot of these while walking, or working out at the gym. She has some excellent people on her podcast, and they are really encouraging!

Other Podcasts I’ve heard are good, but I’ve not listened to are:

Homeschooling Podcasts

Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network – I’ve seen this one advertised at homeschool conventions. There is a wide variety of topics on this podcast!

Mason Jar Podcast

The Mason Jar by Circe Institute – I have NO clue where I’ve been! This podcast looks amazing, and it’s first on my list to start listening to! Cindy Rollins is the host for this podcast, where everything Charlotte Mason is talked about!

The Homeschool Snapshots – Do you wish you could sit and just chat with other homeschooling moms about different topics? This is the podcast you should listen in on! Pam Barnhill interviews different homeschooling moms about various topics, such as large families, the only child, teaching children to appreciate reading, character, etc. This is on my list!

Podcasts for Christian Women

The Busy Mom – Anything from spiritual living, homeschooling, marriage or motherhood can be found. The fantastic Heidi St. John does this podcast. I’ve had the chance to meet her and had such an encouraging talk with her!

Revive Our Hearts – Popular author Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth hosts this podcast where she addresses topics on the Christian walk for women.

Podcasts for Homemakers

Domestic CEO – This is another one that looks really good, so I’m going to start listening to some of them! Whether you are an experienced home manager, or living on your own for the first time, the Domestic CEO has easy tips on keeping your home in tip-top shape. The Domestic CEO will explain everything from how to decorate your house on a budget, to organizing a playroom, so that you can make your home life the best it can be.

The Simple Show – From the description “The Simple Show is a podcast where we explore unconventional ways of living and making the most out of things like work, travel, and family. I talk shop with other people about what that looks like for them—food, travel, writing, books, parenting, work, fashion, and everything in between. It’s fun!”

a slob comes clean podcast

A Slob Comes Clean – This is a super popular blogger who blogs and podcasts all about keeping up a house. The topics on this podcast are very practical issues that face every homemaker.

The Mom Hour – I know nothing about this podcast, but the topics look interesting. I’m not sure if this is a Christian podcast, so I’m putting it under this section. It’s hosted by two moms of 8 children total.

Homemakers By Choice – Again, where have I been? This looks like an amazing podcast with topics that will encourage the christian homemaker.

There you go! This is enough podcasts to surely keep any mom busy for awhile, and hopefully you will receive plenty of encouragement! I’d love to know if you have any favorite podcasts yourself! 














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