Celebrating Easter With Your Children

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Celebrating Easter with your Children!

Easter will be here before you know it and now is the time to be doing activities with your children! I feel like Easter does not get enough attention in our home and every year try to make sure and do some sort of activity, or read books with my children.

As a Christian, Easter Sunday is not about the Easter Bunny, the candy, or the fun spring decor. It is a serious, yet joyful time to reflect on the fact that our Lord has risen, and that He lives! We need to pass this joy on to our children and help them understand this precious time.

We personally have never done Easter baskets with our children and I really doubt we ever will. A few years ago we did a spring party with cousins a few weeks after Easter Sunday, and had an egg hunt that day. Our children still remember that and thought it was so much fun, but we really tried to separate the two occasions. I just grew up never observing Easter with baskets and gifts, so I guess I don’t know what my children might be missing since I never knew what I was missing. ;)

However you celebrate Easter, here are some fun activities and ideas to help your family grow closer together and more fully realize the meaning of this special day.

Watercolor Crosses

Watercolor Crosses – I’m all about simple crafts. This looks like something my oldest (11) down to my youngest (3) would enjoy, so we will be doing this.

Resurrection Garden

Easter Resurrection Garden – Grow your own garden showing the three crosses and the tomb. I love this idea, and have wanted to do it for a few years now.

Easter Countdown on the names of Jesus

Names of Jesus Easter Countdown – I love the idea of creating this countdown to Easter. My mom loved to study the different names of Jesus so I frequently saw various forms of His name on a chalkboard at our house. I know my children don’t realize the many different names He has, and this would be a good way to share that with them.

A Sense of the Resurrection

A Sense of the Resurrection ebook – If you can devote the time to an easy craft and lesson each day, this is a good resource to go through with your children!


24 Easter books that reflect the cross – I am going to check and see how many of these books my library has. So many of these look great to read with my children!

This year I know we will keep Easter simple, since we will have a new baby, however I hope to be able to do a few of these things!

Free Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap, $10 Credit, & Free Shipping!

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Join ePantry and receive a free $10 credit plus a bottle of Mrs. Meyer's hand soap!

I’m really excited to share with you about ePantry today! I recently learned about ePantry and have loved using their services, and saving money!

I first heard about ePantry through Money Saving Mom, and since I trust her opinion and know she does not recommend spammy websites, I signed up through her link and tried out the offer. I was pleasantly surprised with how many products I received for such a low price, and they were all promptly shipped to me at Christmas time.

ePantry is super easy to use. With products from Mrs. Meyer’s, Seventh Generation, Method and others, you will find your favorite natural cleaner, laundry detergent, soap, or even Seventh Generation diapers on the website!

  • All you do is sign up, answer a few questions, and then ePantry delivers your favorite products right to your door.
  • plan out a delivery schedule based on your needs months in advance, or customize a delivery when you need one.
  •  Modest Mom Blog readers will get a Free Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap, Free $10 Credit, & Free Shipping for first-time orders!

We love using Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap at our house. It smells great, it’s all natural, and this might be a silly reason, but it looks beautiful in the bathroom! :) I’m excited you all get a free hand soap of your choice, along with the $10 credit and free shipping!

Join ePantry through The Modest Mom Blog and receive a $10 credit!

How ePantry works

  1. First, sign up for an account with this link. The limited-time offer is only available now through March 13th. 
  2. Next, answer a few simple questions about your home (this only takes 2 minutes!) ePantry uses your responses to suggest products for your future shipments.
  3. Step three is my favorite & the most fun- customizing your basket! You can add or remove as many products as you wish.
  4. To get the hand soap and $10 off, there is a $20 minimum. The minimum is for first-time orders only.
  5. Last step! Once you have your basket set, click Finish & Pay. Your free hand soap and $10 credit will already be included.

You can find all natural beauty and cleaning products at ePantry!


Example basket: Here is an example basket, to show the amazing value of this offer. This basket includes 9 products, and covers all areas of the house! These are just suggestions and I recommend exploring ePantry’s full product lineup!

Cart of items you can get at ePantry

Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap: Free with your offer! 

Method Dish Soap: $3.89

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Seventh Generation Shower Cleaner: $4.39

ePantry Cellulose Sponges: $2.99

ePantry Soy Candle: $9.95

With a $10 Modest Mom Blog credit, the total for this basket comes to $29.04 (a $67+ value!).

Remember, your order just needs to total $20 to get the free shipping and the $10 off credit, so you can make your basket look very different than this if you want! 

Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap

ePantry is extremely flexible with their schedule. You can set up to receive drop shipments of products once a month, or easily go in and edit that and cancel out the order. You are not locked into any kind of schedule and the products you receive are completely up to you.

I found it super easy to go in and edit my order to reflect when I wanted another shipment.

Refer friends and family, get $10 off! 

  1. If you refer friends and family to ePantry, each person you refer will get $10 in credit for their first order! And, more good news! You will also receive $10 in credit for each person who checks out. It’s a win-win! Refer your friends and earn $10 in credit!


If you have been searching for a way to find a wide variety all-natural products without the usual frustrations of shopping, then give ePantry a try! Remember, this offer is only good through March 13th!

Our Morning Chore Routine {and a free printable!}

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Our Morning Chore Routine. Instead of cycling through different chores every day, we have a set routine we follow everyday and it work out great!

Our daily chore routine has taken trial and error to see what works for us. However, we’ve finally settled on a good schedule that has been working out well for about a year now.

Our household requires that chores must be done before school begins. I tried changing the schedule to where chores were done after school, but we only made it one day that way! I just can’t do school with a messy house. It helps all of our attitudes when the house is clean. :)

I really struggled with keeping my children focused on their chores each morning. That is, until my husband graduated college and was home in the mornings more. He came with up with a creative way to motivate our children and since we started it last year it has greatly improved the chore performance.

Before when we required chores to be done, breakfast and school just got pushed further and further back. Our children had no incentive to complete their chores and get on with their school day. We finally decided to set a firm time for breakfast – in our case 9 AM.

Teaching children to be diligent in their morning chores is crucial to how the rest of the day will go for the whole family! A clean house is a much better start to our school day.

If our children decide to dawdle and not to get dressed and complete their chore by 9 AM, they miss breakfast and have to continue working until they are finished. What a difference this made!

Now they (usually) get up and hurry to get their chores done! It isn’t perfect, but it has been a big help in motivating them each morning.

I will be quick to add that we give them grace in this. If we are up late, we let them sleep in and just tell them to quickly get started. If they had an extra big job that morning, we give them grace. But the general rule is for chores to be done by 9 AM, and we normally eat and get started with school around 10:00. Oftentimes I’m wrapping up business work from 9-10 each morning.

So what chores do our children do each day? We stick to a very basic routine. Each child has around one chore they have to do each day. We don’t alternate much and we change chores about once a year as the children get older.

Here is what our children do each morning:

11 year old boy – unloads and wash dishes each morning. I have a bad habit of leaving dinner dishes to be done in the morning. When Sean was in college we ate late and I was tired and not up to doing dishes. The habit has continued, though I hope to change that one day. :)

9 year old boy – Right now he alternates one morning sweeping the dining room floor and cleaning it, and the other morning he does a light cleaning job in the bathroom and normally brings up a load of laundry for me from the dryer.

6 year old girl – She alternates chores with our 9 year old. She does such a good job with her chores and works hard to get them done properly.

5 year old girl – She is in charge of cleaning the girls room each morning, and a few times a week she cleans the outside of the kitchen trash can with some natural cleaning spray and a rag. I don’t require her to get their bedroom totally clean, as that is a big job for her alone. But she has to work on tidying it up each morning.

3 year old girl – She floats around the house during this time, and I sometimes come up with a simple job for her to help with. :) A few of the jobs she does is pick up toys and she cleans the front of the oven with natural spray (sometimes LOTS of natural spray, lol).

If our children wake up and get started on their chores without being reminded about it, they receive a diligent check on their Character Badges chartWe try to encourage them as much as we can in their chores, and reward them when they do a good job. If they do an especially good job and go above and beyond what is required, they get a hard working check as well.

Character Badges Charts | Themodestmomblog.com

**For the month of March only you can get the Character Badges program totally free! Just click here to find out how!**

It’s helpful for me to have visual reminders of what the children are capable of doing. I especially lose focus on what my little ones are capable of doing when I have older helpers around. This age appropriate chore chart is helpful to print and put somewhere (like your refrigerator) for a quick reminder of a chore you can assign to your child! I hope you find it helpful!

Age Appropriate Chore Chart for Children!

Download the list by clicking on the link below. 


I would love to hear how your household handles morning chores! 

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DIY: Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap Tutorial!

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When it comes to cleaning products, I don’t take the time to do a lot of DIY projects. I try to find natural cleaning products on sale, and stock up when I can. But when I saw different tutorials online to make this liquid hand soap, out of a bar of Mrs. Meyer’s soap I knew I wanted to try it!

DIY: Make your own liquid Mrs. Meyer's hand soap!

I love using Mrs. Meyer’s soap, the smell is amazing and it’s all natural. But at $5.00 a bottle, it is a splurge. I tried making my own liquid hand soap, and made a gallon of liquid soap for about $5.00 on supplies! That gallon of liquid soap is worth $50.00 of Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap. I find the savings to be worth my time in making this!

Grating soap for making liquid hand soap

All you need is one bar of Mrs. Meyer’s bar soap, some liquid glycerin, and a gallon of water! Some sort of hand grater is needed as well. I used the Lemon Verbena scent.

You need one bar of Mrs. Meyer's Hand soap to make your own liquid soap!

Open up a bar of Mrs. Meyer’s bar soap in your favorite scent, and admire how pretty it is. :) It’s your last look at this lovely bar of soap!

Grate your bar of soap using a hand grater!

Grab a hand grater, and start grating that lovely bar of soap into tiny shreds.

Grate your whole bar of Mrs. Meyer's soap into shreds.

Once you have the whole bar of soap grated up, stop and enjoy the smell for a minute. :)

Pour your grated bar of soap into a gallon of water

Pour your grated bar of soap into a gallon of water. Add 2 TBS of liquid glycerin as well.

Melting soap in a gallon of water

Stir your soap and liquid glycerin together over medium to high heat. Stir occasionally as you wait for the soap to melt.

The soap is all melted!

The soap is all melted! Now just turn off the heat, and let it sit on the stove for 10-12 hours, or overnight. I let mine sit overnight and preferred that. You are waiting for this soap to thicken up as it sits.

The soap is nice and thick!

After sitting overnight, the soap is nice and thick!

Mixing up the soap after it has sat overnight

After the soap has sat overnight, mix it up using a hand blender. This helps breaks up the thickness and blend it together well, before you put it into a container.

Make your own liquid hand soap with a bar of Mrs. Meyers soap!  You can save so much money through this DIY project!

Pour it into a gallon container, label it, and you are all done! It really doesn’t take very long to make this, and the cost is a huge savings!

I haven’t tried making this with any other brand of bar soap, so I can only recommend using Mrs. Meyer’s bar soap for this recipe to work.

If you are looking for more DIY inspiration, check out the DIY Ultimate Bundle that is only available through Monday! 


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