My Favorite Resource Of The Year Is Here!

It’s time for a happy dance! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is live today, and it’s always a highlight of my year to get this bundle!

You can’t beat the price, the encouragement you receive, the bonuses (mostly physical items!), and all the new things you will learn from this one purchase!

What is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

It’s a collection of 62 eBooks, 34 printable packs and workbooks, 3 membership sites, and 30 eCourses, videos & audios.

Plus bonuses (most of them physical products!) worth $180!

All of this is only $29.97. Seriously. The price has stayed the same year after year and it’s really incredible.

Don’t believe me? Watch this quick video from customers who have purchased the bundle in years past and see what they have to say!

What are some of my favorite items this year? Here are just a few! 

Membership to Suzanne Bowen Fitness Streaming Workouts for 3 months! This looks so good, and they even have some pregnancy workouts. I tried a Barre workout but couldn’t quite make it through yet without my legs screaming at me!

Financial Foundation: Everything You Need to Build a Strong Financial Foundation – If you are struggling with your finances and need to create a better budget or pay some bills off, this has some great ideas on how to do this. The author also shares how they never have had a huge budget to work with, which should give plenty of families hope!

From Chaos To Calm , 15 Days To A Happier Home – This is a good devotion for women who need a jump start into having quiet time, or who just need a refresher book to go through.

Bread and Roll Making Basics for Beginners – This is a good video course on how to make break, rolls, cinnamon rolls and pretzels. If you have an older child wanting to learn they could watch this course!

Outfit Mastery: Walk Into A Room And Know You Look Good – If you need new ideas on how to put outfits together, or you are totally clueless and need someone to hold your hand then this is perfect for you!

Early Bird Bonus!

Besides all the other amazing bonuses, when you order the bundle by Thursday, April 12th you get your choice of a style Challenge from Get Your Pretty On, and you can choose from 8 different options! I have gone through these style challenges before and they are very well done, and you can easily substitute a denim skirt for jeans, etc. if you want! This is a $39 value!


You can check out the Bundle here, and make sure you see all the bonuses available. I already ordered most of the physical bonuses and you should have seen how excited my older boys were when a Kiwi Crate came in the mail that was just for them!!

Homemaking is hard work. Don’t do it alone, and don’t do it without the proper resources and the knowledge!






Our Trip To Magnolia Market in Waco Texas!

I’ve been a Fixer Upper Fan since season one and it’s been my dream to go visit Magnolia Market in Waco ever since it opened! I never thought we actually would be able to make it happen, but when we decided to attend a homeschool convention with our Character Badges business in Fort Worth, we thought it would be fun to go a day early and visit Magnolia!

Little did we know that we would be going on the busiest weekend of the year! More about that later….

So what is Waco like? You see the best of Waco on the tv show. We were really surprised when we arrived to realize the town is pretty old and run down. It isn’t scary, but it was crazy to drive down a really run down street and then suddenly here is a Fixer Upper home that looks nice. Chip and Joanna are a huge blessing for Waco!

Magnolia Market is right in the heart of downtown surrounded by a lot of old mom and pop type stores and mechanic shops. You can’t miss the silos, it’s like the landmark for Waco. Sort of like St. Louis is known for the arch. They really stand out and are so neat!

The Silos at Magnolia Market.

We couldn’t seem to get a picture without someone in the way, so just ignore the guy standing there. 🙂

Spring at the silos!

It was SO sunny every time we tried to take a picture! I should mention that we only brought the four oldest children with us, which is why you don’t see our youngest two girls in the pictures. Since we were headed to a three day homeschool convention after this we left them home with my sister. 🙂

The Spring at the Silos is apparently a huge event they do each year, and it’s the busiest weekend of the year! We got there 30 minutes before it opened up and there was already a long line just to get into the store. So, so crazy.

Playing at Magnolia Market

The children had so much fun playing on the lawn at Magnolia. They kicked the ball around, threw beanbags, and played a game of dominos with oversized wooden dominoes.

This was such a pretty photography spot by the silos! They had flowers everywhere outside for the Spring festival and it was just breathtaking!

Inside the Magnolia Store

The doors finally opened and we could go inside! These pictures show you just how crowded it was. The noise was crazy, and everyone seemed to be in a buying frenzy.

Inside the Magnolia Store

The lower part of the Magnolia Store. This has the signs in the back wall, Chip’s corner, flowers, t-shirts and hats and the shipping station where you could buy things in the store and have it shipped for free with a certain amount of purchase (I think it was $100.00).

Inside the Magnolia Store

I loved the ceiling with the industrial look combined with the fun lights strung everywhere.

Inside the Magnolia Store

I took pictures of a few display areas they had. I meant to take even more pictures but the store was just so crowded that it was hard to take them. Over the years I’ve decorated with old books, but I love how they put the pages facing forward here. My boys loved these little trees!

Inside the Magnolia Store

A simple display but I liked the basket hung up!

Inside the Magnolia Store

I love old wooden tables, and I really loved these cloth napkins!

If you can believe it, I left the store without buying anything. I’m still surprised that I did that, my mother in law had sent me birthday money along to use there if I wanted, but I was a little overwhelmed with how crazy busy it was and couldn’t think clearly to decide what to get. The biggest reason though was the prices. I kept looking at everything and thinking about how I could find something so similar at Hobby Lobby for half the price! I adore Magnolia and Chip and Joanna, but I also know we are on a tight budget right now so I really did walk away with nothing.

Not quite nothing though. We went to the bakery next!

Inside the Magnolia Store

The lines were long for the bakery as well, but we only waited 30 minutes to get in.

Silos Baking Co. menu!

As you wait in line they walk through and hand everyone a menu and a pencil. I was so glad they did that so we could have time to look through and decide what everyone wanted. Once we got inside I realized they had the most amazing cinnamon rolls, and I would have gotten that for everyone to try instead of the cookie, but oh well. We couldn’t get everything!

Inside the Magnolia Bakery

I’ve always heard how good the cupcakes are, and everything I’ve heard is true and then some. These were the absolute best any of us had ever had! The icing was amazing!

Inside the Magnolia Bakery

Inside the Magnolia Bakery

Inside the Magnolia Bakery

We wanted to try everything, but finally got our order and went outside to find a table to sit down.

Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery!

Don’t they look scrumptious? I wish I knew how to make cupcakes that turned out so pretty!

Magnolia Market in Waco Texas

Overall I loved going to visit Magnolia. We all left happy, but our family vote was that it wasn’t worth the trip to drive 8 hours just to see Magnolia. Since we were close it totally felt worth the extra effort we put into going, just to actually see it for ourselves, but I would have been disappointed if this was the main reason we went to Texas.

If we had gone when it wasn’t quite as busy I think that would have really helped. There were so many areas of the store that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of, just because of how full the store was. I did leave inspired, and free inspiration is always great. 😉 We have taken a break from working on our house, but hope to start the next phase of house projects after convention season is over! I have a better plan in place, and will go to Hobby Lobby with that plan soon. I still have birthday money to spend!

Joanna does have a new recipe book coming out soon that I already have on pre-order. I’m really hoping a cupcake recipe might end up in the book!






Get Fresh Chicken Breast for Just 99 Cents A Pound!

I rave about Zaycon to all of my friends, and I’d love to share with you all about them as well!

Zaycon offers fresh meat at reduced prices in hundreds of locations across the USA! You select a pick up location close to you and they tell you exactly what time to go and pick up your meat. You don’t have to even get out of your vehicle, just get in the pick up line and they put the meat in your car!

Right now new customers to Zaycon can get fresh, boneless skinless chicken breast for just 99 cents a pound, normally $1.89 a pound! This is an amazing deal! The chicken comes in 40 pound boxes, which means you will pay just $39.60 for a large box!

In order to get this deal, use the code: SHARE99 when you checkout. Remember, it’s just for new customers and it only lasts until February 9th, so hurry! 

This is what the chicken will look like when you pick it up. The chicken breast are HUGE! I take the box home and use ziplock freezer bags to put 1, 2, or 3 beasts in a bag and then put them in the freezer. I pull out what I need for a meal, and often cook them in my Instant Pot!

I love knowing that I have meat in my freezer and that I don’t have to worry about running out all the time. I use it for burritos, tacos, I put chicken breast in the middle of a 13 x 9 pan and then put potatoes and green beans on the sides and cook in the oven with ranch dressing mix and butter drizzled over it. Parmesan chicken and BBQ chicken are some other favorites! I also love to make chicken wild rice soup in the crockpot.

Order your box of Chicken breast with this good deal that is only available until February 9th! Because of how Zaycon works, you order it now and I believe the pickup is for June. I’ve learned to just plan ahead and order in plenty of time so I don’t run out!

Christmas Surprises Activity Tree!

December is here and I just barely have a plan of what we are doing. We will start our advent readings today and I’m excited about pulling out our Jesse tree and ornaments to use!

This year Sean designed something new to help us create a memorable Christmas season. It’s going to be such a cute addition and help us create new memories! We have it available for all of you as well in Sean’s Etsy store!

Christmas Surprises Activity Tree

We have let the Christmas season fly by without slowing down and actually doing traditions and memories with our children. This Christmas Surprises Activity Tree helps the children count down to Christmas, and also helps you as a mom come up with special things to do with your children.

Don’t be alarmed, these are not all huge activities that take you away from home. But they help you be more proactive in celebrating this very special month as a family.

So how does it work? Using this activity is super simple!

Print the tree and the 25 custom illustrated ornaments out, cut out the ornaments and place them in a bowl, and you’re ready to go!

Every day, allow a child to draw an ornament out of the bowl and place it on the tree. Next, look at the Christmas activities sheet (included) to discover the activity which corresponds to the ornament they selected! They might have chosen the “Make hot cocoa” ornament, the “Sing Christmas carols” ornament, or the “Go on a winter nature walk” ornament. There are 25 different Christmas related activities in all!

Print off the Christmas Tree and tape the back of it together!

Cut out your ornaments. Sean made these ornaments and I think they are so adorable! You can laminate them if you want (I’m going to do that). Put them in a bowl and your child draws one out randomly each day. With our large family we have each child take a turn drawing an ornament.

Each ornament represents an activity that you can do! When they draw an ornament come look at what it says to do. Moms – don’t feel like you have to do every single thing on this list! Some days we will just put up an ornament and other days we will follow through on the idea list.

Here is a tip. Plan ahead for some of these things. Grab a gingerbread kit from the store and keep it tucked away. Make sure you have plenty of white paper and scissors for cutting out paper snowflakes. Keep your favorite Christmas movie saved backed for the day you draw that ornament. Just look through the list and mentally plan on which ones you want to do.

I think it’s going to be a super fun December!!!

You can get the printable Christmas Tree Activity here!