7 Tips For An Easy To Clean House

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We all need life to be just a little bit easier. There never sees to be enough time in the day and keeping your house clean can feel like it takes more time and energy then you have to spare. What if you stayed consistent and I gave you a few new tips and tricks that can give you an easy to clean house?

7 Tips For An Easy To Clean House!

1.  Teach each member of the family a new habit that will be their job to do every day. Simple small habits like wiping off a counter, picking up items on the stairs, giving the toilet a quick wipe, or straightening the cushions on the sofa. Pick jobs that are age friendly and remind them repeatedly until the habit sticks. When the whole family joins in these small things become big and no one even notices.

2. Have a one touch policy. When the mail and other papers come into the house, sort them right away. A file box with folders for important things makes this job easy. If it does not go into a file it goes into the trash.

3. Take advantage of tools that make cleaning faster. From dust mops to the dishwasher any tool you have in your disposal to do any cleaning for you should be put to work. Let technology work for you. Did you know your dishwasher can was other items around the house like toys, and decor?

4. Learn to multitask. While cooking dinner get dishes soaking and give the floor a sweep. My mom was super good about always soaking the dishes while she cooked!  If you really want to take advantage of that time prep more than one meal at a time and freeze everything ready to go. Not only do you save time you only have to clean once.

5. When decorating your home pick easy to clean materials. Get rugs small enough to toss over the porch railing or laundry line and hose down for an easy cleaning. Buy curtains that can go right into the washer and keep decorative elements to a minimum so you can dust less.

6. Use tricks to clean less often. Dusting the house and wiping baseboards with a dryer sheet can repel dust making dusting a chore you can do less often. Spray the shower down with a bit of vinegar between uses to break down and prevent build up.

7. Keep the dirt outside. Have children clean up before coming in and leave shoes outside the door to reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do.

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Make Over Your Evenings Course Is Here! One Day Low Price!

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The Free Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Kit for Spring is Here!

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As much as we talk about spring cleaning like it’s a chore, it doesn’t have to be. I try to think of it as a new beginning, an opportunity to make my home a cleaner, healthier and a more beautiful place. With the fantastic Mrs. Meyer’s Spring Cleaning Kit from Grove Collaborative, it’s easy to embrace spring cleaning — the Mrs. Meyer’s lilac and peony limited edition products fill my home with the smell of fresh flowers, the glass spray bottle is beautiful and so functional…which is why I’m so excited to share this offer with you!

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(Grove does not currently do not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska)