A Mother’s Guide to Natural Remedies

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A Mother's Guide to Natural Remedies, learn how to treat common colds, flu, fevers, and more naturally!

When my children get sick, the very first thing I reach for are my natural herbs, essential oils, teas and tinctures. I’m not opposed to using medicine, but if something natural can help my child why not use that first?

Our 5th child was at the pediatrician’s office more than all the others, simply because she was my first child to have earaches her first year of life. The first time the doctor gave us the standard antibiotic for earaches and being an exhausted mom of a new baby I just gave them to her.

I honestly had not done much research on earaches, because my children had never had them before!

After another earache returned I knew I didn’t want to keep giving her medicine unless I absolutely had to. I started reaching for natural tinctures and oils that help earaches, and those seemed to work well!

While using natural products can work well, you have to know which ones to reach for and what is safe for children. Some moms never even try using them because they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

I’ve been listening to a brand new resource that I’m excited to tell you about, because it has already been a help to me!

A Parent's Guide to Natural Remedies!

A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies, An Online Course for Parents was created by a holistic health coach and a holistic nurse (who was a pediatric nurse for a long time).

This course will teach you everything you need to know to safely and confidently use natural remedies at home.

Your Course Benefits:

  • Know how to reduce your child’s fever without using Tylenol.
  • Get rid of an ear ache without antibiotics.
  • Stop a cycle of never ending diaper rash, cradle cap, or reflux by looking at the root cause.
  • Soothe your child’s uncomfortable symptoms without hard synthetic medications
  • Stop feeling like you are taking a wild guess at which remedy to use
  • Avoid damaging your child’s gut flora by using antibiotics and cause reoccurring illnesses

I recently listened to the course on sleep and bedwetting  and I used some of the suggestions on my boys, who have a hard time unwinding at night and going to sleep. One of our boys will get up and sleepwalk in the middle of the night often. Both of them slept soundly all night long, without waking up!

Here is what you will receive in the course:

  • A a welcome e-mail that includes a link to the free “quick start” videos to get started with tips you can use right away.
  • Classes covering 14 topics! Each topic is delivered to you via a video recording that you can download and listen to on the go. A PDF with the slides for each webinar is also available for you to make quick reference to when your child is in need.
  • Bonus materials – the recorded expert interviews, the remedy recipes, and more. Check them out in details below!

This course is normally $99 to purchase, but through Monday April 23 you can get it for just $29.97 when you purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!


When it comes to alternative medicine you have to pick and choose what you feel comfortable using. I’ve never used homeopathy for several different reasons and it is promoted in this course. Even though I don’t use that, I still found lots of helpful information and ideas to use with my children. Take what will work for you and start using that!

You can get the Parents Guide to Natural Remedies ECourse, normally a $99 value for just $29.97 when you purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

This course is part of 100 different eResources, all of which were put together to help you as a christian woman, wife, mom, homemaker, homeschooler, and more! Over $1000 worth of products (plus bonus items!) for 29.97.

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The Homebirth Story of Sophia Diane

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The Homebirth Story of our 10 pound baby girl!

It’s been three weeks since Sophia was born, and it has taken me that long to process her birth and be able to write her story.

Upon reflection, the agony of her birth has lessoned and the despair I felt has turned into utter delight over my lovely baby girl. However the memories of what was, by far, my most difficult birth are still there.

After such a difficult pregnancy that included first trimester morning sickness and vomiting, progesterone shots and the scare of a miscarriage, I was hopeful that my birth would be peaceful. The calm after the storm.

It ended up being the most intense part of the storm.

I shared awhile back that I don’t tell anyone my actual due date. It proved to once again be a wise decision as I ended up going 10 days overdue! I’ve had three of my children on my due date, so those 10 days proved an agonizing wait, but it was easier that I didn’t have everyone calling and texting me every day about being late.

Purple Maxi Dress with Crocheted Maternity Sweater

I’m getting ahead of myself though. Before I went into true labor 10 days late, I started labor one week prior, just 3 days over my due date. It was in the evening, I called my midwife and told her I had gotten to the point that I needed Sean to make it through the contractions. She came, we had the birth pool all set up, and two hours later everything totally stopped. I was so frustrated!

When labor finally started a week later I waited a few hours before letting anyone know. I look back and laugh, because I decided to ship a batch of orders for Deborah & Co. during early labor. Once I got to the point I needed Sean’s help through the contractions I called my midwife again. I normally tend to go pretty fast in my labors, so she didn’t want me waiting long to call her. She came around 8:30 PM, and I told her I was hopeful to have the baby by 10:00 PM. Little did I know that we had a long night ahead.

Our children went to spend the night with Sean’s brother (who is married to my sister, who came to be with me). Our oldest daughter had a hard time with leaving and wanted to stay. Anticipating our usual calm birth, we told her as long as she went into her room when we told her to that she could stay. We had not prepared her to be with me during the actual birth, and at 7 years old I didn’t feel she was quite old enough yet. She stayed in the living room, quietly doing a sticker book and looking at books while I labored. Looking back we wish she had not been here, but I think she will be ok.

Waiting patiently for her little sister to be born at home!

I started having horrible back labor and needed Sean and the midwife to press on my back when contractions came. We had the birth pool set up and I finally got in it. I’ve had water births with 4 of my 5 previous children and was eagerly looking forward to another water birth. It was yet another plan I had to let go of and surrender. Every time I got into the water my labor would totally stop!

Finally my midwife said she was going to leave and go to a local restaurant that was open late. She knows I hate being watched and sometimes she has to leave so I can labor alone. Sean and I walked our hallway and I walked up and down our steps while she was gone.


At this point it was around midnight, my contractions really hurt and were very intense when they came, but they were only coming every 15 minutes! Not very encouraging. I talked to my midwife on the phone and she encouraged me to just go to bed and rest. She was going to come back, pack up her supplies and leave until things picked up. Having never had a labor that just wouldn’t progress like this, I was so exhausted and discouraged.

By the time she got back I couldn’t stay in bed because the contractions hurt so badly when they came. I got back in the water, and again the labor stopped. My midwife had me go lay in bed on my side, with one leg pulled up high and stay like that for 15 minutes and then turn on the other side. She said sometimes that helps the baby if it’s position is not right. Talk about pain when a contraction hit!

My sister and midwife were camped out with pillows in the hallway, and Sean and I were in our bedroom trying to rest through contractions. I was beginning to despair that this would go on for another 24 hours. This went on during all the wee hours in the morning, until 4 Am finally hit. I was crying out to the Lord for deliverance, just praying that this baby would come. I asked Sean if we were going to have to transport to the hospital, as I knew something wasn’t right. Labor had never went like this for me, where I had hard contractions but spread far apart with little progress.

My midwife had checked to see how dilated I was a few times by now, but she would never give me solid answers, just encouraging me that I was progressing. I know my midwife really well, and knew that meant she didn’t want to discourage me with the truth. I really was not dilating very well at all.

Finally I asked her to check me again. At this point she asked if she could try and help move things along and I wholeheartedly agreed. She ended up needing to move my cervix out of the way. It was the best decision ever. A few minutes later I started pushing a baby out!

I was flat on my back in our bed, in a total hospital position. I have never given birth like this before, and in my head I knew this was a horrible position, but it was needed for this birth. I was so tired and desperate to get her out, and contractions were still not coming frequently.

Feeling the need to get her out, I ended up pushing out a 10 pound baby without the help of contractions. :/ I don’t recommend this, but it worked. My husband said he really didn’t watch her being born, instead he was watching me push with all my might, trying to get this giant (for me) baby out. Our midwife had to help get her out. I am used to pushing a head out and the rest of the body comes. Not Sophia! Everyone started yelling at me to keep pushing after her head was out, she came out ever so slowly and with assistance.

Finally, she was born! In reality, pushing her out only took a few minutes, it just was intense and ever so painful. Sean and my sister were afraid I might burst some blood vessels they said I was pushing so hard!

After she was born the midwife put her on my chest, but I didn’t even look at her. I was so exhausted I couldn’t even support her. I was in an incredible amount of pain, and the look on my face shows it.

Giving birth can be a joyful thing, but also a very painful thing!


My midwife did the basic exam and cleanup, and then left so I could sleep. I was already falling asleep when she came to tell me goodbye, with Sophia tucked in beside me.

Resting in bed with a newborn baby

The next 24 hours were hard, I was incredibly sore. Actually I’m still sore if I stand awhile. This birth I’ve needed to be down and quiet longer than my other ones. It has taken a good three weeks for me to be up and around again.

In case anyone was curious, I did not have gestational diabetes. I know people commonly think that when large babies are born. She just was a big baby, and was 10 days late!

I can look back now and say I would do it all over again to have Sophia. We love her so much already, and I can’t imagine life without her. However, I really, really hope to not ever repeat a pregnancy like this one. :)

If you are pregnant or just had a new baby, you might be interested in the Pregnancy & Baby resources found in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! During my recovery time with Sophia I’ve enjoyed getting an early look into the bundle and I’m so encouraged by all the resources. It’s only available for one week!

Taking One Step Towards Better Health

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I don’t know about you, but I get easily overwhelmed. It’s not difficult to experience information overload about what you should and should not be eating. Some sources say certain supplements are good for you, others say they are not.

Instead of giving up and not doing anything at all, I like to do my own research on the topics that are important to me. I want to be educated and know as much as I can about my condition when I go to the doctor for a certain ailment. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of hours pouring over health books on topics like pregnancy, fertility, breastfeeding, adrenal fatigue, thyroid, chronic fatigue syndrome and more. I don’t consider myself an expert at all; I just like to be informed with the issues I’m dealing with.

I appreciate encouragement along the way, from others who have gone through what I’m experiencing. I love to read pregnancy books or hear testimonials about people who have recovered from thyroid or adrenal problems.

What I don’t appreciate is an in-depth program or book that will take me several months to learn how to implement, and before I truly have it down I’ve given up in discouragement over the effort.

I’ll be honest – I tried the popular Trim Healthy Mama program. I bought the book, read through it, and tried some of the recipes. It was so confusing to me that I sold the book and I haven’t looked back (sorry to any Trim Healthy Mamas out there! Glad it works for you!).

Everyone has to find what what works for them and their family, and there is no one size fit’s all program.

That’s why I’m so excited that the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is available again for just two short days!


Whether you need to educate yourself on postpartum herbal health, natural cleaning recipes that actually work, how to make granola, use coconut oil, cook with beans, or make smoothies, this healthy living bundle has it all!

Plus, there are some awesome eCourses included, like a $95 essential oil course, or a $97 Mama Baby Birthing course (just in time for me to take a good refresher in natural birthing before having our sixth baby!).

You don’t have to be overwhelmed with all the information, for the low price of less than $30, just take what you need and apply the knowledge towards your family!

With bonuses worth over $140, to places like Made On Lotion, a free Yogurt or Sourdough Starter, a free 2 ounce liquid herbal tincture from Trilight herbs and more, you will be getting your money back in just the physical products you receive!

This Bundle is only available for 2 days, so don’t delay! Get your encouraging start to the new year with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle! 


When You Need Encouragement To Get Back On Track

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Guess what? Your break is over.

This weekend probably marks the end of your festive dinners, the holiday treats and lack of activity you’ve allowed yourself to be exposed to over the last week.

I’m ready to get back to eating healthy, and trying to fit in some workouts in my busy days!

I know I’m not alone in this.

If you didn’t read Ryan and Stephanie’s story in an email I sent out earlier this week,  here it is in a few short sentences:

In February 2007, Ryan was diagnosed with cancer. He fought cancer. He beat cancer. Ever since then, Ryan and his wife Stephanie have made it their life’s mission to improving their family’s health and way of life so that their 4 wonderful children’s lives are never shortchanged.

Ryan and Stephanie have overcome a lot as a family. And they did it all after they made one big decision.

Starting Monday, you can find the same type of information that they have used.  The way they got themselves and their family back on track is something every family needs to learn about and begin doing TODAY.

Ryan and Stephanie have put together an amazing selection of the best ebooks and courses from some of the most knowledgeable and renowned authors on some of the most important topics impacting your family today:

How to make yourself more fit
How to make your children more nutritious meals
How to improve the condition of your skin and hair through natural products
How to use essential oils
How to do all that you can to prevent chronic diseases
And hundreds of more topics

They’ve put it all together into one easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement package called the Healthy Living Bundle so that you never have to worry about finding the “right” information.

Ryan and Stephanie have done the work for you!

If you don’t believe me, see what others are saying about their bundles.

Starting Monday, Ryan and Stephanie will be opening the Healthy Living bundle for purchase for just 48 hours — that’s it! After that it will no longer be available.

Ryan and Stephanie could only get the authors to agree to give away a limited number of copies of their books. Be on the lookout for more information so that you’re ready on December 29 before the books are sold out. In the meantime, check out the reviews of the bundle here.

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