Announcing International Shipping for Lilla Rose and More!

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Lilla Rose International Shipping!

I am so excited to be able to make this announcement! Lilla Rose is now offering international shipping, and it starts at just $6.95!! This is huge news for so many ladies who have wanted to purchase these clips internationally!

The other very exciting news is that Lilla Rose now offers a Paypal option! There have been a lot of requests for that, so if you don’t like using credit cards you now have another option!

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip | themodestmomblog.comI love how simple these clips are to use. Even during my rough days of morning sickness I’m using flexi clips to pull my hair back, because they are just that easy.

Bulk Herb Store Black Friday Sale

In other news, The Bulk Herb Store has a giant sale that starts today! Use the code: SUMMER14 to save 20% off storewide (Not applicable on Water Filters, Specials, or Gift Cards). They are offering up to 50% off on select items! 

30% off – Customer Favorites:

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50% off Shoshanna’s Titles

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Now is a great time to stock up your herbal medicine cabinet! We love using the Eden Salve for all our cuts and scrapes, and I use the Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew in my pregnancies. You can shop all the sale items here.


My Six Week Journey to Better Health {Week 2}

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My Six Week Journey To Better Health, Week 2!

This week has had it’s ups and downs. I keep reminding myself that poor health and 10 extra pounds didn’t happen overnight! I’ve had some successes that I’m excited about, but also some real struggles.

The Highlights of My Week

By the end of week 1 I had last five pounds! I was super duper excited and so motived to keep going. This was going to be a breeze!

I faithfully did my workouts except for over the weekend. I’ve been going to the track and doing walk/run intervals. I’ve been eating a lot of salad, chicken and steamed veggies.

My husband got the girls a donut yesterday morning for a special treat, but I told him to not get me any! I’m trying to be very careful about what planned indulgences I do. I knew at some point I would make my family brownies (they had been asking for them!), so I made those last night and that was my planned treat.

Thyromin From Young Living has really been helping my adrenal and thyroid problems!

I am so thankful I started taking Thyromin, a thyroid and adrenal supplement from Young Living. My Dr. approved me taking it on top of my Armour Thyroid medicine, and I can tell a big difference when I take it! I had started having days where I just felt blue, I was fighting back tears and couldn’t figure out why! There was absolutely no reason to feel that way. This supplement really helped that, along with helping my fatigue. I also sleep better at night when I take it right before bed.


The Low Parts of my Week

Pride goeth before the fall. :)

I woke up on Tuesday and didn’t eat until 11:00 AM. Totally my own fault and I paid for it dearly. My blood sugar crashed hard, and I kept eating all day long to try to feel better. Most of what I ate was ok, but I ate a of it (nut mix, cheese sticks, apple gouda sausage, etc). I woke up the next morning and had gained back 2 pounds. Yesterday was kind of the same day, I just felt super dizzy and shaky and was still trying to get my blood sugar back to where it should be (I have low blood sugar). I haven’t weighed myself to see where I’m at, because I’m just going to keep pressing forward.

My Workouts

I’m still really enjoying the Fit Yummy Mummy workouts. When you join her forum you get two videos you alternate through each month. About when you are ready to move on to a new workout, the new month comes along and you get two new videos to learn!

Her advertising shows a lot of bikinis and bare skin. This is what her workouts are really like. She does them all on her back porch, and wears tanks and shorts or workout pants.

I love that the workouts include kettle bells, and dumbbells. You work on strength training three days and then cardio on the off days. It’s working for me so I’m going to keep at it!

Last Day of Lilla Rose Sale and Party!

Don’t forget that today is the last day of the 10% off Lilla Rose sale and mystery hostess party!

Lilla Rose Summer Sale! Save 10% off your entire order and receive free shipping on orders over $40.

When you order through the party link you are being entered to be randomly chosen to be the hostess of the entire party! Right now the party has over $700 in sales, so the hostess will receive $105 in free products, 4 half price items, plus a free hostess only flexi clip! If the party goes higher then the hostess rewards will just keep going up!

If you order $60 or more through the party link, I will send you a free flexi clip of my choosing! This is for my new and current customers only, I encourage you to stay loyal to your current consultant if you have one!

Patriotic Summer Fun

Here is a super cute summer outfit we put together using clothing that is for sale at Deborah & Co. and the Liberty Bow flexi clip! You can find links to all of these items here. 




My Six Week Journey To Better Health {Week One!}

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My six week journey towards better! Week one of the journey as a busy mom of five children! |

I’ve started a new journey towards better health. I’m excited to see what will happen at the end of the six weeks, but I’m already thrilled at the end of day two!

Last Christmas I was getting discouraged because I knew I needed to exercise but just couldn’t make the time. I told myself to just let go of the guilt until after Sean finished college in May. Between homeschooling and keeping up with the online work I wasn’t able to add something else at that point.

I was slowly starting to get more serious about working on exercising, but when I saw a six week summer slim down challenge start with Fit Yummy Mummy I decided to jump in and join after we decided to enjoy a longer summer break from school. Monday was the first day of the challenge, and life has dramatically changed for me already!

I’ve struggled with my health since high school. Adrenal fatigue from stress outside of my control, thyroid problems and low blood sugar issues all cause fatigue, anxiety like symptoms (really it’s just adrenaline racing through my body, but the symptoms are like anxiety), my muscles can really burn, and did I mention fatigue? I get so tired of being tired! Good health comes and goes, but the last two years have not been easy on my health. It’s time to refocus and work harder on feeling better.

My goals are:

To tighten my mommy tummy and lose some inches.

To lose 10 pounds (but I’m happy with loss of inches over pounds).

Have more energy. For me this means giving myself the grace to take some afternoon naps, and work harder on resting my adrenal glands.

Be in bed by 10 PM every night (I’m an hour past this tonight, so I clearly have some work to do!).

Do the online videos from Fit Yummy Mummy 2-3 times a week,  do walk/run intervals at the track 1-2 times a week, and swim 1 time each week.

To drastically reduce the sugar intake. Plan my indulgences and stick with only a few things with sugar in it a week, and keep those healthy.

I want to be strong. I want to be full of energy. If the Lord blesses us with more children, I want to have healthy pregnancies.

Yes You can Exercise With Children! My Six Week Journey Towards Better Health | themodestmomblog.comYou can read my review of my modest exercise skirt here.

So I’m on a mission. This week I’ve been ditching the sugar and white carbs. I’m a huge chocolate girl. I’m guilty of walking by the freezer and grabbing a handful of chocolate chips. About every day. Maybe even more than once! I’m not committing to never having sugar again, but I need a season of majorly cutting back.

And (this is said ever so sweetly!), yes I know all about the natural sugar options such as stevia, truvia, erythritol, etc. I can’t use stevia, I tried and it gives me major headaches as I have a ragweed allergy. I’m still  not totally comfortable using the other options, I might try the erythritol, but I want to do more research. I know honey is mentioned in the Bible, and honestly seems the most natural to me. :)

My Favorite Supplements

I have finally found some supplements that seem to be working well. Finally! 

I take Armour Thyroid (prescription) twice a day.

Two capsules of Thyromin at night, and two in the morning. The two pills in the morning are to help boost my adrenals, and I’ve been feeling better once I started doing this. This is a supplement that Young Living sells and it is a special blend of bovine glandular extracts, herbs, amino acids, minerals, and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Thyromin From Young Living has really been helping my adrenal and thyroid problems!

I take 1-2 Super B pills each day. It contains 8 different B vitamins. This is also from Young Living.

I’m also taking Alfalfa pills from T-Tapp, as she uses this with her skin tightening set.

Because I have a thing about swallowing a huge amount of pills, I decided to get the chewable Vitamin C pills from Young Living. :) Vitamin C is really good for adrenal health, so I just chew a few of these throughout the day.

Super C Chewable

I am still using the magnesium lotion I have previously shared about.

I’m also using my skin brush and my goal is to do that a few times a week to help tighten my mommy tummy.

I’m about ready to mix up this weight loss protocol using Young Living Essential Oils and take that daily. I’ve heard it is really helpful and I have all the oils! The good thing about this blend is that the fruit oils are normally on the less expensive side. I’ve been taking essential oils internally for awhile now, and really like the results I’ve seen.

Use this blend of Young Living Oils for a natural weight loss boost!

I purchase my oils at wholesale price, just by signing up as a wholesale member (like a Costco membership!). I get my oils 24% off in price because of this.

Please remember that I’m just a mom who tries to find things that works for my body. I’m not a Dr. and these are only my suggestions of what is currently working for me. :) I’ve tried so many different forms of adrenal and thyroid support, so I’m happy to be using something that works for me right now.

Reduce Work Related Stress

The last thing I’m working on is to try and reduce some work related stress! I knew once Sean graduated that I would get more help with the business. The first step towards new help is that I’ve hired a friend of mine to help out with the Deborah & Co. Facebook page. Jessica blogs at Candle in the Night blog, and she is a mom of three young children. We both attend church together, so she knows my heart behind my business and blog pretty well. I will still be on the page a lot, but when she is interacting with you all she will sign her name as Jessica, just so you know it’s her! I’m pretty excited to have help, as I know a lot of you mamas know it’s easy to be on the computer too much! When we start school I need to be serious about staying off during school hours. Knowing that Jessica will be around on Facebook is a huge help.

Jessica is a new helper for the Deborah and Co. Facebook page! (Jessica was a model for our Midnight Maternity Stretch Skirt!)

About The Workout Program

The Fit Yummy Mummy plan has always been what I’ve been drawn to the most. I like the concept of T-Tapp, and I understand the reasoning behind Fit 2 B. Everyone has a different personality though. I like sweating in a workout, and I don’t have time for long workouts. I want to know the workout is actually doing something in a short amount of time! Fit Yummy Mummy has 15 minute videos, and when you join the forum you get 2 new videos each month to follow along and do.

The best place to start is her ebook, which is included with her new member plan (you get the ebook for 50% off, plus one month of the forum and her workout videos for $19.99!).

Fit Yummy Mummy does not have modest advertising, you will see a lot of bikini’s on her page. I just do my workouts downstairs in the mornings while my children are doing their chores upstairs.

I have a friend who just had a baby in her 40′s. She went through the Fit Yummy Mummy program and was exercising and eating really healthy before she got pregnant again. She had a much better pregnancy and her birth sounded like it went really good! That inspired me even more to jump in and just start. You can’t hurt anything by starting, but sitting around and just researching everything for months on end can hurt you. No progress is being made as you take forever to decide what workout program you want to use!

I’m going to blog each week with how my progress is going, and what I’m finding works best for me. This will help keep me even more accountable!

I’d love to hear if you exercise, or do you consider chasing children your exercise? 


Throw Away Your Chemicals and Get Beautiful Hair The Natural Way!

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Throw Away Your Chemicals and Get Beautiful Hair the Natural Way!

I’m not a purist, but I try very hard to watch what I put on my skin. From avoiding parabens with my L’BRI pure and natural skincare, to using shampoo and conditioner from Costco that does not have sulfates in it, I read my labels and educate myself!

One thing I like to treat my hair to once in awhile is the Beautiful Hair treatment from The Bulk Herb Store. Made from nettle, horsetail, shave grass, oatstraw and henna, it is a nourishing formula that can revive tired looking hair.

They have three different color choices, dark, strawberry red and blonde. The herbal properties of this treatment penetrate only the broken parts of the hair shafts, leaving damaged hair looking healthy and full. The clear silicon creates a brilliant shine and nettle nourishes your scalp. This treatment brings out lovely highlights but does not cover gray hair. The Dark and Red mixtures contain nettle, oatstraw, henna, and horsetail/shavegrass. Strawberry Blonde contains henna, chamomile, nettle, oatstraw, and horsetail/shavegrass. Blonde contains chamomile, nettle, oatstraw, and horsetail/shavegrass.
Great selection of bulk herbs, books, and remedies. Articles, Research Aids and much more.

It’s a messy treatment, and it smells, both of those things result in a lot of laughs from the children. :) Who wouldn’t laugh when you look like this?

Using the Beautiful Hair Treatment from The Bulk Herb Store


  • 3/4 cup of lemon or vinegar (use lemon for lighter highlights, or vinegar for red/darker highlights)
  • 1/2 cup of Beautiful Hair Treatment – Dark
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil or mayonnaise (optional)

You mix the herbs together on the stove, along with either lemon juice or vinegar. I prefer the lemon juice for lighter highlights. Heat it for 5 minutes, but don’t let it boil!

After you let the mixture cool, you add in 2 beaten eggs. Then you stand over the sink, and carefully apply it to your hair, giving special attention to your dry or damaged areas. Wrap your head in a plastic sack, then put a warm towel over your head. Leave it on for at least 45 minutes.

Wash your hair out with water only that night, and then the following night you can actually take a shower and use shampoo.

The end result?

The end result of using Beautiful Hair Treatment from The Bulk Herb Store!

 Healthy, nourished, full hair that glistens in the sun! You can get beautiful hair naturally! 

Thick, Full Hair after using the Beautiful Hair Treatment.

After you have healthy glowing hair, you need a flexi clip! The June flexi clip is a lovely calla lilly! Only available while supplies last (usually just a week or two!).

June Flexi Clip!