Taking One Step Towards Better Health

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I don’t know about you, but I get easily overwhelmed. It’s not difficult to experience information overload about what you should and should not be eating. Some sources say certain supplements are good for you, others say they are not.

Instead of giving up and not doing anything at all, I like to do my own research on the topics that are important to me. I want to be educated and know as much as I can about my condition when I go to the doctor for a certain ailment. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of hours pouring over health books on topics like pregnancy, fertility, breastfeeding, adrenal fatigue, thyroid, chronic fatigue syndrome and more. I don’t consider myself an expert at all; I just like to be informed with the issues I’m dealing with.

I appreciate encouragement along the way, from others who have gone through what I’m experiencing. I love to read pregnancy books or hear testimonials about people who have recovered from thyroid or adrenal problems.

What I don’t appreciate is an in-depth program or book that will take me several months to learn how to implement, and before I truly have it down I’ve given up in discouragement over the effort.

I’ll be honest – I tried the popular Trim Healthy Mama program. I bought the book, read through it, and tried some of the recipes. It was so confusing to me that I sold the book and I haven’t looked back (sorry to any Trim Healthy Mamas out there! Glad it works for you!).

Everyone has to find what what works for them and their family, and there is no one size fit’s all program.

That’s why I’m so excited that the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is available again for just two short days!


Whether you need to educate yourself on postpartum herbal health, natural cleaning recipes that actually work, how to make granola, use coconut oil, cook with beans, or make smoothies, this healthy living bundle has it all!

Plus, there are some awesome eCourses included, like a $95 essential oil course, or a $97 Mama Baby Birthing course (just in time for me to take a good refresher in natural birthing before having our sixth baby!).

You don’t have to be overwhelmed with all the information, for the low price of less than $30, just take what you need and apply the knowledge towards your family!

With bonuses worth over $140, to places like Made On Lotion, a free Yogurt or Sourdough Starter, a free 2 ounce liquid herbal tincture from Trilight herbs and more, you will be getting your money back in just the physical products you receive!

This Bundle is only available for 2 days, so don’t delay! Get your encouraging start to the new year with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle! 


When You Need Encouragement To Get Back On Track

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Guess what? Your break is over.

This weekend probably marks the end of your festive dinners, the holiday treats and lack of activity you’ve allowed yourself to be exposed to over the last week.

I’m ready to get back to eating healthy, and trying to fit in some workouts in my busy days!

I know I’m not alone in this.

If you didn’t read Ryan and Stephanie’s story in an email I sent out earlier this week,  here it is in a few short sentences:

In February 2007, Ryan was diagnosed with cancer. He fought cancer. He beat cancer. Ever since then, Ryan and his wife Stephanie have made it their life’s mission to improving their family’s health and way of life so that their 4 wonderful children’s lives are never shortchanged.

Ryan and Stephanie have overcome a lot as a family. And they did it all after they made one big decision.

Starting Monday, you can find the same type of information that they have used.  The way they got themselves and their family back on track is something every family needs to learn about and begin doing TODAY.

Ryan and Stephanie have put together an amazing selection of the best ebooks and courses from some of the most knowledgeable and renowned authors on some of the most important topics impacting your family today:

How to make yourself more fit
How to make your children more nutritious meals
How to improve the condition of your skin and hair through natural products
How to use essential oils
How to do all that you can to prevent chronic diseases
And hundreds of more topics

They’ve put it all together into one easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement package called the Healthy Living Bundle so that you never have to worry about finding the “right” information.

Ryan and Stephanie have done the work for you!

If you don’t believe me, see what others are saying about their bundles.

Starting Monday, Ryan and Stephanie will be opening the Healthy Living bundle for purchase for just 48 hours — that’s it! After that it will no longer be available.

Ryan and Stephanie could only get the authors to agree to give away a limited number of copies of their books. Be on the lookout for more information so that you’re ready on December 29 before the books are sold out. In the meantime, check out the reviews of the bundle here.

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Red Raspberry Pregnancy Tea Recipe

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Looking for a new way to make an excellent red raspberry pregnancy tea? Here is a great recipe with easy instructions on how to make it!

I love using herbs and salves and essential oils, but I do not love tea. To be honest, I’ve never really liked it. When we would have tea parties my mom would indulge my older sister and I and give us chocolate milk instead. :)

When I became pregnant with my first child, I knew I needed to drink the red raspberry pregnancy tea. Everyone talked about how good it was for you. I went to my local health food store and bought a box of pre-made tea. I gagged on it. Yuk.

I was skeptical about drinking it again with my last pregnancy, but after discovering the blend of red raspberry tea from The Bulk Herb store I was pleasantly surprised by how much better it tastes than the boxed blends found in the health food stores. So I guzzled it down last pregnancy, still not loving it, but definitely not dreading it like I previously had.

This pregnancy, I’m excited to have improved upon the already excellent blend and add my own little twist to the recipe. It has really improved the taste to me and helps me get even more down! The nice thing is, it is super simple to make and only calls for one extra ingredient!

Red Raspberry Tea is excellent to drink during a pregnancy, but also for fertility, and general woman's health!

Red Raspberry Blend Tea Recipe

Yields: A pitcher of tea

10 teaspoons of Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew Blend

2 or 3 bags of Celestial Seasonings Tropical Fruit tea bags

8 cups of boiling water

Honey, sugar, Stevia, or other preferred sweetener.

Boil your water, and add the loose leaf red raspberry and the 2 or 3 tropical fruit tea bags. Cover with a lid and let steep for 5-10 minutes (sometimes I let it steep longer for a stronger tea). Drain the tea using a mesh strainer, add the sweetener of your choice, and put the tea in the refrigerator to cool.

I don’t drink Red Raspberry tea in my first trimester, but I start it in my second and try to drink a lot more in my third trimester. My midwife said I can drink as much as I want, provided I don’t start having a large amount of Braxton Hick contractions.

Red Raspberry tea is good for all women to drink, from teens to older women! In pregnancy, it helps to strengthen the womb, and I’ve heard so many testimonials of easier deliveries and recoveries from women that drink a lot of Red Raspberry tea. I know my delivery with Deborah was an excellent birth, and it was not until the very end that things got intense. I was very happy with how it went, and if I can have have the same birth this time around I will be elated!

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6 Ways to Survive the First Trimester {And a Giveaway!}

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6 Ways to Survive the First Trimester! | themodestmomblog.com

Now that I’m just coming out of the first trimester of pregnancy I can clearly look back and see what was essential to surviving through this time. Enduring the weeks of the first trimester is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to go through, but here are 6 things that definitely helped along the way.

Praying through the first trimester helps!

1. Prayer

There were several times when I was so sick and so discouraged that I asked Sean to stop and pray for me. It was very hard to stay cheerful and upbeat when I was so fatigued that I could barely move. I was given the strength to keep enduring through those prayers, and could feel the love of my husband when he prayed for me. I also knew that my church family was praying hard for me, and that was a strength to me.

2. Letting go of Expectations 

Seriously, I had to just let go of everything. The house, the meals, homeschooling, how I looked, what people thought. Most days I looked really horrible, the house looked horrible, and honestly…it’s still that way! My children have pitched in and helped a lot, our 10 year old does all the dishes, our 8 year old sweeps the floors, helps tidy up and set the table, our 6 year old has been doing a light bathroom cleaning and keeping her room clean. But with five children in a small house, it all goes back to messy very fast! When you are sick and extremely fatigued you can’t keep it up. It’s as simple as that. Making yourself feel guilty about it isn’t going to help.

It is hard for me to look run down for weeks on end. Sean bought two pairs of yoga pants for me to wear in bed. I was determined to get dressed in a skirt everyday, but after awhile I stopped caring. Being comfortable is the most important thing, and soft, stretchy yoga pants were wonderful. When I actually do go out, Maxi skirts are what I reach for the most.

3. Using a body pillow

You might think it’s strange that this made my list, but I’m so glad I have one of these. While body pillows and pregnancy are associated with the later stages of pregnancy, I’ve found that using a body pillow helps me sleep better. Sean bought me one at Costco and it is really soft and fluffy. When I was sick and fatigued, just being able to snuggle up to this pillow helped somehow.

Essential Oils that Help During the First Trimester!

4. Essential Oils

There is no miracle cure for morning sickness. At least not for me. Essential oils helped me during certain times, but I’m not going to tell you that they transformed my morning sickness. Peppermint has been a great help for headaches (actually headaches in my neck) and is safe for pregnancy.

Digize is good for morning sickness, and there were times it really helped me a lot. Just smelling it, or infusing it is great. During a few desperate moments I put a drop in my mouth, and loved the taste of it, but my midwife has asked that I not ingest essential oils during my pregnancy.

Peppermint was another oil that I smelled and it helped clear some nausea, especially when I was riding in the car.

When I would travel 45 minutes away to go get my progesterone shots at my doctor’s office, I found myself getting anxious the closer we got. I hated getting those shots! I used Peace and Calming, breathing it in deeply from the bottle and putting it on my wrists. At night it helps me sleep, I’ve put it on my neck, shoulders (especially if I’m tense there), wrist, and put a tiny dab right under my nose to just keep smelling it while I lay there. Other times I’ve put a drop in my hand and just held it close to my nose as I go to sleep.

I want to be super safe about what oils I use during pregnancy, so the Gentle Baby book has been on my nightstand for weeks. It’s a great reference book!

I started my essential oil collection with the Premium Starter set from Young Living. Since I purchased mine, they have made the starter kit even more awesome! Through the end of September, If you join with the Premium Starter Kit I’ll send you a copy of the Gentle Baby book for free! 

Young Living Starter Kit!

5. Eat Whatever Sounds Good

This is kind of a no brainer, but you need to eat whatever sounds good to you at the moment. This pregnancy has been quite different –  I’ve craved salads and baked potatoes! Not together mind you; they have to be separate. Sean has gone to Wendy’s countless times to get me baked potatoes, and one time I even had him get french fries, chicken nuggets, and a baked potato! Whew boy, talk about overload! :)

I struggle to eat any sort of protein when I’m sick, and while I know all the theories (bean diet, high protein/meat diet) that can help morning sickness, I just can’t do it. So I eat what I can. I learned it’s not good to stock up on food at Costco, because you might eat it once and love it, and then hate it the next day. So we got smaller quantities of different items at our regular grocery store.

Just plan that your food bill will go up during your pregnancy, but especially during your first trimester if you get really sick! You have to eat, and again let go of the guilt of eating something special while your children eat a PBJ sandwich. There is no way we can afford to get food out for every child whenever I need it.

6. Drink liquid – any liquid! 

I can’t do water in my first trimester. It’s horrible.  If I was able to drink a mug of water a day, I felt so proud of myself.  I tried lots of different things, and had to rotate through what I could get down. I tried Sierra Mist and that was ok until I threw it up (ouch!). I finally settled on whole chocolate milk from a local dairy. I still can’t believe I was able to get it down as it was rich, but somehow I could. I’m just now trying to get back into drinking liquids better, and have started making chilled Red Raspberry tea and putting it in my water bottle every day. It is tasting great!

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