Two Limited Time Special Deals!

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I was totally planning on sharing about this deal when it first came out, but then I had to make a little trip to the hospital, and I had no motivation or energy to blog much while I was recovering. 🙂

Lilla Rose Limited Special

There is only a few days left on this Lilla Rose special, but until March 15th you can enroll with this special, limited enrollment kit! They normally don’t offer this kit, but it’s a great way to get started as a Lilla Rose consultant!

For all the details on the requirements involved in being a consultant (don’t worry, there are very few), you can read the post I wrote on details about becoming a consultant.

I also did a quick Periscope video yesterday about becoming a consultant, and you can watch the replay here.

You can join Lilla Rose here!

The other special I wanted to share with you all is a Homemaking eCourse I have enjoyed watching!

If you are needing a boost on how to be a good homemaker, a blogging friend has put this great course together. You get 11 videos, a complete course workbook, printable scripture cards, and you can access the course anytime, anywhere, on any device!

It’s on sale until March 14th, and you get access to an exclusive Facebook group, and a chance to win a one-on-one coaching session!

This course is not for the advanced homemaker, but it’s great if you need encouragement on purging your house, keeping your house clean, and practical tips on keeping up with a house with little ones. I watched the course while I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets!



Spring is here at Lilla Rose with new Clips!

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I’ve been eagerly looking forward to seeing what the March clips would be! The Lilla Rose consultants have a fun time trying to guess what the new clip will be, and normal it seems someone ends up guessing correctly!

Lilla Rose released two new clips that are available in March only! I think they are just adorable for Easter, and can see my little girls wearing them all spring!

Chick Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose. Available in March Only.

The Chick Flexi Clip is available in seven different sizes, available in March only, or while supplies last! I think this is beyond adorable!

Bunny Flexi Clip, available in March Only!

The Bunny Flexi Clip, available in March Only!

Bunny Flexi Clip, available in March Only!

This little bunny wants to be in your hair!

Violet Flexi Clip, Limited Edition Clip!

Violet is a Limited Edition clip, and I’m getting one of these for my oldest daughter whose favorite color is purple! This looks so much like spring!

Violet Limited Edition Flexi Clip

Simply stunning!

Rosaline Limited Edition

The Rosaline is another Limited Edition clip. This is a favorite of mine. It’s simple but feminine and beautiful.

Freja Flexi Clip

Finally, there is the limited edition Freyja clip. I like the colors of this one, and the dangle clips always seem to be popular!

You can shop Lilla Rose here, and if you need any sizing help, here is a chart to help you!  This chart will help you figure out what size flexi clip you need!

Feminine Friday (Dresses and Plaid)

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Desert Rose


Desert Rose

Dress ~ Sweater ~ Boots ~ Watch ~ Earrings ~ Necklace ~ Jamberry Wraps ~ Bobby Pins

At first glance I don’t think this dress would stand out to me as something I like, but the more I look at it, the more I wish it was in my closet to wear! 🙂 It’s sold out on the Cato website, but I’m thinking a trip to Cato’s is on my to do list!

As soon as I’m done breastfeeding Sophia I’m going to finally get some dresses! I love how they look, and you might see me wearing them constantly. 🙂 My babies normally nurse until 15 months when they stop on their own, so I’m a little over halfway there. But then again, nothing has been normal with Sophia so she might be the one to surprise me and go until she is 2. Ha!

Heather in the Glen


Heather In The Glen

Skirt ~ Sweater ~ Bracelet ~ Boots ~ Jamberry Wraps ~ Flexi Clip

Plaid has been really popular this year. If you worry about standing out of the crowd because you dress modestly, just try to find out what some of the current trends are and see how you can make them work for you! Plaid is one that definitely will be easy to fit into a modest wardrobe!

Ocean Mist

Ocean Mist

Skirt ~ Shirt ~ Halftee Cami ~ Boots ~ Jamberry Wraps ~ Flexi Clip

This plus size skirt is very flattering, but it’s sold out on Sears right now. My Mom was shorter and plus size, and she found that this length of skirt was much more flattering on her compared to a maxi length.

Just an FYI, Lilla Rose will be having a slight increase of prices starting February 1st. They have not done an increase in prices since 2012, and costs of goods just keep increasing so they are forced to raise costs a little. It’s not going to be huge, but I wanted to give you the heads up so you could order now if you wanted!

Lilla Rose prices are going up just slightly, now is the time to get your flexi clip!

Lilla Rose 12 Hour Flash Sale With NEW Products!

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Seriously, I love Lilla Rose. Not only do they release the November Flexi of the Month today, but they also release other holiday items AND give us a 12 hour flash sale!

You can save 25% off everything, plus get free shipping on orders of $50 and more! Yippee!

12 hour flash sale on these brand new Lilla Rose Flexi Clips and Bobby pins!

If you are a brand new customer to Lilla Rose and order 3 items, you can email me for a 4th item to get it free! The 4th item is good for anything $16 or under, for USA customers only. The free item will arrive 2-3 weeks after your initial order. Just email me at If you have a consultant, please stay loyal to them!

The new Poinsettia clip is the Flexi Of The Month clip for November!

Flexi of the Month clip for November!

Poinsettia makes her appearance in time for the Holiday Season. Enjoy the festive shades of red, along with the bright brass tones for a cheerful updo! Brass plated, enamel. Available in mini-mega sizes!

Ruby Clip Bobby Pins for a limited Release!

Do you need matching bobby pins? The Ruby Bobby pins give your holiday updo some sparkles and color!

Sapphire Bobby Pins for a sparkling Holiday Updo from Lilla Rose!

Are you a blue person? Try these Sparkling Sapphire Bobby Pins!

Bobby Pin Holiday Set from Lilla Rose!

Here is a Holiday Bobby Pin set!

Joy Flexi Clip only released for a limited time!

Finally, the Joy Flexi Clip is being released again for just a limited time. This is one of my favorite holiday clips!

If you are not into these holiday clips, remember everything else is 25% off as well! 

Shop Now

Just a reminder, this sale is super short as it ends tonight! 


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