Huge Lilla Rose Sale, Plus 11 NEW Clips!

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Guess what? Lilla Rose has a brand new shopping cart! The whole shopping experience is different, and I think it’s a lot easier. Instead of searching clips by different sizes, you just click on each image of the clip you like and all the sizes are shown there.

When they created a new shopping cart they upgraded their servers. Faithful shoppers with Lilla Rose knows that sales can sometimes be difficult to navigate, the website can get overloaded and it’s hard to get through. The company is quite hopeful that you won’t have any problems at all during this sale, with the new servers in place!

Lilla Rose Huge Sale With up to 30% off and 10% off everything! Starting today there is a huge sale, with 10% off everything, 15% off the new styles, and 30% off select items! Plus there is free shipping on orders of $40 and up! Amazing! 

On top of all of that, we are going to do a mystery hostess party! One person that places an order will walk away with up to $150 in free products, up to six half price items, plus a hostess only flexi clip! (If you already have a Lilla Rose consultant, please stay loyal with her!)

They have been working on coming up with some new flexi clips to release, and I love what they came up with! They are in very limited quantity though, so don’t wait to place your order!

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Celtic Flexi Clip in Seven different sizes!

Celtic Flexi Clip in seven different sizes! Diamond Flexi Clip - one of the new flexi clip styles!

Diamond Flexi Clip available in seven different sizes! Southwest Flexi Clip

Southwest Flexi Clips, available in seven different sizesTurtle Flexi Clip, available in seven different sizes

Turtle Flexi ClipNew Pearl flexi clip!

Pearl Flexi Clip – Some of you will love the gold in this one! Fascinating Flexi Clip available in seven different sizes!

Fascinating available in seven different styles! I really like this one!

Four new styles of clips from Lilla Rose!

And four more new clips! I’m getting the Montana clip! Love it!

September Flexi of the Month!

Plus they are releasing the September Flexi of the Month clip and hairband. The Thistle is a good clip for the Scottish, or so I’ve been told. 😉

Do you need sizing help? This guide will help you figure out what size you might need! And remember, Lilla Rose offers easy exchanges if you get the wrong size.

Flexi Clip Sizing Guidelines


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I Went To My First Lilla Rose Convention! {Well…Almost}

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This past weekend we took a day trip to Omaha Nebraska where I was able to attend a one day regional training event for Lilla Rose. They have yearly conventions for customers in California, but that’s just a tad far away from Missouri. :)

I was so excited to finally meet the founder and owner of Lilla Rose! John Dorsey is a really great, down to earth guy who wants to meet every consultant and talk with them. I’ve chatted with him on the phone, and even had flowers sent from him on behalf of Lilla Rose when Sophia was born, but this was the first chance I’ve had to meet him. It was really good to get to chat with him, ask some questions I’ve had about Lilla Rose, and to just tell him how thankful I am for this business!

I finally met the owner of Lilla Rose! Such an amazing business to be a consultant with!  I think it is the best direct sales company ever!

John Dorsey (owner of Lilla Rose) and I!

A fancy updo using a Lilla Rose X-Large Flexi Clip. Would be lovely for a wedding, date night, party, or any event that needs a fancy hairstyle. The best part? It took just a few minutes to do!

We had a session where we did different hairstyles with the flexi clips. I learned some new tips, and I had a new friend try doing a twist on my hair. She was needing some help, so John came over and did this twist on my hair. I loved it! I need to practice at home. It literally only took him  2 or 3 minutes to get it done.

French Twist Hairstyle using a Lilla Rose X-Large Flexi Clip!

A pretty updo using a Lilla Rose x-large Flexi Clip that would be lovely for a wedding, date night, party, or any event that needs a fancy hairstyle. The best part? It took just a few minutes to do!

After leaving this training event I am even more thankful for this company. I heard John Dorsey’s story of how Lilla Rose came to be. It was failure after failure, and even more failures before he discovered the right way to sell flexi-clips. As a business owner myself it was encouraging to hear of how many times he struggled before he finally realized the right way to run his business. Since he is married with two teenage daughters, he understands family life and never pressures the consultants to give more than they can.

There is only a few more days of the free shipping special for new consultants wanting to join! Even if you are not interested in building a huge business right now, you can join for $50 and receive 5 clips, and get a 30% discount on every order you place! No website fees, no monthly minimums to reach!

Join Lilla Rose during this FREE Shipping special! Get any kit shipped for free only through the end of July!

While I was at the training event all day my husband and children went to the Omaha zoo. It’s a fantastic zoo, and they had a great day! I was worried about Sean taking five children to the zoo all day by himself, but he said everything went really well! I’m so blessed to have such a great husband. :)

Going to the Omaha zoo!

Join Lilla Rose during the FREE shipping Special!

This post may contain Affiliate Links. Thank you for your support!

Join Lilla Rose during this FREE Shipping special! Get any kit shipped for free only through the end of July!

It’s here!! I’m often asked if there are specials with joining Lilla Rose but I normally have to say no. This rare occasion is here though, and I’m excited to share it with you!

Today though July 31st, you can join Lilla Rose as a consultant and receive free shipping on any of your enrollment kit!

If you asked me what has surprised me the most about this whole blogging, work from home, owning a business adventure, I would have to say Lilla Rose. It’s been an amazing story.

I joined the company with lots of questions and very unsure of it. I had always said I would never join a MLM company, I didn’t want the pressure of it all. And can anyone actually make money with an MLM company?

I quickly learned that Lilla Rose is not a normal MLM company, there is zero pressure to sale, promote, buy inventory, etc. When I mean zero, I mean zip, nada, zilch, nothing. You grow your business at YOUR pace!

Plus, you don’t have any monthly website fees! The only thing you have to do to stay active as a consultant is to purchase or sell $29 worth of products each year. That’s it!


I joined as a consultant, then became a supervisor, then a manager and thought I’d just stay there. The unreal thing happened to me, and I became a director with the company! It’s been an exciting journey and I love the team of ladies that I get to work with!

If you want to learn more information, you can go to the website and read about the different kits. But to learn even more, I created a Facebook event for this coming Thursday evening at 7:00 PM! I’m going to be sharing all about Lilla Rose, and what is involved in being a consultant. If you want to learn more, or have questions please join the event!

If you are ready to join right away and don’t want to wait, here is some more information for you.

Five Reasons you should become a Lilla Rose Consultant!

Read through the post I wrote: Five Reasons You Should Become A Lilla Rose Consultant!

You can watch a video made by my upline on the different kit options!Very helpful to understand the kits!

Please contact me if you have any questions! I’d love to help you grow a side business, one that could help pay a few bills, cover piano lessons for your child, pay for some homeschool books, or even turn it into a larger business with a good income!


Flash Lilla Rose Sale!!! 24 Hours only starting NOW!

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Lilla Rose Sale! 50% off clearance sale!


It’s a flash Lilla Rose sale! You can save 50% off select clearance items. This is an amazing opportunity to grab some clips for some great prices!

Beautiful lilla rose clip that is 50% off!


This x-small cluster clip is normally $20, but it’s on sale for just $10!

To find the sale items, go to the main page and click on Go Shopping on the right hand corner. Select the size you normally want on the left hand side, and look for the sale prices in red underneath the items.

You have to hurry though! Your favorite item might be gone quickly!

Shop here.