Feminine Friday (Lots of Good Outfits!)

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I’m excited about this week’s Feminine Friday. I’m inspired myself! If you want to know where you can find these items, just click on the links!

Delightful in Teal - The Modest Mom

Delightful in Teal

Skirt ~ Blouse ~ Cami ~ Sandals ~ Bobby Pins ~ Necklace ~ Earrings  Chapstick

I want this whole outfit! Well, almost!  I’m not sure about the necklace since I have never tried statement type necklaces, but I would totally wear everything else! :)  

Simple, classic outfits that look modern yet modest are a favorite of mine. I like being able to homeschool the children, yet walk out the door for music lessons and look put together. I would wear an outfit like this at home or running errands.

I just wouldn’t scrub the floors or a dirty bathroom in this outfit. 😉

Breezy Coral & Black - The Modest Mom

Breezy Coral and Black

Skirt ~ Blouse ~ Halftee Tank ~ Sandals ~ Purse ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip

When I was shopping at Costco yesterday there was a mom there with her young children. We smiled at each other several times at the food court, because we both had on long maxi skirts and this outfit reminds me of her! Sometimes you can just feel a common bond between women when you are out shopping, and you wish you could stop and chat!

The sandals in this outfit as SO cute, as well as the earrings. They come in several different colors, including dark blue.  I’ve been looking for a dark blue pair of earrings, these might be perfect!

Spring-y in May - The Modest Mom

Spring-y in May

Skirt ~ Cardigan ~ Cami ~ Belt ~ Scarf ~ Sandals ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip 

I have a maxi skirt like the one above and really like! Putting the rose belt with it is a great idea!

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New Color Line Flexi Clips from Lilla Rose!

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I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Lilla Rose Sale and New Products!!

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It’s always exciting when Lilla Rose introduces new products. I’m never disappointed, because they come up with the neatest designs!
Two day sale at Lilla Rose! They are introducing a new color line, solid colors for the different seasons!

Today they are releasing a whole new line of flexi clips called the Color Basics. I’ve long wanted a line of solid color flexi clips, so I was thrilled to see these being released. Pick the color you wear the most of, and you have the perfect hair accessory that is not only pretty, it’s practical!

Thursday and Friday only you can receive 10% off the new color line, plus you get free shipping on any order of $40 or more! 

I’d like to offer brand new customers to Lilla Rose a special offer only through Friday! Order any 3 items and you will receive a 4th item $16 or under totally free! This offer is good for USA only.

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Add a mini or x-small flexi clip to help keep it from slipping!

I’ve had people email me after they receive their first flexi clip. They are really surprised with how high quality these clips are, and that they really do work!

Festive Poinsettia Flexi Clip

Whether you need a mini or a mega, there is a size for everyone. You can see more sizing information here.

You can shop Lilla Rose here!

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Join My Team!

What I love best about Lilla Rose (besides the generous compensation checks I receive!) is the company itself. The owner and everyone who works at the office is incredibly friendly, and goes out of their way to treat the consultants almost like friends, not people who promote their products.

When I had my last baby I talked to the owner of Lilla Rose a few days afterwards. It was totally business related, but he found out I had just had a baby, so guess what showed up on my doorstep the next day?

A big bouquet of flowers from Lilla Rose!

I was so shocked that a company would go above and beyond what is required of them and treat their consultants with such kindness.

You can read more about joining Lilla Rose in a post I wrote a few years ago called Five Reason You Should Become a Lilla Rose Consultant. Or you can watch the video below!

Lilla Rose is one of the few companies I know of where you don’t have to pay a monthly website fee, and you only have to purchase or sell $29 a year to stay an active consultant. You can join for as little as $49!

Email me at Caroline@deborahandco.com if you have questions or want more information about being a consultant!


Lilla Rose One Day Spring Sale!

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Lilla Rose Spring Sale!


It’s been awhile since Lilla Rose had a sale! I was happy to see a spring sale was going to take place today!

Today only save 60% off all headbands

40% off a special bobby pin pack of three

 10% off new items, all bobby pins and the new April Flexi of the month!

Lilla Rose Headband!

 I’ve never seen the headbands go on sale this low!

Lilla Rose Pearl Headband

See that elastic on the headband? They are adjustable, and so many ladies have said they don’t have headaches wearing these headbands because of the adjustable elastic. Lilla Rose offers many different styles of headbands.

April Flexi of the Month!

The new Flexi clip for April is here and it is 10% off today only! The pink and purple colors with the tulip centerpeice are very fitting for spring.

Today only I’m offering brand new customers to Lilla Rose the chance to order 3 items, and contact me to receive a 4th item of $16 or under totally free! This is only valid in the USA, and good for customers who do not have a consultant and have never placed an order before.

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Sale items will probably sell out fast, so don’t delay in getting your order in

Seven Ways to Style Your Annoying Bangs!

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Growing out your bangs? I am also. It’s not the funnest time in the hair world, as there are many awkward stages to it.

What to do with this little section of hair? It can’t tuck behind your ears yet. It might not part evenly on your head. Or it might be in your eyes all the time (SO annoying!).

Seven Easy Ways to Style Your Annoying Bangs!

Here are seven easy hair styling ideas for growing out your bangs in this awkward time in life. Yes, even as an adult there are still awkward times. :)

Twisted Rope Braid

1. Twisted Rope Braid – this one is super, super easy! Take two strands of hair and twist together! The most important thing to remember is to take tiny sections of hair to twist. If you have trouble grabbing small sections, use the pointed end of a styling comb.

All of the pretty bobby pins shown in this post are from Lilla Rose. I have really slippery hair but these are very strong and they hold my hair in place all day.

Dutch Braid Hairstyle

2. Dutch Hair Braid – To get the evenly parted look, part your hair all the way down to your ear and pull it back. That way you are not grabbing a bunch of unwanted hair while braiding. Again, you need small sections of hair to create this look.

Crown of Braids Hairstyle - an easy way to fix your hair while growing out your bangs!

3. Crown Braid – only add hair to the front section instead of front and back like a traditional french braid.

Crown of Braids - an elegant way to pull back bangs that are growing out!

Hold hair tightly as you braid, to keep it from twisting.

Add a mini or x-small flexi clip to secure the back of your crown braid!

Add a mini or x-small flexi clip to secure your braids together! There are lots of different styles of flexi clips available in various colors. The clip shown above is a mini.

Pull your bangs straight back, with a little volume.

4. Straight Back – add some teasing/backcombing to the bangs to keep them from parting or going flat.

Straight Back Bangs

Secure your bangs with a few bobby pins, criss crossing them to stay in place better.

5. To the side – I twisted the bangs under, just slightly to keep the ends from poking out all together under the pin.

To The Side Bangs!

6. Rope Twist Headband – Part hair from the top of the ears on both sides and secure the back of the hair out of the way.

Rope Twist Headband, a cute way to style your hair as you grow your bangs out!

Starting above one ear, take a small section and divide into two parts. Twist the lower section behind the higher section and add a small piece of hair. continue to wrap under, adding small sections each time.

Twisted Rope Headband

 If you choose to wrap over,  the “twist” will face forward. I wrapped behind so that the twist was hidden. Once you have reached the other ear, continue to twist the hair and secure it under the hair, at the back of the neck.

Twisted Rope Braid Hairstyle

7. Headband – This is a super easy way to pull your hair back! Use a Lilla Rose headband for a lovely, feminine look. I love using these headbands as they have stretchy elastic that goes under your hair, and I never get headaches while wearing these!

Lilla Rose Headband!

If you are looking for some other basic ways to fix your hair, you can watch this short video made by my Lilla Rose upline. It shows how easy it is to use a flexi clip for a ponytail!

Seven Ways To Style Your Annoying Bangs as you grow them out! Don't let them stay in your eyes all day, here are some super cute but simple ways to style them!

I hope these ideas have been helpful. Let me know which one is your favorite!