Lilla Rose One Day Spring Sale!

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Lilla Rose Spring Sale!


It’s been awhile since Lilla Rose had a sale! I was happy to see a spring sale was going to take place today!

Today only save 60% off all headbands

40% off a special bobby pin pack of three

 10% off new items, all bobby pins and the new April Flexi of the month!

Lilla Rose Headband!

 I’ve never seen the headbands go on sale this low!

Lilla Rose Pearl Headband

See that elastic on the headband? They are adjustable, and so many ladies have said they don’t have headaches wearing these headbands because of the adjustable elastic. Lilla Rose offers many different styles of headbands.

April Flexi of the Month!

The new Flexi clip for April is here and it is 10% off today only! The pink and purple colors with the tulip centerpeice are very fitting for spring.

Today only I’m offering brand new customers to Lilla Rose the chance to order 3 items, and contact me to receive a 4th item of $16 or under totally free! This is only valid in the USA, and good for customers who do not have a consultant and have never placed an order before.

To redeem that offer, please email me as soon as you place your order of three items, and let me know what free item you would like. Please include your name and the item number, and send an email to The free item will come 3 weeks after your order you place today.

Sale items will probably sell out fast, so don’t delay in getting your order in

Seven Ways to Style Your Annoying Bangs!

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Growing out your bangs? I am also. It’s not the funnest time in the hair world, as there are many awkward stages to it.

What to do with this little section of hair? It can’t tuck behind your ears yet. It might not part evenly on your head. Or it might be in your eyes all the time (SO annoying!).

Seven Easy Ways to Style Your Annoying Bangs!

Here are seven easy hair styling ideas for growing out your bangs in this awkward time in life. Yes, even as an adult there are still awkward times. :)

Twisted Rope Braid

1. Twisted Rope Braid – this one is super, super easy! Take two strands of hair and twist together! The most important thing to remember is to take tiny sections of hair to twist. If you have trouble grabbing small sections, use the pointed end of a styling comb.

All of the pretty bobby pins shown in this post are from Lilla Rose. I have really slippery hair but these are very strong and they hold my hair in place all day.

Dutch Braid Hairstyle

2. Dutch Hair Braid – To get the evenly parted look, part your hair all the way down to your ear and pull it back. That way you are not grabbing a bunch of unwanted hair while braiding. Again, you need small sections of hair to create this look.

Crown of Braids Hairstyle - an easy way to fix your hair while growing out your bangs!

3. Crown Braid – only add hair to the front section instead of front and back like a traditional french braid.

Crown of Braids - an elegant way to pull back bangs that are growing out!

Hold hair tightly as you braid, to keep it from twisting.

Add a mini or x-small flexi clip to secure the back of your crown braid!

Add a mini or x-small flexi clip to secure your braids together! There are lots of different styles of flexi clips available in various colors. The clip shown above is a mini.

Pull your bangs straight back, with a little volume.

4. Straight Back – add some teasing/backcombing to the bangs to keep them from parting or going flat.

Straight Back Bangs

Secure your bangs with a few bobby pins, criss crossing them to stay in place better.

5. To the side – I twisted the bangs under, just slightly to keep the ends from poking out all together under the pin.

To The Side Bangs!

6. Rope Twist Headband – Part hair from the top of the ears on both sides and secure the back of the hair out of the way.

Rope Twist Headband, a cute way to style your hair as you grow your bangs out!

Starting above one ear, take a small section and divide into two parts. Twist the lower section behind the higher section and add a small piece of hair. continue to wrap under, adding small sections each time.

Twisted Rope Headband

 If you choose to wrap over,  the “twist” will face forward. I wrapped behind so that the twist was hidden. Once you have reached the other ear, continue to twist the hair and secure it under the hair, at the back of the neck.

Twisted Rope Braid Hairstyle

7. Headband – This is a super easy way to pull your hair back! Use a Lilla Rose headband for a lovely, feminine look. I love using these headbands as they have stretchy elastic that goes under your hair, and I never get headaches while wearing these!

Lilla Rose Headband!

If you are looking for some other basic ways to fix your hair, you can watch this short video made by my Lilla Rose upline. It shows how easy it is to use a flexi clip for a ponytail!

Seven Ways To Style Your Annoying Bangs as you grow them out! Don't let them stay in your eyes all day, here are some super cute but simple ways to style them!

I hope these ideas have been helpful. Let me know which one is your favorite!

How to Tease Your Hair (Back Comb) In A Few Easy Steps!

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How to Tease Your Hair in a few easy steps!

Teasing your hair, or back combing, is very easy to do. However, if you don’t know the proper steps you won’t get the results you want! Learning how to tease your hair is really helpful for not just adding volume when you want to leave your hair down, but for adding volume to hairstyles.

You need just a few products to successfully tease your hair.

To start, you need just a few products.

Hairspray – I use and love Redken 23. It holds well without making your hair sticky or crunchy.

Root Lifting Powder – I have tried a cheaper root lifting powder but I recently started using Big Hair Don’t Care lifting powder and love it! It isn’t the cheapest root lifting powder out there, but you only need a tiny bit – just one little shake for each section of hair.

Teasing Brush – I’ve read so many good reviews about this teasing brush that I decided to give it a try. It works great and is affordable!

Comb – You need a comb to section off your hair.

If you want to pull your teased hair back when you are done, you will need some bobby pins and a flexi clip from Lilla Rose.

Now that you have your products gathered, let’s figure out how to tease your hair! If you need to know how to make spiral wave curls, I have a tutorial here.

How to tease your hair, step one!

Step 1.

Divide a ¼ to ½ inch section a few inches forward of the crown of your head.

Step two in teasing your hair, add some root lifting powder!

Step 2.

If desired, apply a root lifting powder to each section. I used Big Hair Don’t Care, from Milani Hair. Sprinkle a little of the root powder on the section…

Step three of teasing your hair, use your fingers to rub the root powder in.

 Then use your fingers to scrunch/rub the powder into the hair.

How to Tease your hair!

Step 3.

Hold the hair toward the forehead at a 90º angle. Using a back combing comb/brush, back comb a few strokes.

Use hairspray to hold the teased hair in place.

Step 4.

Spritz each section with hairspray after you have back combed it.

Spritz with hair spray to hold your teased hair!

Step 5.

Repeat with small sections to the crown of the head.

Smooth the teased hair back.

Step 6.

Using the comb or a brush, smooth the hair back gently, and spritz with hair spray.

It is easy to tease your hair, you just need the proper tools!  Find out how in this quick, easy tutorial!

You did it!

If you want to pull it back using bobby pins or a flexi clip, here is how to do that! 

A Back Combed Crown hairstyle

Section off your hair to pull it back

Step 1.

After back combing the crown section, divide the front just above the ears on either side.

Pull your teased hair back into bobby pins

Step 2.

With bobby pins, secure the crown section to keep from being pulled down.

Tease Hair for a back combed look

Step 3.

With the tail end of a rat comb, adjust the hair where it may have fallen or been pulled down.

Backcombed Hair Style with a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip!

Step 4.

Using an extra-small Flexi Clip, smooth the two front sections back and secure the Flexi Clip, if necessary twisting the two sections of hair to hide the pins.

This makes such an easy, elegant hairstyle!

I’d love to hear how this works if you try it! 

How To Get Spiral Wave Curls In Seven Easy Steps!

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I really like using my overnight hair rollers, but they don’t give the look of spiral wave curls. Here is how to get spiral wave curls in seven easy steps! The first time you try this it might be difficult, but it does get easier. Depending on your hair texture these curls will add wave for 2-3 days, and you can do different hair styles each day until you wash your hair again!

Ready to try? Here is how!

Brush your hair well before  you start curling your hair.

Step 1.

Brush hair thoroughly, using a boar bristle brush. Boar bristles help to distribute natural oil throughout the hair, which is beneficial for keeping long hair healthy. The wooden handle helps to reduce static electricity, which is especially nice in the winter months!

Spray on a heat protectant before curling.

Step 2.

Spray evenly with a heat protectant. I used 44 Iron Guard from Chi. Concentrate the spray on the ends where most thermal damage happens.

Section off your hair to curl the bottom layer.

Step 3.

Divide hair into sections. First section, top of the ears. I used three sections because my hair is thick with a few layers, but if you have thinner hair you can use two or even none. I twisted it up and secured the section with a flexi clip.

Brush each section out before curling it.

Step 4

Taking 1 inch sections, brush the section to remove any tangles. If you have stubborn-to-curl hair, taking a section smaller than an inch maybe beneficial.

Wrap hair around the outside of the curling iron.

Step 5

Open the clip of the curling iron and wrap the section of hair over the clip once….

Wind the hair all the way around the curling iron.

…then wrap the rest of the way inside the clip, making sure not to overlap.

Close the clip on the curling iron and hold for 10 seconds.

Close the clip to secure the ends. Hold for up to 10 seconds and then release the clip, allowing the ends to slide out gently.

Spiral Wave Curls!

Ta-da! Spiral wave curls!

Winding the hair around the iron twists the hair slightly with each wrap, providing a relaxed, soft wave, instead of a tight ringlet.

Continue until the section is finished. I use a Hot Tools curling iron and like it, but almost any curling iron should work.

Spray hairspray on the section of spiral curls.

Step 6

Spray lightly with hairspray. I used Redken Forceful 23 because it gives a strong hold without being sticky or stiff. I’ve tried some other hairsprays but this is my favorite one. I don’t use a lot of hair spray so one bottle lasts me a long time.

Second layer of hair curled!

Step 7

Divide another section. I sectioned about my eyebrows, straight back. Twist the top section out of the way, curl and spray. Repeat with the top section. Avoid brushing or combing the finished curls. If necessary, finger comb lightly through the ends to smooth, and spray evenly.

All done! Finished Spiral Curl Waves

All done!

Depending on your hair, the waves will last up to three waves. You can style it different ways and on the third day put it up in a loose bun or twist it up in a flexi clip.

Seven Easy Steps to Spiral Wave Curls!

In the next hair tutorial post I’ll share how to tease your hair and put it back in a flexi clip from Lilla Rose!

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