Lilla Rose Hairstyles (And a Link Up!)

I thought it would be fun to show you some new hairstyles using new Lilla Rose products for the link up today! Lilla Rose has some gorgeous new products in stock and I love how they styled all of them! I’m always looking for new ideas on how to style my hair and I definitely have a few new styles to try now!

This hairstyle looks incredibly easy! It almost looks like there are some bobby pins placed on the side to keep that roll in place, and then it’s secured with the new Flitter Flexi Clip in Teal. 

The Flitter Flexi Clip in purple is beautiful with this small bun.

The Cornucopia is the October Flexi of the Month clip. That means it’s super limited! Last month the Flexi of the Month sold out a day or two! This will be great to wear for your Thanksgiving Dinner!

The Rose Flexi Clip is another new clip! This hairstyle is a twist and then they just spread the top out to flair it like that.

The Lydia Headband is a new purple color. This hairband works great for keeping hair back without giving you a headache!

Look at these Hoot U-Pins! I love the Hoot Flexi Clip and these matching U-Pins are adorable for fall! If you don’t know how to use the U-Pins, this video on YouTube is helpful! (No, I don’t like this outfit!)

The Camila U-Pins look like a Princess could wear them! I have these coming in the mail and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

They are offering an awesome customer special for the month of October! Spend $80 and receive a free hairband, which is a savings of $24! 

I hope that gave you some ideas for new hairstyles! And now…for the link up!

Link Up Time!

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Lilla Rose Giveaway and Party!

I tend to like change. I’ll use something for awhile, and then I love to try something new. It just goes with my personality. I love to move the furniture around in my house because I need a new look.

One thing I haven’t changed my mind about in six years now is Lilla Rose. Ever since I tried my very first Flexi Clip, I’ve been a loyal fan, and I even quickly decided to become a consultant, something I never dreamed I would do. That was the best decision ever, as six years later I’ve become a Director with Lilla Rose and have a team of over 600 ladies who have joined! (If you are interested in becoming a Lilla Rose Consultant I’d love to chat with you more about it!).

That is the very first clip I ever tried, and this picture is from 2012. I’ve been in love with these Flexi Clips and use them all the time!

Why have I stayed so attached to them? 

Because they actually work. 

In the picture above I had waist length hair. It was the first time ever that I had been able to put my hair all up like that. The plastic clips didn’t work, and a huge bun gave me a headache!

Fast forward to today and I’ve cut quite a few inches off my hair, but I still use Flexi Clips! I use an XS to pull my hair back, like the picture above.

I curl it and twist it all up, sometimes with a flexi clip and sometimes with the braided leather flexi clips and a hair stick.

I use the beautiful hair bands, which have stretchy elastic underneath and are literally the only headbands (outside of cloth ones) that I can use without getting a massive headache! I use them all the time!

Using a simple bobby pin is an easy way to add a cute extra touch to your outfit!

And the bobby pins are the most durable bobbies I’ve ever tried! Plus they are so beautiful!

Over the years I’ve added to my collection, and you can see that my daughters and I have some fun choices to pick from!

If you would like to learn more about Lilla Rose, or just have fun at an online party with me (there will be prizes!), I’m doing an online Hair Style Boutique on Facebook this Thursday night! Just click on the link and join the event!

If you have not tried any of the Lilla Rose products before, or if you have some and would just like to add more to your collection, I’m doing a fun giveaway for you!

I’m giving away a Pearl hairband (as shown in the picture above) and a kaleidoscope x-small flexi clip! The picture below shows you the style, but the clip will be smaller than the clip in the picture below. This giveaway is limited to USA and Canada only please. 🙂

To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below!
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4th of July Hairstyles (With The Link Up!)

This week I’ve been at our new house until 10:00 at night most nights, tearing down wallpaper. I finally crashed Friday night and came home early to rest. We went back to the house Saturday and we were out late again, but Sunday off to rest. I’m dragging big time, but I’m almost done! We hired someone to come do all the mudding and sanding on the walls to make them look like new, so that will happen Wednesday through Friday. I’m looking forward to that, as I’ll be at our current house packing, and taking a nap at some point. 🙂 This is hard work, but I really think it’s all going to be worth it!

I’m looking forward to moving in at the end of July! We are praying that we get it all done in time, as we have to be out of our rental house for sure at the end of July.

Instead of the usual pictures I’m going to share some hairstyle ideas that you could do for the 4th of July!  

Here are some easy updos for the 4th, using the patriotic Lilla Rose Flexi Clips!

I love this hairstyle for little girls! If you feel overwhelmed in how to do it, just look at the picture closely. It’s simply 3 different sections that they part in half and braid. I’m going to try it this year!

If you don’t have a flexi clip, use a red, white, or blue scarf as a fun accessory in your hair!

The latest patriotic clip that Lilla Rose released. They did a fun variation of a braid!

I hope everyone has a lovely 4th of July! I’m looking forward to the day off of wallpaper, before we jump into painting the whole main level!

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.


Two Great Sales That You Don’t Want To Miss!

Wahoo! Lilla Rose is so fantastic to offer the February Flexi of the Month clip early, as it is a beautiful clip for Valentine’s Day! They are even offering a sale to go along with the new clips that are being released!

If you like victorian style accessories, you will love these clips! They are not the usual bright red Valentine’s Day clips, rather a deep rich ruby red.

Cherish – Heart filigree with ruby red stone, dark rose, and copper luster accents. February ’17 FOTM available during the month of February or while supplies last.

Rose – A delicate brass rose with black nickel accents, perfect for a romantic look.

Morning Joy – A delectable steaming cup of coffee with delicate nickel beading. This has been a long requested flexi clip! If you are not a coffee drinker (I’m not!), this could represent that herbal tea you love! Or hot chocolate. Yummy. 🙂

Heart Blossom – A lovely bouquet of hearts paired with dainty beading.

Cora – A lovely victorian etched heart with bright violet. This Flexi Clip is a Limited Release and available only while supplies last.

All of these clips will be available at 7 AM PST today, and the sale lasts for 41 hours! Don’t forget that the monthly special for January also applies, if you order $50 worth you get a free mini clip of your choice. 

If you need help with sizing, go here to find more info!

For those of you who are attacking clutter and trying to get organized, The Ultimate Bundle people have put together a great bundle of resources to help you do that! It starts today, and I just wanted to briefly mention it for you!

The Conquer Your Clutter Bundle has some of the tried and true resources included, like the 2017 Motivated Moms daily check list.


The Home Management For The Homeschool Mom is a great book by one of my favorite bloggers, Amy Roberts of Raising Arrows. It’s full of tips from a mom of 10!

I’m loving these daily routine cards. Such a great idea for helping your children have a good routine in their day, especially for those who cannot read yet!

Of course you can’t have a bundle on organizing without planners! Here are some great resources.

This bundle is worth over $600, but for 6 days only you can get it all for just $29.97. If this is something that interests you, make sure you click over to the website for more details. I just wanted to make sure you knew about it! January seems to be the month when a lot of people are ready to declutter their house and work on being organized. 🙂