How To Wear A Maxi Skirt And Be Modest

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Maxi skirts are wonderful for being modest. Or so it appears at first glance. The length makes it easy to get on the floor and play with children, and be active as a mom.

However, I’ve seen some maxi skirts be just as immodest as a mini skirt. Seriously. Let’s go over some ideas on how to avoid that, and what makes a maxi skirt actually be immodest!

How To Wear A Maxi Skirt And Be Modest

Even though a maxi skirt just describes the length, whenever I say maxi skirt I think of a long knit skirt. There are maxi denim skirts (like the Rainbow Denim skirt we sell) but for this blog post we are going to talk about the knit ones.

What exactly makes a maxi skirt immodest? Quite simply, when it fits you like a glove. Jeans are not the only thing that can hug your bottom and show your figure, certain maxi skirts do the same thing. When a skirt clings to you, it also can easily show the lines of your underwear, thus drawing attraction to your bottom area even more.

Blue polka dot skirt from Ross! I love the detail on the waistline, and that it is silky and won't wrinkle.

In general, avoid maxi skirts that:

~ Has a lot of spandex in the fabric. There are times I love spandex, but if a skirt has a good amount of spandex in it, most of the time it will be a fitted maxi skirt. Spandex is really good for layering tanks and shells, where you want the item to fit you well underneath a blouse or shirt. Not so much for hugging your bottom and clinging to your legs.

Does not have a lot of extra fabric at the bottom. You don’t need an a-line maxi skirt (not everyone looks good in that style), but you don’t want the skirt so fitted that it doesn’t naturally have more width at the bottom.

Maxi skirt and Choose Joy shirt are my favorite relaxed outfit!

Simple Ways to Make A Maxi More Modest –

Use a slip! This is always what I try first. Sometimes just using a slip can help pull that clingy fabric away from your bottom, and avoid the famous underwear lines.

Wear seamless underwear. It can be easy to find underwear with smooth lines. I’ve found all cotton underwear has thicker seams (think brands like Hanes her Way), but silky soft underwear that still has a cotton crotch (no yeast infections!) work great.

Wear supportive garments underneath. Thanks to my six blessings, I wear supportive garments a lot to hide a mommy tummy. My favorite one so far was one I found at Target awhile back.

Where to find modest Maxi skirts:

A beautiful lace maxi skirt plus a floral tee, all available at Deborah & Co.

Deborah & Co. – This is not a knit skirt, but we offer a lovely lace maxi skirt! If you are looking for a maxi length denim skirt, the Rainbow Denim skirt is my favorite!

Kohls – I’ve found a nice striped maxi skirt here before, it looks like the selection is different from when I last shopped for one, but you can find several on the website still.

JCPenny has some good options – you can find some that look modest here, here, here (not totally a maxi length, but could be on a petite person), and here.

Cents of Style – I haven’t tried these personally, but they look nice in the pictures! The polka dot skirt is adorable! While you are there, check out the Choose Joy shirts in new spring colors! I have this shirt in black, and receive lots of compliments on it!

eShakti – I’ve ordered a chambray skirt from them before that I love. They have a maxi length Chambray that would be great for summer. The nice thing about eShakti is that they can customize a lot of the lengths for you, and make quite a few of these skirts into a maxi length.

Geometric skirt from Lularoe, with a blue cardigan from Stitch Fix!

LulaRoe – I’ve fallen in love with these maxi skirts! Somehow they are not crazy full, but they are not skin tight. You can get silky soft ones, or a regular cotton knit. The best way to find these are to join Facebook groups with a consultant, and they share new inventory every week or so. I’m hosting a pop up party in a few weeks for a lovely blog reader that is a consultant! I wear LulaRoe skirts several times a week now! I’ve found it best to size down one size in their maxi skirts.

Those are some of my tips for wearing maxi skirts, I’d love to hear your tips! 


Feminine Friday and My Favorite Things!

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Looking for feminine fashion ideas? I love this week’s Feminine Friday outfits, as they are so feminine and pretty! Everyone has different styles and tastes. To be feminine doesn’t mean you have to wear pink and lace all the time, but some ladies love to do that!

A Garden Stroll

A Garden Stroll

Skirt ~ Blouse ~ Shoes ~ Purse ~ Hat ~ Jamberry Wraps ~ Flexi Clip

Going to a tea party? This outfit is perfect! A lot of it is from ModCloth, which is a store I still have never tried shopping from! I like the vintage feel of this outfit.

Picnic Style

Picnic Style

Skirt ~ Shirt ~ Layering Shell ~ Sandals ~ Purse ~ Jamberry Wraps ~ Flexi Clip

Those sandals are adorable! I’m thinking they would not be comfortable to wear all day long, but I would wear them to church. 🙂 The layering shells are perfect for wearing under lower cut tops like this one.

Mint to Run Errands

Mint To Run Errands

Skirt ~ Top ~ Shoes ~ Purse ~ Jamberry Wrap ~ Flexi Clip

This plus size outfit is a simple everyday outfit, but sometimes simple is nice! The shoes look comfortable, and the flexi clip is a favorite of mine!

My Favorite Things

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Feminine Friday (Floppy hats and Maxi dresses!)

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Floppy hats and Converse shoes are true signs of warm weather. I don’t think the weather has yet to decide it’s actually going to warm up and stay that way, but I’m grateful for whenever it is warm!

Causal Reds


Casual Reds

Skirt ~ Top ~ Hat ~ Converse Shoes ~ Purse ~ Bracelet ~  Flexi Clip

The lace on the shirt is lovely! I was surprised to find this on the Walmart website!

Geometric Fun


Geometric Fun

Dress ~ Halftee Tank ~ Sandals ~ Flexi Clip

I love wearing halftees under these types of dresses, especially the short sleeve halftee for the summer months! It creates little bulk or extra heat for the hot season.

Hues of Blues


Hues of Blue

Skirt ~ Top ~ Earrings ~ Bracelet ~ Purse  ~Flexi Clip

I love blue outfits. I still surprise myself with just how much I like wearing different shades of blue!

Have a great weekend!

Stitch Fix Review : Box 1

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Sean really surprised me with my Christmas gift this year! I received a gift certificate to Stitch Fix, which was the last thing I was expecting to get. He totally spoils me when he can, and he knew I had really been wanting to try this.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a really neat service for women! You sign up on the website and fill out a special profile, letting them know your size and what kind of clothes interest you. Here is one of the style cards I picked out (obviously knowing I would modify things to be modest, or want them longer!).

My style card I selected for Stitch Fix.

A stylist picks out 5 different items, and you receive a special box in the mail. You have a few days to try the clothes on, decide if you like any of them, and you can return the clothes you don’t want in the bag that is included.

It’s a super nice way to try new clothes on without getting out to shop, plus knowing that a stylist hand picked out these clothes for you makes it extra special!

You can set your stitch to be delivered every month, or you can just choose when you would like to receive one.

A few reasons why I love this service:

I don’t have a lot of time to get out and shop! It’s an easy way to receive some brand new clothing in the colors and styles I like.

The clothing is high quality, so hopefully it will last for quite awhile.

It feels like a huge mommy treat, and it’s so much fun to look forward to the box coming and trying the clothes on!

Once I fill out the profile, I don’t have to think about colors and styles. I can request certain things to come each month, or I can be surprised with what my stylist picks out!

Even though there is a $20 styling fee for each box, that is credited towards whatever item(s) of clothing you pick out. If something arrives that you love for $50, you only end up paying $30 because the styling fee is credited toward it.

I also love the easy referral program that anyone and everyone can use to share the fun clothes they receive with their friends and earn credit to use on their next stitch!

I’ve received my first box, and I’m excited to show you what came! 

My very first Stitch Fix arrived! I'm super excited to be trying this new service out!

When I filled out my profile, I said I wouldn’t mind receiving a pair of jeans to try along with a tunic shirt to wear with it. I don’t normally show jeans on the blog, but I wanted to share with you all exactly what I got, so here goes.

I love this sweater that came in my Stitch Fix Box! Very soft and comfortable!

If I wore jeans all the time, I would have seriously considered keeping these jeans. They were SO comfortable! They fit perfectly, and the fabric was amazing. However, I just don’t wear jeans that often right now, and the price was $98 for these. They were the first thing I put in the bag to go back.

The sweater also came from Stitch Fix, and I LOVED it! I’ve never worn a sweater so soft, and it felt like a cuddly blanket. I was very undecided on this one. Keep it…or send it back? I planned on wearing this one with a skirt, and I just wasn’t as thrilled with how it looked with my Rainbow Denim Skirt on, so sadly I sent it back. Now I kind of regret it. 🙂

A feminine floral lace shirt from Stitch Fix. It clearly doesn't fit.

Ok this one didn’t work out! I said I would like a feminine top, and the stylist sent this one along to see what I thought. It obviously doesn’t fit right though! Back in the bag it went.

You might be wondering if I kept anything at all. Here it is!

Here is what I loved from my Stitch Fix Box! This navy blue cardigan is ultra soft and will go with a lot of different outfits!

I fell in love with this navy blue cardigan. It’s a basic but very versatile wardrobe piece. I knew I could wear it with maxi dresses and skirts, and it’s one of those soft cardigans that make you snuggle up in it!

So what are my opinions after my first box? 

I definitely plan on doing more boxes. I didn’t leave a terribly good review of this box (one item not shown totally didn’t fit at all), and they wrote me back right away saying they would be picking me out a new stylist for the next box. I’ve heard that it sometimes takes a few tries before you get the perfect stylist. The prices are higher than just going to JCPenny and looking on the clearance rack, but I like the idea of getting a few quality pieces of clothing every few months.

I’d love to hear if you have tried Stitch Fix! I’ll let you know when my next box comes, and what I get!