Stitch Fix Review : Box 1

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Sean really surprised me with my Christmas gift this year! I received a gift certificate to Stitch Fix, which was the last thing I was expecting to get. He totally spoils me when he can, and he knew I had really been wanting to try this.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a really neat service for women! You sign up on the website and fill out a special profile, letting them know your size and what kind of clothes interest you. Here is one of the style cards I picked out (obviously knowing I would modify things to be modest, or want them longer!).

My style card I selected for Stitch Fix.

A stylist picks out 5 different items, and you receive a special box in the mail. You have a few days to try the clothes on, decide if you like any of them, and you can return the clothes you don’t want in the bag that is included.

It’s a super nice way to try new clothes on without getting out to shop, plus knowing that a stylist hand picked out these clothes for you makes it extra special!

You can set your stitch to be delivered every month, or you can just choose when you would like to receive one.

A few reasons why I love this service:

I don’t have a lot of time to get out and shop! It’s an easy way to receive some brand new clothing in the colors and styles I like.

The clothing is high quality, so hopefully it will last for quite awhile.

It feels like a huge mommy treat, and it’s so much fun to look forward to the box coming and trying the clothes on!

Once I fill out the profile, I don’t have to think about colors and styles. I can request certain things to come each month, or I can be surprised with what my stylist picks out!

Even though there is a $20 styling fee for each box, that is credited towards whatever item(s) of clothing you pick out. If something arrives that you love for $50, you only end up paying $30 because the styling fee is credited toward it.

I also love the easy referral program that anyone and everyone can use to share the fun clothes they receive with their friends and earn credit to use on their next stitch!

I’ve received my first box, and I’m excited to show you what came! 

My very first Stitch Fix arrived! I'm super excited to be trying this new service out!

When I filled out my profile, I said I wouldn’t mind receiving a pair of jeans to try along with a tunic shirt to wear with it. I don’t normally show jeans on the blog, but I wanted to share with you all exactly what I got, so here goes.

I love this sweater that came in my Stitch Fix Box! Very soft and comfortable!

If I wore jeans all the time, I would have seriously considered keeping these jeans. They were SO comfortable! They fit perfectly, and the fabric was amazing. However, I just don’t wear jeans that often right now, and the price was $98 for these. They were the first thing I put in the bag to go back.

The sweater also came from Stitch Fix, and I LOVED it! I’ve never worn a sweater so soft, and it felt like a cuddly blanket. I was very undecided on this one. Keep it…or send it back? I planned on wearing this one with a skirt, and I just wasn’t as thrilled with how it looked with my Rainbow Denim Skirt on, so sadly I sent it back. Now I kind of regret it. :)

A feminine floral lace shirt from Stitch Fix. It clearly doesn't fit.

Ok this one didn’t work out! I said I would like a feminine top, and the stylist sent this one along to see what I thought. It obviously doesn’t fit right though! Back in the bag it went.

You might be wondering if I kept anything at all. Here it is!

Here is what I loved from my Stitch Fix Box! This navy blue cardigan is ultra soft and will go with a lot of different outfits!

I fell in love with this navy blue cardigan. It’s a basic but very versatile wardrobe piece. I knew I could wear it with maxi dresses and skirts, and it’s one of those soft cardigans that make you snuggle up in it!

So what are my opinions after my first box? 

I definitely plan on doing more boxes. I didn’t leave a terribly good review of this box (one item not shown totally didn’t fit at all), and they wrote me back right away saying they would be picking me out a new stylist for the next box. I’ve heard that it sometimes takes a few tries before you get the perfect stylist. The prices are higher than just going to JCPenny and looking on the clearance rack, but I like the idea of getting a few quality pieces of clothing every few months.

I’d love to hear if you have tried Stitch Fix! I’ll let you know when my next box comes, and what I get!


Feminine Friday (Floral and Sports!)

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Just a Hint of Floral

Just A Hint Of Floral

Skirt ~ Top ~ Boots ~ Watch ~ Earrings ~ Jamberry Wraps ~ Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

I’ve been hearing a lot of people ask if they can wear boots with a maxi length skirt. That’s mainly what I wear all winter long! I personally think thinner boot looks better with a maxi length skirt versus a chunky boot, but I’ve worn both.

Dreaming of Springtime

Dreaming of Springtime

Dress ~ Cardigan ~ boots ~ Purse ~ Necklace ~ Flexi Clip ~ Jamberry Wraps

The nice thing about cardigans is that they can sometimes hide some curves. I personally wouldn’t wear this dress by itself, but I would try it on with a cardigan or longer shrug over it.

I love the Jamberry wraps shown in this outfit! I’ve had my current pair of Jams on for a week now, and they still look fantastic! It took me a few times to learn the best way to apply them, but I think I’ve got it figured out! They make such a cute accessory to any outfit and last so much longer than nail polish. They have some Valentine’s Day wraps that are so adorable, and they always have a special of buy 3, get 1 sheet of wraps free!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Sailor Skirt ~ Cami ~ Hoodie ~ Sneakers ~ Pearl Headband ~ Jamberry Wraps

I love wearing sneakers with skirts, versus regular tennis shoes. They are less bulky and look much nicer. These Converse Sneakers are super cute!

What is your favorite accessory, something like Jamberry wraps or nail polish, Flexi Clips, or a cute purse?? I’d love to hear!

Feminine Friday and Black Friday Deals Starting!

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Polka Dot Fun

Polka Dot Fun

Skirt ~ Sweater ~ Cami ~ Boots ~ Earrings ~ Nail Polish ~ Flexi Clip

I love this sweater. I found a really good coupon for Kohls and ordered it. 😉 The collar is detachable and it will be a lovely versatile sweater!

Adventures in Patterns

Adventures In Patterns

Skirt ~ Shirt ~ Boots ~ Belt ~ Nail Polish ~ Flexi Clip

This would be a great outfit to wear for Thanksgiving! I’m not very good when it comes to pattern mixing like this. So far I haven’t been bold enough to mix stripes and florals together. One day I’m going to do it though.

Pops of Coral

Pops Of Coral

Skirt ~ Shirt ~ Cami ~ Shoes ~ Watch ~ Purse ~ Necklace ~ Bracelet ~ Headband

A black skirt is always slimming! This plus size outfit has so many cute touches, I love the pops of coral in it! The pearl headband from Lilla Rose is the headband I use the most often. It just goes with everything!

Black Friday Specials 

I have so many awesome finds to share with you all in the coming week! Whether you shop only online or in stores you can get some amazing deals! I personally prefer to shop online. I’ve done both but found the deals online to be very good and it beats the crowd!

I like being prepared and planning what I want to purchase ahead of time. Here are just a few deals to be aware of, many more are coming!

Black Friday Special at Usborne!

Save up to 60% off at Usborne! My children are getting quite a few new items from Usborne this year for Christmas!

New flexi clip coming from Lilla Rose!

Here is a sneak peak at just one of the TWENTY SIX new Flexi Clips being released on Black Friday with Lilla Rose!! I am SOOO excited about this. I love this clip and it’s going to be sold out probably instantly. :) We will be doing a mega mystery hostess party here on the blog, so don’t miss out!

I’ll be sharing deals with Jamberry, homeschool curriculum deals, and of course Deborah & Co. deals!! If you want to follow along, please join our Facebook event where all of these deals will be posted.

Finally, today only our Daily Deal at Deborah & Co. is our Denim Sailor Skirt!

Sailor Denim Skirt found at Deborah & Co.

Using a Beauty Blender For Perfect Foundation!

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The secret to perfect foundation! The Beauty Blender creates a perfect, smooth makeup experience!

After wanting a Beauty Blender for awhile now, I recently ordered one to finally try and fell in love with it!

If you haven’t heard of the Beauty Blender, it’s basically a sponge. But it’s a special sponge that applies liquid foundation to be smooth and natural looking. No streaking or splotchy makeup when you use the Beauty Blender!

I read many different reviews on these makeup sponges. You can get cheaper sponges at places like Ross or Marshalls, but every single review I’ve read say they don’t work as well. If you want to try one, get the real deal and stick to the name brand sponge!

So how does it work?

First you wet the sponge and squeeze it. I like to dry it on a towel as well. It needs to be damp, but not very wet at all.

Then I put some foundation on my hand, and dab the Beauty Blender into the foundation.

Next I dab the Beauty Blender onto my face. Do not apply it like a brush with strokes! You just do little dabs.

The Beauty Blender is shaped like an egg. You use the larger round part to apply the foundation over the main parts of your face, and use the smaller part to apply foundation under your eyes.

Beauty Blender Sponge applies perfect, streak free makeup!

Here are some before and after pictures!

A before picture with no makeup on.

Before Makeup

And an after picture with makeup! I used L’BRI foundation (the lightest color they have, a #1) and then used the wet/dry foundation over that.

After I applied makeup using the Beauty Blender Sponge!

Ta-da! :) I like a natural look and the Beauty Blender helps achieve that!

You can see a video I did on Periscope (Yes! I’m on Periscope as Caroline Allen) showing an actual tutorial on using the Beauty Blender.

Here are some links of the products I mention in this post!

The Beauty Blender can be found on Amazon.

The foundation I use and love is from L’BRI Pure and Natural. This foundation is vitamin enriched Aloe-based foundation, which leaves the skin with a soft, creamy finish.

L'BRI Pure and Natural Foundation. Vitamin enriched Aloe-based foundation leaves skin with a soft, creamy finish.








Finally, I use the Wet/Dry foundation from L’BRI.

wet dry foundation








Have you ever used a Beauty Blender? Leave me a comment and let me know!

*This is not a sponsored post, I purchased the Beauty Blender myself! Affiliate links are used in this post however, which helps support our family.

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