Six Ways to Style A Denim Skirt!

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I’ve wanted to put together a post showing you six ways to style a denim skirt for a long time. You can make the same skirt have many different looks, based on what tops and accessories you put with it. Don’t be discouraged if you have a small wardrobe, just make sure you have one denim skirt that you love and can wear a lot. The different looks are endless!

Ladies seem to either love or hate a denim skirt. I fall in the love category. They are practical, comfortable, and you can still look super cute and stylish wearing one!


In most of these outfits I have my hair pulled back with an X-Small Kaleidoscope flexi clip from Lilla Rose.

Curled in loose waves and pulled back with an x-small flexi clip from Lilla Rose

I’m wearing L’BRI Pure and Natural makeup in all these photos. I used three different lipstick colors, Do Kiss, Desert Rose, and Sugar Plum.

Denim Skirt with a casual shirt and necklace for  a finishing touch! |

Outfit #1

A casual outfit to stay at home, or go out and run errands in.

Rainbow Denim Maternity Skirt – Deborah & Co. (Both the woman’s and the maternity version are back in stock!)

Pink Blush Maternity Top

Boots – Zulily

Necklace – Sugar and Spice from Mialisa

I love this honey color cardigan! It really finishes the whole outfit,.

Outfit #2

I would wear this outfit to Wednesday night church, a date night, any event that needs an outfit slightly more put together, but still not super fancy.

Rainbow Denim Maternity Skirt

Gap Striped Maternity Shirt – I purchased this gently used with credit from ThredUP. You can get $10 in credit if you are a brand new customer to ThredUP and join here!

Cardigan – Deborah & Co. It is not a maternity cardigan but I’ve learned a lot of maternity cardigans look really huge, so I wear some of my regular cardigans as well.

Scarf – ThredUP

Modern and Modest! Accessories add so much to an outfit.

Outfit #3

Sometimes you can express yourself through your outfit! Normally if my husband doesn’t like an outfit I don’t feel confident enough to wear it. My sister gave me this hat for Christmas (she purchased it from Kohls). Sean wasn’t sure if he liked the look or not, but I decided to just be brave and go ahead and wear it. I wore this outfit to Wednesday night church, and also ran errands all day in it. By the end of the day he liked it. :) If you are trying something new, give it longer than the initial look to see if your family (or you!) will like it!

Rainbow Denim Maternity Skirt

Gap Gray Shirt – ThredUP

Purple Tank – ThredUP

Scarf – Thrift Store (Banana Republic Brand)

Hat – Kohls

A casual outfit for running errands or staying home, I like adding the scarf for a finishing touch.

Outfit #4

Another casual outfit to wear at home, or go out and about in. I don’t normally dress denim skirts up really fancy, so I focus on how to look casual, but well put together for everyday looks.

Rainbow Denim Maternity Skirt

Gap Top – ThredUP

Scarf – ThredUP

Earrings – Pink Button Earrings 

Turn a summery sleeveless shirt into a cute winter outfit by layering with a cardigan or jean jacket!

Outfit #5

You can have a much larger wardrobe if you combine some summer and winter clothes together. The pink top is a lighter weight, sleeveless top but it works perfect wearing it with a jean jacket.

Rainbow Denim Maternity Skirt

Pink Top – Purchased on Zulily during my last pregnancy

Jean Jacket – Thrift Store

If you have a limited wardrobe, you can dress up a denim skirt with a nicer top and get more use out of your skirt!

Outfit #6

If you have a really limited wardrobe or limited funds, you can dress up your denim skirt by wearing a nicer shirt with it. This is a silky top that I normally wear with a solid black skirt to church. If I was going to wear a denim skirt to Sunday morning church, this is how I would put an outfit together. I would add a necklace to this outfit, we were just running out of time to take these pictures and I didn’t get it on. :)

Rainbow Denim Maternity Skirt

Blue Top – Motherhood (purchased several years ago from a garage sale)

Black Halftee Tank for layering – I love wearing these when I’m pregnant, breastfeeding, or any other time! Since they are cropped, they work great for all seasons of life!

Black Shoes – Thrift Store

Earrings – Carolina from Mialisia (Some of my favorite earrings come from Mialisia!)

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Modest Monday {Denim Jacket and Maxi Dress} and a Link Up!

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A maxi dress is so comfortable for the third trimester! I'm sharing a tip on how to save money on maternity clothes....So…I’ve had a massive head cold all week. This has made trying to sleep at night somewhat difficult. When you combine that breathless feeling that comes from being pregnant with not being able to breath because of my cold, I find myself sitting up in a panic wishing I could just go to sleep and then wake up with a baby in my arms! After giving birth to five little ones, I know its far from being that easy. :)

I had a cold like this during my last pregnancy, and it took awhile for me to recover. I’ve been in bed a lot, faithfully taking elderberry syrup, oregano oil capsules, grapefruit seed pills, putting essential oils on my feet, and recently, the E Immune Tincture. My husband is amazing and has been praying with me, encouraging me, and helping around the house as much as he can.

Flexi clips make an easy way to pull your hair back into a cute ponytail!

We really needed to run some errands Saturday and I thought I would be up to it. The children were surprised to see me dressed – most of the week they’ve seen me in yoga pants or pajamas. :) This maxi dress is super comfortable, but I have to layer it just right to be modest. It can be converted into a strapless maxi dress (think a summer maxi), which is why I not only put the jean jacket on, but I also layered the scarf to cover the lower cut of the dress. It worked out great!

I purchased a maternity jean jacket from ThredUP to wear, but so far it is still just swimming on me (or am I swimming in it?). A pregnant mama likes that problem though. ;) I already have had to stop wearing certain clothes because they are getting tight, so it’s nice to wear a regular, pre-pregnancy piece of clothing!

Available only in January or while supplies last! Sapphire Ice flexi and matching bobby pins!

The new flexi clip and bobby pins for January are available at Lilla Rose. They’re stunning. I can’t wait for the ones that I ordered to arrive! Sapphire Ice is available in sizes Mini through Mega, plus they have the matching bobby pins!

What I Wore

Maternity Maxi Dress – Found on ThredUP, a place to purchase gently used clothing (get $10 credit for new customers that sign up through this link!).

Jean Jacket – Thrift Store

Scarf – Zulily

Shoes – Thrift Store (my sister gave them to me for Christmas. She had texted me a picture asking if she should buy them and I fell in love with them! I was so surprised when I ended up getting them for Christmas. ;) )

Flexi Clip – Rainbow Cluster Flexi in size Medium (what size you wear varies depending on how thick your hair is).

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural. Yes, I really did have a little bit on, though it doesn’t look like it in the pictures!

Link Up Time!

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Makeup Tutorial for the Busy Mom {A Vlog!}

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Makeup Tutorial for Busy Moms!

I’m wrapping up the three part makeup series today with a tutorial for you!

A common argument I hear against wearing makeup is that it takes time to put on, and as a busy mom we just don’t feel we have any extra time to spare.

I get it. I really do. Yesterday I had a birthday party for our daughter who turns 5 today, and I never took the time to put makeup on before family came over. I was doing good to get the food cooked, and the house cleaned. If you are dealing with major fatigue, or you just had a baby, makeup is not going to be a high priority for you. And that’s ok.

I want to suggest though that a huge part of the problem is possibly just our routine. If we don’t generally wear makeup, we might make the thought of putting makeup on in the morning much bigger than it really needs to be.

I keep my makeup really simple. It really takes me about 5 minutes to put it on. I don’t do fancy techniques, just put the basics on and call it good. I made a makeup tutorial video to share with you, where I start from scratch (that means a face without makeup on, and a tired, pregnant mama face!) and show you how I put my makeup on.

Products I use

L'BRI Skincare Set has the first ingredient of Aloe Leaf, and is so healing and nourishing for your face! |

 L’BRI Pure and Natural Skincare – You can use all the makeup out there, but the most important step before that is having a clean, healthy face! Some women have totally given up wearing makeup after finding the perfect skincare product that has done wonders for their face! I really have enjoyed using L’BRI, and like that it really is natural.

Here is some more info on the L’BRI skincare line:

In all L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL skin care, health & wellness, hair, and body care products:

  • Aloe Barbadensis Miller, instead of water, is the first ingredient 
  • Natural, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients are used
  • Advanced Alpha Hydroxy fruit acids (10%) are released in a special, slow delivery system, which is proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin clarity
  • An abundance of deep ocean seaweed and other anti-oxidants protect the skin from free radical damage
  • A blend of natural essential oils and synergistic herbal extracts are significant ingredients

L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL skin care, health & wellness, hair, and body care products:

  • Are paraben free
  • Never use (SLS) sodium lauryl sulfate or propylene glycol
  • Never use mineral oil, lanolins, or waxes
  • Never use artificial colors or fragrances
  • Are never tested on animals
  • Effective for all skin types: normal, oily, dry, men, and women.
  • Backed by the L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The bottles shown above last me for months, so the cost is very affordable when you break it down by 3-4 months! If you are on a really tight budget, I would choose the cleanser and the lotion only and see how that works for you.

I really like that you can order a sample skincare set, based on your skin type and only pay the shipping through L’BRI. You just click on the Free Samples button on the main page of the website. They have sample sets for Combination skin, extra dry, gentle (normal skin), deep pore, and oily. The samples last you 2-3 weeks!

You can order free samples through L'BRI and just pay for shipping!


I use the L’BRI makeup line for quite a few of my products. I really love the dual action foundation, it works perfect for my skin. The Vitamin E lip stick is great for keeping my dry lips moisturized, and I like the lip gloss and makeup. I also use the mascara and eye shadows.

However I do like trying other products as well…which is why I love my monthly Ipsy subscription!

For $10 a month (shipping included) I have a bag sent to me of high quality makeup, and sometimes skincare products. I’ve been able to discover new products that work really well for me, and since I don’t wear makeup every day the smaller size products last longer than normal for me.

I’m a person who loves change. I think that’s why I like the monthly Ipsy bags so much. It gives me a chance to change up what I’m doing a little bit, without spending a lot of money each month on new makeup.  It is just a splurge I allow for myself. :) I’m not paid to share about Ipsy (I earn referral points but it is not cash!), I just think it is a neat concept and wanted to share more about it with you.

Makeup Tutorial for the Busy Mom - I love my monthly Ipsy bag subscription!

This is what I received in my December Ipsy bag. I’m really excited to try the tarte mascara, I’ve heard good things about it. I tried the Butter Lip Balm tonight and really like it. I was surprised at first that there was a color to it, but I ended up liking the color they sent! I haven’t had time to try anything else yet, it’s been a crazy month!

I have a few products I’ve been sent that I know won’t work for me. The Bumble and bumble hair product is not for my hair type (a first where I was sent something for curly hair when I have straight), and the other two products are just not something I’m going to use. So I thought I would do a fun giveaway, and include a sample set of the L’BRI skincare line and send a reader a fun little package in the mail!

(Please forgive the not so perfect picture, I had company coming and quickly snapped this picture before a birthday party started!). 

A fun Makeup and Skincare Giveaway!

Just enter through the Rafflecopter form below!

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Makeup and Heart Issues {Part 2}

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Makeup and Heart Issues

In my last post I talked about how important it is that we, as mothers, make an honest effort at avoiding the worn out mom look when we’re out and about. Not only do I feel better about myself when I tidy up my appearance I feel like I’m doing a little something towards putting the haggard homeschool mom persona to rest.

That said, I also tried to make it clear that I in no way believe that makeup is the magic bullet for feeling spent. No doubt, the pendulum can just as easily swing too far the other way to the point that makeup becomes a necessity that you can’t allow yourself to be seen without. Though I do wear makeup, here are a few things I keep in mind that help me balance it’s use.

My Heart Issue Check List

1. Do I feel so dependent on makeup that I can’t leave my house without it on? This is the biggest thing on my checklist. I don’t want to become so dependent on makeup that I can’t face someone without it. I want to be secure with my makeup on or off. The most important thing I want on my face is the countenance of the Lord, not the best, most natural makeup I can find.

The highest compliment I’ve ever been paid was by an older minister in our church who, when I was 13, told me that he could see the light of the Lord shining through my face. I’ve never forgotten that, and the feeling it gave me was far greater than a passing compliment on how pretty my makeup is. True beauty comes from within, and if I have to choose I want lasting beauty over external. However, I don’t feel like you have to pick one or the other. If your heart is in the right place I feel you can balance both properly.

Makeup and Heart Issues - A checklist of how I make sure wearing makeup is not becoming the most important thing to me.

2. Do I feel secure around my husband without makeup on? A few months ago I realized that I didn’t. My face was broke out, I was pregnant and hormonal and of course convinced myself that he didn’t like me as well when I didn’t have makeup on. I talked to him about it, and he assured me that was not the case. I purposefully cut back on how often I wore makeup until I felt myself secure again around my husband, no matter how I looked.

While I feel it is important to look nice for our husbands, they do see us in our best and worst times. We need to know they will be there for us no matter how we look, and just do our best to put on a good appearance when we can, and know that the love between us will carry us through the messy moments. :)

3. When people look at me, do they instantly think of how much makeup I have on? I don’t want the barbie doll, plastered on makeup look. Everyone has personal standards of what they feel is appropriate, but fake eyelashes and the dark makeup look is not for me. I want to compliment what God has given me, not put on a whole new face. I try to keep things as natural as I can, and carefully choose my colors.

Makeup and Heart Issues - A checklist of how I make sure wearing makeup is not becoming the most important thing to me.

4. Am I being a good example to my daughters? I have three young girls watching my every move. They ask me questions, and watch as I put makeup on. I always talk to them about how makeup is for mama’s, and how little girls don’t need it. They play with my makeup brushes, giggle about it, and run on their merry way. So far it has not been a huge issue in our house. They’re just delighted to use the EOS Chapstick I keep in my purse for them! :)

Tomorrow I’m going to share some practical tips on how I put makeup upon, and keep it super simple for a busy mom’s life! Bonus – I made a video for you all!

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We have two new items at Deborah & Co. 

Tiered Ruffle Maxi Skirts in 3 different colors!

Tiered Ruffle Maxi skirts in 3 different colors! The black and ivory has a lace look, but is actual fabric. These are available in limited quantity, so don’t delay if you want one!

Just released! Homemaking 201 DVD for encouragement to the wife, mother and homemaker!

Homemaking 201 is now available! I’m so excited to have a fantastic sequel to Homemaking 101. I’ve received so much encouragement from watching 101, and my six year old daughter just adores these DVD’s!