Feminine Friday – Style a Denim Skirt for Spring!

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Feminine Fridays at The Modest Mom

Spring is here, and with it comes cool rainy days, and warm days of sunshine and daffodils! A denim skirt is a good choice of skirts to wear in the spring season. Today I’m sharing with you five different ways to style a denim skirt for spring!

The Heather Denim Skirt from Deborah & Co. is used in all these outfits.

Don’t forget to pin your favorite outfits below to your Pinterest board! I love adding new outfits to my Feminine Fashion board.

To The Park - The Modest Mom

To The Park

SkirtTopEarringsBobby PinsToteSandalsWater Bottle

I’m loving that top from Maurices! I just might have to go visit my local store and try it on, after the baby comes of course. ;)

Cheery & Turquoise- The Modest Mom

Cheery & Turquoise

SkirtTopCardiganSandalsPurseEarringsFlexi Clip

The lace cardigan from Maurices is my favorite item in this outfit! Outside of the skirt of course. ;)

Rose Petals & Patterns - The Modest Mom

Rose Petals & Patterns

SkirtCropped CamiTop – Scarf (sold out, here is a scarf that would look cute!) – SandalsEarringsLip Balm – Flexi Clip
Those sandals are adorable, I wish they were not already sold out at Kohls!
Sunshine & Denim - The Modest Mom

Sunshine & Denim

SkirtLace TopSandalsEarringsPurseNecklaceFlexi Clip

This outfit makes me smile, as I think of spring flowers and warm days when I see it. :)

Spring Errands - The Modest Mom

Spring Errands

SkirtTop - CamiScarf (similiar) – SandalsEarringsPurseFlexi Clip

The floral purse is feminine and lovely. Seeing all these adorable purses is making me be inspired to look at thrift stores for some different color purses!

Have a lovely Friday!




Introducing Feminine Fridays!

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Feminine Fridays at The Modest Mom
Introducing Feminine Fridays on the blog! I used to try and do Feminine Friday on my Facebook page, where I took a picture of what I was wearing for the day and invited others to share also. That didn’t last very long, as I just couldn’t keep up with taking pictures for Modest Monday and also for Friday.
However I still wanted to make Friday a set day devoted to sharing outfits. So we are going to make Friday a fashion day using fashion design sets created on Polyvore! I think it will be a lot of fun!

Deborah & Co. now has our own Polyvore account, and we will share some of the outfits here, as well as on Pinterest! If you want to know where the items are from, just click on the links below the pictures (some are affiliate links, others are not).

Minty Blue {Day Out} - The Modest Mom

Minty Blue {Day Out Style}

I’ve not worn much mint but this outfit makes me want to try! I love the Toms shoes, I have a pair of blue shoes I’m going to try and wear this summer. I keep hearing women say how much they love Toms brand, so I’m excited to give them a try. :)
Black and Mustard - The Modest Mom


Black and Mustard 

SkirtCardiganLace tankShoesNecklaceEarringsPurseNail PolishOpen Flower Jet Flexi Clip 

I really like how the mustard colors go along with the black. The lace tank would look lovely with the cardigan over it. The accessories all go together really well!

I had plans to share more outfits, but this pregnant mama has to call it quits for the night, so we will start with two. :) I’d love to hear which one is your favorite!

Pre-Order Special on Our New Women’s Dresses!

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Blake Dress -  A lovely floral dress for spring and summer. This would make a perfect dress for Easter!

We have two new dresses available for Pre-Order at Deborah & Co. and you can take advantage of the pre-order special this week!

The Blake Dress is a lovely dress that reminds me of the perfect Easter dress. It will be great for spring and summer. It’s available in sizes XS-XXL. This dress is 40″ long.


Through Monday, March 16th, when you place a pre-order on this dress (it will be shipping next week), you can receive the purple belt for free!!

Normally this belt is not included and is a separate purchase that retails for $14.99. That is a huge savings when you place an order this week!

Liberty Dress is a lovely spring and summer classic dress

The Liberty Dress is a favorite of mine, I love the bright and cheerful print on this classic looking dress! It also is available in sizes XS-XXL and is 39.5″ long.

Liberty Dress

The same offer is available on this dress, place a pre-order on it through Monday, March 16th and receive the brown belt for free, normally a $14.99 value! This belt will be sold separately, so this week is the time to get the complete outfit for the price of the dress!

To redeem either of these offers, simply place the dress in your cart and when you check out the belt will appear on your order for free. Easy peasy! :)

I’m so excited that spring is coming, and that it really is time to order short sleeve, summery looking dresses for Easter and beyond!

How To Get Spiral Wave Curls In Seven Easy Steps!

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I really like using my overnight hair rollers, but they don’t give the look of spiral wave curls. Here is how to get spiral wave curls in seven easy steps! The first time you try this it might be difficult, but it does get easier. Depending on your hair texture these curls will add wave for 2-3 days, and you can do different hair styles each day until you wash your hair again!

Ready to try? Here is how!

Brush your hair well before  you start curling your hair.

Step 1.

Brush hair thoroughly, using a boar bristle brush. Boar bristles help to distribute natural oil throughout the hair, which is beneficial for keeping long hair healthy. The wooden handle helps to reduce static electricity, which is especially nice in the winter months!

Spray on a heat protectant before curling.

Step 2.

Spray evenly with a heat protectant. I used 44 Iron Guard from Chi. Concentrate the spray on the ends where most thermal damage happens.

Section off your hair to curl the bottom layer.

Step 3.

Divide hair into sections. First section, top of the ears. I used three sections because my hair is thick with a few layers, but if you have thinner hair you can use two or even none. I twisted it up and secured the section with a flexi clip.

Brush each section out before curling it.

Step 4

Taking 1 inch sections, brush the section to remove any tangles. If you have stubborn-to-curl hair, taking a section smaller than an inch maybe beneficial.

Wrap hair around the outside of the curling iron.

Step 5

Open the clip of the curling iron and wrap the section of hair over the clip once….

Wind the hair all the way around the curling iron.

…then wrap the rest of the way inside the clip, making sure not to overlap.

Close the clip on the curling iron and hold for 10 seconds.

Close the clip to secure the ends. Hold for up to 10 seconds and then release the clip, allowing the ends to slide out gently.

Spiral Wave Curls!

Ta-da! Spiral wave curls!

Winding the hair around the iron twists the hair slightly with each wrap, providing a relaxed, soft wave, instead of a tight ringlet.

Continue until the section is finished. I use a Hot Tools curling iron and like it, but almost any curling iron should work.

Spray hairspray on the section of spiral curls.

Step 6

Spray lightly with hairspray. I used Redken Forceful 23 because it gives a strong hold without being sticky or stiff. I’ve tried some other hairsprays but this is my favorite one. I don’t use a lot of hair spray so one bottle lasts me a long time.

Second layer of hair curled!

Step 7

Divide another section. I sectioned about my eyebrows, straight back. Twist the top section out of the way, curl and spray. Repeat with the top section. Avoid brushing or combing the finished curls. If necessary, finger comb lightly through the ends to smooth, and spray evenly.

All done! Finished Spiral Curl Waves

All done!

Depending on your hair, the waves will last up to three waves. You can style it different ways and on the third day put it up in a loose bun or twist it up in a flexi clip.

Seven Easy Steps to Spiral Wave Curls!

In the next hair tutorial post I’ll share how to tease your hair and put it back in a flexi clip from Lilla Rose!

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