Our Labor Day Sale Starts Now!

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Our Labor Day sale at Deborah & Co. starts today! Save $5.00 off any order of $50.00 or more with the code LABORDAY5 at the checkout! Any orders over $100 will receive a free scarf included in their order!
Labor Day Sale at Deborah and Co!

We have some new items at Deborah & Co. that you might want to check out!Striped Dresses, comes in black or ivory

These knit striped maxi dresses are super comfortable, plus they have POCKETS! Yes, I had to type that in caps, it’s so hard to find a dress with pockets! 🙂 This dress looks really cute with a belt at the waist.


This Raspberry striped maxi dress is a fantastic find! A high neckline, plus sleeves in a maxi dress! My sister already grabbed one for her closet and loves it! *You do need to order one size larger than normal in this dress.*

This lace cami is really soft and comfortable!

We have new colors in this lace cami! I love layering with this cami, as it is incredibly soft and comfortable, and the lace is really pretty! We now offer Navy, Gray, Black and French White (Shown above).

***The new flexi clips for September are here! You won’t want to miss these limited clips!

Balloon Flexi Clip

Sky Clip – The Flexi of the month clip, so unique!


Susannah Clip – I love this one!


Bow Flexi Clip

Bow Clip – simple and elegant.

Shop Lilla Rose here

(all orders of $60 or more receive a free pair of U Pins for the month of September only!)

Find out more information on becoming a consultant here.

Have a great holiday weekend!!

Deborah & Co. Sale and Character Badges Giveaway!

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We are taking Christmas orders at Deborah & Co.  through Friday, December 18th! There is still time to take shop and take advantage of this special sale!
Buy Now, Get a gift certificate to use at Deborah & Co. later!

Buy now, and receive a gift certificate to use for December 26th-January 7th.
Spend $50 = $5 gift certificate
Spend $75 = $10 gift certificate
Spend $100 = $15 gift certificate!

Shop our princess dresses, skirts, dresses, cami’s and more at Deborah & Co.

*Purchases must equal the amount before tax and shipping. Gift certificates will be emailed separately.

Character Badges is a creative child training program

If you want to read a new review of our Character Badges program and enter to win a set (a $47.99 value!), go over to Heavenly Homemakers and see what she has to say about it! There is also a coupon code to use on your purchase!

Feminine Friday {Plus Thoughts On Everyday Outfits}

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Take a Field Trip Day

Take A Field Trip Day

Skirt ~ Shirt ~ Cami ~ Denim Jacket ~ Boots ~ Watch ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip

Finding modest plus size clothes is hard. I’ve heard many women say that they can’t wear skirts or dresses because it’s just so hard. I think it definitely is harder, but it’s not impossible!

This entire outfit can be found at Target! So don’t despair and say you can’t ever find anything! If you want a higher cut cami, this Full Length layering shell or the Halftees Tank comes up higher.

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Skirt ~ Shirt ~ Cardigan ~ Tights ~ Boots ~ Purse ~ Necklace ~ Flexi Clip

Plaid shirts are very popular this year. I’m seeing them everywhere and there are many ways to style them. This is a good example of how to style it in a feminine way. The cardigan looks so warm and comfy!

Keep it Classy Comfort


Keep it Classy Comfort

Skirt ~ Cami ~ Shirt ~ Shoes ~ Watch ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip

Not every outfit has to be amazing. I say that because I’ve been discouraged with my non-amazing outfits lately. Mornings are spent grabbing something quickly to either get out my room and let the baby sleep, or to quickly get dressed because she is crying (which she does a lot if I’m not holding her!).

It’s a season of life and the reasons behind those blah wardrobe days are so worth it! I’d rather invest in a baby that is pretty needy for her mama than have beautiful outfits everyday.

This outfit is a good one for quickly grabbing and getting dressed on busy mornings!

Don’t forget about our mystery sale going on at Deborah & Co. I hope you have a great weekend!

Deborah & Co. Mystery Sale ~ Order $75 worth of items and receive a free skirt, shirt, scarf, etc. in your order! It's a mystery what will come!

Five Must Have Fall Wardrobe Items!

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Five Must Have Fall Wardrobe Items!

The weather is slowly turning more chilly now that November has come. I’m honestly ready for long sleeves. Trying to juggle two seasons of clothing in a small closet can be frustrating! I love winter clothes, probably because it’s so easy to be modest and and find cute clothes at the same time!

Here are five must have fall items.

  1. Quilted Vest ~ Ok I have to admit. This is the one item on the list I don’t actually own! I’m hoping to get one soon though. If you look on Pinterest there are so many cute outfits with vests, and they can be a great way to stay warm if you don’t need an actual coat.
  2. Boots ~ An absolute must! It’s so easy to style long skirts in the winter if you wear boots. Tights or leggings can be hidden with long skirts, or actually look ok with a knee length skirt. You will wear these often, so make sure you find a pair of boots that are comfortable.
  3. Leggings ~ The secret (or not so secret!) way to wear skirts in the wintertime. Warm leggings are essential, the only way to stay warm in the wintertime is by layering.
  4. Denim Jacket ~ Wear over a maxi dress, use a cami underneath and wear with a skirt, or wear a nice long sleeve shirt where you can easily take the jacket on and off as needed. There are so many different uses for a denim jacket!
  5. Warm Socks ~ I do not like cold feet in the wintertime! Wool socks are not only warm, they can be comfortable to wear plus look cute with different designs! I’ve seen our Costco store have some a good selection of socks recently.

There you have it! I’d love to know if you have these 5 items in your wardrobe!

I’ve been excited about a brand new sale that we put together for Deborah & Co. It’s a mystery sale and we have never done anything like it before!

Deborah & Co. Mystery Sale ~ Order $75 worth of items and receive a free skirt, shirt, scarf, etc. in your order! It's a mystery what will come!

This will be so much fun sending out these packages! It’s only available today through Saturday though!


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