What we are doing for Easter

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I spend so much energy during December, teaching my children about the birth of Jesus Christ and the importance of it. Without a birth, there would not be a resurrection. I’ve never found as many good resources to work with during the Easter season, but that changed recently!

A Sense of the Resurrection


Remember Truth in the Tinsel, the fabulous ebook for devotions and activities at Christmastime? The author of that ebook has just released a new ebook called A Sense of The Resurrection: An Easter Experience for Families!  I received a copy in my inbox from the author and was so excited to see it was something that our family would be using this Easter season.

While Truth in the Tinsel had 24 activities, this ebook has only 12. I like that number, I feel like we will actually finish all the activities. :)

The activities are not just crafts–they are big memory-makers (like making bread for the Last Supper) or what the author calls “memorials” where you make a craft-project that transforms your home (like making sparkly window catchers to remind you of the bright angel who rolled Jesus’ stone away).

We are going to taste the vinegar as we read about how Jesus drank vinegar right before he died. Our sin is bitterness, yet Jesus took it on himself for us. We will wash each other’s feet, talk about the last supper while we eat bread, and so much more!

I love that the activities are simple to do, involving household items. There is a list in the beginning of the ebook, so if you don’t have an item you can easily pick it up at the store. Scripture references are given to read through the story of the death and resurrection, along with a Talk About It Together section.

Get a sense of the Resurrection this Easter season with your children! | themodestmomblog.com


You can purchase the ebook for $7.99. Give your children an experience with the story of the risen Lord this Easter Season, and help them engage their five senses in this living, breathing true story.

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Are you looking for fresh inspiration as a mom? The Pursuit of Motherhood eBook can help! Start the new year with a new attitude as a mom.

On sale for $3.99! 

Looking for Inspiration for the New Year as a Mom? This ebook will help! | themodestmomblog.com

Lilla Rose one day sale and new products, plus Deborah & Co. sale!

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Another year has flown by, and Christmas has come and gone! I hope everyone had a great day! We now have five days left until the New Year comes, and that means the end of the year sales are here!

Lilla Rose Purple Sale

Lilla Rose is having a one day only sale! Today, Thursday the 26th all items are 10% off, and the brand new items that are released today are 15% off!

Plus, there is free shipping on all orders of $26 or more!

Brand New Lilla Rose items!

These are all the new items that have been released! I’m very excited about the blue headband. The dog lovers will appreciate the new paw flexi clip.

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Deborah & Co. also has select items on sale through the end of the year!

Fleece Lined Leggings in Three Different Colors

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70% off Feminine Aprons Sale!

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70 Percent of Feminine Aprons for Women and Girls! | themodestmomblog.com

Are you looking for a feminine apron, but can never afford the price tag? I was thrilled when I received an email letting me know that these lovely aprons were on sale 70% off through Wednesday! It’s the last big sale of the year, and I don’t ever remember seeing them go on sale this low!

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To receive 70% off any purchase made at Flirty Aprons (I’m not endorsing the name!), use the code: HOLIDAY70 when you checkout. This is good on the little girl’s matching aprons as well!

Quite a few of the women’s aprons are normally $27.95. With the 70% off you end up paying just $8.39!

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