Father/ Daughter Date Night Activities {and Free Printable!}

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Father Daughter Date Night Ideas! | themodestmomblog.com

The bond between a father and a daughter can be pretty special. When I married Sean I knew he would make an excellent father.  After seeing him with our children he is even better then I imagined. :)

I saw a really sweet video on Facebook and showed Sean. It is a really adorable first father and daughter date, and gave Sean a lot of ideas on taking his girls on some father and daughter activities! If you haven’t seen it, you really need to watch it! Grab the tissues first!

Sean decided to take our oldest daughter alone on a date first. She was so excited when she got this special invitation in the mail that he designed, asking her to go on a date with him later that night.

Date Night Invitation for Father/Daughter Date! Free Printable at www.themodestmomblog.com

**You can download this free invitation for your daughter that Sean designed, and you can personalize it! Simply enter your email address below and then click on the link for the printable. It comes with instructions!**

Father/Daughter Date Night! | themodestmomblog.comI made a big deal out of it, and tried to help her feel really special that she was going on a date alone with her father!

We curled her hair, using my favorite wrap and snap curlers in her hair.

Curling her hair for a special Father/daughter date night! I even painted her fingernails a really light pink color and let her put a tiny bit of lip gloss on! This is a huge deal in our house, it was a first (and a last for a long time!) as we tell our girls they have to be older for makeup. I wanted to let her know this was a super big deal though, and you could tell she took the date very seriously!

Dressing up for a Father/Daughter Date Night! | themodestmomblog.comAfter the hours slowly going by for her, she was finally ready to go! By this time she was a little nervous and wanted to bring her favorite doll along. :)

Sean pulled the car around up front, knocked on the door and escorted Carrianna to the car, opening the door for her to get in.

Father Daughter Date Night! | themodestmomblog.comAnd they were off! For those of you who are worried that Carrianna is in the front seat, the airbag in our car turns off when a child sits in the passenger side. :)

They went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, and then he took her shopping at Claire’s. She had never been there, and I suggested Sean could get her some hair stuff there. He ended up texting me saying he found her a little heart necklace that said “Daddy’s Little Girl” on it. So she came home with her first necklace. :) I have it in my jewelry box and she wears it for nice occasions.

Sean plans on taking the other two girls on a date. Our 4 year old asked to have the 2 year old go with her, which we thought was sweet! Every date night will look different.

Father and Daughter Activities for Date Night!

1. Have a slumber party together.

2. Go to the park together and get ice cream on the way home.

3. Blow bubbles together.

4. Play a board game.

5. Jump on the trampoline and bring a blanket to look at the stars together.

6. Go on a picnic.

7. Bake cookies together!

8. Have a tea party together (be prepared for major girl talk!)

9. Watch a movie and eat popcorn together at home.

10. Go to the zoo or children’s museum together.

I think father/daughter date nights are a great way for a dad to bond with his daughters, and help build that special relationship!

Labor Day Sale at Deborah and Co!

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Labor Day Sale at Deborah and Co!

Our Labor Day sale begins today at Deborah & Co. and it goes through Monday, September 1st! You can take $5 of any order of $50 or more with the code LABORDAY5 at the checkout.

Every order of $100 or more will receive a free scarf in their package!

This is the last weekend to order our custom sewn skirts, as they will be discontinued. Again, we thank you so much for your support in that area, and for understanding.

Sean has been working hard for a few months to launch a whole new look to Deborah & Co., and it went live this week! I love being married to a graphic designer. :) We hope you like the new and improved site. There are still a few details we are working on, but we think you’ll find that the shopping experience is much improved.

We also have added lots and lots of new products this week! You have to take a look at Little Deborah and look through all the new toys, books, DVD’s, and more that has been added! Our hope is to become a general store of sorts online, offering a variety of products that will bless families. We only add products that we can stand behind, so you can shop with confidence!

On top of the $5 off special, we have select items on sale all throughout the store!

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We just added ¾ length white Halftees to the store, and we know this will be another popular item, especially as fall is fast approaching.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!




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I really couldn’t believe it when I got an email telling me I could share this information with you all. Remember the Ultimate Living Bundles that I’ve promoted in the past? This is my favorite bundle sale to share about, they do such amazing job of putting it together. Well…the Healthy Living Bundle is just around the corner and it’s packed full of some pretty awesome resources! The bundle is valued at over $1000 in resources, PLUS some pretty awesome freebies!

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Announcing International Shipping for Lilla Rose and More!

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Lilla Rose International Shipping!

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Lilla Rose Flexi Clip | themodestmomblog.comI love how simple these clips are to use. Even during my rough days of morning sickness I’m using flexi clips to pull my hair back, because they are just that easy.

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