The True Essence of a Woman

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To be a woman is more then just flowery clothing, a long skirt, earrings and makeup, the ability to birth children.

Being feminine is more then just dressing up in a long skirt and wearing makeup! |

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A true woman embraces her femininity, whether she is milking cows in the barn, helping bring in hay, or cooking a meal for her family in her frilly apron. She is uniquely  feminine, and that does not change no matter what situation she finds herself in.

Doing laundry


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Her heart is set on the Lord. She does not compromise her femininity with flirtatious looks, employ feminine charms to get her own way, or use her body to tempt men.

She thinks on what is true, acts on what is virtuous, and teaches her children in the ways of the Lord. She is a true helpmeet to her husband, or a single handmaiden serving the Lord.

She may not be blessed with abundant physical beauty, but her face may be radiant from the light of the Lord.

She may not be blessed with abundant physical beauty, but her face may be radiant from the light of the Lord.

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This is what it is all about. 

The feminine, modest clothing side of things is just a coverup if your heart isn’t really set on striving to be a woman of God. Oh we all fall – I’m so incredibly weak I just shake my head somedays and pray harder.

But we have to keep a vision before us of what we are striving for.

It’s not to be a feminine character from a Jane Austen novel.

We are made to get our hands dirty, to get on our knees and mop our floors, move our furniture around, and labor for hours on end to bring forth a miracle, a precious baby. Femininity has many different “faces” and not all of them are pretty, but they are all beautiful. 

Resources We Use For Training Good Character

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Resources we use for teaching good character in our children! |

A daunting task for any parent is to train their children in good character. Some parents who do not believe in the divine power of God simply want to raise up good moral children. However, as Christian parents our desire is to raise up young people who have a deep desire to follow the Lord. Out of that desire, they want to be moral, upright and responsible young people because they know that God is holy and has set the perfect example for us in all of these things and more.

This is no easy task. Children are prone to bicker, quarrel, lie to their parents, be lazy, selfish, and want to do anything but work. It’s the nature of man, and children are not excluded from this.  While we need to pray as parents and bring our children before their Creator, I’m thankful for wonderful resources out there that help in training our children up in righteousness.

My Favorite Resources

Bible Light Units

Bible Light Unit from Christian Liberty Press |

I really love using these little Bible light units that Christian Light Publications offers. They offer them by grade level, and my boys have throughly enjoyed them. When they get done for the year, they are actually disappointed! What better way to instill good character than by studying the men and women in the Scriptures? They are available for grades 1 through 12. My boys get through these in one semester, so I use other resources for the last semester.

Character Concepts

Growing in Wisdom

I am very thankful for the work that the Boyer family has put into creating the Character Concepts curriculum. They have a whole series available that starts for ages 4-6 and goes through high school! We have used Proverbs People before and loved it. Our oldest son is currently using the Growing in Wisdom book.

Truth & Grace Memory Books

Truth and Grace Memory Book


Children are amazing when it comes to memorizing scripture verses. We have used this book (they have two others) to teach our children scripture verses that are suited to their ages. They also have hymns you can memorize in these books.

How to Manage Your Mouth

How to Manage Your Mouth

This ebook, How to Manage Your Mouth for Kids was published a few months ago, and my oldest son used it. He enjoyed it, and I was grateful for something that specifically deals with the topic of how to use your tongue for children. Included in this ebook is a 30 day challenge for children on how to watch their mouth, they read a scripture verse, copy it, and write their thoughts about it. This ebook is best for ages 7-13, but if you have a younger child who despises writing, you need to either discuss this together or wait a year or two. I started out having my just turned 8 year old son do this, but it was a wrestle to have him do the writing. We stopped it for a year or so until writing was not such an issue with him.

How to Manage your Mouth for Kids

There is also a bundle set available for mom and child to do together!

Character Badges


We use Character Badges, the program my husband created and designed, every month with our 4, 6, 8, and 10 year old children. The 4 year old uses the Little Character Badges, and the other three use the main version. This has been a great help in motivating our children towards good behavior. It is easy to have a list of all the consequences they will receive if they don’t follow the rules of good character. But to actually encourage our children daily towards good behavior and giving them physical reasons to do good? That is more rare to find in a child training program. This is easily tweaked to work right for your family.  Charts, badges, flashcards, and a manual explaining how it works is included in this set.

Badges you can earn from the Character Badges program for children ages 4-12! |

These are some of the badges you can earn for good behavior! Our children love wearing them.

You can save 20% off any Character Badges set when you use the code: 20badges at the checkout, good through Friday, March 21st. 

I’d love to hear what other character resources you can add to this list!


An Adoption story written by God!

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An Adoption Story Written By God!  |

My older sister and I grew up longing for the same things, a husband and children. I was married at 19, Jennifer waited until she was 30. We both believed in waiting for the one God had for us, and didn’t want to date around. So she waited, sometimes with tears in her eyes, other times with a steadfast faith.

She was blessed to marry my brother in law, who is five years younger then Jennifer. The waiting became clear after they became married, she needed her husband to become old enough to get married! :)

After they were married they were remodeling their house and adjusting to married life. Children would come in a few months, or so they thought. Soon after that, my Mom became critically ill with her Lupus. It went into her brain (something that is extremely unusual) and she ended up needing to move in with Jennifer and her husband, and was put on Hospice. She died in their home, and Jennifer was a faithful, tender caregiver. During that time, the thought of children was put away as she just focused on tending to our Mom.

We cried and grieved and tried to move on in life.  Jennifer moved her house around and made preparations for a baby to come. The only problem was, the baby just wasn’t coming.

After giving it time, and then some more time, they started visiting different Doctors. Fertility doctors pressured them to do expensive treatments that have low statistics of working. While they pursued different treatments that were non invasive, they started considering adoption.

Going into marriage Jennifer and her husband had always talked about wanting to adopt – after they had their own biological children. Maybe God was telling them they needed to consider it sooner though?

Jennifer went back to work full time to start saving up money to adopt a baby. They also started taking foster classes through the state, hoping to possibly adopt a child that way. We did a large adoption fundraiser for them on the blog, which was a great blessing. They had their names on a list with a local Christian adoption agency.

But no child came along. The state did not call, and their home study was not chosen for a baby. My sister had her low moments of being discouraged, but she had learned lessons in waiting for a husband, and she now applied those lessons towards waiting for a baby. I was amazed, and continue to be amazed over how joyful and happy she was for other women that were having babies. I had to tell her two times after she was married that I was expecting another baby, and she responded in such a sweet, joyful manner.

Finally she received a phone call from the state after not hearing a word from them for a whole year. I was with her when they called, and we both screamed for joy when she hung up the phone. There were twin boys who were 4 that were in a  foster to adopt situation, and they wanted to know if they were interested! They submitted their names along with other families, and amazingly they were chosen. The social worker later told them that as soon as she read their home study she felt they were the family for the boys.

A Mom with her boys given to her through adoption! |

Last year the boys came to live with them as foster children. It was an adjustment for sure, they are quiet around other people and it took them awhile to start trusting their new home and parents. But before long they called them Mom and Dad, and started clinging to them.

It took 9 months and 10 days (the time of an overdue pregnancy!), but on Valentine’s Day this year they adopted their boys! It was such an exciting day, and I cried when they called and said it was official. I’m so ecstatic for my sister, after five years of marriage she finally is a mommy!

Twin boys found a new forever home through adoption! |

They have not given up on having biological children, nor have they given up on adopting a baby. Their names are going back on the list soon at the Christian agency, and they hope to add more children to their home, Lord willing!

Adoption is such a precious gift, and I’m so thankful that more and more Christians are opening up their home and their love to children who truly need good homes. A homeschooling family we know recently opened up their home to fostering children, and she wrote a wonderful blog post explaining the reasons why.

Jennifer has written about infertility and adoption in the Pursuit of Motherhood eBook. Along with many other chapters, those are a great blessing for women struggling through infertility, or hoping to adopt a baby.

The Pursuit of Motherhood eBook |



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You can read more about this book and view the other chapters here.


Introducing The Character Badges Program Plus Win $100 Cash!

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Character Badges Program |

You have no idea how excited I am to finally be introducing the Character Badges program to you! This program is not brought about by anything I’ve done, rather it is the work of my very talented husband. During his summer break (he is a senior in college) he surprised me by creating the program because he saw a need in our home. You won’t see any clip art in this program! All the graphics were painstakingly created from scratch by him.

Why did we create Character Badges?

It was one of those days. You know, the one where the 8 year old is taking an hour to do his 10 minute chore. The 10 year old has a bad attitude, and the 5 year old is upset because you picked out her clothes that morning. The house is a mess and all of a sudden it happens.

You start yelling. And grounding everyone to their rooms for the day. The tears come, you march to your room and shut the door, and wonder why you can’t get everyone to obey. You rest, you recoup and purpose to do better the next day.

But it happens again. And again. You start to see discouraging signs of fatigue in your children –  they’re beginning to disregard your instructions. Your raised voice startled them at first and they straightened up their ways, but more and more they just ignore it. You start to feel guilty about being harsh and pull back from correcting your children, fearing you’ll lose their respect all together but you know this isn’t the solution either. You need to be firm yet encouraging in the way you train your little ones.

Character Badges was created out of a need in our home to bring consistency to the way we train our children.  Instead of just blindly coming up with consequences when misbehavior happens, Character Badges helps you and the child know exactly what consequence is affixed to the wrong behavior.

How Does Character Badges Work?

The unique and most rewarding part of this program are the reward charts and badges. Being consistent with correcting your children is important, but being consistent with how you reward them for their good behavior is just as important. As the child is seen exhibiting good character attributes they get to put checks on their reward charts. They work towards earning good character badges, and extra special #1, #2, and #3 badges. You can also choose to attach rewards like a special privilege or gift to the reception of badges if you like!

Character Badges Program |

There are flash cards provided to help you reenforce these good character qualities. The cards have a scripture verse on one side and a short story about that character attribute on the other side.

Character Badges Flash Cards

Character Badges is designed for ages 5-12. For your very little ones we’ve also designed Little Character Badges for ages 3-5. Buy them separately, or buy both together at a bundle price! Included in the PDF download are detailed instructions on how to use this program, how to print and laminate, and ideas on rewards and corrections.

Character Badges Charts |

How Has It Helped Our Children?

We have been blessed by using this program for 6 months now. Our children have become accustomed to the charts, and love earning their badges and good checks. The behavior in our children has really improved and they know exactly what to expect when they do something wrong. We even find them encouraging their siblings to do better, as sometimes we give them group prizes to work towards together.

Every month we put up new charts and if we forget a day or two and try to run on autopilot, we can definitely see a difference in how we parent and how our children behave. This system has become a great help for us and I’m so grateful to have it in our home!


Another great feature of the program is its flexibility. If you decide you only want to use the reward system, that is fine. If you only want to use the disobedience charts to keep track of your children’s behavior, that is fine too. We encourage use of the full program, but we know every family has different dynamics.

The feedback from those that have seen the program has been very encouraging. Here is what one mom said:

“From the first moment I began looking over the Character Badges Manual I just knew this was something I wanted to use with my children right away. We’ve let way too many acts of disobedience slide through the cracks and it’s time to get a hold on it. I’m excited about starting the Character Badges program with them and can’t wait to see positive results. And, I just know they’ll be more eager to obey when wearing a badge is involved! ” -  Heather at

How Do We Buy This Program?

There is now a shopping cart set up on The Modest Mom Blog where you can purchase the Character Badges program! You will also find printable quotes and more items there in the future. If you need both sets of Character Badges, the Bundle set is priced at a discount.

We wanted to celebrate the release of this parenting tool! We tried to decide what you all would like best, and decided that everyone would love getting a little bit of extra cash.

Win $100 Cash through Paypal!

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