Confessions From A Husband About Homemaking

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Confessions From A Husband About Homemaking

You may have heard – the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is here. Even I’m excited about it! And why shouldn’t I be? For the past two years I’ve seen how it encourages my wife with its excellent resources and helpful tips. Homemaking is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and anything that can help keep a spring in my wife’s step deserves my appreciation.

I didn’t always think in this way. My early views on keeping a home were, well, cringe worthy.

As you may have learned by reading this blog, I like to keep things clean. When I was in High School I began keeping my room, my car, and my things meticulously. My first job was at a local grocery store and I relished the challenge of finding efficient ways to fill a grocery sack as the food beeped across the scanner. A few of you out there might relate but at this point most of you are probably pitying Caroline for ever having married me. Read on. : )

Sean and Caroline

Years later Caroline and I met, and for all of the wonderful things about our courtship it failed to disclose just how different she and I were in this area. That’s not to say that Caroline likes a good mess. It’s just that messes don’t speak to her the same way they do me.

Random stuff on the living room floor likes to jaw at me. It laughs at me; calls me names. I have to shut it up. To Caroline its saying, “Here we are, out of our places. No hurry though. We know you’ll pick us up when its convenient for you.”

So, of course she walks by as if it weren’t there. I simply can’t. Or should I say “couldn’t”. Six children does something to you in this regard. The stuff just kind of grins at me now – no words. I think I’m improving – don’t you?

Early marriage, though, was different. I can remember coming home from work and Caroline telling me that she had taken a nap during the day. “A nap?” I thought. Whatever for? I mean, it’s just you here, in this tiny house. You shop for groceries and you clean this house and you need a nap? (Are you cringing yet?)

There were days where she only had energy or time to tidy up one room before I got home. I’d walk through the door, size things up and quietly make my displeasure known, never mind acknowledging the work she did accomplish. This always hurt her a great deal. Ok, now I’m cringing.

“Yes you fool, she needs a nap. And no, she doesn’t need you guilting her into keeping the house clean!” That’s the me of today talking to the me of yesterday, or, at least that’s what I’d say if given the chance.

Starting a home based business really altered my thinking on this. You see, I was home more, and the more I was home the more I was able to see just how difficult, how complex, how thankless, how physically draining, and how mentally taxing homemaking really is.

Simplicity Quote on Motherhood

I quickly began to realize that not only did my wife occasionally need a nap to help her through the burden of the day, she deserved something eminently more important – encouragement. On a daily basis. From me.

I saw so many needs pressing upon her every day. I saw, with my own eyes, how the tasks she performed were critical to the overall wellbeing my home. To the casual onlooker, of course, these are menial, unlovely tasks not worthy of respect. The mother’s role in society is not exactly an exalted one, and my wife had long since come to terms with the way the world views what she does.

But what about the way her husband viewed it? Did she find honor and praise for her work from him? Something a wife simply cannot and should not be expected to endure is disrespect from within the home, particularly from her husband. He is, without a doubt, the best person to provide the encouraging words of appreciation she so desperately needs and legitimately deserves. She can endure the slings and arrows of the world’s harsh judgement if only he will affirm her work and bless her constancy.

I could have spared my wife a lot of hurt feelings if I would have made more of an effort to better acquaint myself with the demands of her work in the home.

Now I’m a true believer. My wife is irreplaceable. Her work is legitimately difficult. Most men couldn’t handle it. I mean it – they couldn’t handle it. It places physical and mental demands on her that I didn’t know even existed until I spent some time by her side.

Joyful Motherhood!

Too many men treat housekeeping like professional sports. The greatest athletes make what they do look easy to the point that in some of our more delusional moments we think we could actually do what they do. It’s just like that with our wives. They make it look easy, and we think, “Homemaking – nothing to it.” What nonsense. If that’s the way we look at housekeeping is it any wonder that they receive so little encouragement from us?

So that’s my little plug for not only the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, but all forms of encouragement we can give our wives. Caroline gets excited about the bundle every year. It helps to keep her spirits up. It motivates and inspires her. I’m all for it. God knows she has a difficult job.

**Caroline here – I have to let you know my husband totally, completely surprised me by writing this. I didn’t ask him to do this, and I was deeply humbled by what he shared here. I love my husband so much, and am thankful for his encouragement!**

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(Republished  – Originally this post was written April of 2015)



Are You Discouraged As A Homemaker? The Homemaking Bundle Is Here To Help!

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*Happy Dance!* It’s my absolute favorite bundle sale of the year to promote. Why? Because The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle provides an incredible amount of value, for not very much money! There is something in it for everyone, and I’ve even had single young ladies say they purchase it because they are wanting to learn more about being a homemaker.

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The bundle contains 93 superb eBooks and eCourses designed to help you:

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  • teach your kids to clean (and create a chore system that works)
  • save money by making DIY personal care and cleaning products
  • create realistic weight loss plans and add more healthy movement to your life
  • learn how to keep your kids safe online
  • start your own business or find a great work-at-home job
  • get the mothering encouragement you need on the hard days (no matter what stage or age your kids are at)
  • and even relax and recharge in the evenings with a little adult coloring

The combined value of everything in the bundle is over $1,000, but you get everything for a humongous 97% off, less than $30 for the whole bundle! 


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Be Prepared Each Morning With This One Easy Step, And Join The Challenge!

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My husband started the new year with purpose and vision. He discovered how much he enjoyed listening to Michael Hyatt, and was motivated to get up early every morning. Since we both work from home our schedules can vary widely, which can be both a blessing and not so great of a thing.

A secret revealed for easy morning time success! We all want a morning routine that flows, here is one way to help you achieve that!

He committed to getting up at 4:00 every morning, and was going to bed around 8:30 each night to do that. His goal was to make it 90 days straight, he ended up making it 73 days of consistently getting up at the same time, which I thought was great!

I haven’t set my goals so high. 🙂 I’m horrible about staying up late at night, but I know I pay for it. My health suffers, and I could just get up early and work, instead of staying up late.

However, that’s not the one easy thing I wanted to tell you about!

Part of Sean’s evening routine involves getting his clothes laid out for the next morning. He has a pile with his running clothes, so he can quietly grab them and go get dressed to run early in the morning. There is no fumbling around in the morning, looking for his pants or socks he wears. It’s all ready to go.

It’s gotten me thinking about how I could do the same thing with my clothes! Some mornings I spend half my time trying to decide what I’m going to wear, and it’s partly because my brain is still so sleepy!

The times I’ve picked out my outfit the night before, my morning time goes so much faster!

So here is a fun challenge I thought about doing with you all! How about we join a challenge together, where we all pick out our outfits the night before and keep each other accountable? We will do this for a week straight, and start this Thursday night! I’ll be posting a nightly thread in the private Facebook group I have set up for blog readers. Make sure you subscribe to the blog and receive the link on how to join that group. It’s a super fun group!

This idea was also inspired as I start to work my way through the brand new Make Over Your Evenings Course that will be released tomorrow from Crystal Paine! I know some of you went through the Make Over Your Mornings course, and were very blessed by it.

The Make Over Your Evenings Course will be released Thursday morning, and the best price will be early Thursday morning! So make sure and come back to the blog, I’ll have all the details for you on how to grab it for the best price! Plus, 25% of all the profits will go to support a special project in South Africa!

You can go and sign up to watch the first video for free today! 



Love The Home You Have

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Love the home you have!

Pinterest is a wonderful thing. I really enjoy it, but have found it also threaten to steal my joy.

I look at the beautiful images, pin the house colors I want, and dream of a bigger house, nicer furniture, and a bigger yard.

However God has not given that to me. I’m called to be faithful in the little things, before being blessed with the bigger things.

Sometimes we think if we can just have ____ (new house, new dishwasher, new table, etc) then we can be a good homemaker. We need to bring our thoughts back to the word of God.

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

We are called to be keepers at home. It doesn’t matter if that home is a beautiful 3500 square foot house, a cabin in the woods, an RV that you travel in year round, or an average (or below average) home, we are to be keepers of it.

The last house we owned was picture perfect on the outside. A white picket fence, a pretty porch and a nice size yard.  My husband even installed white beadboard for me in our dining room and I loved my kitchen.

homeschool classroom

In spite of all that, I realized the house was not the best layout for our family and I was able to put it on the market without shedding bitter tears. We moved to a smaller rental house and have been here for over two years now, pursuing our dreams without a sky high mortgage.

It’s the family that makes the home. The dreams, visions, and faith of the family are worth far more than any Pinterest worthy home.

Be faithful and endure to the end. Don’t discount the importance of being a keeper at home, no matter what that home might look like. Stay true to the little things and count the cost!

I’ve been so encouraged by the Homemaking Ministries Online Conference! Since I’m a speaker in the conference I’ve been able to watch the videos early. Here is a sample of one talk from a mom who has raised two adult children. I’ve found her words to be very uplifting and edifying!

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A few people have asked if you need a Facebook account for this conference. No you absolutely do not! It’s optional to join the Facebook group that has been set up for attendees.

You can watch the 12 videos whenever, wherever, and however you like. It could be at midnight in your bed. You can listen to them while cooking dinner! Watch the video below for some more ideas!

There are so many conferences I’ve wanted to attend, but none of them are close by. I’m so thankful for the online support like this conference!

Need a refresher on what is included in this course?

Homemaking Ministries Conference Topics

  • The Ministry of Homemaking
  • Recovering Biblical Homemaking
  • Homemaking and Working from Home: Is it possible to do both?
  • Homemaking—the juggling act!
  • Saving Time and Money in the Kitchen
  • Having a Plan for Keeping Your Home Clean
  • Prayer in Homemaking: gaining vision, finding time, and praying with our children
  • Finding Joy in Homemaking
  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Busy Homemaker
  • Calm Your Chaos
  • Unrealistic Expectations, Communicating your Needs, and Dealing with Differences
  • Bible Memorizations: 5 minutes a day, lifetime benefits for the entire family

And when you order this week, you receive these bonus offers that equal $50 of items to download!

Bonus Items for the Homemaking Conference!

Plus you also receive:

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Home Management Binder

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You can print out this lovely 2016 calendar and use in your homemaking binder!

Calendar 2016

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