Love The Home You Have

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Love the home you have!

Pinterest is a wonderful thing. I really enjoy it, but have found it also threaten to steal my joy.

I look at the beautiful images, pin the house colors I want, and dream of a bigger house, nicer furniture, and a bigger yard.

However God has not given that to me. I’m called to be faithful in the little things, before being blessed with the bigger things.

Sometimes we think if we can just have ____ (new house, new dishwasher, new table, etc) then we can be a good homemaker. We need to bring our thoughts back to the word of God.

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

We are called to be keepers at home. It doesn’t matter if that home is a beautiful 3500 square foot house, a cabin in the woods, an RV that you travel in year round, or an average (or below average) home, we are to be keepers of it.

The last house we owned was picture perfect on the outside. A white picket fence, a pretty porch and a nice size yard.  My husband even installed white beadboard for me in our dining room and I loved my kitchen.

homeschool classroom

In spite of all that, I realized the house was not the best layout for our family and I was able to put it on the market without shedding bitter tears. We moved to a smaller rental house and have been here for over two years now, pursuing our dreams without a sky high mortgage.

It’s the family that makes the home. The dreams, visions, and faith of the family are worth far more than any Pinterest worthy home.

Be faithful and endure to the end. Don’t discount the importance of being a keeper at home, no matter what that home might look like. Stay true to the little things and count the cost!

I’ve been so encouraged by the Homemaking Ministries Online Conference! Since I’m a speaker in the conference I’ve been able to watch the videos early. Here is a sample of one talk from a mom who has raised two adult children. I’ve found her words to be very uplifting and edifying!

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There are so many conferences I’ve wanted to attend, but none of them are close by. I’m so thankful for the online support like this conference!

Need a refresher on what is included in this course?

Homemaking Ministries Conference Topics

  • The Ministry of Homemaking
  • Recovering Biblical Homemaking
  • Homemaking and Working from Home: Is it possible to do both?
  • Homemaking—the juggling act!
  • Saving Time and Money in the Kitchen
  • Having a Plan for Keeping Your Home Clean
  • Prayer in Homemaking: gaining vision, finding time, and praying with our children
  • Finding Joy in Homemaking
  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Busy Homemaker
  • Calm Your Chaos
  • Unrealistic Expectations, Communicating your Needs, and Dealing with Differences
  • Bible Memorizations: 5 minutes a day, lifetime benefits for the entire family

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My Very First Podcast! (EEK!)

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I’m nervous to share this here, but Sean and I did our very first podcast! Public speaking is not my thing, but we really wanted to do this together. We talked about child training, and our grace based approach.

A Grace Filled Approach To Child Training

Click here to go over and listen to it!

Introducing our *Exclusive* Facebook Group – Modesty For The Modern Mom!

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I’ve been throwing around this idea for awhile, and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and just do it!

As of today, we have an exclusive subscriber only Facebook group! I’m SO excited. It will be called Modesty For The Modern Mom, but don’t let the mom in the word scare you away if you are single! Anyone age 16 and older is welcome!

Join our *exclusive* subscriber only Facebook group! Modesty for the Modern Mom will a source of encouragement for those who have a passion for modest dress!

This Facebook group will be a place to share pictures and ideas about outfits, hair, jewelry, makeup; basically anything for the feminine Christian woman. There will be some rules, but it will not be a place for legalism and debating about what exactly makes an outfit modest. There are many different standards and I want it to be a place that will encourage lots of different women!

I hope you will feel free to jump right now and start posting pictures of daily outfits you wear, asking questions, leaving comments, or helping someone out. Please don’t feel like you need to post your Sunday best. We want to see daily outfits – real life looks! 

This is a subscriber only group, meaning you must be a subscriber to this blog to be able to join. If you are already a subscriber, look at the bottom of your email for the image, click on it and it will take you to the FB group. Just request to join and I’ll get you added.

If you are NOT a subscriber yet, please join here, open the email confirming it and you will have the link in that email to join the FB group. 

Let’s make this a super awesome support group, full of encouragement and love and charity! I’ve been blessed by so many different groups on Facebook and I hope this will be one of them!

What’s so wrong with the “S” Word?

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What is so wrong with the S Word? As parents, we need to take a firm stand on this and being willing to shelter our children!

As a second generation homeschooler I’ve heard the “s” word my whole life.

“Those poor children are going to be so sheltered they won’t be able to adjust to normal life.”

The other big “s” word? Socialization. These two words have a way of following each other around. “Oh my, their children are so sheltered they won’t know the first thing about socialization. I mean, how will they cope when they get out into the real world?”

I can attest that there is at least one person on the planet who was sheltered as a youth and who, now in her 30’s, makes her way in the world quite well. That person is me. Actually, believe it or not, there are others like me. Many others. You might not know it though because, well, we’re just so adept at socializing. 😉

Sarcasm aside, I’m sincerely not the least bit resentful that I didn’t experience more of the world as I was growing up. My parents carefully controlled the environment in my home and I’m grateful for it. That’s not to say we lived in a cave. My mother was very wise in the way she sheltered me yet made sure I was equipped and prepared to enter the world.

As a sheltered homeschooled child I grew into an adult that was married at 19 and became a mother at 20 (gasp, yes I was one of those young brides who went through courtship). I am currently a pastor’s wife, a business owner, a blogger, and I hope a “normal” human being that tries to conduct her life in a way that would please God.

What did my sheltered life consist of? (Cue the melancholy music.)

1. I wasn’t familiar with many of the popular movie stars, as I didn’t watch many of the popular movies. If an actress was in a Jane Austen movie then I knew about them. :) It’s still that way today. Watching PG-13 and R rated movies just didn’t happen (I think I’ve seen two PG-13 movies. Or maybe I should say I’ve seen about a ⅓ of two historical PG-13 movies. We fast forwarded through most of them).

2. We listened to classical and some Christian music growing up. Actually I listened to more Contemporary Christian music when I was younger than I do now. I was a teenager when my brother introduced me to the famous Bye-Bye Ms. American Pie song (and don’t ask me the band responsible for the song, lol). I knew what songs were popular from being out shopping. I suppose you could say I grew up listening to the Wal-Mart top 40. : )

3. Cursing was absolutely not allowed in our home. Slang words were considered just as bad as curse words. Some of you might be shocked, but I was well into my 20’s before I even knew what most bad words were and I still don’t think I know all of them. If I had been around situations where curse words were commonly used, my parents would have educated me more. I just didn’t need to know!

4. The TV was never background noise. It was only on if we were all watching something together, and many years we never even had TV reception.

5. My parents never taught us to believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause. Actually my Grandpa was the town’s Santa Clause one time (it was a big deal; he rode in a float with the mayor, picture in the paper and everything). We went to see him with our younger cousin who did believe in Santa Clause and we were given strict instructions to not say a word about it being our Grandpa! We celebrated holidays for the religious reasons behind them, not the secular.

6. I’ve never been to a lock-in at a church or school and I only went to one big overnight birthday party when I was little.

7. I never went on a date until I was courting the man I married. Please know I don’t believe that just because you are in a courtship means you will automatically marry that person, but I do not believe in dating around for fun. We had our first kiss on our wedding day.

My parents came from rough upbringings, and they regretted a lot of things they went through. They didn’t want their children making the same mistakes so they sheltered them from influences that they didn’t consider godly.

However, don’t let this list fool you. I’m not a naive 30 year old mama. I’ve had my fair share of real life, hard, and very unsheltered situations.

As soon as we were old enough to drive we were added to our parents checking accounts. My mom had Lupus since I was 11 and we were responsible for grocery shopping and running errands when she was sick.

I was one of the primary caregivers of my great-grandfather when I was 16. He was living in our home on hospice for a month or so before he passed away of cancer. My older sister was in charge of all the financial/legal paperwork and I worked with the hospice nurses on how to take care of him.

I’ve learned far more about homosexuality and it’s lifestyle than I ever dreamed I would have, because of family members who have chosen to walk in that path. I’ve been in many counseling situations, churches of all different faiths, and opened our home to many different types of people.

I’ve walked through family member’s divorces, separations, terminal illness, heartaches, victory and failures.

Being sheltered does not mean you don’t experience real life and all that it brings. It simply means you limit your understanding concerning the ungodly things as much as you can. Why? So you can deal with real life.

The only time I’m super aware of my limited knowledge of movies or movie stars, popular people (like famous people in sports), etc. is when my husband makes a joke or tries to tell me some passing tidbit of news, and I have no clue what he is talking about. :) We come from different backgrounds, but he always tells me it’s better not to know!

Do I think you can shelter your children too much? Absolutely. But that’s a topic for another post. For the purposes of this post I just want to say that this lady who is married to a real husband and who went through 6 real labors which brought 6 real children into the world, and who has seen her share of real sorrow and suffering among those she loves most, is truly grateful for being sheltered when she was young so she could joyfully weather this bittersweet thing people call socialization.