Girl’s Rainbow Denim Skirts Are Here!

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It’s been a dream come true. For years now I thought how wonderful it would be to have our popular Rainbow Denim Skirt be available for girls. But it was a passing thought, in the midst of changing yet another dirty diaper and folding my 160,700 load of laundry since getting married. 😉

Last year we started running really low on our inventory of the Rainbow Maternity Skirt. It takes a lot of money to manufacture skirts and so Sean and I sat down and talked about the future of these skirts. We decided to manufacture them again, but cut out the middle man that had been involved and do it all ourselves.

I’ll tell you one thing, my life isn’t anything like what I had pictured it as a little girl. I never dreamed that I would learn how to find a good manufacture, deal with wire money transfers, customs, samples of skirts and fabrics…it’s been a little overwhelming but we have pushed through, and the skirts are almost here!!

All of the Rainbow Denim skirts are available for pre-order, and will be shipping around March 10th! Now is the time to get your order in so you can get your skirt right away!

The Girl’s Denim Skirt comes in sizes 4-14, and has plenty of room to run and be active!

Since I’m a mom of 4 girls, I knew that having adjustable waistbands in these skirts was a must! These feature those wonderful little button adjustable waistbands, so you can fit it just right on that skinny tall girl of yours. 🙂

You can Pre-Order any of the Rainbow Denim skirts through Friday and receive a discounted price! Find them here:

Maternity Rainbow Denim Skirt

Women’s Rainbow Denim Skirt

Girl’s Rainbow Denim Skirt 

Modest Monday and a Link Up

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I’ve been really sick most of the week, so please excuse me from any outfit pictures this week. Believe me, you don’t want a picture of me this week, I’ve just been in my PJ’s all week! Sunday was the turning point for me, and I was able to start getting up out of bed more. Hurray!

Link Up Time!

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Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Happy Monday! Last week was a long week with my three oldest children sick. My oldest normally washes most of the dishes as his chore, so I was in the kitchen a lot more than usual trying to keep up with the dishes! They all had high fevers, but really no other symptoms. They are getting better, but I still stayed home from church with some of them, to give it a full 24 hours since they last had a fever.

It made me remember what my days were like before I had older children that can help. I miss the days when I just had a few little ones, I would love to go back and do things a little differently. But it’s so nice to have children old enough to carry a conversation with, and to have helpers!

I wore this snuggly cardigan with this new shirt I just got from JCPenny. The cardigan is from Stitch Fix and I’ve gotten good use out of it!

A blog reader sent me some LipSense to try, and I thought some of you might like to know about it. She told me that the LipSense stays on all day long, but I was skeptical that I would really like it. So far I actually do like it a lot!

You apply it in the morning, and then put a gloss over it. By evening it looks almost the same color, and that is after I’ve eaten three meals, had a lot of water to drink, kissed on my baby all day, and of course my husband! 🙂 It doesn’t come off, and I just put more clear gloss on 2 times each day. I leave the gloss in the bathroom and just put it on when I go in there.

I would like to get a little brighter red color, but I really like the concept. If you wear only organic makeup this probably isn’t for you, but if you are looking for a lip color that stays on all day you should give this a try!

Just a warning, it really burned the first time I put it on! The second time I put it on I was ok, but I wasn’t prepared for it burning.  The SD 40 cosmetic grade alcohol is in there to kill bacteria that gets in the tube and to bond color to lips. It just means that my lips were dry, but it won’t always burn.

The LipSense is $25 each and I was told it will last 4-6 months. The gloss is $20 and will last 2-3 months since you put it on more than once a day. Not super cheap, but not crazy expensive if you love the idea of only putting on a lip color once a day!

If you want to join Cheri’s Facebook group and find out more info, go here.

I found these lovely lace TOMS on ThredUP! These were the exact ones I have been wanting, so I was thrilled to find them on there in my size!

What I Wore

Skirt – eShakti

Top – JCPenny 

Cardigan – Stitch Fix 

Shoes – TOMS from ThredUP

Headband – Lilla Rose

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.








Whole 30 Week Two – It’s Working!!

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I’ve looked forward to writing this blog post all week. I’m still in shock. I’m 9 days into doing Whole 30 and it’s totally working! Best of all, I love doing it! It’s so easy to do compared to Trim Healthy Mama (at least for me) and I’m seeing incredible results already!

I shared a picture in my LulaRoe group where I’m wearing jeans that I haven’t been able to wear in a very long time! That was such a great feeling to get those jeans back on in just 9 days time! I don’t feel bloated and yucky and I know I’ve lost some pounds. You are not supposed to weigh yourself until the very end, but weighing myself keeps me motivated. 🙂 I will wait to share the final number until the end of the challenge.

Here are some of the meals I’ve made this week.

Turkey Zucchini Poppers (they are supposed to use ground chicken but I found ground turkey to be cheaper), with steamed broccoli and roasted beets and sweet potatoes. It was really good!

Pizza Potato Skins – I made this for our whole family, so the ones with cheese on them was for everyone else. 🙂 These didn’t taste quite as good as I had hoped. I think the biggest reason was the pizza sauce. I made it from scratch and it didn’t have any sugar in it, and it just tasted a little off. Overall it was a fun meal to make, and I would love to try this again with some tastier pizza sauce. I had a big salad with this as well.

Cobb Salad – I had this for lunch one day and it was so yummy! I discovered just how much sugar is in anything when I had to start reading the back of all my spices, meat, etc. It’s everywhere! I went to our local heath food store and bought some bacon that even had stamped on it “Whole 30 Approved.” It tastes really good! This has definitely increased our food bill a little bit, so after the 30 days I’ll go back to eating the turkey bacon I normally get from Costco.

I ate plain salad for several days before I made it to the health food store and bought this Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing that is Whole 30 approved. Thankfully it was on sale at the store. It’s actually really, really good!

As for exercise, my sister called me on Monday and asked if I wanted to go to a Barre workout class with her at the local gym. It sounded like fun, so I said sure! We ended up going to the wrong gym, and did an hour long intense areobics workout instead. Whew! I definitely had a good workout that night!

My sister seems fascinated with the Barre workout concept right now, and sent me this workout on Youtube to try. I’ve done it twice this week, it’s super intense! So far I have done a modified version for 20 minutes, I have yet to finish the workout! Baby steps…

Wednesday was hard. Israel had to make chocolate coins for history and the smell of chocolate was in the house for hours! Then I would open up the fridge to grab some veggies, and there were little chocolate cups that were waiting to be turned into coins in front of my face. Just a little distracting. :/ But I made it through and ate some fresh fruit instead.

I need to work on drinking more water this week. I have a 32 ounce glass mason jar from the Pioneer Woman that I use to drink out of every day. I normally fill it with some lemon juice as well and my goal is to get 2 of these down a day.

I’m hoping this next week goes as well as this past week has! I’ve really missed my greek yogurt, so I’ll definitely be adding that back in once the 30 days are up. But if I keep losing baby weight, I’m not giving up once the 30 days are over!


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