The True Essence of a Woman

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To be a woman is more then just flowery clothing, a long skirt, earrings and makeup, the ability to birth children.

Being feminine is more then just dressing up in a long skirt and wearing makeup! |

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A true woman embraces her femininity, whether she is milking cows in the barn, helping bring in hay, or cooking a meal for her family in her frilly apron. She is uniquely  feminine, and that does not change no matter what situation she finds herself in.

Doing laundry


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Her heart is set on the Lord. She does not compromise her femininity with flirtatious looks, employ feminine charms to get her own way, or use her body to tempt men.

She thinks on what is true, acts on what is virtuous, and teaches her children in the ways of the Lord. She is a true helpmeet to her husband, or a single handmaiden serving the Lord.

She may not be blessed with abundant physical beauty, but her face may be radiant from the light of the Lord.

She may not be blessed with abundant physical beauty, but her face may be radiant from the light of the Lord.

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This is what it is all about. 

The feminine, modest clothing side of things is just a coverup if your heart isn’t really set on striving to be a woman of God. Oh we all fall – I’m so incredibly weak I just shake my head somedays and pray harder.

But we have to keep a vision before us of what we are striving for.

It’s not to be a feminine character from a Jane Austen novel.

We are made to get our hands dirty, to get on our knees and mop our floors, move our furniture around, and labor for hours on end to bring forth a miracle, a precious baby. Femininity has many different “faces” and not all of them are pretty, but they are all beautiful. 

Modest Monday and a Link Up

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Grey Polka Dot Skirt |

It was so sunny, I could barely look at the camera! So this is a squinty smile. :)

I’ll share with you an everyday outfit I wore to the park on Friday.

The feminine, modest clothing side of things is just a coverup if your heart isn't really set on striving to be a woman of God.


I found the scarf on ThredUP and knew it was the perfect summer looking scarf.

Gray Flat Shoes

The gray shoes are another ThredUP find. They are super comfortable! I had been looking for a gray pair of shoes for awhile, so I was happy to find them there.

Tree of Life Flexi Clip

I needed to put my hair up (confession, I didn’t get my shower in like I had hoped before church!) and so I just braided it and put a Tree of Life flexi clip in.

What I Wore

Skirt – Ruffle Skirt with gray polka dot fabric from Deborah & Co.

Shirt – Thrift Store (Van Heusen Brand)

Cami – White Full Length Halftee (New item to Deborah & Co!)

Shoes – Gray flats from ThredUP ( Ecco brand)

Scarf – ThredUP (Tabi Brand)

Makeup – L’BRI all natural skincare and makeup

(LAST DAY to get the facial masque for just $16!)

Flexi Clip – Tree of Life from Lilla Rose

Link Up Time!

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.

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Ask Caroline: Where To Find Modest Maternity Shirts?

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Ask Caroline: Where to Find Modest Maternity Shirts |

Any suggestions as to where I can find modest maternity shirts that won’t wear out quite as quickly? The shirts in my local stores are very thin… And I can only find skirts on most of the online clothing stores I’ve used.”

Trying to find modest maternity shirts sometimes feels like trying to find that needle in the haystack. There is not just one store you can consistently go to that offers modest maternity clothing. You have to think of finding maternity clothes as a great adventure, otherwise you are likely to get frustrated!

You have a few options when it comes to finding maternity clothes. You can sew them yourself, order online, go to the traditional Motherhood store and shop, or look at garage sales and consignment sales. Let’s chat about each option more closely.

Sewing Your Own Maternity Clothes

I sewed some of my own clothes with my first pregnancy. After that I was so sick during the first trimester, and struggling to just keep care of the baby (or babies) I already had that I never found much time for sewing after that. The two dresses I sewed with my first pregnancy turned out pretty large, which was great at the end but not as great earlier.

Long maternity jumper

This is a picture from my first pregnancy, wearing a jumper that made me look huge! Seriously, we have a picture where I look like I’m having twins or triplets wearing this jumper. I’ve learned a lot about what clothes are modest and fashionable since this time. :)

If you are looking for modest maternity patterns in the store, you won’t find very many. My best suggestion is to look on Ebay for older style maternity shirt patterns. I’ve purchased several patterns on Ebay with good results. From my quick search on the pattern websites I wasn’t finding many good options. This pattern from Butterick was the only one I saw.

Order Online

Ordering online is an option that our mothers did not have,  and I’m so grateful to have this option! Whether you are ordering modest maternity skirts, or searching for tops, this really expands your search. Here are some places you can look for tops online.

Nine Little Months sells gently used maternity clothing

Gingham maternity shirt

Gap has this gingham maternity top available in several different colors. It’s more then I’d spend on this top, but at least it covers.

ThredUP now has a maternity section of gently used clothing. I found a few cute styles there, like this pink Motherhood top.

Pink Motherhood Maternity Top

All the other usual places to shop for maternity clothes are online as well, Motherhood, Old Navy, Target, Kohls.

Zulily is another good option, as they almost always have maternity clothes that are marked down on their site.

Shop Consignment Sales and Garage Sales

This is how I find most of my maternity tops. Even when I’m not pregnant, if I see a really cute maternity top for a few dollars I’ll grab it. I’ve had huge success finding maternity tops at garage sales. You can search your local craiglist listing for garage sales that say maternity clothes in the listing.

Visit your local children’s consignment sales, all the ones I’ve been to have a maternity section. If you need help finding some close to you, Consignment Mommies has a listing for every state. I just went to one last week and found a sweet maternity dress, so I went ahead and bought it even though I’m not pregnant.

Be Creative and Use Your Imagination

Now more then ever you will need to improvise and layer. It’s not what most pregnant mom’s like hearing, they already are huge and hot and they don’t want bulk! I wore my halftees and cropped layering shells a lot during my last few pregnancies. They didn’t add bulk as they don’t cover your stomach, but they allow you to wear low cut shirts. Which for some reason the manufactures think pregnant women are just dying to show off cleavage when pregnant. *sigh*

Wrap maternity top with a layering shell on for modesty

This is a wrap style maternity top that you can find about anywhere. I would never wear this without a cami underneath, but high cut cami’s are hard to find when pregnant. I was wearing a cropped layering shell in this picture.

If you are needing to layer a shirt for length, the Undercover Mama shirts work great and can be worn during pregnancy. I’ve had quite a few longer torso moms hold them up and say they are long enough, especially the ones with lace.

Lower cut maternity top layered with a modest cami

Another maternity top that I layered with a black layering shell.

Maternity top

A cute maternity tank that I layered with a long sleeve shirt. If the tank is thick enough, you could always use a short sleeve halftee to layer in the summertime.

**We are going to start doing a Ask Caroline post on a regular basis. If you have a question on modesty, feel free to email me your question and I will do my best to answer it!**

10 hairstyles for long hair

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10 Hairstyles for Long Hair, from super easy to more difficult styles perfect for a night out on the town! |

When you have long hair you can do a lot of different things with it, but some of it takes practice! Here is a mixture of super easy hairstyles to some more difficult hairstyles for the special evening. Of course what hair texture you have will depend on if you can do all of these styles. I have very straight, fine, yet tons of it texture. My hairstylist is always bringing me back to reality about what will work on my hair. :)
Pigtails without a part |

I keep meaning to try these pigtails without a part on my hair, as I really like how they look in the picture!

small braids with a flexi clip

This is a very easy hairstyle I do on my hair, just braid the sides of it and pull it back in a smaller size flexi clip (I used an x-small in this picture).

If you like the flexi clips, they are on sale April 10th-12th! Save 10% off a selection of flexi clips that are pink, or ones with crosses on them.

If you are a brand new customer to Lilla Rose and have never redeemed a “Have One On Us” coupon, simply purchase three flexi clips and receive a fourth one free! Email me your selection for the fourth free item ($16 value or under) and it will arrive separately.

Save 10% off a variety of pink and cross style flexi clips from Lilla Rose!


Braids and buns


This is a relaxed hairstyle, it doesn’t matter if a few stray hairs show. Simply braid each side, pull it together into a low ponytail and then twist it into a loose bun.  It’s called the Twisty Updo.

Mega long hair secured in a mega flexi hair clip!

Talk about long hair! This mega long hair is twisted up into a mega size flexi clip, proving that all sizes of hair can go up in these clips!

Braided Bun tutorial


I really like this braided bun. There are three braids involved, two small braids on each side and then one large braid for the bun.


Curl the ends of your hair and style it with a Lilla Rose flexi clip!


Here is an easy hairstyle that has a classic look. Curl the ends of your hair and put a Lilla Rose hair band in your hair.  The hair band shown is one of my favorite, the Hues of Blue. 


Kate Middelton Updo


I adore Kate Middleton’s hairstyles! She is so lovely and feminine. Here is a good tutorial from an excellent hairstylist on how to do this updo.

French braided and tucked under with a flexi clip


Another easy hairstyle that just takes a few minutes. French braid your hair, then tuck the single braid under and secure it with a flexi clip.


Pull it back in a simple ponytail with a flexi clip

Do you find yourself wearing ponytails all the time but need to make them look a little prettier? Just use a Flexi Clip instead of a hair elastic for your ponytail. I use a size medium for mine.

braided bun with flexi clip

Finally, here is another braided bun variation that is lovely.

Lilla Rose Flexi Clips!

Don’t forget to grab your flexi clip on sale, just in time to complete your Easter Sunday outfit! If you are not sure what size you need, you can look at the sizing and styling chart here. 

If you have long hair, do you style it or just leave it down?