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I thought it would be a nice change to show you a more casual, weekday outfit instead of a Sunday outfit this week! Saturday we had a birthday party for my oldest and youngest daughter and I. It was a lot of fun! My Dad and Step-mom came in town and we did a spring egg hunt, instead of a Easter egg hunt. 🙂 Sophia was hysterical, she would not let go of her little basket and eggs the rest of the day!

When I walked in the door my dad instantly commented on my outfit, which I thought was funny. He has seen me in all different phases of life, from homemade jumpers only, to a headcovering and then slowly start to dress in a more modern, yet modest way still. The leggings were something new on me. I think he liked the outfit, it was just another new look. Ha! I thought it was so funny he even noticed!

Speaking of the leggings, yes they are LulaRoe leggings. I love the pretty rose pattern! If you haven’t tried a pair of LulaRoe leggings yet, I’d love for you to leave me a comment and tell me why! It took me forever to try a pair and once I did, I wondered why I waited so long! They really are as soft as butter.

I recently ordered some TOMS shoes when they were on sale at Zulily. When I first got them in the mail I wasn’t sure how comfortable I thought they were. Now that I’ve worn them for a few weeks I think they are incredibly comfortable! My only complaint is that the soles are slippery at times, which I really don’t like.

Wearing my favorite bobby pins from Lilla Rose!

What I Wore

Skirt – Knee Length Denim Stretch Skirt from Deborah & Co.

Shirt – Costco

Leggings – LulaRoe (Join my FB group here!)

Shoes – TOMS from Zulily 

Bobby Pins – Lilla Rose

Link Up Time!

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  1. That’s a good idea, to wear the leggings under a denim skirt.It looks good.x

  2. Do you still wear a headcovering? If not, I’d love to hear why not and your journey in whether or not to wear one. I’m amidst trying to figure this out, myself, and have been for a couple of years now.

  3. Happy spring!

    LulaRoe leggings are very popular in my area (upstate NY), but I don’t wear them. I’m not a leggings fan (for myself), since I think they highlight my, ahem, problem areas. 🙂 Also, I find the patterns and bright colors a bit too bright/busy for me. I tend to wear mainly solids and more muted patterns. I’ve felt them, though, and they are definitely incredibly soft!

  4. I don’t wear leggings because they are not modest, and to be honest (this is a personal thing), I don’t think they look good under skirts. I thought your legs were bleeding when I first saw the post! Oh dear. Sorry.
    Why don’t you cover your head now? Just curious!

  5. Hello Caroline, I like your outfit..especially those shoes! They are really pretty and dress up the denim skirt so nicely. Bless you…Trish

  6. Girl, I read your blog all the time and really enjoy it! Some one has got to say it though, Lularoe leggings or even any of their outfits are not attractive. Hopefully, it is just a passing phase…

  7. What a cute and comfortable outfit! Thanks for hosting. Hope your spring is off to a good start!

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