The New Year is the very best time to stop and set goals for our life. It can be life changing, but so many people rush through the Holidays and never take the time to stop and evaluate how the past year went, and what they want to change in the New Year.

I don’t even try to make goals for the New Year until Christmas is over. This is the week to start making your goals, and we created the perfect planner for you to use!

With the Best Year Ever Goal Journal, you can easily sit down and take a good honest look at how this past year went, and set realistic goals for the New Year!


The topics include:

Social Media

This 25 page PDF download includes pages to rate each of these categories, and then gives you pages for a closer look on each category. What successes and struggles did you have in the past year? What do you hope for the New Year? What is your one word for the New Year?

Best Year Ever Can Change Your Year! 

Don’t let another year go by without setting goals for your personal life, marriage, faith, and fitness! Take control of your life through this goal journal, and easily rate how your past year went, and plan the next year!

Pick one word for your entire year, or pick out a word of the year for each category. Dream big, or dream practical. Either way, you set the course for the following year and actually set goals! Keep this in your planner all year long to remind yourself of what you are working on. You can even print it off multiple times and write new goals if you accomplish them early in the year!

Get this 25 page planner for just $6.99! 

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  1. I am so excited that you did this again! I did it last year and I liked having my goals organized and easily accessible! I printed it out this morning and I’m working on it now. Thank you for taking the time to make this. It’s been very helpful for me!

    God bless!

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