The busiest and yet the most rewarding thing (business wise) has been owning a company that we call our own. Is it possible for a busy mom to run her own business? Yes. Is it a difficult thing to do? Absolutely.

A Busy Mom's Honest Opinion on Running Your Own Business

Sean and I have owned our own businesses for most of our married life. However life did change when I started Deborah & Co. It was very much going to be a part time thing. Then it grew, and the blog grew as well. We never expected that Sean would be able to sell his lawn care company and go back to college full time while I worked from home and homeschooled. It just happened, and we do feel like God really blessed us so that could happen.


However, it has not been without stress. I asked Sean what he would say to another mom thinking of starting a business, and he said “only start one if you have to.”

I personally think there is a big difference between doing a direct sales business versus owning your very own company. There are a lot more decisions and responsibilities, which equals a lot more stress. So…when a mom almost apologizes to me that she isn’t running a business, as well as homeschooling, I always tell them that not everyone is called to do this.

I’m going to assume that I’m writing to a busy homeschooling mama, who wants, or desperately needs to start her own business. Here is the advice I would give.

  1. Consider the cost of getting your business going. I invested in making custom sewn maternity skirts myself (how the business started), but the business didn’t really take off until I invested an initial $1000 in other inventory to sell. You need up front money to start a business, and I’m not sure how far $500 would get you. Plan on at least $1000 in up front costs, but that really depends on what business you are getting into. It could be much, much more than that.
  2. Consider the distraction a business will be. It is crucial that your whole family be involved in this business, as it will take time away from your children and husband. They have to be committed to this just as much as you, otherwise you will have a great deal of extra stress.
  3. Plan on missing outside activities. We have to keep things simple here, and only have music lessons our one consistent activity for the children. Church keeps us busy, and our children have really good friends at church. You have to realize that adding on the responsibility of a business has to take time from a different category in life, and it normally comes from extra curricular activities.
  4. Go into your business with a clear plan on how to market it, your goals for growing it, and how you will fit it into your already busy life.
  5. You have to accept that you are it in the beginning. You will be doing everything. Finding all the product, researching what website to use (I use BigCommerce for Deborah & Co.), designing or hiring a designer for your logo, website and ads,  setting up social media accounts and keeping them active and engaged, doing your books, or hiring an accountant to do them, shipping packages, ordering inventory when you run low. You are the face of the business and the behind the scenes person as well. It can get overwhelming.

If you still feel like starting your very own business is what God has in store for you, then jump in and enjoy the wild ride! It is very possible to do, but you have to be totally committed to your business.

I’d love to hear if you own your own business, and how it works for your family! 

5 Comments on A Busy Mom’s Honest Opinion on Running Your Own Business

  1. So neat that this was in my email this morning. For the past two days I have been trying to decide if I should join in direct sales with Usborne books. I have a two year old and a VERY busy husband who owns his own painting company. Still trying to decide and praying!

    • That’s awesome! I have joined Usborne, though I’m not really involved with it currently. I love some of their books!

  2. My father-in-law owns a logging business which my husband runs 90% of, and my dad owns a taxidermy business. Both of these will one day be ours to own, and that is definitely scary! To add in to all of that, I’ve been praying about starting a blog and possibly doing a bit of quilting. I feel that it’s what God wants, but we will definitely be waiting until after we get into the homeschool routine since it’s our first year and we have three littles. Lol

  3. Thanks for sharing. I started my own law firm to have more control over my schedule and you make a very good point in item 4. “Go into your business with a clear plan on how to market it, your goals for growing it, and how you will fit it into your already busy life.” I think a lot of small business owners that this for granted. I would disagree with your husband though. As stressful and challenging as it is, I am so glad that I left my previous job to start my law firm. All in all it has been worth it.

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