Not every marriage requires amazing date night actives. Some couples might not like date nights, where other couples thrive on them. We try to have one date night a month, but there are  some months where that doesn’t happen.

If you are needing some new ideas, I brainstormed and came up with 30 creative date night ideas of what you could do as a couple together. Some of these ideas are not strictly for date nights, but most of them are. 🙂

30 Great Date Night Ideas! These are creative date night ideas, but most of them don't require a lot of prep work!


1. Go on a walk together.

2. Read a book out loud together.

3. Watch a favorite movie.

4. Go to a sporting event together. I have discovered I enjoy sports only because my husband does. I don’t even understand the rules, but I enjoy being there with my husband!

5. Learn a new board game/card game together. Here is a great list of games for 2 people.

6. Go bowling together.

7. Go to a bookstore together, and spend the night browsing through books! We love to do this, though Sean normally looks at car or geeky computer magazines, while I browse the books. 🙂

8. Go to a music concert together. We love to attend our Symphony together!

9. Dinner out, or dinner in! If you can’t find a babysitter just put them to bed early, or put on a movie for them to watch and have dinner alone together.

30 Great Date Night Ideas for the married or dating couple!

10. Turn on some favorite music and dance together in your living room!

11. Attend a class together (workout class, painting class, etc. )

12. Go to the gun range together. (Not our idea of a date night, but I have friends who would love this!)

13. Turn your bedroom into a romantic bed and breakfast type room. Candles, sparking grape juice and special glasses, chocolate, and some massage oil! You can learn how to give a massage to your spouse with the massage class that comes as a bonus offer in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (only available until May 2nd!).

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14. Bake a meal together, no children allowed in the kitchen!

15. Rent a fun car for the day! We have rented a Mustang a few times and it’s SOOO much fun! And it’s really not very expensive!

16. Lay on a blanket and look at the stars together. Who knows. It might turn into more than stargazing. 😉

17. Take a hike together. Not a walk in the park. A real hike!

18. Go out just for ice cream.

30 Great Date Night Ideas! Going for ice cream is always a fun treat!

19. Take a drive together. Load everyone up in the car (or van!), and spend time talking together. Let the children know this is a time for mom and dad to talk, and they can read, color, or just look at the countryside. We do pajama drives like this, where the children are ready for bed, dressed in pajamas and then we surprise them with a country drive. It’s a great way for Sean and I to slow down, hold hands, and just talk on a drive.

20. Go miniature golfing together! This is another favorite of ours, but we love to go with my sister and brother in law (who happens to be Sean’s brother), so we spend fun couple time together!

21. Go on a carriage ride together, or go horse back riding together.

22. Rent a motel room for the night!

23. Go to your favorite store together.

24. Go to Panera’s and get a special treat to share. Work on your monthly budget or calendar together!

25. Go on a bike ride together. You could explore a new bike trail, or just ride through your city and stop at a fun shop along the way.

26. This one totally depends on the couple, but you could make a fun date night at home with a homemade treat, and pick out an adult coloring book to color with together. My husband would totally go for that, but he is a graphic designer and loves anything artsy. 🙂

27. Go to your local Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning together.

28. Find a botanical garden and spend the day walking through the beautiful gardens!

29. Have a date where your spouse gets to pick what you do!

30. We will end on a practical date night idea. Go grocery shopping together! 🙂

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  1. Nice list! I purchased the bundle last night and am so looking forward to going through all the resources! This is the first on I’ve ever bought, although I’ve looked at them for several years. My husband and I are 31 and 35 and are getting ready have our 4th child in a couple weeks, so I’m usually pretty busy and don’t take the time I should to spend “quality ” time with my husband, so I’ll have to utilize some of your ideas! Thanks for your blog I really enjoy it!!!! Blessings!

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