Character Badges Is Here With A $300 Giveaway To Celebrate!

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We did it! Awhile back you heard us talking about Character Badges, and then it went strangely quiet. It’s because we ended our Kickstarter Campaign as a brilliant new idea hit us. We’ve been doing our research and building the website, and today is the official launch day!
Character Badges is a new creative, flexible, and engaging child training program for children ages 5-12! Save 10% off during our pre-launch, and enter to win over $300 in prizes!

We heard nothing but positive feedback throughout our Kickstarter Campaign. But we knew something wasn’t quite right because we weren’t reaching our funding goal. It wasn’t long, though, and we realized it was the price – it was just a bit too high.

We get it. We have six children ourselves and understand homeschooling budgets that are stretched thin trying to purchase all the resources they need.

But we refused to give up. One day as we were brainstorming, a eureka moment hit me. I turned to Sean and said “what about stickers?!” He thought about it for a moment, and a smile hit his face.

Sean is the creator of Character Badges!

The talented and excited creator and designer! 🙂

What child doesn’t like stickers? What adult doesn’t like stickers for that matter? 🙂 Instead of badges (the largest cost of the whole program), the same design has been put on 2″ round stickers, thus reducing the cost of the complete set almost 40%! Children can wear the stickers all day, put them on a binder and show off their achievements at the end of the month or year….there are so many possibilities! What’s more, the custom designs on each badge are beautiful and memorable!

Character Badges comes with 12 different stickers sheets!

There are 12 different Character Badge sticker designs, and each sheet comes with 12 stickers on it. A complete set of stickers is only $19.99, or separate sticker sheets are $1.99 each. Super affordable! These badges teach 9 different character attributes by referencing scriptural stories or examples from nature.

Character Badges is a fun and flexible child training system for children ages 5-12!

Are you just hearing about Character Badges?

Character Badges is a child training system designed to encourage your child to acquire the habits of good behavior. It consists of a series of colorful charts, playful but meaningful badges, and a flexible reward system. Each part works together seamlessly to incentivize good behavior and discourage poor behavior.

Character Badge complete set

Still want more information? Go to the website to learn more about how it works!

So It’s Available to Order Now?

Yes! Go to Character Badges and look at all the great items we have available there, from complete sets to individual parts of the system. We are now accepting pre-orders and will be shipping all the pre-orders at the end of November/Early December. From now until November 14th you can save 10% off your entire order with the code LAUNCH at the checkout. 

But that’s not all! If you order a set this month, you will receive a free hand drawn scripture print included in your package when it arrives! This offer is only good through October 31st.

Hand drawn scripture art prints.

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To celebrate the launch of this new product and new website, we have a big giveaway for you!

Enter to win the following: 

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Character Badges Logo

A Character Badges Starter Set 

A Creative, Flexible, Engaging Child Training Program

Scripture Talk DVD

Scripture Talk DVD

Making Bible Memory Fun from Family Vision Films!

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

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12 Copyworb Through the Proverbs

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Homemaking Conference

Homemaking Ministries Online Conference Ticket 

Be encouraged in your homemaking skills!


4 Unit Studies on nature for your child!

Download and learn through these ebooks.

The Heart of Humility

The Heart of Humility

A Family Study of Philippians 2:1-18 ebook!

Modesty Ebook

It’s The Heart Not The Hemline

A 5 Week Unit study for girls ages 8-14!

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This giveaway is for USA only, although Character Badges will ship worldwide!

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  1. I didn’t see a place to comment on the Character Badges website, so I came back here to comment. I like the idea of the character badges, specifically for the help with consistency. I know I’m not always consistent with my children, and would love more help with that!

  2. Babychaser says:

    I love the reward system!

  3. Courtney G says:

    Love, love the stickers! We have the PDF version for little kids but my son never did like to wear the badges.

  4. I really like the consistency in the program & the idea of encouraging good behavior/character traits!

  5. I love it all! This is a system that I attempt to use on my own with my 4 children, but I love how it is all in one nice and neat package which makes using it easy and consistent.

  6. The consistency and rewards! I am so bad about staying consistent with discipline.

  7. I have had my eye on this system for awhile but haven’t had the money to buy it yet. I am going to put in to budget as soon as I can. I love the whole program.

  8. I love the charts.

  9. I absolutely love everything about this from the consistency, encouraging character traits, rewards and consequences. I love all of it!! 😊

  10. I love the system, but am *really* looking forward to the sticker badges!

  11. The consistency–we need consistency!

  12. Alexandra David says:

    I am a busy mom, so it’s “The busy mom’s guide”.

  13. I like the stickers. I need to implement this soon. 😉

  14. Jennifer Mathesz says:

    my son is very reward based so this is awesome

  15. The consistency it brings, the vibrancy and color, and the clear-cut of what is expected, and then why.

  16. Nancy Cavasoz says:

    What I like is the fact that this is an easy system to use.

  17. The reward system looks like it would be very motivating for my kids!

  18. Would love the Complete Character Badges set!

  19. Chelsea Wallis says:

    The character badges look amazing! My 5 yr old saw them and instantly thought they were cool. I love the reward bank and the scripture connected to the character habits

  20. I’m most interested in the Homemaking ticket – that would be awesome!

  21. Chelsea wallis says:

    I love the scripture connected to the character do’s and donts page

  22. Love the charts and consistency

  23. I really like the Dos and Don’ts chart.

  24. The consistency is very attractive. My children are a little young yet, but love instilling these virtues!

  25. I love the charts starter set and really like that this system addresses obedience as well as disobedience.

  26. I love the character badges system, but what I struggle with most is coming up with appropriate, consistent consequences.

  27. Complete Character Badges set!

  28. I really like that the focus is not just on obedience and rewards, but also the consequences of disobedience. It isn’t all about, “what do I have to do to get the prize”, but also, “how do I learn about what I did wrong.”

  29. I really like all of the traits to have children work on. Some of them are hard for adults as well 🙂

  30. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    I like the consistent and reward charts. The badges!

  31. Janell Garwood says:

    Yay for stickers! Every kids loves stickers!

  32. I also like the focus on obedience rather than disobedience. Taking the focus off the negative and instead focusing on the positive helps keep attitudes positive.

  33. glad you changed the items to make it more affordable! i like that the rewards and consequences are decided ahead of time so i dont get stuck in the moment trying to think of something

  34. Stephanie Slabaugh says:

    I like the whole idea of focusing in the child’s character instead of just getting jobs done. It sounds like a great system!

  35. Jamie Roberts says:

    I love the positive approach, and how cheery the colors are!

  36. I love the idea of consistency and the charts!

  37. I like anything connected with Scripture backing it. My little girl hates stickers though. She’s very sensitive to noise and sensation so stickers bother her.

  38. I like that it is customize-able, but already set up. Focus on character verses performance/work.

  39. Consistency is what excites me the most. I struggle with that!

  40. I love the way it rewards good behavior.

  41. The charts and the stickers!

  42. Elizabeth B says:

    I like that the system can help with consistency! And the colors are great! I think my kids would love it!

  43. I’m interested in the whole system, but I think I’m most excited about the stickers. I think our kids would be pretty motivated by those.

  44. I really like the charts!

  45. I could use some more consistency! The charts look helpful!

  46. Erik wallis says:

    I like that it organizes our disciplinary efforts

  47. love the stickers

  48. I’m interested in the whole thing! So glad the price came down, because, for my family, that was what was holding us back.

  49. I like the do’s and don’ts poster to use for reference (and consistency!) and the stickers. My little guy is OBSESSED with stickers right now, so that would be a great motivator for him.

  50. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a while and have been reading about the Character Badges. I’m really interested in trying them. Consistency is something I am really going to work on in the coming year. Good Luch with the program! You have great giveaways also!

  51. Abigail Cochran says:

    Looks and sounds like an awesome program!

  52. I’m a big list-maker myself, so I love your colorful charts!

  53. I love the charts and the reward systems!

  54. Love the stickers. So convenient! 🙂

  55. Courtney B says:

    I like the concept of visual aids w/ the character badges as well as the bright colors that are in the pics.

  56. This is such a great way to help with consistency!

  57. I love to visually track progress so I really like the charts. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  58. I like the gradation of the badges as a way to keep progressing toward more and more godly traits. 🙂

  59. aimee place says:

    I really like the whole idea of the system. The charts look great. and i like the consistency

  60. Love the sticker badges! I really think those would motivate my 3 year old!

  61. The charts to keep track of good behavior are my favorite!

  62. Christina B. says:

    The Charts Starter Set looks pretty good to me. Especially the one about consequences.

  63. I really need to be consistent with it. I love that it is more than just obedience.

  64. I have the system at home now, but I’m most interested in the stickers and the rewards system.

  65. I love the whole concept. The charts & rewards look great. I have the pdf, but I’ve never printed it out and got it all set up, so having it all set up, laminated etc is a great idea!

  66. I love this – we bought it when it first came out, but with our overseas move, I think we left it packed in our container. 🙁 Maybe I’ll win this giveaway. Heehee!! Great work, Caroline!!

  67. The consequence chart is a great idea!

  68. I pinned on pinterest, but have no idea how to find the “link” I used. oh, well. : )

  69. I am so excited to having something to help with consistency!

  70. The stickers!!! This would make the system much easier!

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