Why I Love Babywearing (And a Tula Baby Carrier Giveaway!)

Wearing my babies in a carrier has been a big part of my life. It’s almost emotional for me when I think back to how I started. I was a young mom of 2 boys, and it was the lowest point health wise for me. I was exhausted all the time (thanks to adrenal fatigue), struggling with mild post-partum depression and just trying to survive everyday. I had a 2 year old and a newborn baby.

One day an Above Rubies magazine came in the mail and there was a whole article on baby wearing. Besides the usual Baby B’jorn carriers that didn’t look comfortable, I had never been introduced to the idea of baby wearing. I hesitantly ordered this expensive (to me) Ergo carrier, and fell in love with it. Finally I was able to cook dinner and do dishes while holding my new baby. It was something that made me feel like I was going to make it through the new baby stage without totally losing it. Yes, it was a rough time for me.

Now that I’m a mom of six children, wearing my babies is just as important to me. I struggle with mommy guilt often. Trying to juggle a business, homeschooling, a marriage, and family is not easy, and I don’t want my new baby to get lost in the shuffle of life. Of course I hold the baby whenever I breastfeed, but I want to hold them other times as well.

I’ve tried several different carriers, and found I prefer a more structured carrier versus a wrap. I do like using a pocket sling when they are little, and I don’t have much experience with ring slings. When I put a carrier one I just want to throw it on and go, and not spend time wrapping. I know there is a huge community out there of ladies who love to use wraps and that’s great! It’s just good to figure out what works for you and go with it!

Tula Baby Carrier Review and Giveaway!

Just when I thought I couldn’t fall in love with a carrier any more, I discovered the Tula baby carrier.

Besides being probably the most adorable carrier I’ve seen (the different prints you can get are amazing!), the feature I love the best is how high it comes up in the front. When I’ve worn an active baby in the Ergo, several times they have leaned backwards and I’ve felt like they could have fallen out. With the Tula I don’t have to worry about that.

The padding on the shoulder straps are the thickest I’ve seen. They are so comfortable! The padding on the waist area is awesome. It is the best carrier I’ve worn at hiding my mommy tummy. πŸ˜‰

I love my Tula baby carrier! A fantastic carrier for newborn through toddler!

This carrier works for a new baby, you just need to use an insert or wrap up a baby blanket and put at the bottom. I’ve found that Sophia prefers facing out so we have used the Beco Gemini baby carrierΒ during this phase.

If there’s one thing I’ve found after having had 6 babies, it’s that being flexible is best. You might prefer one type of carrier, but your child prefers another. Most of the times it is just a short phase. I have every expectation that Sophia will adjust to being in the Tula more in another month or two. Most of my little babies have preferred facing out in the beginning.

I always suggest owning a high quality baby carrier over a stroller, if you have to choose. I’ve used my carriers multiple times over versus my stroller. If you are searching for a new carrier, I would highly suggest trying out the Tula!

Snuggling with my baby in a Tula baby carrier!

Sweetbottoms was so kind to send me this carrier to try. I love their online store, they have everything from cloth diapers, baby carriers, nursery items, pregnancy and postpartum items, and much, much more!

You can use the code:Β MODESTMOM for 10% off your next order! Fine print:Β  Excludes sale items.Β  Manufacturer exclusions apply.Β  Not valid on gift cards, previous or pending orders.Β  Limit one coupon code per order.

Sweetbottoms is giving away a Tula baby carrier to one of my readers! I’ve been extremely excited to offer this to you!! To enter use the rafflecopter entry form below! This giveaway is limited to USA only.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Brooke Berger says:

    I love the Dino Tula

  2. It’s so hard to choose which is my favorite carrier! Each type is great for a different use. I guess the ring sling would be my favorite for tiny babies. Quick in and out, and easiest to breastfeed in. Easily lower baby down, throw the tail over your shoulder, and keep on moving! No one can even tell!

  3. Mine is a tie between the Comfy Joey Ring Sling and the Tula.

  4. thanks for the awesome giveaway! What blog post on sweet bottoms blog do i leave the comment about the favorite carrier?

  5. Cloudy Tula carrier

  6. I think I’d have to go with the Ergo. Although I’d love to try a Tula, they look great!

  7. Rebecca says:

    The dino print is adorable!

  8. My daughter loved to face out for awhile too – about 3-7 months or so. So, I used the Beco Gemini a lot! And then one day, I could tell she just didn’t love it so much. So now she is back to facing inward.

    One question I have about babywearing though… I find there are many things I don’t feel comfortable doing while babywearing – using a knife, being near the stove or oven, leaning down to empty dishwasher or change the toddler’s diaper… so I feel like I don’t use it as much, since it’s easier to just set baby down on the floor when I need to do those things. Any suggestions?

  9. I like wraps and I like the Wrapsody Freya Breeze Wrap on the site!

  10. I love the Tula I have! I’d love to get a different print in Cloudy to be more gender neutral. I love my woven wraps but like having a SSC for things like the zoo. I love that I can wear my bigger kids in the Tula Toddler too!

  11. The only one I’ve tried is Ergo, which I like for toddler but didn’t like for a newborn.

  12. I love the ease of the Comfy Joey ring sling.

  13. I’d love to try the Tula! Right now my go to carrier is my ring sling, but it looks like a Tula would be more comfortable, and my friends all love theirs! Also loved the adorable doll ergo carrier they had for sale!

  14. Heather V says:

    I like cloudy or urbanista.

  15. Kristina says:

    I like the Urbanista Tula

  16. James Robert says:


  17. LaCosta says:

    I love the Becco carrier, but would be so excited to win a Tula because I’ve heard so many great things! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Jennifer says:

    I love the Beco bc I am really short and I can cross the straps! Would love a Tula too though!

  19. Janey L. says:

    I love my Ergo!!!

  20. Sarah Cooper says:

    I love my Ergo, but after your review, the Tula sounds amazing.

  21. Becky Boles says:

    Hi! I would love the gray and yellow with arrows!!

  22. Tula!

  23. Shannon says:

    Tula Urbanista

  24. Cecilia says:

    I liked the tula one. I have a Moby, and like it, but it can get too stretched out to hold tightly after awhile. I’d love to try the tula. πŸ™‚

  25. So many great ones! I’d love to try the Tula Toddler and the linen Ring Sling!

  26. I’m a Ergo fan

  27. Carmen y says:

    The dino carrier is so adorable

  28. I really like the Beco Soleil in Twilight.

  29. Even though it’s out of stock right now, I loved the Wrapsody Iris Breeze wrap.

  30. Kimberly D says:

    We have the Boba Carrier 4G in Tweet, which we love. I am really liking the Wrapsody Hope Breeze Wrap that they carry!

  31. Erin O. says:

    Love the Tula!

  32. I love the Tula carrier, I still wrap my little one, but the carrier would be SO much easier, the expense holds me back from buying one!

  33. My favorite baby carrier from the Sweet Bottoms website was the Beco Soleil Baby carrrier in the arrow print. I have an ergo and have only recently heard about the Tula. I would love to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Claire G. says:

    I haven’t actually tried any baby carrier but a moby wrap. I’ve heard GREAT things about the Tula carriers. I would be most interested in buying that!

  35. Jessie Keith says:

    I love the Tula baby or toddler carrier and also the Beco Toddler carrier!

  36. Heather says:

    I have wanted to try either the Tula or an Ergo!

  37. Rosalina D says:

    I’ve been looking into buying a Tula for my newborn. I’m so excited about this giveaway!!! πŸ™‚

  38. I have used an Ergo and liked it a lot, but I have not tried any other type of carrier! I like the Tulas.

  39. The Dolcino Woven Wrap is beautiful, but for versatility I think my favorite is the Beco Gemini.

  40. Aimee P says:

    i like the vivian toddler tula

  41. Brandi Watson says:

    I love the arrow print! So cute!

  42. I love the treasure hunt toddler tula!

  43. Rebecca says:

    The Dino print is really cute!

  44. Rebekah says:

    I like the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier in Charlie

  45. I like the ErgoBaby styles.

  46. The Urbanista Tula carrier is perfect!

  47. Lorelei says:

    I love the Toddler Tula!

  48. I like the vivian in the toddler size or cloudy in the infant size.

  49. Melanie cable says:

    would love to try this carrier because baby number 3 arrives in a few weeks

  50. Dandi D says:

    My favorite Tula baby carrier that they sell is the Skipper print.

  51. I’d like to try the Tula baby carrier!

  52. I liked the idea of baby wearing, but until I got my Ergo with baby #7, I found it too uncomfortable. Love my Ergo Original!

  53. I’m liking this Tula Carrier in Urbanista.

  54. So far, the Ergo is my favorite, but I’ve been dying to try the Tula!

  55. Meredith says:

    I love the bliss or the skipper tula !

  56. Amanda Wu says:

    I got my boba from sweetbottoms.

  57. Rosanna says:

    I love the Bliss bouquet Tula! Also would love to try a Beco Gemini someday too!

  58. I love the doll carriers for the little/big sisters! Too cute! For me, the simpler, the better, so I would pick the boba, maybe?

  59. I love the Action Baby Toddler Carrier

  60. I’ve never used any of the ones they carry, but I would love to try the Boba 4G or the Tula.

  61. Allison says:

    I like the beco Gemini

  62. Rachel F. says:

    Thanks for such a great giveaway! I have heard amazing things about the Tula and would love to try one out sometime. I do like the Beco Soliel though! I tried it out recently and found it quite comfy.

  63. I just got an ergo for the first time and can’t wait to try it out!! But the Tula looks amazing – thanks for the discount code!

  64. beco soleil looks amazing

  65. Jessica says:

    I would love to try the Tula!

  66. Jessica S. says:

    Cloudy Tula

  67. Laura Grace Andry says:

    I am loving the look of the TULA Toddler carrier in Vivian! I have never tried a TULA and would love one that my daughter could fit into. It looks ahhhmazing!

  68. I like the Ergo 360 (from a friend’s recommendation) but the Tula looks great too!

  69. Christina K. says:

    I love the Ergobaby carriers but would love to try a Tula!

  70. I used to babywear my 3 children a lot.
    In the beginning I used a wrap or ring sling.
    With approx. 6 moths I wore them on my back in Ergo oder Manduca Carrier.

    Here in Germany it is not recommended to wear babys face out.


  71. rachel cartucci says:

    I love the Tula in the pattern Oh My the best. I wish I still had mine from my other son but I gave that Tula away because I didn’t know another baby would eventually come.

  72. Jessica says:

    I’ve been wanting an ergo 360 for some time now. I’ve had my original ergo for years and now need an additional one since we are wearing two littles now. (This is baby number nine for us but the first time we’ve had two that like to be worn!) my six month old likes to face outward so she will only stay so long in the ergo before I end up having to take her out and just carry her facing outward.

  73. I love the TULA carrier – I have looked at them over and over but they have never been in our budget!

  74. My favorite is the Tula in Sly. I also love the Organic Ergo and Dolcino wrap, though. πŸ™‚

  75. Alisha M. says:

    I like their Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier.

  76. Dagmar M says:

    I love the tula baby carriers!! Along with basically everything else on their site lol

  77. Dagmar M says:

    BECO SOLEIL BABY CARRIER is one of the carriers that I have my eye on!! All of the color options are awesome.

  78. Crystal Dewart says:

    I love the skipper TULA!

  79. Sarah Oldre says:

    The Beco Soleil might be my favorite, but I’ve never actually tried a Tula. Maybe that’s my new favorite? πŸ™‚

  80. Judith Martinez says:

    I would love to have a tula toddler! My daughter is 3 now and I haven’t worn her for a while because she’s too big for all my carriers.

  81. Comfy joey ring sling! The name is way too adorable πŸ™‚

  82. I love the Ergobaby

  83. katie s says:

    I really want to try a tula, but Beco’s look nice, too!

  84. I love the Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling in Enchanted Purple.

  85. Kimberly says:

    My favorite is Tula. The Sly print is so adorable.

  86. Melanie says:

    Ohhh this looks so awesome/aka a lifesaver! I also really love the Joey Comfy Ring Sling too!

  87. I would love to try the Tula.

  88. I’ve only used a baby bjorn, which i like for forward facing – and the ergo, which I like for more comfort and for the back pack option. but, I don’t like the lack of head support. the tula looks great and I would love to try one!

  89. Agatha Tardiff says:

    A Tula! Caroline, you host the sweetest giveaways! πŸ™‚ I am touched!

  90. I’d have to say that my favorite carrier would be the Tula Toddler Carrier. I think it’d be a great option for the outdoor adventures (mountain hikes) that we tend to go on! πŸ™‚

  91. We have the classic Ergo which I have so enjoyed using from birth up to 20 months with our third! It’s the only carrier that any of our babies have tolerated or enjoyed and I have no idea what life would be like without it! And the back support it provides is incredible! I’ve heard so many good things about the Tula though…. I would love to give it a try at some point.

  92. Rebekah F says:

    I own the Ergo Organic Carrier in green and it works well for me, but I would love to try a Tula carrier in some girly colors for my new baby girl!

  93. Deanna F says:

    The Beco Gemini is really nice!

  94. anne stewart says:

    I love the Tula! I’ve been wanting one forever!

  95. I love Skipper!

  96. Definitely Tula! I have one but I want to get one for my husband that isn’t covered in flowers lol

  97. I’d really love to try the Tula! I can’t say it’s my favorite because I haven’t tried the Tula or any others yet.

  98. I love our Wrapsody wrap.

  99. Christina H says:

    I love the bouquet Tula!!

  100. I’ve never tried a Tula, but love my Boba.

  101. i love th Tula carrier – I would love to have one!

  102. I like the Comfy Joey water ring sling-perfect to take to the beach or pool!

  103. Sarah Sheffer says:

    I like dinos.

  104. jodi Armstrong says:

    I love that they carry both beco and tula carriers.

  105. Theresa Hover says:

    My favorite carrier is the Tula in Sly print, I love the little foxes! We don’t have any baby carrier yet, but I’ve heard amazing things about Tulas and would LOVE to have one.

  106. Britni Bradford says:

    love the sly tula

  107. I love all the prints that Tula has to offer and hear they are very comfortable!

  108. Katie Nasca says:

    I love the Tula in Sly!

  109. cassie D. says:

    The bliss bouquet is awesome! I want to start baby wearing as I think it would be so much easier. carrying the infant carseat around is sure a pain.

  110. Tula hands down!!

  111. Love the Tula carrier they sell, love the Incognito print.

  112. Jenna D says:

    I love Tula’s Sly print, and the Wrapsody Hope Breeze Wrap is absolutely stunning!
    Awesome selection, SB!

  113. So many carriers to choose from! I would go with the Tula with the arrows on it, I think it’s called Archer!

  114. I really like the linen ring sling.

  115. Natoshia L. says:

    I think the Incognito Tula is so cute! My LO loves animals!

  116. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love the tula woven wraps

  117. Brandi W says:

    I like Beco baby carriers. Love my Soleil, and have a toddler for when my little guy gets bigger.

  118. I’m currently coveting the dino tula!

  119. My favorite carrier that Sweetbottoms (one of my favorite Cloth diaper shops :)) is the Tula Baby carrier. I love the Skipper print!

  120. Erica Briola says:

    I’d have to go with an ergo because I haven’t tried the others. I do love my ergo though!

  121. tashina Kirk says:

    I bought my Wrapsody from them and love it. It’s my go to.

  122. I love the Skipper print in the Tula Toddler carrier!

  123. Ellie S. says:

    I love their Skipper Tula!

  124. libby k says:

    Tula! but Beco is great too πŸ™‚

  125. Lisa Weeks says:

    Is choose a tula or an ergo organic

  126. I have never tried any of these carriers. They all look super comfortable! The Tula would be great!

  127. Chelsea Wipf says:

    ring slings for little babies, and ergo or tulas for bigger tots!

  128. I would love to try the Tula. I’ve heard how comfy it is and it looks so secure! Right now I’m using a lillebaby. My favorite was the dino print Tula.

  129. My favorite they carry would be the Tula Woven Wrap in Lexington Boulder =)

  130. Lee Dixon says:

    my favorit carrier is the tula!

  131. I have a 7 week old and so far have only used the moby. I’m not completely do on it though. The Tula looks like something I’d feel more comfortable using. The cloudy is nice.


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