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We are celebrating Homemaking all week long! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is an amazing resource, and you won’t want to miss getting your own bundle!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is an amazing resource, for one low price!!

You can only get the bundle through April 27th, and then it’s gone! This bundle only comes once a year, and it never has the same resources in it!

And now for the amazing giveaways!

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Just released! Homemaking 201 DVD for encouragement to the wife, mother and homemaker!   Homemaking 101 DVD

Do you learn best through watching others? I definitely do! Homemaking 101 and the recently released 201 have been such a source of inspiration to me, as Jennifer Ross takes you step by step through practical homemaking skills. Definitely something you will want your daughters (and sons!) to watch, along with new and even “seasoned” homemakers!

You can win a copy of Homemaking 101 and Homemaking 201 DVD! Enter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Deep Pore Cleanser from L'BRI Pure and Natural! I really appreciate all natural products, but I can’t afford spending $50 per bottle for skincare products. L’BRI Pure and Natural offers affordable yet high quality skincare products with an Aloe Vera base instead of water! Very effective for all different kinds of skin. For normal, combination, oily and blemished skin. Removes all traces of makeup, pore-clogging oils and environmental pollutants from the skin. A deep cleansing, water-soluble gel enriched with Aloe Vera Barbadensis, Vitamins A, C, E plus natural botanical extracts. Works effectively to calm and soothe blemished skin. Easily removes eye makeup without irritation. You can enter to win a Deep Pore cleanser from L’BRI below! Deep Pore Cleanser from L'BRI Pure and Natural! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter to win a Beauty Redeemed doll! Beauty: Redeemed offers uniquely recycled dolls with beautiful modest attire. Each doll was found cast aside and a mess. We brought them home, removed their overdone makeup, washed their bodies, faces, and hair, and painted new faces on each one. The dresses the dolls are wearing are also upcycled from scrap material and are handmade. No two dolls or outfits are the same.

Beauty: Redeemed Dolls are not only modestly clothed in long skirts or dresses, they were also given painted-on body suits so there will be no more clothes-less dolls lying around the house. Beauty: Redeemed is offering a $60 credit to their Etsy store. To learn more about Beauty: Redeemed, visit Candle In The Night. Enter to win the $60 credit though Rafflecopter below. a Rafflecopter giveaway  Enter to win Stress Away and Thieves Cleaner from Young Living! Thieves® Household Cleaner is a great way to remove toxins from your home by using healthier cleaners. Don’t worry that you or your children are cleaning with unsafe chemicals. It smells great and helps to kill harmful bacteria. I’ve used Thieves cleaner and really like it! This one bottle of cleaner will last a very long time as you dilute it with water. Very effective! Homemaking can be stressful, which is why this roll on bottle of Stress Away essential oils will come in handy! Stress Away Roll-On is a unique blend of vanilla, lime, copaiba, and other pure essential oils that relieves daily stress, encourages relaxation, and reduces nervous tension. a Rafflecopter giveaway Thirty One Needing to organize your home? Thirty One will do so in a stylish way! I’ve been using Thirty One totes and organizers in my own home and I love them! We always grab a Thirty One bag when we go to the library! Heather is a Thirty One consultant and she is giving away a $50 gift certificate to her website!   Enter to win through Rafflecopter a Rafflecopter giveaway black-fas-slate-01-sm-novid._V325436164_ Do you want to read all these new and amazing ebooks on an actual tablet instead of your computer? I can’t rave about all the wonderful things that a Kindle does because we are Apple fanatics fans over here, but I do know you can upgrade your bundle purchase to a kindle edition and easily read them on this! 🙂 My husband has told me this is a really nice tablet and it actually has a nicer screen than an iPad! Wow! a Rafflecopter giveaway
   Enter to win a Bosch Mixer from The Modest Mom blog! As a homemaker we are very blessed with modern servants (think Proverbs 31!) in the form of these wonderful kitchen products! The Bosch Mixer saves me so much time when I make six loaves of bread, and I can make double batches of cookies without any trouble. I don’t have flour flying all over the counter, because the lid keeps everything inside. It’s an amazing machine!

Bosch Mixer Features:

  • Attractive, stable design
  • 800 Watt motor
  • 4 speed settings + momentary switch
  • Many stainless components
  • Pulse switch
  • French whips with triple action
  • Patented kneading design develops gluten better for lighter, fluffier, more attractive baked goods
  • 6.5 qt bowl holds up to 15 lbs
  • Cord storage
  • Suction feet for a secure standing
  • Wide range of optional accessories
  • Overload and start motor protection
  • Bowl locking system
  • Safety locking blender system
  • Handles on bowl for convenience in use
  • Removable shaft for easy clean up

    Enter to win it below! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Jennifer says:

    The breakfast ebook is going to be the most helpful at the moment.

  2. I can’t pick just one of the ebooks…I need them all! That is why I took advantage of the great deal!! 😉 A lot to download and I can’t wait to get started reading!

  3. I like the write through the Bible, or journey to real food, or healthy breakfast, actually the whole bundle looks awesome

  4. Michelle H says:

    Hopefully, “Build a Budget that Works” will be the biggest helper. 🙂

  5. I think I could most use the help from the e-book “Drowning in Clutter, Don’t Grab a Floatie…Drain the Ocean”

  6. The home organizing printable a look great!

  7. NeeNah B says:

    Discipleship-A Character Curriculum using Scripture

  8. Magdalena Jimenez says:

    The resources that would be a big blessing would be the Homemaking dvd’s or the audios. It would really give me a boost as I work to take care of my children and home. Thank you and God bless!

  9. I think I will use the marriage resources the most!

  10. The freezer meal ebooks!

  11. April Landry says:

    Strengthening the Heart of a Homemaker

  12. Angela Goff says:

    I can definitely use the Motherhood book on going from Grouchy to Great, as well as the freezer meal ebooks.

  13. Jen5253 Range says:

    The Project Organize Your Life ebook would be really helpful right now!

  14. Word Marbles is what I am most looking forward to using.

  15. I’ve been wanting to try intoxicated on life’s scripture copywork.

  16. I struggle with meal planning!!

  17. Dishes.. can’t ever seem to keep up!

  18. I struggle with meal prep and planning

  19. I struggle with keeping the bathroom clean. The counters wiped down and the mirrors cleaned is easy, it is the rest.

  20. The Write through the bible e-book, and the e-books on motherhood.

  21. 14 Days to a better Neck would be the most helpful right now… mine is killing me!

  22. meal planning and organization

  23. Finding clean dishes and utensils is our current challenge.

  24. Rebecca Rose says:

    Laundry is the worst thing for me. I can never seem to keep up.

  25. I think that just keeping up with meals is hard for me – grocery planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning up – especially as my family grows and everyone eats more!

  26. Jennifer says:

    I struggle with keeping up on laundry and getting it folded before it’s wrinkled.

  27. I struggle most with keeping on top of sour dough starter, milk kefir..those things that must be tended every day:(

  28. The household chore I struggle the most with is mopping. I have several injuries to my back which make it painful, but it must be done.

  29. I struggle with keeping the house clean.

  30. Keeping up with everything (besides washing clothes and cooking meals)!

  31. The homemaking skill I struggle with is mending and sewing. I learned just a little but was not talented in this area and had no interest! Now I wish I could do more than just sew a button on. Something I want to try again!

  32. Michelle H says:

    I struggle the most with dishes and cooking. :/

  33. keeping things clean & put away!

  34. Laundry!!! I get everything put away and caught up and then the next day it piles up on me again…not sure that I have found the right system for me yet. I better decide what system works because with a family of seven I could end up buried over here in a hurry!! 😉

  35. I struggle to clean things on a schedule. Mostly the bathroom. it gets dirty soo fast with so many littles, I have no desire to clean it!

  36. I would say the The Steady Mom’s Freedom Guide because I do struggle with letting go of stress and I almost never relax

  37. Keeping up with the kitchen!!

  38. I struggle with time management!

  39. My biggest struggle is maintaining organization and routine – I tend do well for awhile and then slide back into disorder… BUT as I’ve prayed and sought the Lord for His enabling grace and inspiration, I am definitely making progress in this area!

  40. The homemaking skill I struggle with the most is keeping the clutter away!

  41. NeeNah B says:

    I struggle with organization!

  42. Rebecca Rose says:

    I the i would like the Lotions, Potions, Salves, and Sprays: Natural Products for Your Home and Coop the most.

  43. Rebecca Xavier says:

    The book The Busy Mom’s Guide to Teaching Character looks great.

  44. I struggle with not going crazy because with 11 people in an 1000 sq ft house it’s never perfectly clean. I have a perfection mentality and that is not going to happen!

  45. I’m looking forward to reading Handmade Walls. Most of my walls are blank because I can’t decide what to do when it comes to decorating.

  46. I struggle with clutter and taking control of my day.

  47. I definitely struggle with budgeting the most. With children age 20 to 20mo. it’s always a challenge to keep thing balanced/done, making sure everything is on track.

  48. April Landry says:

    I struggle the most with managing paperwork–it easily gets out of control.

  49. I struggle most with keeping the clutter away. We are constantly collecting things on every surface.

  50. I struggle with cooking and meal planning the most.

  51. Heather Hurley says:

    My biggest struggle is with letting go of the way “I” would do things (like folding towels a certain way, etc) and allowing/teaching our kids to take on tasks I’d rather have done a different way. I want them to learn to do their own laundry, bake, cook, etc. but I struggle with preferring things done more orderly, more efficiently, etc. I’m getting better at just letting them go at their own pace and technique…just need to allow for more clean up time in the kitchen and time to fold laundry. 😉

  52. tammy cordery says:

    I have problems with keeping up with the dishes

  53. Jennifer says:

    We need to go gluten free for awhile (allergy issues) and I’m excited to see ebooks that will have gluten free recipes for me to try.

  54. meal planning would be most helpful.

  55. I can’t wait to read ALL of them! I was seeking help for meal planning, cleaning, laundry, organizing…this is coming right at the right time!

  56. The planners look great and the preschool books.

  57. Rebecca Rose says:

    Any, all of the decluttering books.

  58. I think the finance resources would help the most.

  59. Keeping the bathrooms clean.

  60. I would say that keeping up with the clutter is the hardest.. especially as most of my helpers have left home. Keeping up 🙂

  61. Gramma H. says:

    Lots of good topics in the bundle! Organization has always been a struggle for me!

  62. I think the organizing resources will help me to most – I’m so excited to start reading them!

  63. I struggle with folding the laundry and putting it away. I am guilty of just leaving it is a heap and just grabbing clothes as I or the kids need them

  64. The essential oils info and the stuff about home remedies for common illnesses would be so helpful.

  65. From the bundle, “Simply Clean Home,” is what would help me most. I struggle to get it all done and keep it looking clean.

  66. I’ve been wanting to read 28 Days to a cleaner home for awhile. And I always like a good printable!

  67. Jennifer Thomas says:

    Freezer meal book

  68. I would enjoy reading all the marriage books because I love marriage. Its so wonderful and always learning even after 27 years:)

  69. clarissa says:

    i have trouble keeping things neat while teaching the kids school. If i give school my full attention, the house is messy from the littler ones.

  70. Courtney says:

    I struggle most with keeping a cleaning routine for things other than kitchen and laundry. The days just seem to fill up with other things before I get to the bathrooms, vacuuming, etc.

  71. I’m reading Hollys book right now “Controlling the spin cycle” is it? Seems I need that

  72. grouchy to great book would be helpful

  73. I would use most all of the books and printable-motivational reading for the year, all on my kindle

  74. So many great looking books. The breakfast cookbook looks fabulous! And Richly Rooted’s new book.

  75. The Discipleship Character for kids looks great.

  76. clarissa says:

    i think the essential oils info would be useful. Something I don’t know much about

  77. I struggle with keeping my house clean and in order, not just the extra clutter of having a family and busy life, but I really dislike cleaning and fall behind too often.

  78. Michelle says:

    I have a hard time keeping the carpet clean.

  79. Amy McMann says:

    I think I would get the most out of the homeschool and cleaning books.

  80. Amy McMann says:

    I always put deep cleaning on the back burner.

  81. I’m really interested in “The Healthy Breakfast Book” and “Your Grace-Filled Journey to Real Food” – as well as all of the meal planning books!

  82. All the printables look so helpful!

  83. I’d love to read 25 Days to a Happier Home

  84. The book that would help most would be the Build a Budget that Works. The ones that sound most interesting are the homeschooling and marriage books-all of them. This looks like and amazing bundle. Hard to choose.

  85. Any and all organizing printables and helpers. I need to get schedules all going for all of the kids again.

  86. The ebooks on meal preparation look helpful! Always need more ideas and help on that category. 😉

  87. Meal planning is my put off task.

  88. So many things in the bundle look great, but I am really looking forward to doing the sock knitting class from craftsy with my daughter!

  89. Michelle says:

    Simply Clean Home would be very helpful.

  90. Decluttering!

  91. Gramma H. says:

    Would love the “Simply Clean Home” and “Handmade Walls” ebooks!

  92. Brenda M says:

    Freezer meals ebooks

  93. Organization!

  94. I think the ebooks about dealing with clutter and organizing will be the most helpful to me!

  95. I’m interested in reading all I can about marriage/relationships. My own parents are divorced and I desperately hope to make my marriage last and grow. But, I need guidance.

  96. tammy cordery says:

    I would love the homeschooling books. they would really help me.

  97. Ashli Cryderman says:

    One thing I want to work on as a homemaker is time management. One thing from the bundle I think would be beneficial are the audio books, also the scriptures and meal
    Planning! 🙂

  98. consistent and quick kitchen clean-up is my biggest struggle

  99. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I struggle the most with finding joy in cleaning.

  100. I am going to like the 7 steps to better grain free cooking. at the beginning of this year, we as a family decided to cut out grain and processed foods from our diet and I would love to have more recipes.

  101. Laundry is what I struggle with the most.

  102. I would like the work from home books as that is where we are right now with most of our children graduated.

  103. Everything in the bundle would be helpful!

  104. I struggle most with finding joy in the little interruptions throughout the day, the ones that take me away from my current “task at hand”.

  105. I really struggle with budgeting and saving, so those books would be very helpful!

  106. I love the encouragement from the Modest Mom blog! I have homemaking 101 and 201, and enjoy watching them with my daughters. What a wonderful bundle!

  107. homemaking skill I struggle to keep up with is laundry!!!

  108. What bundle I would find helpful would be the meal planning, the DIY projects and the cleaning books.

  109. Angela Abbott says:

    I struggle with keeping up with the laundry! We have to go to the Laundromat and that makes it very hard to keep up with. I try to fold it all at the laundromat, so it is easy to put away when I get home. If I take my youngons with me that makes it hard as they get restless. So laundry is my biggest struggle!

  110. My Grace-Filled Journey to Real Food is the first one I would read!

  111. I definitely struggle the most with meal-planning.

  112. Kirsten McKim says:

    I struggle with getting up before my children to spiritually and mentally prepare for the day.

  113. I struggle the most with time management.

  114. Sarah Oldre says:

    My favorites from the bundle I think would be the alphabet printables by Angela Thayer and the marriage and intimacy ecourse

  115. Sarah Oldre says:

    I struggle the most with staying on top of laundry!

  116. shelly foster says:

    Drowning in clutter – that’s what my house feels like!!

  117. Shelley H. says:

    Strengthening the Heart of the Homemaker!!! For sure!

  118. Tammy Jones says:

    I struggle most with getting supper ready on time.

  119. Tammy Jones says:

    I would like to read about Lotions and Potions for family and coop, Large Family Homeschooling and many more!

  120. Jennifer Freeman says:

    any of the things about meal prep

  121. Jennifer Freeman says:

    I struggle with keeping everything going well. If homeschooling and meals are going well, housekeeping might be lagging. If housekeeping and homeschooling are going well, meals might be lagging.

  122. I think from grouchy to great sounds like it might be really helpful for me. i tend to be a little bit oscar-ish more than i care to admit.

  123. I struggle most with organization. I know where everything is, but no one else does :).

  124. Rachael Hughes says:

    I struggle the most with spending quality time with my kids instead of just tackling my to-do lists! I long to be able to fit everything in but I just can’t. And I’m in the throes of a redecorating project that’s taking a lot of my time. It must be done so it can GET done, so I will have more time to spend again. Gah…

  125. The audio and printables from the bundle would be really helpful. I think I struggle most with having a daily schedule for our homeschooling family. Thanks for this give away!!

  126. I struggle with balance and organization

  127. Clutter is a definite struggle, and the laundry! I’m eager to try Holly Dvorak’s simple method.

  128. I struggle with dusting. You know how people collect a special nick-knack well this is my special collection I keep lol.

  129. I think the the e-courses, printables, conference, and anything visual. The topic I can not pick as I am forever learning each area.

  130. I wish I could sew and mend. I feel like I’m lazy when I have to pass that stuff along to my mom.

  131. I think the large family homeschooling would be the most helpful!!

  132. I struggle with cooking and baking. Just don’t feel that good at it!

  133. The hardest part of homemaking for me is keeping a clean house. Any (and all) the cleaning ebooks will be helpful to me!

  134. Kristy Jensen says:

    The homemaking skill I struggle with most is keeping a consistent schedule.

  135. Kristy Jensen says:

    The conferences would be most helpful from the bundle.

  136. I struggle with the ‘extra’ things that need cleaned ever so often – the mopping, washing curtains, cleaning the porch, etc. 🙂 Thank you for putting this together, Caroline! Such a blessing!!

  137. The Pregnancy Companion looks wonderful – I had so much fatigue during my last pregnancy, I am hopeful to not have that again in the future!!

  138. Dawn M. (5forjesus) says:

    So many things to help me. I’m “domestically challenged”. 🙂

  139. Dawn M. (5forjesus) says:

    The homemaking skill I struggle with most is cooking.

  140. Elizabeth S says:

    I would like the books on cleaning your home naturally.

  141. I’m excited about so many of the ebooks. The one I want to see first is Large Family Homeschooling.

  142. Emily Cain says:

    I struggle with consistency. I will start a week out with a great schedule, house is clean, and by the weekend, it has all fallen apart.

  143. Emily Cain says:

    The book I am looking forward to is the breakfast ebook.

  144. My biggest struggle is balance. I know my strengths and weaknesses but sometimes I avoid doing things even though they need to be done. So accepting what I can do and being good with that is probably my struggle.

    I’m looking forward to the bonuses. I know I won’t get all the books, but I enjoy cooking and always looking for new ideas.

  145. Floors.

  146. Amanda D says:

    My biggest struggle is keeping the house clean! We’re in the middle of renovating and our bedroom & living/dining rooms (combined for renovation) stay a disaster =(

  147. Amanda D says:

    Guide to Natural Remedies would be an awesome resource!

  148. Amanda D says:

    I think Large Family Homeschooling would also be helpful in a few years (Lord willing)!

  149. Tracy Carr says:

    My biggest struggles with homemaking are motivation and follow-through.
    I can get a plan together, but if something happens one day and things don’t get done, then everything falls apart.

  150. Andrea H. says:

    My biggest struggles in homemaking are dinner and consistency.
    The easy, oven free dinners book would be very helpful.

  151. Bathrooms! I struggle to keep them clean.

  152. Frugal Real Food Meal Plan

  153. I struggle most with hospitality as a homemaker…. people tend to stress me out far too much with my health issues, but I wish I could entertain guest more often without it wiping/exhausting me.

  154. I struggle with laundry and floors.

  155. Maybe Simply Clean Home

  156. Rachel Anna says:

    I struggle with keeping clutter under control!

  157. Rachel Anna says:

    I could definitely use the resources on home organization!

  158. The no cook freezer meals resource would help me.

  159. I’m looking forward to the abc books for teaching my boys!

  160. I struggle the most with keeping the sink empty of dishes!

  161. I would love to win the thirty one tote!!

  162. Trust Without Borders.

  163. Stephanie says:

    I struggle with meal planning/cooking and dishes… I’m not sure which is a greater struggle for me, but I really dislike being in the kitchen!

  164. I would love the freezer meal book.

    And the one homemaking skill I struggle with is dishes!!!

  165. Christy Mothershed says:


    I would, without a doubt, benefit most from the Bosch mixer.

    The one homemaking skill that I struggle most with would definitely be keeping up with grading my children’s school papers.
    P.S. I used my daughter’s google acct. because I don’t have one. Also, I tried to subscribe to your blog, but the confirmation email hasn’t come. I’ll keep my eye out for it. Thank’s for a wonderful giveaway!

  166. The healthy breakfast book!

  167. I struggle with meal planning

  168. Alisha M. says:

    My biggest struggle is probably time management.

  169. Alisha M. says:

    From the homemaking bundle, I would probably enjoy the marriage ebooks the most. The “50 Frugal Dates” ebook looks good. I am so bad at putting off dates because I feel they will be expensive.

  170. Anything to do with cooking would be helpful! 🙂

  171. LD Michelle says:

    De cluttering and organization are what I really need from the bundle.

    By the way, the Bosch rafflecopter doesn’t seem to be working correctly – the free entry requires something, and then the entry that asks how the bundle will help doesn’t have a place for an entry.

    • I just changed the free entry, the other entry you just leave a comment on the blog and then press enter. Thanks!

      • LD Michelle says:

        Thank you! Do you want a comment on the blog for each of the giveaways entered? Or does one comment work for all of the giveaways? If a separate entry for each, do we need to specify which giveaway we are commenting for?

        Also, it looks like the free entry may be requiring an entry on many (maybe all) of the other giveaways. (I had only tried the Bosch giveaway last night when I posted the comment.)

  172. Anna Metcalf says:

    I would love the year round homeschooling teachers planner in the ultimate homemaking bundle, this entry is for the gift certificate for the doll.

  173. Anna Metcalf says:

    following through with what I want/need to do is what I have the most trouble in homemaking.

  174. Josephine Heitzenrater says:

    The cooking stuff, for sure. 🙂

  175. A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies Ecourse.

  176. Paige Weaver says:

    I am really interested in the teachings on natural remedies for fevers, diaper rash, etc. that I saw you posted about recently. And the chore I struggle the most with is….mopping my floors. Seems like such a lost cause that I put it off over and over again.

  177. the healthy breakfast book

  178. I struggle the most with organization.

  179. Well the bundle looks great. So many thing. I have been seeing and reading about the homeschool big families. But so many more would help.

    The homemaking I struggle with is time management. And getting things done and organized thanks for giveaway

  180. The organizational ebooks will probably help me the most because that is what I struggle with the most in my home.

  181. I struggle the most with organization.

  182. I struggle with time management and organization the most.

  183. I struggle the most with cooking.

  184. My biggest struggle is time management and consistency. I think I would benefit a little from everything that is in the bundle but the homeschooling resources I think would be at the top.

  185. Mending clothes. We’d probably save a tone of money if j would just do it!

  186. Christina says:

    what do I struggle with? discipline for myself, really, ties in to everything else. so hard to get moving some mornings. I try to get up early and when I do that helps…but I struggle with getting up early!

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