Long Denim Skirts On Sale For Deborah & Co. 4th Of July Sale!

4th of July sale at Deborah & Co!

It’s time for a 4th of July sale, and per your request, the long Denim Skirts are on sale at Deborah & Co.

Rainbow Maternity Denim Skirt on sale! The Rainbow Maternity Denim Skirt.

Rainbow Denim SkirtThe long Rainbow Denim Skirt for Women – a classic best seller!

Navy and White Striped Cotton SkirtOur brand new Navy Striped Cotton Skirt is on sale!

Green Polka Dot Skirt from Deborah & Co. | themodestmomblog.com

The Green Polka Dot skirt is $5.00 off!

Paper Dolls

The paper dolls and coloring book is on sale!

Bundle One is $10.00 off

Bundle Two is $10.00 off

The Coloring Book is $4.00 off

ABC Say It With Me DVD

ABC Say it With Me DVD has had nothing but rave reviews from everyone who purchases it!

Homemaking 101 DVD

The Homemaking 101 DVD is full of encouragement for young, Christian Wives!

You can find the rest of the Sale items here

Finally, we just added this beautiful new Chiffon Gray dress, but it is available in extremely limited sizes and quantity. Don’t delay if you want this dress! It is a gray color with bluish tints, and even has pockets!

Chiffon Gray Dress


  1. I don’t see the rainbow skirt on sale at Deborah & Co.

  2. Kristina says:

    How about the maternity rainbow skirt is this the sale price or the original?

  3. LOVE your skirt selctions!! The Rainbow denim skirt is my absolute favorite. I had a skirt just like it several years ago, and it was worn until it wore completely out. =)
    Than this winter, I decided to take it a panel-by-panel and use it as a pattern. Then I sewed my own denim skirt using some jean material. It is definitely my favorite kind of skirt! The flare, length, etc…Anyway, thank you so much for the modest, and beautiful clothing your family sells! Such an encouragement and breath of fresh air. =)


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