Deborah & Co Is Expanding! Introducing Little Deborah

Deborah and Co. is expanding! Little Deborah is a whole new product line to Deborah and Co. Play dresses, books, stories, sewing kits, doll dresses, and paper dolls! |

We have been working on expanding Deborah & Co. for months now, and we are finally ready for a big release! We’ve thought about adding a girl’s line of products to Deborah & Co. for quite some time. Our vision is to encourage women in femininity and modesty. Why not encourage young ladies in growing up to be virtuous young women?

We decided at the first of the year it was time to make our dream of providing resources for young girls a reality. It’s been quite an adventure finding products we want to sell. Our hope is that this is just the start.

The products we have added to start Little Deborah are some of our favorites.

ABC Say It With Me DVD

The ABC Say It With Me Bible Memory Verses DVD is one of our absolute favorite DVD’s. It is just the sweetest 60 minute video! I’ve never had any qualms about letting my children watch this, and even my 4 year old quotes the scriptures from the DVD.

Daughters of His Story Paper Dolls! |

I’m elated to be selling the entire collection of the Daughters of His Story paper dolls. These are beautifully illustrated paper dolls, and each represent an important woman in history.

The Children's Titanic Paper Dolls

The Children’s Titanic Paper Dolls are stunning. Even my 8 and 10 year old boys like to look through these paper dolls. Also included are 2 beautifully illustrated backdrops from the Titanic ship. What I love about these paper dolls is that they already come fully dressed, but they include changes of clothes.

Matching Play Dresses for Girl's and their dolls!

We’re also pleased to offer matching play dresses for girl’s and their dolls! The Abigail Adams dress, the Queen Victoria dress, and the Maid Marian dress are sweet, sturdy play dresses that hold up much better than the average costume. These are machine washable, and I’ve washed my girl’s dresses several times with no problem. Available for ages 1-9.

History Stories of brave women

We will also be selling a collection of history stories of inspiring women from the past. We started listening to the Frontier Adventures of Elinore Stewart in the van, and I became so engrossed in the story I couldn’t stop listening!

You can find all these items and more at Little Deborah. As we raise our own three young daughters, we are excited to offer this new line of products for your family in the hopes of encouraging and blessing you.

Coming Tomorrow! Don’t miss out! 


  1. Jennifer says:

    Congrats Sean and Caroline on the new business venture! Many blessings and thanks for all you do, Jennifer

  2. Makes me want to be a child again!! Such a great idea!

  3. How exciting! Our family is inspired by your creativity and willingness to try new things. We look forward to seeing what doors the Lord will open in your lives as you pursue your new venture and post college life. Caroline, we also appreciate the courage you show in addressing difficult issues on your blog and the grace and charity with which you respond to differing, and sometimes unkind, comments. God bless your family.

    • Caroline says:

      Thank you Natalie! Your family has been such an encouragement to me, and I’m thankful for your support. 🙂

  4. Jacqueline says:

    That looks like a wonderful product line! Hope your new venture goes well!

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