My One New Year’s Resolution!

My New Year's Resolution

The new year will be here soon. For many people that is the time to stop and make a long list of resolutions. While I will be doing a complete list this year, I want to share the challenge of coming up with just one New Year’s resolution.

That’s right


How many times have you listed off the goals of wanting to lose weight, eat healthier, read more books, be diligent with that morning time with God, have more date nights, or get your house organized? We have all come up with goals like that, only to discover 3 months later that we have accomplished very little of the goals and have given up in a discouraged, overwhelmed state. That’s why I want you to come up with just one thing you really want to work on.

This year I’ve chosen one word to encompass my whole focus for the new year.


I have a lot in my life I have to juggle. I know at times I get so overwhelmed that I throw my hands up in despair and I crawl in bed during nap time and read a book. While that is ok to have happen once in awhile, I’ve noticed it happening more and more. This is the year to be focused and intentional with the things I need to do.

So, what is one goal I’ve chosen to work on the most?

To be more intentional with my children.

I have a fabulous marriage, and while I can definitely be more intentional in doing things for my husband (like making sure he has lunch to take with him to college every day *ahem*), I’ve found myself simply co-existing with my children and not being intentional enough with them.

So, I made a decision a few days ago, and already put it into place.

I deleted the Facebook app off my phone. 

Being a business owner, a blogger, a consultant for Lilla Rose and L’BRI, I have a lot of online work I have to do. I’ve found myself spending more and more time online. When I stopped and evaluated what I was spending time doing, I realized that I was on Facebook more each day than was necessary, and a large portion of that time was on my phone. I am part of so many helpful groups and have developed some wonderful friends online. It was easy to get on and check something business related and then before I knew it, 30 minutes had passed. 

I talked to my husband and told him I was going to delete the Facebook App off my phone, and if that wasn’t helpful enough, I’m going have him change my password so he can just log me in a few times a week. I’ll still have access to my business account, but all the personal things that can take up so much of my time will be limited.

You might have a different weakness besides Facebook. Pray about it, and ask the Lord what one thing in your life you need to work on this year. Then take an active step towards accomplishing it!

2014 can be a year of great things, if we allow it to be!


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  1. I deleted my Facebook account about a month ago. A lot of my friends and family do not understand, but it has been wonderful for our family. I was “out of touch” too much. I pray that you and your family benefit from you decision.

  2. I can so relate – got rid of my facebook account altogether for similar reasons.

  3. I deleted my Facebook account last year. My husband bought me a smart phone for Christmas last year. I struggled with feeling disconnected with my children because it was just too easy to pick up the phone, check emails, check Facebook, etc. We also have a home business and I found that people began expecting me to reply to emails immediately because they knew I had a phone with internet capabilities. Finally, after talking with my husband we sold my phone. I instantly felt better! Now I think twice before going down into our cold basement to use the slow home computer. The benefits are that I feel 100 percent focused during the day and feel in tune with what my children are doing. I limit my computer time to nights and quick early morning times only (although today I’m obviously breaking that since it’s afternoon!).

  4. Girl- you and me both. People think I’m crazy but I took the fb app off my phone several months ago. One less thing to keep my eyes glued to my phone. My kids already see me stare at it enough with the texting. Now if I want to get on fb, I have to take the time to go sit at the computer.

  5. I like your goal, Caroline. Though I don’t have FB (had it and got rid of it in ’11), I do spend too much time on the internet “going from [blog] to [blog]”. I need to set a timer for being on the computer, and stick to it. Thanks for this thoughtful post. =)

  6. I’ve been realizing for awhile that “computer time” was taking over my day and I felt bad about not having more time to invest in my younger siblings, so I sat down and made a list of the usual computer responsibilities and tasks that I have to accomplish. It basically came to four categories: Happy Hill Pups (business), Shining Stars Magazine (ministry), Radical Femininity (both) and Miscellaneous/Personal. Then I calculated how much time I would spend per day on each of those things and I determined to (for the most part) only work on those particular tasks during their time period.

    But … being in a family … it’s not like I can always just sit at the computer for an hour and work nonstop! There are interruptions and I found myself having a hard time keeping track of my time limits! So I found this website: … it’s for companies to keep track of their employees’ hours. I entered the four categories as employees (!) and then I clock in and clock out as needed! It’s a great way to keep track of how much time I am spending on what! 🙂

  7. I deleted my Facebook about two months ago after having it for years! A lot of people gave me lip about it but over time, it has been a serious blessing to not just my family and my time with them, but to myself. I find myself with so much more time in a day, I have been reading and writing more, and getting myself out of the comparison trap that FB can create has done wonders for my own self esteem and trust in my parenting :). It has really been great and is so freeing, and while it is difficult at first just breaking the habit, it is so incredibly rewarding reaping the benefits once you’re used to not having it all the time. I still use Instagram (I pretty much used my FB for photos anyway, so this still helps with that) and Pinterest, both of those are fun to me for now, but just taking control of that one aspect of my “digital life ” has changed so much. Bravo to you for taking that step in your life and I pray you will find wisdom in your journey to be more intentional :)!

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