When sickness strikes {Day 11}

As much as we try, we are not supermom. Oh sure, we try to be all we can be to everyone, always with the smile on our face. But sometimes we have to face up to the fact that we can’t do it all.

And that’s ok.


Our challenge this month is to get dressed. To focus on having a better appearance. Not for vain reasons mind you, but because we can be better wives and mothers if we feel put together. We are in charge of our days and how they flow. Getting out of our pajamas and into regular clothes and shoes will do a lot for our day!

But there is grace. There are moments when it’s all we can do to get ourselves out of bed and a bite of food in our mouth, let alone thinking of getting dressed. This weekend I came down with a horrible head cold, and I stayed in bed to rest. Getting dressed was the last thing on my mind!

When I became pregnant with our youngest, I went through the worst morning sickness I have experienced yet. I lost 10 pounds from not being able to eat and from throwing up so much. In the middle of it all I had strep throat. Close to the end of that first trimester, I could tell I needed serious help, and fast. I texted my midwife telling her I needed some medicine to help me with nausea, something I had said I would never do. I spent over a month’s time laying around on the couch and in my bed.

Mama sleeping

Getting dressed in a nice outfit each day was not a top priority. Trying to survive and get some food down was the only thing I was focusing on.

Don’t let the days of sickness get you down. They will come, but there is always an end to it! Pick yourself back up and get back to the challenge of getting dressed!


Today’s Challenge:

1. Get Dressed!

2. Read Day 11 from “Frumps to Pumps” eBook.

3. Give yourself 30 minutes today to rest and do something to rejuvenate you. Read a book, get some sewing in, do that fall craft from Pinterest you have on your to do list. 🙂


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