Legalism and getting dressed {day 17}

As we learn to establish new habits, it can be easy to become legalistic and judgmental. I don’t use those words lightly. I’ve been accused many times of being such a person, which is no surprise since I write about modesty. But I do recognize that such an attitude does exist, and sadly it can happen over the smallest issues.

You’ve been working on getting dressed all month long. Progress is happening! Because you are up and dressed, with a healthy attitude towards your day, you are getting a good amount of work done each day!


That’s when the little thought can creep into your head.

“I wonder why so and so doesn’t try getting up and getting dressed? They are always complaining about how little they get done each day.”

I’m not of the opinion that we are never called to judge. We are called to judge righteously. But if we start thinking negative thoughts towards other mamas who are struggling to keep it all together, we really need to step back and examine our heart and what resides there.

When we feel the freedom to criticize other mothers for sleeping later than we might, for doing other things before they get dressed, or in general, for how they run their day, it all comes down to pride. Remove the beam in your own eye before you cast judgement on other mothers for this simple issue.

Today extend the hand of love toward your friend, instead of the spirit of judgment.



Today’s Challenge:

1. Get up, dress, and clothe yourself with the spirit of love.

2. Read day 17 from “Frumps to Pumps”.

3. Evaluate your friendships. Are you easily critical of the little things your friends do? Are their actions always held in line to what your family does? Pray for the spirit of love and kindness, instead of a critical spirit.

4 Comments on Legalism and getting dressed {Day 17}

  1. Amen!!! This is something that I know that I struggle with. In the last weeks I have been praying that my heart might be more grace giving because I know that for each thing in my life that I am pleased with I have 5 that I need to fix.

    Thank you for writing this. As women it is so easy to judge one another and that is almost never what we need.

  2. Great advice which can be applied to many situations. Personally I could use a hand of love today. I’m struggling with the kids’ disobedience and bad attitudes. Almost noon and still in pajamas. :(. Encouragement would be wonderful.

    • Jessica I was where you are now yesterday! I felt like stamping fail right on my forehead! Lol! But every day is different and today I started anew and am dressed lol. Praying you get through this tough day and have a fresh start tomorrow 🙂

    • I’m so sorry Jessica!! I was struggling for weeks with the very same issues. Thankfully it has gotten better. I always hold on to the hope that during the difficult days, the sun has to shine at some point. It always does. ((hugs)) I hope tomorrow is better!

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