How many times do we start a new year, full of hopes and dreams and a list of items we want to accomplish and grow in, only to find three months later we have accomplished nothing? Zip, zero, nada, nothing!

I have found that accountability helps me greatly when I try to tackle something new. For awhile a local friend and I were keeping each other accountable in exercising everyday. Each night we sent a Facebook message to each other to let the other know if we made good on our commitment to exercise that day or not. It was great accountability for me, and many times I made sure to get a workout in, simply because I knew that I had to report to her in the evening!


If I didn’t have this blog and you all to stay accountable to, I would be much more easily tempted to give up making an effort to look nice while my foot is broke and I’m lounging on the couch or in bed. This series is a great motivator to still get up and get dressed every day even though I could easily justify staying in my pj’s all day.

You need to find someone to be accountable to! I personally don’t suggest it being your husband. It needs to be someone outside of your home. It’s easy to skip checking in daily with your husband and to just let the whole challenge slide. However, when you have an outside friend you are more apt to be accountable to them.

I love this quote:

“Each of us is accountable to God for our personal holiness. At the same time, God never intended that we should battle sin single-handedly… Is it sometimes hard to confess my need and ask for help? Absolutely! It requires that I humble myself and acknowledge that I don’t have it all together. The very pride that keeps you from taking off your mask and getting real is the same pride that will cause you to fall into sin. Humbling yourself by letting others into your life and allowing them to help you and hold you accountable will release the sanctifying, transforming grace of God in your life.”
Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Finding a friend, sister, mom , or an online Facebook friend that you talk to every day would be ideal. Let them know if you completed your getting dressed challenges every morning.

Stay committed to the whole month of the challenge (and hopefully beyond that!) Who knows, you just might become an encouraging example to your friends and family.



Today’s Challenges:

1. Get dressed by the time you set for yourself!

2. Read day four of “Frumps to Pumps” eBook.

2. Encourage someone else today by offering them a sweet gift! It might be an offer to babysit their children, or bringing a new mom a meal. It could be a phone call or letter of encouragement. It might be a special new treat like some new earrings (which was Sarah Mae’s suggestion, but I thought it was a great one!).

I recently became a consultant with Mialisia Jewelry, and my favorite earrings are the three below.


Carolina Earrings – The name alone makes me love them. 🙂 I like the antique silver and pearls combined together, it looks so elegant and old fashioned!


Capri Earrings – Scroll work with antique silver gives these earrings an artistic look. I wore them yesterday and love them! You can see a picture of me wearing them here.


Hazel Daisy – Antique Bronze Daisy’s with chocolate beads. While these would go any time of the year, the colors remind me of fall!

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