We are all good about giving excuses for things we don’t want to do. When it comes to dressing modestly, it can be easy to say it is impossible to do. I’ve heard ladies say that it is so hard to find anything decent to wear and so they just give up in despair.

Don’t give in to the lies that the world tells you. You can find something other than that skimpy tank top that reveals as much to the people around you as it should to your husband in bed. There are other t-shirts out there to wear than the ones that scream “I’m hot” printed right across your bosom.

Denim skirt and pink top



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As you get up and get dressed, reach for those choices that you would be happy about wearing if Jesus walked through your door. Seriously, do you stop to think about that? Would you be ashamed to be seen in what you are wearing right now?

Don’t overcomplicate getting dressed. Don’t turn dressing modestly into rocket science, and think that only those who grew up doing this are capable of figuring it out. Admittedly, it is harder to find clothes that fit certain standards, but it is not impossible by any means!

denim skirt outfit

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Maxi skirts are in style right now, so that means it is easier to find a long skirt. Cardigans can go over tank tops making them more modest. The cropped layering shell and the halftee makes low cut shirts and dresses modest, giving you an abundance of options when you are out shopping. You can even wear a halftee under a spaghetti strap top or dress!

Maxi Skirt

Find joy in dressing appropriately. Discover peace as you dress in a feminine manner. It’s not rocket science, it’s simply mixing and matching clothes together to create the look you know in your heart is best. 🙂


Today’s Challenge:

1. Read day 12 from “Frumps to Pumps” eBook.

2. Go through your closet and see if you have any clothes you feel you need to purge.

3. As someone close to you that you can trust if there are clothes you wear that may not be appropriate.



5 Comments on It doesn’t take a scientist to dress modestly! {Day 12}

  1. Hi, so good Message! If Jesus come now, I will not look my best, I am in a night dress… Yup, modest though… lol You got me thinking 🙂
    Thanks and God bless 🙂

  2. Caroline,

    Thank you for posting this. I’m fairly new to your blog, and look forward to your posts. I didn’t set out to dress modestly, but was looking for something more modest and lady like than the average. You have taught me quite a bit about what those words actually mean, and why it is important. So, again, thank you.

  3. I love your options for dressing modestly…it has always been my hearts desire and I love how you give the option of wearing those cute clothes (with spaghetti straps, etc that I never touched before) with a layering T underneath. I definitely want to get my hands on a couple of those!

  4. Well Jesus is ALWAYS with us. He’s omnipresent. He loves me no matter what I wear in or out of the bedroom (where nothing is modest!). No granny nighties here.

    Nope, wouldn’t be ashamed if Jesus saw me, eventhough he does see me.

  5. Agree 100%! There’s also the excuse of, “it’s not my style.” as if modesty denotes one style over another. I love vintage styles from the 30s-50s (some early 60s) and find them to be a lot more modest. Sometimes I sew them from vintage patterns and other times I buy real vintage on eBay or etsy or antique stores/thrift stores. I give all kinds of excuses for my sin. Now please excuse me while I pray for help with my anger.
    Love in Christ!

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