Is it ok to be beautiful? {Day 13}

I feel like this is a loaded question. 🙂 Is it really ok to be beautiful? And by being beautiful, I don’t mean Hollywood’s version of beautiful. I mean beauty as in making an obvious effort to have a nice appearance.

Many would say it is wrong to even think about attempting to be beautiful, but I would challenge you to think through the women in the Bible. You might be surprised to discover how many scripture references there are to women being beautiful.


Rebekah, Esther, Rachel, Sarah, Abigail, and the daughters of Job are a few good examples. They are mentioned as being beautiful. These women are known for more than just being beautiful, but their beauty was of enough importance to have it recorded in the Bible!

The Proverbs 31 woman wore clothing made of fine linen and purple. That isn’t sweatpants with holes in it type of clothing! From everything I’ve read about her apparel, it was very fine material. She wore garments that represented colors that the rich wore.

But her beauty is not the focus of Proverbs 31. What she did in her life, and how she served her family is the focus. That is what brings about true beauty. Your children will remember you for how you invested in their lives, not for the wonderful outfits you wore when they were growing up!

Don’t let beauty be your focus in life. But if someone complements you and tells you what a pretty dress you have on, etc. don’t feel like it is wrong!

I’ve known ladies who God has blessed with being beautiful, but they almost act ashamed of it and try to hide it. You definitely shouldn’t flaunt your beauty, but God is the creator and author of all things beautiful!

Balance in all things, including beauty.



Today’s Challenge: 

1. Get Dressed!

2. Read Day 13 from “Frumps to Pumps” eBook.

3. Look up some of the women mentioned in the Bible and read more about their lives.


6 Comments on Is it Ok To Be Beautiful? {Day13}

  1. Great post! I am reminded of my Mom, now in heaven, who took care to look her best every day–with pure and humble motives, never with a ‘look at me’ attitude. She loved God and was beautiful inside and out, and I remain blessed by the example she set.

  2. We should not be ashamed of our beauty! God made us that way and he wants us to delight in all the gifts He gave us. Of course, that does not mean that we should be vain and only care about our appearance. Personally, I don’t believe it is a good witness for Christ to have unkempt hair, stained clothing, and no joy in our appearance.

  3. The Teaches That We Are The Temple Of God And As Such We Should Take CareOfOur SelF Which In Turns Makes Us More Attractive, God Made WomanAnd It Isn’t Bad To Be Beautiful. Simply Take Care Of What God Gave You And Always Practice Humility And Patience And You Will Out Shine The Sun. After All We Are The Light Of The World.

    Sorry For The Caps Smart Phones Aren’t My Thing

  4. I have mixed feelings about this. I thought of the Amish when you mentioned wearing purple. 😉 Where is the line? My husband has told me that he wished all women would dress like the Amish. I really feel bad for men…even in the church they are faced with immodest dress. When I look in the mirror and feel “cute” (even if modestly dressed) I still question my motives. I don’t want to draw attention to myself….and if that’s the case, how can I wear jewelry? or anything that would draw attention to my figure? Some say it’s a heart thing. If your motives are pure then wear it. I disagree. A frump? No. But jewelry, make up, etc….I’m just not sure. I share these things as a sister in Christ. Any input would be great. 🙂

    (even the maxi skirts you show on the right would make me feel uneasy…they are trendy and stylish….)


  5. I agree! I don’t see anything wrong with being beautiful (or maintaining being beautiful). Now Obsessing of being beautiful, like so obsessed you would turn away from God just to have plastic surgery or something……that’s a bit too into it. God created women to be beautiful, both to glorify him (we’re his works of art after all! ^-^) and to please our husbands (to delight their sense of beauty if you will). I mean by going to far the other way, trying too hard to cover our beauty isn’t that like being afraid of or rejecting the beauty God wanted us to have? Like he made a mistake making us pleasing to look at? o.o (and by pleasing I don’t mean sexy per se – but the opposite of bad to look at ya know? like you scare the neighbor kids or something lol). Basically be beautiful but don’t get caught up in it, let your inner beauty shine and your good works praise you in the gates ^-^

    That’s my 2 cents!

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