Getting Dressed for Whatever The Day Might Bring {Day Three} From Frumps to Pumps Challenge!

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Getting dressed from head to toe in something actually nice and presentable instead of the usual quick sloppy look does not have to be overly difficult! It can free you up to accomplish so many more things in a day than you could ever have dreamed possible!

Did you ever stop to think about what sloppy dress could actually stand in the way of? The friend who calls you at 10:00 crying because she has just received tragic news. She needs you to come over but you are still in your pajamas and you need a shower really bad! You either skip the shower and throw some clothes on, and arrive at her house looking pretty cruddy, or you take even more time and stop to shower.


Or how about missing an awesome garage sale that your friend tells you about, because by the time you got yourself and the children all ready, all the good stuff was already sold?

When we do not get up and get dressed like we are going to face the world with a smile on our face, we could very well be closing our door to ministry, friends, and family. Who wants friends to drop by with everyone still in their pajamas? Who wants to minister to someone in need looking like you need help yourself?!

I loved what Sarah Mae wrote in part of today’s chapter in the ebook:

“Getting dressed every day, being ready for the life before me, is not something that should be an issue of bondage or legalism. Rather, choosing to make the time to get dressed is something that can free us so that we are free to give life to the rest of the day, unencumbered by the ‘frump slump.’ “

Let’s go beyond just getting dressed. It’s not enough to just throw on a skirt and top and call it good. Don’t you try to do more than that when you go out? You might have on a cute pair of earrings or some makeup or lip gloss. Your bangs might be curled and you might have actually fixed your hair a little. Why not start doing that every morning? It only takes a few minutes for the extra effort.

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This morning it was rough getting ready for the day. Our ironing board is downstairs, and I normally iron every day. With a broken foot I couldn’t walk downstairs, so I put on a denim skirt that needed the hem ironed down. My top was not my favorite, but it didn’t need ironed so I grabbed it. I brushed my hair, and grabbed a flexi clip. By then I was worn out and just went to the chair to rest. All day I felt so sloppy, because my skirt needed ironed, I didn’t take the time to put on any earrings, or lip gloss, or anything! What you think takes so much time in the morning, might dramatically affect the rest of your day in a positive or ill way.

The goal is to be up early before your children, and be dressed. But we all know those days happen where everyone sleeps in! So what happens if you oversleep, and you are not up before the children to get yourself dressed? Here is what I do.

My oldest two boys (ages 9 and 7) start working on their Bible Light Unit books at their school desk. They don’t need my help for this at all.

My 5 and 3 year old daughters I either tell to get dressed, or to tidy up their bedroom, or they play together while I’m in the bathroom getting ready.

My 1 year old is either in her Pack and Play, or just wondering around and I hope she isn’t getting into trouble. 🙂

If you have really young children, another idea would be to turn on a very short video for them to watch so you can get ready.

Dress for success. Dress to be prepared for what God brings to you during the day. Dress like you care!


Today’s Challenges:

1. Get dressed by the time that you decided on in your challenge.

2. Look at your morning, what things can you change to give yourself an extra 10 or even 15 minutes in the morning to really get dressed like you want to? Pray about it, and see how you can adjust your schedule to give yourself a few extra minutes.

3. Report to the person you decided to be accountable to, whether it is your husband, friend, reporting it on Facebook, or leaving a comment below. Let them know how you are doing, and how you might need encouraged.

4. Read day Three from the “Frumps to Pumps” ebook.


8 Comments on Getting Dressed For Whatever The Day Might Bring {Day 3}

  1. I grew up on a farm with 5 siblings. My mom was always up early and dressed ready for the day. She fixed breakfast for us all and then headed out to milk 80 cows and all that is involved in that! I learned from her early on to get up and get with it. I am not, however, a morning person and have had to push myself to do this. I am now 50 years old and although I always get up get up, get dressed, fix hair and makeup, it is still a discipline I have to practice. I am no longer the mother of young children but I do take care of my 2 little grandchildren everyday, so I know how challenging it can be. I believe it is like most things in life we have to discipline ourselves………which is usually not pleasant and often difficult. Hang in there ladies.

  2. “It’s not enough to just throw on a skirt and top and call it good”
    In my church, we do not believe in adornment. We do not wear jewelry (not even wedding rings), we do not wear make-up & we do not have bangs or curl our hair. I get up in the morning & put on an ironed skirt, proper undergarments & a top. I put on my face cream & lip balm & do my hair (most women in my church wear a modest up-do – usually a simple bun – and a pretty tatted headcovering). I may not have gilded the Lily, but other than the fact that I am dressed a little more casually at home than I am when out (I do have things to clean in my home, after all!) I have taken as much care as when I leave my home. I am a little disappointed at the idea that other christian women might think that I am being lazy in my appearance when I am simply trying to look nice without putting what I feel is the wrong emphasis on it.

    • Anne-Marie,

      I would not look at you as being lazy in your appearance at all! I understand there are ladies who dress in a simple manner because of religious convictions or the church they are are a part of. But how you describe your morning routine is exactly what I’m trying to encourage ladies to do! You actually DO more than just putting on a skirt and top, you fix your hair in how you need it to be, you put on your face cream, you put on lip balm, the simple steps you are taking shows that you care for your appearance. We don’t all look like each other, and I’m not trying to encourage ladies to change their convictions. I personally do wear earrings and natural makeup, so that’s why I wrote my post the way I did.

      Keep up the good job! 🙂

  3. What really helps me is showering before I go to bed…this has really simplified my whole morning! I’m also working to collect clothes that all coordinate with each other — so I have multiple ways to mix and match (easy and creative variety). I also have a “uniform” that I pretty much wear every day = jeans/skirt + casual blouse + cardigan/jacket (if leaving the house) + 1 or 2 accessories (necklace/scarf/headband/bracelet). I also have a “go-to” hair style that is quick and easy for me to do and also looks nice for those crazy mornings!

  4. “It’s not enough to just throw on a skirt and top and call it good. Don’t you try to do more than that when you go out?”

    Your meaning might have been a bit clearer if you’d said it wasn’t enough to just throw on any old skirt and top and call it good when it might be schlumpy, stained, ill-fitting, mismatched, etc and not something you’d wear in public. As is, the wording implies that someone who routinely just wears a skirt and top in good condition and brushes their hair isn’t doing enough. It sounds like hairstyles and extra jewelry (in addition to wedding/engagement rings) and makeup are necessary to show we really care. But, I’m guessing you’d be satisfied with the nice-looking clothing and brushed hair.

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