Create a Vision for Getting Dressed {Day Two}

Have you ever stopped to think about the attitude that you get from wearing clothes? Do you realize that different clothes send off different messages?

When you see a person walking about in fatigues or a military uniform, what message does that send to you about that person? You instantly understand their job, and their lifestyle as a person serving in the military.


When you see a police officer walking around in a uniform, you show respect to that person, based on the uniform which represents his authority.

When you see a person leaving the gym in sweat pants, workout shirt, a towel around their neck, and a duffle bag, you know what they have been doing – exercising. The clothes represent that they were not in the gym just to look around or visit. They were working out.

What do your clothes reflect? If someone knocked on your door at 10:00 in the morning, and you opened it up, what reflection would you give them? Would you have the sloppy stay at home mom look, with sweat pants, slippers on your feet, hair not even brushed for the morning, and baggy circles under your eyes? Do you really want to portray that message to the person standing on the other side of the door?

Wife, mother, daughter, single young woman, older grandmother, whoever you are, you are worth more than that! Do you really want to represent a sloppy, worn out despondent person? Is that who you really are? I didn’t think so.

You need a vision for getting dressed. A purpose, a reason that you want to actually look put together and dressed for the day!

You ought to be a daughter of the most high God! A precious handmaiden in his sight! Do you dress accordingly? Imagine you serve a King, and you are the Princess. What princess do you know that walks around in clothes 3 sizes to large for them and could care less about their appearance? A modern day example would be the Duchess of Cambridge. She knows that she is representing a name and a heritage – a long line of monarchies – Β and she dresses in a way that reflects that. She is neat and tidy in her appearance, and while I’m not endorsing all the outfits she wears, I’m grateful that she has brought a heightened awareness of being feminine back to society.

I made a video that was supposed to be for day one, but with all the drama surrounding me breaking my foot and being out of town, I didn’t get it uploaded in time. I still wanted to share it today. Please remember I’m a mommy blogger – all my children were downstairs playing Uno with their Daddy, so it was noisy in the background!



Today’s Challenges:

1. Get dressed by the time you decided on! I had previously decided to be up and dressed by 8:00 am, but my husband wants me to change that to 9:00 am since I broke my foot and will be a bit slower at everything right now.

2. Create a vision for yourself. Why do you want to be dressed every day? Write down a list of five reasons why it is important to you.

3. Read day two in the Frumps to Pumps ebook. (Affiliate Link)

4. Think of at least one person that inspires you in how they dress. It might not even be someone you know personally, but a person you know from a distance, from online, a blog, or a political figure. Share with us in the comments below why this person inspires you in how they dress!Β 

14 Comments on Develop a Vision For Getting Dressed! {Day Two}

  1. The first person who comes to mind is someone who, alas, died about five years ago. She was an aunt-type, about my mom’s age (so would be roughly 60 now). In the 25 years I knew her, the only time I saw her in anything but a dress was the Halloween she wore a full candy-corn costume! ::grin:: (long before that was common, I might add.)
    Nancy Epple was a sweet southern belle. Although she was overweight by a large margin, you almost forgot that fact because of how well she carried herself and dressed for her body. Modest, and lovely to match.

  2. You are so right. As a Nurse, I love wearing White! But now the culture has all medical personnel, nurses, housekeeping staff, respiratory staff, etc. wearing sloppy scrubs. I have been required to wear grape colored scrubs for 13 years, but have recently taken a job as the School Nurse at my 10 year old’s school. Can you guess what I am wearing? Nice, clean, freshly starched White Uniforms! I am delighted to do so, although finding white dress uniforms was next to impossible! I am going to try to be dressed well for Saturday, too, as you have challenged. Thank you for this challenge, I think it is Marvelous!

  3. I have always admired the way that Princess Diana dressed, and now her daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, is bringing that feminine style of dressing back! Yippee! Also, Princess Mary of Denmark dresses beautifully πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, I appreciate this post – I can’t tell you how many times, as a homeschooling mama of 6 children – ages seven down to 16 months – how many times has the UPS guy or a neighbor or someone unexpected knocked on the door before noon to find me cringing because I do NOT look like I’m ready to face the day! I find myself squelching the urge to say “I promise I didn’t sleep late; I’ve just been busy!” I always feel convicted in those situations because I didn’t represent well.
    But I always feel so differently about myself, my day, and my role when I start out fresh and dressed – and surprisingly, my children react differently to me as well.
    Thanks for the encouraging video – it was fun to put a voice with your face πŸ™‚ And your layered top and necklace are so pretty.
    Looking forward to this challenge!

    • Shannon,

      I’m glad the post was encouraging to you! You have one more child than I do, and your oldest is 2 years younger than mine! I just have to say it, “wow, you must stay busy!” LOL. I couldn’t resist, I hear it all the time myself. πŸ˜‰

      My necklace is new, and came from Mialisia! I just signed up with the company as I fell in love with the concept behind the jewelry. You can use the one necklace I had on in the video, and style it at least three different ways as a necklace, and wear it as a belt if you wanted! You can see the necklace here:

  5. Thanks for the video, and the challenge of making sure we represent Jesus. It is true that we can dress modestly and still look frumpy! My husband milks cows on his dad’s farm so we have a goal in our house to all be dressed before he gets home from morning milking. Not always possible, rarely easy! I have a 4 (almost 5) yr old, 2-1/2 yr old a 7 mo old.
    One person I admire for her modesty and femininity is my husband’s aunt.

  6. I am not doing the challenge (I am a stay at home mom of little children – but also of adult children. I decided years back that I was going to be up & dressed in the morning because if I was not, someone inevitably showed up at my door & I was embarrassed! Also, it makes us take our role more seriously, sets an example for our children & we gain more self esteem.), but I wanted to share *my* role model!
    When I was a child, all of the women wore pants – EXCEPT for one of my Aunts. She always wore long skirts & had very long hair. She favored vintage, romantic clothing. She was the most feminine woman I knew. Everyone was drawn to her, she was just a lovely person. I am now very much like her in the way that I dress (and I have very long hair! LOL)! She had such an impact on me. I hope that one day a young woman will say that I had the same effect on them (I have 5 daughters of my own, so I hope that I have that effect on them,as well!).

  7. I am going to join in on this challenge! I’ve had this goal on my 2013 New Years Resolution. I’m excited that I can aim for a full 30 days with your encouragement!

    I would have to say the lady that inspires me is a friend of a friend. She always adds those finishing touches to her hair, make-up, and jewelry! She reflects true feminine beauty.

  8. Thanks for the inspiration and for the cute video. You are precious!
    It truly is a representation and shows our kids that they are important enough to get dressed for. I am being an example to my daughter in how I carry myself in all of the ways you mentioned.
    Thanks for the reminder to get going!

  9. As I go off to work each day, this isn’t an issue for me – and anyway I love dressing up and spend far too much money on clothes (which take up too much space in the house) – regardless, this is a great idea and I do hope you inspire some women at home who may need a little boast in this area.

    I am a fan of skirts and wear them all the time, I like to add a necklace and some earrings and perhaps a scarf (there are so very pretty ones available) – it doesn’t take much to look feminine and pretty and feel so much better.

  10. Funny you’d mention the Duchess of Cambridge–I’ve had several dreams that I WAS she. I’m six weeks from my due date and have looked at photos of her all summer and wondered how anyone can possibly look that good while pregnant. Her maternity clothes were so simple and classy! She’s been an inspiration to me to try to look as good as I can while pregnant instead of using pregnancy as an excuse to look frumpy.

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