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Thieves Essential Oil



I said I would give you all an update on how my journey with Young Living Essential Oils would be throughout the year. The first month of using them has honestly just astonished me with how well they are working for our family! I purchased the oils a bit skeptical, but I had heard enough ladies praise these oils that I wanted to try them for myself.

This month I learned a lot about the essential oil Thieves, and had the opportunity to use it as our family was sick with various illnesses. Thieves essential oil is a potent blend of  antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-infectious essential oils. It is the best oil to reach for when feeling a cold or flu coming on. My 4 and 3 year old daughters became sick with terrible coughs, it had been a while since I heard them sick with such a yucky cough. I received the Thieves oil in the mail shortly after they became sick and started applying it on their feet, chest, and back. You are supposed to dilute the Thieves oil with a carrier oil as it is so strong, I found coconut oil to work the best. Within one week their coughs were totally gone, normally it would have taken several weeks to recover from a cough like that.

I because sick with a cold that was going into a sinus infection. I could hardly breath I was so congested. I was using the Peppermint Essential oil all over my face (diluted with oil) but I wasn’t recovering like I thought I should. I finally diluted the Thieves oil and rubbed it all over my face and neck and went to bed. I woke up feeling so much better the next morning, and it only took a few more applications of it to be totally over it! I’m not sure if it will always work that fast, but I know that this is one oil I don’t want to ever be out of in our home.

We grew up with essential oils in our home. We didn’t necessarily use them medicinally on our skin, I remember sniffing oils when congested and using them in cleaners a lot. I had my sister smell some of the Young Living oils and she was amazed over how strong they are, as we don’t remember the oils we had in our home ever smelling this strong.

The downside of Young Living is that the oils are expensive. It stops a lot of people from ordering and trying them (including me for quite a while). But I’ve come to realize that you can spend $41 on a bottle of Thieves that will treat your whole family, or you can spend $41 (and up) on a Dr. visit for one person or for over the counter medicine for your entire family that is not as good for you.

Right now Young Living has a special which makes it a nice time to join and try the oils. Anyone who signs up as a new distributor through February 28th and orders $150 pv will receive a $40 credit on their account to be used at another time. The Everyday Oils Kit would qualify for this, and you could try 9 different oils, and receive a coupon for $40 off a diffuser! That is what I chose for my first purchase and I’m so glad I did. Between illnesses, a broken foot, and trouble sleeping at night we have used almost every single oil in the kit already!

A good reference book for learning more about essential oils is the “Reference Guide for Essential Oils” book. I have the quick guide but it is so excellent that I have already ordered the full version of the book!

I find it so exciting to be able to treat my family naturally! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated with more info on how they are working for us throughout the year.

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  1. I had looked into this blend before but decided that it just wasn’t in the budget. I can’t even justify it by comparing it to the cost of a trip to the doctor – since here in Canada we don’t pay for a trip to the doctor! So I decided to just make my own. Young Living has the recipe for their Thieves oil on their website, and Mountain Rose Herbs has a recipe too. I ordered a few oils from Mountain Rose Herbs and the rest from (a great online pharmacy for Canadians), and added the oils to some coconut oil. GREAT results so far. I came down with a killer sore throat a few days ago but have been religiously applying my Thieves blend to my throat, feet, and diffusing it. It took a few days but it is finally starting to go away today. I’m pretty sure I would have ended up on antibiotics were it not for my Thieves blend, and that would not have been good for this crunchy pregnant mama! Today my two toddler boys have coughs so I’m going to start greasing them up too 😉

  2. We love Thieves! I too was reluctant because of the cost, but bit the bullet and bought it, and have now ordered a second bottle because my large family has almost used the first bottle up! The most dramatic story for us happened with the very first drop of Thieves that we used. Our 3-year old woke in the night with a terrible congested cough and breathing. We had her drink a drop of Thieves in water, and put a bit on her back (mixed with coconut oil). She went right back to sleep and woke up well!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m also new to using YL oils, but I was desperate to keep cold and flu away from our house after the terrible year we had last year. I just ordered my second bottle of Thieves because it has worked wonderfully. The cost of the oil is far, far below what we paid last year in prescription anti-biotics and ER and doctor visits…oh yeah, and the stay in the hospital when our four-year-old came down with severe flu. Did you get a diffuser? You get a coupon for $40 off of one if you sign up (with the cheapest starter kit). I have been running mine constantly with Thieves or Lemon or RC or Lavender and I think that has helped a lot, too. With the diffuser coupon and the discount on oils, purchasing a starter kit makes so much sense. The diffuser is really worth it! I ordered a bottle of Thyme with my second bottle of Thieves because someone passed along this article to me about it’s effectiveness in fighting cold and flu:

    God bless your efforts to care for your family!

  4. We love Thieves and this is one of the things we use at the first sign of not feeling well. Plus, the grandchildren get it on their feet every morning and with all the sickness in school now, they have remained well!

  5. mariah wilde says:

    Thanks so much! I googled during middle of night what do do for my sons coughbecause he was coughing non stop which woke me up and I am new to YLOils and found this article. I gave him thieves and euculyptis in coconut oil onhis neck, chest, back and feet. Its incredible that he has stopped coughing and is sleeping well. So exciting!

  6. I love Thieves Young Living Oil. I fell off my bike and injured my knee and as it had to be dressed everyday, I had to visit the Doctor. It was at the time of the Swine Flu epidemic, so I rubbed Thieves into my wrists and put some on the dressing of my knee. I felt totally protected and happened to be sitting right next to a woman, who was later diagnosed with Swine Flu!!! I stayed perfectly healthy. Love the stuff, wouldn’t be without it, worth every cent and I dont even sell it, I purchase it from my friend. It is the one oil I can not do without.

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