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  1. Hi! I have just found your website and wow! It is truly awesome! I would like to share something I am dealing with and wonder if you might have some advice. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and 10 month old twin girls. Every morning I awake to many needs. I know I need to spend time with the Lord but all 3 little one’s need new diapers and to be fed. Then all 3 high chairs need cleaned and laundry needs to be started. Nap time rolls around in the afternoon and dinner needs started, bread needs to be made, and I too need a nap. My husband comes home and dinner is served. Another mess to be cleaned. Bed time for the children. I am totally exhausted now and haven’t spent a moment with the Lord. I am planning on homeschooling but I wonder how I will do it when my whole day is spent cooking and cleaning up messes. How does a mother find time to spend time with the Lord, get rest, homeschool, AND spend quality time with husband and children? I want so badly to serve the Lord but I don’t know how to when I am so busy like Martha.

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